6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency Review: Billy Willson

Collecting Your Fortune or Losing It All?

With so many ads and articles on the Internet about the 6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency by Billy Willson, it isn’t strange for us that you’re here trying to answer one question: 

“Is it something I should be investing my time (and money) in?” 

We get you. There are hundreds of courses for the same business models, opportunities, and strategies. However, under 20% of them actually work and end up being useful. Moreover, the ones that are a waste of money are the most expensive ones. 

It is only logical that you want to figure out whether this Ad Agency will be the key to your goal regarding making six figures. 

For starters, Billy Willson isn’t a nobody, but does it mean the course is reliable? 

Several factors must be considered to come up with a conclusion, and we are here to go over each of them to know if you can truly make six figures by the end of the course or thanks to the knowledge learned. 

To Start: Who Is Billy Willson?

Your regular description of new entrepreneurs doesn’t fall too far from each tree. In fact, you will notice they are very similar to other people’s stories, like Matt Lepre, Adrian Morrison, and Tanner Chidester. 

In the case of Willson, however, you will feel it a bit more familiar when it comes to Scott Hilse or Biaheza (note: we have reviewed all of them in other blogs.

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #2 -

A Kansas State University dropout, Billy Wilson went to college for a month but decided it wasn’t for him and dropped out to bet his time on something more revolutionary and time-consuming. 

He found his way into business when he started to post on social media regularly about the major flaws in America’s college system.

However, this wasn’t the moment when he started booming on the platforms. 

His social media marketing career was launched by a viral post of the many he had already shared. 

By this point, Billy claimed that he was 20 years old when he had left college and became a successful entrepreneur, making six figures per year. 

Due to his booming with the post and how social media marketing continued to grow over the last three years, Billy was able to start his own advertising agency, Woolson Media. 

The agency is focused on offering services in the niche. Still, when Billy decided to add this Six Figure Facebook Ads Agency, the mission expanded to courses in teaching people how to launch their companies and achieve results with Facebook by promoting them. 

Like we mentioned, he isn’t a random person, but it is true that there isn’t that much background behind his success. In fact, there aren’t many details about the post that went viral, which kind of makes us wonder if that was true. 

Regardless, Willson does work with a business that is worth your money. But is the course the same case?

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #1 -

What to Expect from This 6 Figure Facebook Ad Course?

Or more like, what makes it different from the dozens of Facebook Ads courses out there? 

We are confident you can agree with us that there are way too many, which is why you have your doubts about placing your money in this from Billy or any other. 

For starters, we have to say the course is promising based on the content yet still lacking in some parts. 

For you to understand our mention, let’s dive into what it is and what to expect. 

Billy promises that he will help you navigate the process of setting up your own social media marketing agency. No other business, but rather this alone. 

Thus, don’t expect this Facebook Ad course to be about general advertising on the platform but rather how to work in your own agency with what Billy shares. 

The first step is to form an LLC. Once you have your LLC, it’s time to start setting up your business. Also, keep in mind that this content is primarily aimed at the USA market. 

Since laws and regulations change depending on the country, you may want to do some research on your own or determine here if this course is good if you’re not in the USA. 

In other words, you can still follow along if you’re an international customer, but the process for setting up your business might be different. 

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #4 -

Then, Billy shows you how to create a Facebook Accounts for businesses and how to manage Facebook ads. He also shows how to set Instagram advertising, how retargeting ads can be used, and how to close leads for local businesses.

Additional material was provided on sales funnels and how they can be used to convert leads. Billy provides a step-by-step tutorial on Facebook advertising. 

He also has a variety of videos showing how he climbs. Online, you can make a six-figure income. 

In general, the idea is to guide you through the process and guarantee you have a functional and money-maker social media marketing agency by the end of the course or a couple of weeks. 

Structure: 6 Modules to Learn from Billy

With the overview of the course done, we can start talking about the content in specific. 

Module #1: Introduction

The introduction is the first section of the course. This gives you an overview of Facebook ads as well as the digital marketing industry.

Billy explains why business owners need your help and why they will be running to you for your services. 

To summarize this part: Businesses need more sales and leads to survive. Hence, they look for you. 

If they don’t use social media, they will likely be searching for someone who can do this for them.

Billy explains quite well why people pay for the Facebook Ads services you are about to offer and how you can bring yourself more leads and potential customers, so they generate you profit. 

In addition, there’s an explanation of something called “Value Ladder,” and it is pretty important to advance in any business, yet many entrepreneurs forget to explain it in their courses. 

This module lasts 30 minutes, and even if you know about pretty much the basics, you shouldn’t skip it. 

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #5 -

Module #2: How to Run Effective Facebook Ads for Your Client

This is when the real content about Facebook and ads starts and where you must have your focus all along. 

The module starts with an explanation of how you can advertise with Facebook in specific and why clients and businesses need to rely on this. 

The idea of the module is to help you understand how to set the campaigns, know how the manager of the social media platform works, and the Ads section itself. 

How to check if your ads are working, understand every section in the Facebook Ads Manager tool, and how you can manage your clients’ lead generation process to get more prospects are explained. 

What you can expect from this in specific is: Facebook Pixel, campaign goals, create Facebook but also Instagram ads, create the perfect offer, how to do copywriting, and optimize ads. 

This part will take you an hour and 38 minutes to complete.

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #6 -

Module #3: Generating Leads for Your Clients Using Landing Pages

Many think the course is about ads here and there, but Willson also covers the landing pages and their relevance in generating leads. 

This is a big plus since they are crucial, more than other aspects, in the lead generation process for any company. 

The module will guide you through the steps, techniques and recommend software you can optimize and spend less time designing.

You will learn the differences between each landing page, how you can make them perfect, how you convert visitors into leads with them and test them out if they are not performing as expected. 

This is quite complete since the additional information about funnels, optimization for mobiles, and split-testing details are added to the lesson, which lasts 57 minutes.

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #7 -

Module #4: Prospecting Clients

You generate leads for others, and it is only natural that you worry about generating leads for yourself. 

Billy dedicates this module to teach you how to capture those prospects and turn them into clients. 

For, it includes partnerships, attracting leads, and using other regular lead generation strategies on yourself. 

The idea of the module is to ensure you can generate leads and clients easily and fast while also learning each method available for prospecting. 

In 34 minutes, you can pretty much get the point.

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #8 -

Module #5: Getting Meetings with Clients

The previous one is about contact. This module? Meeting them to close the deal (but not yet for the last part). 

It is important to follow the sales funnel and all the steps to ensure you get to the point. So, don’t try to join from prospects to clients right away. 

Now, the module teaches you how to set up meetings with them and capture their attention to the point of choosing you above other social media marketing companies. 

The information here could be a bit more complete, but it is a great option and addition to knowing how to get those clients to be yours and not someone else’s.

In it, expect knowing how to contact the clients, focus on the sales strategies when reaching them, get the clients for yourself, nurturing, cold calling, and other strategies. 

All this in an hour and 30 minutes lesson. 

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #10 -

Module #6: Close the Deals

This is the final part of the course in which you should be able to get the “I want you to do it” message from your clients. 

Yes, Billy takes three modules to reach this point, but it is reasonably necessary considering that, again, people just put everything together. 

Instead, this social media marketer makes sure to go step by step, and after reaching this point, you will learn: 

  • How to close the deals in specific.
  • Following up with the clients.
  • Get the prospects.
  • Focus on a free trial to close more deals.
  • Charging for your services: How much?

In addition, you will get a bonus of how to keep your clients happy during the hour and seven minutes session. 

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #9 -

Besides the regular modules like every course, Billy included bonus resources that navigate how you can create and send contracts, work in creating your LLC and work with automation to communicate with your clients. 

This section alone takes another 30 minutes. 

Finally, a niche walkthrough is included as the final part where he goes over the main niches today: Fitness, real estate, chiropractors, and dentist, and how you can grow in them. 

This last part is quite long since it lasts almost 2 hours, but amazing to complete the course.

How Much Will You Pay? – Billy Willson’s Course Price

Well, that sounds like wonders, but how much does this course cost?

This is quite complicated to explain since you can find his latest version of the course on several websites (legit ones). 

Originally, the course was set for $3,000, but Billy always had a discount active that reduced it to about 42%. However, it continues to be much money. 

After looking for more options, we ended up spending much less for the course and only paid $375 on a website affiliated with Willson. 

This actually made us doubt if the course is legit because it is rare for an entrepreneur to have several people offering such discounts. 

However, we found out it was just part of his marketing strategy. Thus, we don’t know exactly how the course costs since it doesn’t have a fixed price. 

On some websites, you can access it for $247 today, while others have it for $389. 

But the question is, is it worth investing that money? It depends.

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #12 -

The course isn’t a bad option for those who want to learn about social media marketing and how to get started with their own businesses. 

After all, this industry is quite booming and very profitable regardless of the competitors you can find. 

The problem is that Billy still misses guaranteeing you will get results, and although he shares everything we mentioned before and a bit more, the course lacks to meet all expectations. 

AGAIN, it isn’t bad since it provides great value and clear steps that work, but it isn¡t complete either. 

Pros & Cons: Considerations Before Investing

All right, let’s get down to a decision based on what is good and what is not so much. 

If you want to decide to spend between $300 and $500 on this course (a wide range just in case), you need to consider the good and the bad. 

Thus, we will share what we discovered, and you can make your decision from there and a bit more research: 

The Good: 

  • Social media marketing is a profitable business so that you can invest in it with your eyes closed.
  • Billy explains Facebook Ads properly and from top to bottom.
  • It is easy to follow the course and his explanation (although he sometimes paraphrases a bit too much).
  • The techniques and models used by Willson work and are proven to achieve results.
  • He covers more than just the Facebook Ads, as the name of the course suggests. 

The Bad: 

  • Is it expensive? We don’t even know, but following the range, it is affordable compared to others, but it is too uncertain.
  • He doesn’t show proven ads to support his sessions.
  • You tend to spend more money than needed during the ad testing part of the course.
  • Copywriting is way too brief for the relevance and difficulty it involves.
  • Not enough examples of successful agencies or businesses using the method.

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #13 -

Social Media Marketing? We Like This a Bit More…

As we mentioned before, this niche and industry is quite a good idea, but we don’t consider it our best option. 

We believe better business models have lower risks or require less investment yet guarantee your ROI and profits. 

You can also guarantee a passive income, even if you work hard at the beginning.

Lead generation is much more profitable for us. It is safe and doesn’t cost too much to make thousands of dollars every month.

Let’s suppose you are looking to make an online income or invest in a social media course. This is a fantastic opportunity, but it can also be very risky.

Two major advantages of a lead generation program are that it is more affordable than other options, and you can make six figures sooner than later. 

Also, it’s not hard to do, as lead generation is easy:

  • You have the option to choose to specialize in one niche, such as tree services, septic tanks, or other related fields.
  • Next, contact small businesses or companies that require more leads.
  • Each company will have its website built by you.
  • Ranking the websites on Google will help you generate organic traffic and convert it into leads.
  • You get paid a commission for each lead that you generate for a company or site.

6 Figure Facebook Ad Agency #14 -

These sites can be much work, but eventually, they will become a passive income that makes you about $1,500 each month. 

Interested in it? This course can help you with it…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

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Written by Dame Cash

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