Alliance In Motion MLM Review

A Legit Business Opportunity or Another Pyramid Scheme? (2022 Update)

Finding a new business opportunity feels like gold until you notice that it may not be as good as you thought. However, how can you come to this conclusion? 

After all, it is hard to determine if a business is good or not until you give it a try, but we don’t have enough money nor time to throw them at an opportunity that could mean our loss in every single way. 

Now, when we talk about Alliance In Motion, what is it going to be? A big scam that will make you lose your money? Or maybe a tremendous opportunity you’ve been missing all this time? 

In this review, we will make sure to answer all the possible questions you could have about this business model and ensure you aren’t deciding without enough information. What is it going to be? A yes or no? Let’s find out. 

What Is Alliance In Motion?

Alliance In Motion Global Inc., or just AIM Global Inc., is a company that offers people who sign up with them an opportunity to be their own boss (in their own words). 

This company follows a multi-level marketing (MLM) model. It focuses on distributing and marketing food supplements and health and wellness products manufactured by Nature’s Way, a company that aims to work with herbal supplements. 

The franchise was founded in September 2006 by Dr. Eduardo Cabantog, Francis Miguel, and John Asperin. 

If you’re not familiar with MLM companies, the concept behind their models is simple. 

Those aim to have independent distributors that sell their products without paying them salaries or some sort of compensation. 

Everything lies in how much you’re able to sell, but the best way to make money with this idea isn’t by selling products. Instead, it is all about how many distributors you can bring under your name. 

The company encourages you to bring more distributors just like you, and by doing so, you will be earning a percentage or commission based on the person you recruited. 

For example, if you sign up with Alliance In Motion and bring one person, you will be earning a percentage of that person’s sales once they start doing it. 

Therefore, when you translate this to AIM Global Inc., it is about making sure you’re constantly finding and bringing more distributors. 

That being said, there are “several” ways to make money with the company, but everything comes down to how well you perform at recruiting more than selling their products (or maybe both at once).

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What Will You Sell?

Since the company is a health and wellness franchise that only distributes herbal products, it is logical to focus on their sales only. 

However, mentioning them is quite general considering that many products are included in their catalog. 

You will have several options to offer to customers like nutritional support, functional beverages, nutritional cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals, and some global products available in their store. 

Besides having Nature’s Way manufacturing a significant percentage of their products, DSM and Weider also contribute to the task. 

Among their products, you will find: 

  • Complete Phyto-Energizer, which is a supplement for expectant mothers but also teenagers and individuals for daily consumption. 
  • C24/7 is known for being the highest-concentration product with nutritional elements that energize and nourish the body. 
  • Kiddi 24/7 NutraGummies focuses on helping kids with their vitamins and adding enough nutrients to their diet.
  • Choleduz Omega Supreme for those with unhealthy cholesterol that are trying to reduce it.
  • Vida Maxx presumptively for improving the flow of blood. 
  • RetorLyf Longevity Formula that according to the company, it helps diabetic patients to help delay aging. 

These are part of the most popular products from the company. However, you will have access to many more based on what package you decide to buy or the items you want to distribute in specific.

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How to Make Money with Alliance In Motion

A few paragraphs ago, we kind of answered this question but in a very general way since we also mentioned there are several alternatives to make money, and we stand with this statement. 

Now, focusing on this part and helping you know how everything works in specific, we will have to go over the compensation plan of the MLM company. 

First, you will need to buy a global package available in the store that is close to $250. This is completely mandatory, and you already know that spending some money is inevitable. 

Once you get the package, you are allowed to sell the products at retail. 

When doing so, you will be labeled as a “Distributor” for the company, and this places you at the level of “Retail Profit.”

At this level, you’re only part of the people who sell products and gain a commission from each product, which AIM encourages you to sell for 25% or up to 50% more than the actual price you paid for the package of the products individually. 

There’s a retail price you must follow, and you are not allowed to sell any of the items you have for a lower price than this. 

This is the basic way to make money, but what happens with the recruitment we mentioned earlier? This part is divided into some groups: 

  • Direct Referral Bonus. 

For each person you bring as a recruit, you will earn about $10. However, the condition to make this money is that the person must be signed under your name and also purchase the global package you had to buy to become a distributor. 

You don’t have limits to the number of people you can recruit in this way. 

  • Matching Sales Bonus. 

This compensation option works as a binary system. You will earn $20 if you are able to recruit two people and divide them into two parts as your sales team: left and right. 

Consider them team A and B to make it simpler. Whenever one of them brings a recruit, you will earn $20. In other words, you make money based on the people they recruit. 

The “matching sales bonus” name comes from the number of people your team A or B brings as referrals, and for every 9th or 10th referral, you will be earning travel points for the company’s free travel option you can participate in.

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  • Stair Step Bonus. 

This step bonus is a follow of your progress in the company. You can consider your level in the business and how much you’ve progressed by selling products and inviting people. 

You will be promoted the more points you earn, and based on the level; you have a higher percentage of discount that goes from 0% to 40%. However, you need your team A and B groups from the previous option to climb the ladder the company has designed. 

Pros & Cons: Investing in Alliance In Motion

Regardless of what we said before and will mention later in this review, we want you to know the pros and cons of the company. 

After all, we always mention that our reviews are to save you time, effort, and more, but also encourage you to go for better business opportunities. However, it is up to you based on the information you obtain. 

That being said, keep these facts in mind: 


  • The company is real, and you don’t have to worry about working with unknown people. 
  • The products are popular among people in the Philippines (where the main office or company is located) and several countries around it. 
  • Products aren’t expensive for people to buy them.


  • Despite being real, the company’s model to make money forces you to bring more people instead of selling products.
  • Your products sales won’t be adequately compensated. 
  • They aren’t expensive, but it is questionable if the products work properly. 
  • You don’t have training or support to know how to sell or bring more distributors as recruitments. 
  • Affiliate membership is required and expensive, either if you pay the $250 package or the $1.763 one. 

Is It Worth Your Money & Time?

Or more like, is it legit or a scam? 

If there’s something you must have noticed about Alliance In Motion to this point is the fact that it does look like a pyramid scheme. The question is, can we classify it as one? 

Many people will argue that it cannot be considered one since pyramid schemes are known as business “opportunities” that don’t work with real products and services. 

However, AIM Global does have actual products regardless of how you see them, and it is hard to add a name to it when dealing with items that can be sold. 

That being said, there’s no point in focusing on the products when they aren’t the natural way to make money. 

Pyramid schemes and MLM follow the same pattern: they want you to recruit people so you can “make money.”

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The fact that the latter deals with real products don’t make a big difference since you end up losing your investment in them unless you’re able to recruit more people after becoming a distributor. 

Can we make it easier to understand? Of course: you won’t make money unless you tell people to join, pay over $200 for a global package, and encourage them to do the same with others. 

This type of business model ends up being a massive scam for most people since only 1 to 2% of those who sign up for the deal end up making real money. 

Meanwhile, the rest spent over $200 minimum to even join it a be left with nothing. 

We know this is a big claim, and you probably think we’re jumping to conclusions quite fast after everything we mentioned, but we want you to consider some facts: 

  • You have to invest in a global package to be part, and despite the cheapest one is $250 approximately, the company encourages you to acquire the one that costs over $1.300. 
  • You can sell products, but you won’t be making money or a significant one unless you have people as your referrals that bring a higher percentage your way. 

Therefore, what’s the point in buying products when you won’t be moving on the stair unless you find more distributors? See our point now? 

This is why we consider Alliance In Motion a scam, although you can get real products and sell them. However, you cannot make money unless you leave blood, sweat, and tears. Still, you might be missing a lot even to reach $500 in earnings (for example). 

A Better (& Cheaper) Business Idea

The problem with all MLM businesses and companies will be the fact that they follow the same idea of bringing members and recruits for you to make money. 

Indeed, some compensate their distributors a bit more in selling products and making it easier to bring recruits. 

However, in the end, you have to think about how hard it is to actually build this whole team you need to finally make money. 

You might be on fire during the first days or weeks, but what happens when those you recruit cannot bring more people, and you are left without options as well? 

It is a constant recruitment process that is hard to maintain unless you have two members for the team, left and right, and the know-how to recruit more. 

This is why a very low percentage of people end up making money with this, and usually, they’re those closely related to the company. 

Over 95% of people who invest in AIM Global Inc. have their investment returned after six months and stop producing just because they noticed how bad the business is. 

Besides, it requires too much effort and money, and let’s face it, you will be scamming people into a model that doesn’t actually work nor consists of selling products. 

Then, if this option doesn’t work, how can you start making money? 

Online business models that don’t make you leave your house or recruit people into a scheme are the best alternatives for three main reasons: 

  • You don’t need a large investment. 
  • You will work hard but with the possibility of bringing passive income. 
  • And you won’t have to lose friends and loved ones in the process of recruiting people. 

Local lead generation has been one of the best businesses we could start a few years back for us.

Alliance in Motion #6 -

This business model requires you to invest very little, and despite having to invest a lot of time in the beginning, you will start making passive income from your home later.

Local lead generation is all about finding small companies or clients that need to build a website to bring customers their way. 

This is your role: you will be building the websites for businesses that you contact.

You must then rank each site on Google. This will ensure that you bring in organic traffic and generate the required leads to turn them into clients. 

Why is “local”? Because you will be aiming at companies that are around you or the local area and help them bring clients to their locations. 

How to Start in This Digital Business Model

Alliance In Motion has many issues, and we are confident you won’t waste your time and money on it (please, don’t do it). 

Instead of losing your effort, local lead generation guarantees you a monthly income of over $2.000 for every website you create and the leads you bring to it. 

This is possible thanks to putting in a lot of work initially and then being able to relax and enjoy the results.

Of course, the more clients or sites you have and rank, the more income you will make. 

Now, although local lead generation sounds excellent, you still need to master some skills.

You will need to learn everything about software and terms, contact potential clients, and manage every step to rank the sites.

Many courses and training programs don’t go into detail. Instead, they assume that you are familiar with the essential elements.

We recommend the number one training we were introduced to because it is easy to follow and provides support when needed.

Did we pinch your curiosity? Here’s some info to get you started… 

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

Interested in starting an online business to build passive income? Check out the local lead gen business model. Click here to learn more.

Written by Dame Cash

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