4Life MLM Review

Pyramid Scheme or Legit Business Model? (2022 Update)

Every 4Life MLM review you read will tell you the same thing: 4Life is a pyramid scheme. But is it really?

It’s usually hard to know unless you give it a try and determine by yourself and based on what you’re capable of achieving with it, if it is a scam or not. However, no one wants to waste their money doing this, and it makes sense.

The main problem with investments and programs that offer you franchising and “opportunities” to make money is that they’re usually based on the ‘pyramid scheme’ we all hate nowadays.

But if you’re wondering if 4Life is just another one of the many, we will have to go over several details before getting there.

What Is 4Life & When Did It Start?

Going over some background, the company isn’t new as many believe. Instead, it has been around for decades.

4Life is an MLM company that manufactures and distributes health products. It was established by David Lisonbee and Bianca Lisonbee in 1998.

The company sells supplements to support the immune system, nutritional meals packs, products for kids and teens, and general wellness.

You can find the headquarters in Sandy, UT, USA, and according to company statistics, they have more than 5,000 employees worldwide. 

The company doesn’t disclose too much information about its business but people estimate (based on some details) that they have offices in 24 markets across five continents.

Their website lists many awards that they have won for their products over the years but doesn’t give further information about their journey and how they’ve grown so far.

We have to mention that in 2016, the company received a warning notice for misleading marketing practices. A lawsuit was filed against it.

The internal warning stated that distributors who make false claims about the product would be suspended. Since then, no significant problems have been reported.

Now, with this information, we can point out a few essential details:

  • They have been around for 30 years to perfect their business model.
  • The company is focused on wellness and nutrition products.
  • The company itself shares not too much information.

We want you to keep this in mind since it’ll be crucial from now on.

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Can You Make Money with 4Life?

If you’re here, the reason is probably that someone offered you to be part of the company.

You know, the usual referral, friend, and even family member that tells you, “Hey! Do you want to be part of this?” and tries to convince you until you finally sign up for it.

This is what people usually consider a pyramid scheme since you can guess the person inviting you is trying to make you enroll so they can earn money thanks to the members recruited.

However, it’s essential to know the difference between a pyramid scheme and an MLM before continuing.

A pyramid scheme is all about recruiting people for the system instead of offering a business model that aims to provide authentic products or services. Rather, people earn but just continuing the enrollment cycle.

MLM is multi-level marketing that is quite similar in the system since companies encourage their distributors or members to bring more people and rewards them for doing so. However, the MLM company DOES offer real products and services.

4Life is considered an MLM company, but is it really?

Here’s when we focus on making money.

4Life IS an MLM franchise that rewards members and distributors for bringing more people, and everything is legal.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about genuinely losing your money and time in something that is not legal.

Also, the initial investment isn’t that much considering other franchises or MLM opportunities.

You have to become a 4Life Preferred Customer by paying a fee worth $25. However, you have to purchase one of the company’s package in order to get started.

These packages usually range from $350 to $700.

After knowing the investment, we have to start focusing on the real thing: the big problem with 4Life is that not everyone can make money.

We don’t have actual statistics that can prove that most people don’t make money, but as people who have tried it ourselves and know many others, either friend, family, or just members who shared their experience, we can tell you it is HARD.

You CAN make money with 4Life but making a living will be almost impossible, even if you look at it as an opportunity when working part-time.

It can help you make some extra cash here and there as long as it is not your only source of income.

But if you want to become independent or live the life that 4life promises on their website and people paid to write about the company: forget about it.

However, if you want an idea, we are leaving you the 4Life income disclosure:

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Does This Mean It Is A Scam?

Well, yes and no.

If you think about it, all companies will promise you the world when you start working with them or consider it.

People in MLM business models will just do the same as long as they find more members that mean money for them. In other words, it is hard to say it is a scam because, in the end, you can sell products, and everything is real. It is something else that you cannot make a lot of money with it.

To be honest, over 90% of people who decide to invest time and money in 4Life find it a waste of time, while the other percentage is making a lot of money. Why? Because those are the ones that see the 90%+ of people and make them members.

It can be a bit confusing, so we will leave this short outline for you to picture the idea:

  • People in 4Life make money by finding new distributors and for each sale they make.
  • If you join, you will have to follow the same system to make money, and no, it isn’t simple nor easy to make lots of money by selling products only; instead, it will be the extra cash we mentioned.
  • The real thing is to recruit people.

If we have to conclude, we would say 4Life isn’t a scam, but it isn’t the best business model you can invest in either unless you’re someone with the talent to recruit and convince people and take advantage of its system and structure.

Some people know how to do this, and yes, they’re making money, as we previously mentioned. But you also have to think: is it worth it?

Many people jeopardize relationships by being part of this since it is highly associated with a pyramid scheme, and believe us; no one wants to get close to those.

4Life Pros & Cons – Make Your Decision

At the end of the day, this review works as a guide, and we want to make sure that you’re making a well-informed decision.

Therefore, we can say that it isn’t the best, but we can’t do anything about you, maybe, wanting to give it a try.

This is why we want to make sure that you’re at least going over the pros and cons carefully and not leaving anything without thinking about it for a bit.


  • The company has a good reputation. It is real, and you won’t lose your money in terms of it being a scam.
  • So far, their products seem to be effective, and there aren’t any complaints about them.


  • Distributors are bound to make money by finding more of them. Otherwise, selling products won’t even return their investment.
  • Products seem to work, but they’re expensive and hard to sell.
  • Distributors need to continuously buy products to maintain their membership active even if they haven’t sold old ones.
  • There’s no training or support included.

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Say Good-Bye to 4Life

In all honesty, we don’t want you investing in this business.

It isn’t profitable, takes time and money, and you aren’t guaranteed to, at least, have your money returned.

Thus, instead of betting in such an unstable and quite unreal (in our opinion) option, focus on those that can bring the same income the company promises you or even more.

In our experience, lead generation is the key for those that want to invest little, work from home, and have their ROI guaranteed.

The best part? No recruits are required. It is just you, your computer, and your clients.

This business model focuses on building websites for third parties in a specific niche you have to choose.

For example, let’s suppose you start aiming for companies in the tree industry. They remove, trim, and perform different services for people.

But for them to be successful, clients need to be brought to their business, and to do this; local lead generation is key.

You will build a website where you talk about the company, its services, some details, and contact information. All this to bring leads or clients.

These leads will be the ones to help you make money since they are the clients you will bring to the company.

For each lead, the business has to pay a commission or percentage, and all you have to do later on is maintain the domain or website live.

This is why lead generation is a passive income: you build the website, rank it on Google to bring the leads, and just let the money come for months or years.

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How to Get Started

We won’t tell you this doesn’t require an investment because it does, but it won’t be a fortune nor a waste of time.

Lead generation requires specific skills, but not talent (there’s a big difference!).

Everyone can do it with just some training, and we recommend a program that can teach you from zero.

Learning what leads mean in specific, how to build websites, backlinks, and everything related to the business model.

In this way, you won’t be missing basic yet essential steps.

Also, having someone supporting you is vital, and this training program from where we learned also provides that.

Therefore, if you’re interested in saying goodbye to MLM opportunities that don’t work for over 90% of people and get into a real business, we suggest you start here.

To access more info and get started, click here!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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