ACN MLM Review

Another Scam to Your List? (2022 Update)

There are so many business models out there that it is super tough to know which ones work and which ones don’t. As a result, you end up doubting EVERYTHING.

This is why many people wonder if ACN is a scam or not in order to determine if it is worth their time and money.

ACN stands for American Communications Network, and it’s an MLM opportunity that has been around since 1993. With this, you can know it has a background but is this enough to make a decision?

This review will cover the basics of ACN, including what it does and how much it costs to get started with this business opportunity. Is it worth your time? Read on to find out!

What Is ACN?

Founded in 1993 by Robert Stevanovski, Gregory Provenzano, Anthony, and Michael Cupisz, ACN is a multi-level marketing company based in the USA.

The company aims to provide telecommunications, energy, and merchant services mainly that are sold through independent sellers.

The reason behind creating the company is based on dissatisfaction with other companies that weren’t able to provide the expected services and terms for them.

What we need to focus on from the company is the type of business model (MLM or multi-level marketing) since this is what usually leads to misunderstandings.

ACN, Inc. makes sure to sell its services through those independent sellers but, at the same time, it allows them to bring in more members by offering rewards for doing so.

An MLM business works in this way: people in the selling process or sales team earn money from recruiting more people than actually selling the services.

This helps companies bring many people to work for them without actually hiring them directly and gaining clients based on sales and the sellers themselves.

Those sellers or distributors will offer all the company’s services:

  • High-speed Internet.
  • Wireless service.
  • XOOM energy.
  • Home security and automation.
  • Anovia payment and processing.

With this system, ACN has been able to reach rank #1 as the largest distributor of telecommunication services worldwide, with over 26 years in the industry, locations in 5 continents, and thousands of employees in the offices.

But what do we know about people making money and the MLM model?

The truth is: it is hard to believe the company has been operating for so many years, reached the top, and earned millions with it.

ACN MLM Review #2 -

How Does ACN MLM Work?

As we previously explained, it is about recruiting people to be sellers.

But how do you earn money with this? And is it actually effective for making a living?

Like any other seller, you will handle the distribution of the services, and you can earn money by doing this alone. However, not as much as you would think.

The real deal lies in the commissions earned by bringing new members to the company.

In fact, you’re more of an independent business owner than a seller for ACN, and based on that, the company offers three ways to generate your income:

  • Monthly Residual Commissions.

The commissions generated by ACN IBOs will eventually become your primary source of residual income.

The idea is that you make money by recruiting people to your team. Your residual income will grow as your team expands.

This requires a lot of effort since you have to constantly bring new members to your team to earn the commissions or compensation.

  • Personal Commissions.

Personal commissions are a percentage of your income based on customers who have signed up for ACN services plans.

ACN will pay you 2-8% of your monthly customer bill following this structure, making it more accessible and reasonable in terms of possibilities and effort needed.

Therefore, the higher your number of customers, the more money that you will make.

While personal commissions are easier to obtain, they require you to work extremely hard since customers aren’t found that easily.

  • Team Residual Commissions.

You make money from the people you sign-up for and their customers.

Those who decide to join the company will provide you with income based on how much they sell and the people they bring into the business.

Well, this is what MLM is mostly about, and you can expect the making money process to be like this all the time.

ACN MLM Review #3 -

This table shows you the commissions you should earn according to services, customer points, and the details. However, it is not an income disclosure statement since it should be more specific about how much you could earn in a month or year.

How Much Does It Cost to Be Part?

This is when things get a bit too much for us: ACN isn’t cheap considering it doesn’t even sell products but rather services.

Most MLM companies would request you to pay a “fee” but mostly invest in a package of the products you’re supposed to sell.

However, ACN works differently since you don’t have anything to buy.

To join them, you have to pay $499 as an application fee to be part of the company, have access to the system, and extra information about how things work.

You will be able to sell the services, and rather than being an employee, you will be an independent seller with your own telecommunications business.

The problem? Services aren’t cheap but rather expensive.

Imagine having to find new customers + recruits by trying to convince them with pretty expensive services.

If you ask us, it isn’t worth it if you consider that $500 is quite a lot of money to get started in this business, and you’ll be asking your friends, family, and people overall to invest the same.

Pros & Cons: Why to Invest (Or Not) in ACN

Having reached this point, we have to make a few things clear.

Every business has its pros. You will notice that even the WORST company still has something good, but the bad things eclipse it.

In the case of ACN, you can find pros and cons just like with other companies, and we want to go over them, so you think carefully about investing or not your money and time:

Pros of ACN:

  • The services offered are needed by 100% of the population.
  • It is a trusted brand (despite some bad reviews), making it a bit easier to sell services.
  • You earn a residual income each month.

Cons of ACN:

  • The application or starting fee is too high: $499.
  • Additional fees are also paid. $149 to renew your “ownership” and $39.99 per month for a required subscription that isn’t mentioned initially.
  • You HAVE to be good at recruiting people (and deceiving some).
  • Rates, commissions, and compensations aren’t good (too low).
  • Services aren’t expensive and, reportedly, low-quality.

ACN MLM Review #4 -

Is It Real Or Another Scam?

Based on the cons alone, you would say the opportunity is a scam right away. However, you’re mistaken.

ACN is real, but the problem lies in the MLM model it follows and applies, the low percentage of earnings, and how hard it is to make money.

Ah! And let’s not forget about how expensive it is to get started and continue in the business.

Besides, the options offered by ACN focus on continuous recruitment and sales.

You won’t earn money unless you continue bringing more and more people and, if you think about it carefully, it tends to be a stomp at some point.

Therefore, we can summarize the answer to this question in these points:

  • It isn’t a scam, but you are part of 1% of people who will make money with it.
  • You will spend a lot of time and probably don’t even have it returned despite your efforts and time invested.
  • Do some people make money? Of course, the 1% that brings people who bring more people, and so it continues.
  • You have to pay commissions yearly and, sometimes, even monthly, so you’re losing lots of money in the process.

This takes us to one conclusion: you shouldn’t invest in it UNLESS you feel confident enough to gain something from the MLM structure.

How Can You Make Money?

In the beginning, we mentioned there are many ways to make money, or more like they were too many business models. Well, the idea follows that thread.

Our point here is that there are dozens of options for you to make money with, one, less investment; two, without having to invest so much time; and three, without deceiving or bringing more people to someone else’s company.

Don’t get us wrong, it sounds like we are ditching ACN and telling you not to focus on it, and we did, but in the end, it is also your decision.

Here, we’re just trying to make something clear: there are better opportunities, REAL opportunities.

In our case, we consider that digital real estate is more profitable but also manageable, less time-consuming, and you don’t have to rely on anyone else to bring people to make money.

This business model consists of building websites for companies or specific clients you need to contact in order to offer the service.

Your role is to build their websites but, primarily, bring leads and clients their way through them.

You will be like an intermediary in charge of handling the portfolio of clients and making sure the company earns more and more thanks to one tactic: building the website and ranking it on Google for organic traffic.

ACN MLM Review #5 -

Too Good to Be True?

Or so people say.

We know that this digital real estate sounds way too simple, especially after compared to ACN MLM. However, it isn’t.

The truth is that this model requires money and time as well, but not as much, or, at least, you’ll have it returned in no time and with your new income as well.

But keep in mind that to get introduced and started in it, you need to learn specific skills:

  • How to build websites.
  • Create backlinks.
  • Choose a niche to know what companies and businesses you will contact.
  • How to reach out or find clients.
  • Rank websites on Google.
  • Bring the leads/clients.

Once you learn everything, you’ll be able to generate the leads that will take you to have a passive income from those websites. Why? Because you will rent them and companies will only pay for the clients they’re obtaining thanks to you.

What training would we recommend for this?

This #1 program we tried ourselves is top in terms of how simple it is to understand, content, and the fact you start earning money before even completing it.

Therefore, if you’re in for the ride, make sure to click here for more info…

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Written by Dame Cash

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