Movie Earnings: 2012 (2009)

Was 2012 Worth the Watch?

The movie “2012” has been the topic of many conversations. People wonder how much money it made, whether or not they should see it (if they didn’t by the time it came out) and why it was so popular.

The answer to the latter question and “what will happen in 2012?” is clear as crystal considering that we are in 2021.

But if you are just as curious as others to know how far it got, details about the movie, and the money collected, you are in the right place.

What Was the Fuss About?

Before getting there, remember that the most critical part of making a movie is the people who will direct, produce, and act in it.

There is a lot of work put into a movie to make it look as good as possible and meet people’s expectations.

Thus, the team is crucial.

2012 (2009) was directed by Roland Emmerich (a German film director) and produced by Harald Kloser (Austrian film composer, producer, and screenwriter), Mark Gordon, and Larry J. Franco, both American film producers.

It starred actors John Cusack, Amanda Peet, Oliver Pratt, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Thandie Newton, Woody Harrelson, and Danny Glover.

Emmerich and Kloser wrote the movie, and it is closely related to the Mayans’ prediction about the planet ending in 2012 (though it did not mention this in specific).

And it was under the production of Columbia Pictures, which is one of the best-known American film studio and production companies worldwide.

By this time (2021), you probably forgot about the prediction and what was supposed to happen, at least in detail or general idea.

2012 was supposed to be a disastrous year in which the Earth would end up existing, and we would all die since the Mayans’ calendar does not go further than this date.

The story of 2012 starts in 2009 with Adrian Helmsley (John Cusack), a geologist who discovers that the Earth’s core is heating up due to the sun, which would eventually cause it to explode.

Meanwhile, world leaders also notice changes in the Earth’s behavior, leading them to start a project called “Ark” with nine arks that could carry 100,000 people and build them by 2010 to collect as many people as possible for rebuilding society and humanity in the future after the catastrophe they are predicting.

The project “Ark” starts to take shape, and behind it, the tickets to take board are sold to only those able to pay $1 billion each. From here, the movie pretty much skips us to 2012.

This is when it starts to follow the story of many people from different walks of life and how they prepare for what is coming—being John Cusack’s character the main one among them.

It explores their motivations, secrets, fears, and hopes as they live in a world that has suddenly become aware it might be its last days.

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How Much Did It Make & Is It Good?

The critics and spectators consider 2012 (2009) to be an average movie that, despite all the effects and the realistic theme it covered, fell relatively short of the expectations put into it.

The movie was released on November 13, 2009, in the United States, and we do have to admit that it was pretty popular since everyone was eager to know how they would recreate what we were afraid of happening in 3 years (2012).

The movie’s budget was quite impressive, hitting the $200 million mark, and it grossed $166.1 million in the United States alone.

However, it raised its total earnings to $769.6 million thanks to collecting and grossing $603.5 million in other territories, including Canada, South America, and worldwide.

When considering how much money was invested in making money (quite funny to say it in this way), the revenue is clear to the point of making it the first film to gross over $700 million.

And what about the actors? Was their payment as good as what the movie grossed?

John Cusack was (presumptively) paid $30 million for his participation in the film, which is quite a lot.

However, not many details were given about other actors or if their established salary included a percentage considering the movie’s earnings.

That being said, what about the movie itself? Can we consider it a good, average, or bad movie? It always depends on who is watching.

But despite how much money it grossed, the truth is that people did not love 2012 (2009).

What could have been the reason for this outcome?

It is hard to say, but one thing that might be worth considering is that many people went into it with a considerable expectation created by the directors and many trailers, and it was not fulfilled by 2012 (2009).

Overall, people were disappointed.

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Fun Facts & Curiosities of 2012 (2009)

  • Getting drenched, standing in hot weather, or just putting yourself in front of the wolf’s mouth is part of an actor/actress’ job, but it does not mean you are always prepared for it. While filming the movie, actor Thandie Newton got wholly drenched and spent the entire day soaked with his clothes. All thanks to a scene in which water was the protagonist.
  • The director had a hard time deciding if they would open the movie in 3D, or more like it was not even an option. “Whenever I see a 3D movie, I feel I’m on mushrooms.” – he said. 
  • John Cusack was meant to be a supporting character, but he ends up being the main protagonist of 2012 (lucky him!).

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