360Clean Franchise Review

Cleanest Way to Build Your Fortune or Full of Dirty Money? (2022 Update)

When people consider starting a new business or finally going for the entrepreneurial life they have wanted for a long time, they now have more options to succeed in this journey compared to decades ago. 

Usually, you will have to save money, come up with a business idea or follow the usual structure of an existing niche and, you know, rely on the common methods to get started in the business world. 

However, with options like becoming a franchisee, you can opt for more comfortable alternatives as long as you understand the pros and cons and what benefits you the most when it comes to the final goal you have in mind. 

For us, franchising isn’t for everyone. Although it comes with the clear benefit of not having to start from zero alone nor deal with building your reputation from scratch, it also brings many cons like not getting all the profit from the business. 

But if you feel this would be more suitable to find your comfort and independence, just take the time to review the franchise options you have. 

For 360Clean, you might be interested in it either for the niche it is part of or for the conditions and terms it has set for people who want to be part of the family. 

Whatever it is, we will help you with something specific: Learn everything about its background and decide if this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. 

So, since you’re here for 360Clean in specific, let’s dive into the journey of this franchise. 

Mission & Status: What Does 360Clean Offer?

The history behind the company is quite general since there isn’t much information online we can share with you but rather what we have found on their website and the details compiled from specific (and private) sources. 

In addition, we have made sure to do our research about its mission and how it operates, so we will be able to provide this much information despite the details we will owe you regarding its background.

360Clean Franchise Review #2 -

In 2005, Barry and Allison Bodiford decided to launch 360Clean. When deciding on the project and working towards its development, they primarily focused their commercial cleaning services and business’ efforts on medical offices as they noticed not many companies were willing to offer quality and responsible ones. 

Since Barry Bodiford is a former pharmaceutical sales representative, he learned a lot about the area and noticed the need for a reliable service in medical areas. 

To achieve this goal, Bodiford developed the JaniMed cleaning system that can use in medical facilities but could also be used in commercial buildings to make the process easier. 

JaniMed, the company’s unique cleaning system, combines innovative equipment with processes that clean the workplace and reduce the spread of germs to all areas. 

In addition, the company uses microfiber to reduce dust in the air, which makes the facility healthier for both the company’s customers and the latter visitors. So, you can say the company is aimed for health-focused service. 

The success in the niche came soon after the company started to operate, and the reviews complimenting the services and attention led to the next big move in 2008: 360Clean started to franchise. 

The main goal of the company since 2010 is to continue the JaniMed system and improve it as much as possible. During this year, Bodiford also implemented a Touch Surface Focus Cleaning method in 2010.

This additional method would allow the entire system and method used to be environmental-friendly and reduce the use of chemicals.

360Clean Franchise Review #3 -

Thanks to the attention in the environment, details, great cleaning, and customer service, 360Clean has succeeded in the niche as a family business.

The company’s mission is to provide the services and remain customer-focused, be innovative, develop strong business leaders, grow profitably, and embrace change in the cleaning methods. 

Investment & Becoming a Franchisee

To be honest, cleaning companies are part of our favorite options in the market since the niche is never saturated. After all, every commercial, medical, or building and office requires a cleaning service that can meet their needs. 

As a result, you might have competitors, but you are able to find your place in the niche as long as you invest effort and time in making things work. 

With this in mind, you will need to evaluate whether 360Clean is the right option for you not only based on their mission and services offered but also the franchise investment required. 

Although you won’t be starting from zero, you still need to bet money on this, which is only natural.

360Clean Franchise Review #4 -

In the case of the 360Clean franchise, we can share the details of how much you need to prepare to be part of the company: 

  • Cash requirement: $15,000. 
  • Initial franchise fee: $10,000. 
  • Initial investment: $15,800-$24,000. 

Compared to many of the franchises we have reviewed in our blog so far, 360Clean offers great prices for everything that is included: 

  • Term of franchise agreement: 10 years.
  • Centralized customer support program. 
  • Assistance and support for: Newsletter, meetings and conventions, a toll-free line, marketing, security and safety procedures, field operations, proprietary software, ad templates, regional advertising, SEO, social media, website development, and program app. 
  • You can work from home. 
  • It can be run part-time. 
  • You can work alone or hire very few employees, which the company helps you to hire. 
  • Real estate assistance if needed. 
  • Training and required equipment to offer the cleaning and janitorial services. 

However, whenever you handle a franchising option, you will have to keep in mind the fees and royalties. With 360Clean, you have to pay 14% in royalty fee, 1% for ads, and a renewal agreement is required every ten years.

360Clean Franchise Review #5 -

Pros & Cons: Investing in 360Clean Franchise

You might think that we finally found a franchise we actually like, and you are right about this since 360Clean is quite affordable and comes with many benefits to ignore. 

However, we are not the type of people to be blinded by the good things and forget about the bad ones. After all, nothing is perfect, and when you are thinking about investing in something, you must be aware of the bad things before the good ones. 

Thus, we can tell you that this franchise is actually a good alternative and opportunity, but you should try to consider all the factors before making your own decision. 

This is why you can have a look at them right below and come up with a verdict in the end: 


  • The company’s services are top-notch thanks to its unique system, which allows you to have a reputation when working as a franchisee. 
  • It is affordable compared to starting your own business from zero, especially a cleaning company. 
  • Training doesn’t take too long, and you can get your business started in 1 to 2 months at most. 
  • Support is provided for all your needs. 
  • Veterans’ discounts are available and set at 10%. 
  • You can work from home and avoid relying on real estate properties. 
  • Full-time or part-time, you can choose any of the options for this business opportunity. 


  • Financing options are not available or provided. 
  • The royalty fee is quite high compared to other franchises. 
  • You need to handle the fees as long as you are part of the franchise. 
  • If you don’t like cleaning, you will need to skip this option since it involves a lot of this + hard work. 
  • This is a proven business model which is also traditional, and although you can work from home, it can be very exhausting and time-consuming if you don’t organize yourself. 
  • It is only available for people in the USA.

360Clean Franchise Review #6 -

When comparing the pros and cons, you will notice the pros are much more valuable than what you need to consider on the bad side of the franchise. 

Of course, everything depends on your own needs and what you can afford out of the benefits and disadvantages. 

However, we remain neutral and positive about this franchise at the same time: It is good as long as you are all right with the business model in the long term. 

Why Franchising Isn’t for Us

We know what we said about 360Clean being a good option and all and how franchising can be a great alternative. However, it isn’t our favorite option when we consider the digital and less traditional alternatives available. 

To understand what we are about to explain, we need you to understand this: It can be difficult to maintain a traditional business that requires you to leave your home or handle lots of logistics and physical labor. 

We understand that many people prefer to become franchisees because it is part of the goals they have established for themselves. Still, we don’t consider this the most comfortable nor profitable option. 

Now, let’s say you decide to abandon the idea of a traditional business model and instead focus on digital opportunities and models that are built on the internet. 

If you do this, we guarantee you will be able to increase your profits and achieve freedom instead of still relying on an existing business and resisting the urge to get rid of the royalty and franchise fees. 

For us, the best option for digital business is lead generation, which can work for you either if you decide to work on it as your main source of income or include it with your franchising journey. 

With lead gen, you can open your own business from anywhere and work remotely. Also, passive income can be earned as you grow your business.

360Clean Franchise Review #7 -

Are you still trying to invest in the franchise? You can invest in the franchise and yet get ready with lead generation since you have two options: Focus on the franchise and boost it with lead generation as well, or decide to invest in only one of them. It is up to you. 

Now, to understand this business option we are introducing is easier than it seems. It involves choosing a niche, finding clients, creating websites, ranking them on Google to generate traffic, and then generating leads for potential customers.

Each lead you generate per client and website is paid, which is why passive income is possible in the long run. 

However, remember that it takes some training to learn the basics and how to find clients, just like with the franchise option. 

This is why we recommend the #1 training program we have experience with…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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