7 Secrets to Lower Belly Fat from Home

Easiest Ways to Lose Fat or Gain It?

Who hasn’t had that one time (or more) when the fat in their bellies is driving them insane? It can be little or a lot, but the truth is we all have a hard time with it at some point, including us. 

We have always been people who love exercising. Still, that fat is often obstinate to disappear, and we end up spending more time doing abs and similar exercises than actually working out the rest of your body, and that usually isn’t enough.

Belly fat is one of the hardest things to get rid of, and if you want to ensure it leaves and maintains in that way, you will need to think about more ways than just exercise or eat a bit healthy. Believe us, we’re telling you from experience. 

However, with most gyms closed due to COVID-19 or lack of time to invest in some methods to lower it, you are left with very few options that usually don’t work to achieve the desired results. 

What if we tell you we have a solution, or more like 7, to help you lower that belly fat from home in no time? Are you down to know about them? Then, let’s begin, and just in advance, make sure you test them all!

Get Plenty of Soluble Fiber in Your Diet

We bet you have heard about all types of fibers, especially soluble ones, but you haven’t worried about researching why they are so crucial not only for a lower belly fat goal but also for your body overall. 

To keep it simple, soluble fiber absorbs water and forms a gel that helps your body slow down the food passing through your digestive system.

This type of fiber is proven to promote weight loss for several reasons: 

  • It makes you feel fuller, which in turn encourages you to eat less. 
  • It can also reduce the number of calories that your body absorbs from foods.
  • You will go to the bathroom more regularly. 
  • You are providing your body with a healthy meal that is usually all right for celiac people and many others. 

Thanks to all the previous benefits and some additional factors, soluble fiber can help with your belly fat directly. 

Over 1,200 adults were surveyed and found that the increase of every 10g of soluble fiber intake helps to decrease by 3.7% belly fat over five years.

Fiber reduces food fat absorption because it binds to bile acids, which are necessary for the digestion of dietary oils. Fiber-loaded foods can also bind sugars and carbohydrates, thereby preventing their absorption into your bloodstream.

High-fiber foods should be consumed every day. Excellent sources of soluble fiber include:

  • Flax seeds.
  • Shirataki noodles.
  • Brussels sprouts.
  • Avocados.
  • Legumes.

Others like broccoli, sweet potatoes, turnips, pears, figs, and nectarines, are great to include in your “diet” or regular ingest.

Lower Belly Fat #2 -

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Yes, we know you might love it, but it is hurting your belly so bad that you might want to leave it or reduce the amount you’re drinking every day or periodically. 

Don’t get us wrong. Despite the obvious issues alcohol can bring to people’s lives, it also has some health benefits as long as you drink it in small amounts, which is why some people just have a cup every few days, and it depends on the type of alcohol as well. 

But more than the benefits, we want to focus on the disadvantages, and the one we are interested in is the fact that you can gain belly fat with some drinks or if you drink too much regularly. 

Studies have shown that excessive alcohol intake is linked to an increased risk of developing central obesity, which is extra fat storage around your waist.

Your waistline may shrink if you cut back on alcohol. It doesn’t mean you have to stop drinking alcohol completely, but it can be helpful to limit how much you drink each day.

Several studies had shown results that those who consumed alcohol every day but less than one drink had lower belly fat than those who drank less often but consumed more alcohol when they did.

Lower Belly Fat #3 -

To be honest, haven’t you heard about the “beer belly” before?

It can sound funny, but many of those bellies that look like if the person was pregnant are caused by excessive ingesting of beer and similar drinks. If you want to drink alcohol and keep it as healthy as possible, you might want to change it to wine or whisky. 

Or maybe just stop drinking in general. 

Fewer Carbs, More Proteins

We know it isn’t that easy, but if you lower the carbs (which is something all people know about losing weight and belly fat in specific) and focus on consuming more proteins, you can achieve great results. 

Carbs are essential for most human beings (more like all of them) because the body obtains most of its energy from them. However, if you allow it to get used to more proteins and fewer carbs, you can work around a regular ingest without lots of them. 

Also, proteins allow you to increase the release of the fullness hormone, PYY, which is basically designed to help you decrease the appetite and feel fullness. 

It isn’t that simple nor cheap to have a protein-based diet, especially for those that are vegans or vegetarians. However, you can play around with soluble fiber for this since it can help you regulate how much you consume. 

Your belly fat will be lowered by a lot if you eat more protein, preferably those with higher values like eggs, meat, and fish. 

If you feel you can’t eat so much protein per dish, you can easily substitute your snacks or add a shake to your diet by using products like Whey Protein, just make sure to consult a professional before you choose the most suitable protein for you.

Lower Belly Fat #4 -

Work in Reducing Your Stress

Stress is a significant health problem that affects the body in many ways, but it’s not always easy to recognize when it is truly causing you problems. 

A bit out-of-context example since it isn’t related to belly fat, but a great one to prove stress can be easily hidden is that we had frequent or more like permanent headaches every day, to the point of thinking it may be a specific health problem. 

In the end, it was stress, and taking care of it improved our health significantly while we were thinking, “I’m not stressed.” Well, the same could be happening to you for your belly fat in this case. 

You might be eating out of stress or maybe gaining more weight easily despite following a diet or eating the same amount as usual. 

Many factors and signs can lead us to think it is stress, and taking the time to recognize if you are all right and manage it if present can help you tons by just investing your free time at home. 

You can do things at home that will help reduce its effects on your body and mind- you just need to know where to start! 

  • Find something you like and take a couple of minutes or hours every day to do it. 
  • Short meditation sessions at home can ease your stress. 
  • If you are eating sugar or specific snacks and meals out of stress, substitute them with something healthier to satisfy your anxiety.

Lower Belly Fat #5 -

Exercise… Even If You Hate It

As much as we would love to give you secrets that won’t include exercising, we have to admit it is necessary, and we noticed it after throwing our laziness out of the window and doing at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. 

Suppose you are way too busy or lazy to exercise in order to lose weight overall and just want to get rid of the belly fat. In that case, you can decide to focus on that area with the specific exercises you choose as long as at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise is added to your routine.

You don’t have to think too hard about what to do in terms of going for an exercising routine or thinking about what to do. After all, even walking counts as long as you walk fast enough to make your heart beat faster and work up a sweat.

Doing this simple will help lots with your belly fat. If you add some abs to the process so you can work your abdominal muscles or direct routines that take about 5 minutes each day for your abdomen, you will get great results without noticing it as long as you can constantly. 

When you add exercising to your protein ingest, you will get even better results as your body doesn’t need to get rid of so many carbs, and it will get more used to working with high protein meals. 

Our main tip here? You can follow our simple routine: 

  • Walk fast enough or jog for about 15-20 minutes every day. 
  • Do some vigorous abdominals or 10 minutes of a centered exercise for your belly.

Lower Belly Fat #6 - didyousaymoney

It Isn’t a Joke: Sleep More

Many people underestimate how much a good night of sleep can do for them, and we used to be like that as well. 

As people who used to sleep between 5 to 6 hours every day or sometimes less (call us crazy and night owls), we noticed a great improvement in our mental and physical health and energy and our body in terms of fat. 

It happens that sleeping helps with more than just regaining your energy but if we follow this simple principle, just think about it in this way: If you aren’t rested enough, you are prone to eat more to find the energy you are missing. 

Also, it is natural to have aftermaths or consequences in your body when you aren’t giving it enough rest. 

If you don’t believe us, many universities and centers have performed studies that involve both men and women, and in all of them, the results have shown those people that sleep 7+ hours have a lower risk of not only get too much belly fat but become obese as well. 

Meanwhile, those who are like us in the past gain over 30 pounds in 10 to 15 years on average but just not having a good habit of sleep. 

Therefore, take your naps or sleep all night long without worries or try to have a good rest as much as you can. Just think about this being at home and doing one of the things over 75% of people love.

Do you want to quickly lose excess belly fat? In your dreams! You can lose body fat or weight by getting a good night of sleep. 

Among the 60,000 women participating in the Nurses’ Health Study, those who snoozed for fewer than five hours a night were at the greatest risk of becoming obese and gaining 30 or more pounds over the course of the 16-year study period when compared to those who slept for seven or more hours.

Lower Belly Fat #7 -

Drink More Water & Tea

It seems obvious, but have you seen those bottles people sell with specific measures for a day worth of water? Well, many people buy them because it is hard to keep up with how much water their bodies need, and if you are the same, you can just use one. 

Drinking water is basic and logical, so we don’t think we have to come forward and tell you a bunch of facts about why staying hydrated is crucial. 

However, we know you must have your doubts regarding tea and similar drinks (adding the latter just here). 

It is simple. Since water helps get rid of toxins and allows your organs to work better, your body will feel more optimized despite water itself not hydrating directly (yes, that’s right since it doesn’t have electrolytes). 

We don’t want to get too technical and let’s just leave it as the fact you need to drink more. 

In the case of tea or similar hot drinks, it boosts the effect of water, and when you choose green, black, and any natural tea without adding sugar, milk, or any of the sort, you will get better results in digesting your food and allow your body to process better. 

Therefore, you better put up with things and starting adding the right amount of water to your healthy diet.

Lower Belly Fat #8 -

Get in Shape at Home

As you can see, it isn’t too difficult to get rid of that belly fat or, at least, start to lower it. 

If you ask us, it is all about being consistent and truly wanting to change your life in those aspects. 

What we are trying to say is that people tend to start today but forget about it later, and the results won’t appear without effort. 

When you’re feeling lazy, just think about how easy it is to maintain your routine at home and not having to go out. After all, many will tell you to go to a gym for outdoor routines, bla, bla, bla. 

We don’t condemn them, but they do take lots of your time, and when you find these options, we just gave you to lower belly fat without leaving your comfort, there are no excuses, and you can integrate them into your routine easily. 

As a final secret, we will add the common you might think we forgot: Avoid sugary drinks as much as you can and any other product with the same killing component if you want to reduce that visceral fat and deal with weight gain. 

Sugary meals, foods, snacks, or drinks are just a big no when you are trying to lower that fat since it appears not only because of trans fats but also sugar, which also affects other parts of your weight loss, burning calories, and the goal of losing belly fat.

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