Making or Losing Money at Light-Speed? (2022 Update)

ARIIX is a scam… or maybe not. 

Telling you that something is a scam is just a doubtful as doing the opposite and selling you how good a business or idea can be. Since we’re pretty aware of this, we are always collecting enough “evidence” to make our statements have sense before even doing them. 

With ARIIX, we are eager than ever to guarantee you understand why it is a real business opportunity or not because, on the outside, it looks and even feels amazing. Still, you have to do more than just look at the appearances to make a decision and conclude properly. 

To begin with, a well-designed scam should be able to fool you well enough, and you don’t have to feel sorry about it. However, a good business opportunity can look just the same. 

So, how can you tell and see which one is ARIIX? There’s a lot involved, but we will help you answer all your questions and clear any doubts. 

What Is ARIIX? 

ARIIX is multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was founded in Utah in 2011. It has operations in 23 countries, including the United States, China, Canada, Japan, Australia, and the United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, and more.

The founders are Mark Wilson, Deanna Latson, Dr. Fred Cooper, Riley Timmer, and Jeff Yates. 

They are primarily focused on nutritional supplements. However, you can find some weight-loss alternatives, a skincare line, and some personal care products along with an air filtration system.

It is crucial to remember that ARIIX doesn’t always make its own products but uses products from other companies. 

As a result, the products are rebranded and found as Nutrifii, Priime Jouve, and others. 

According to the company’s words and mission, they’re focused on offering people a business opportunity that allows them to be independent and make money without working for someone else. 

For this, you will be handling all the products they offer. However, this isn’t the main way to make money with the company.

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How People Make Money with ARIIX

The company follows the usual MLM business model that you can find in companies like Amway, Avon, and more. 

If you’re not familiar with it (which we doubt), the explanation is simple. 

MLM companies follow a membership program to which individuals can join to sell products and recruit people. 

In other words, if you want to make money with ARIIX, you have to be a member to have access to the products at a retail price. 

Once a member, you can make money by recruiting people to sell products, selling the products yourself (online and off), or getting a commission based on your recruits’ sales. 

However, the main commission you obtain is based on the people you recruit specifically. 

To make it simpler, you will make money based on how many people you recruit and make sure they turn into distributors and continue selling as well. 

Now, is it possible to focus on selling products only and make income based on this? 

MLM companies give you the option to do this, and ARIIX is not different. However, their main goal is to guarantee you’re bringing more people and making them turn into independent distributors. 

A great comparison to this business model is the infamous pyramid scheme everyone is afraid of. Still, the difference between these models lies in the fact that MLM works with real products while the latter is just a bland way to bring people and truly scam them. 

Does this mean MLM companies are reliable and you will make money? Not quite. 

The structure is the same, and, in several countries, this structure is illegal, but they made it possible based on offering real products—the perfect excuse. 

But what we truly have to care about is: can you make money with it? The short answer is yes.

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First, You Have to Join ARIIX

Before explaining how people make money any further, you have to remember that this is a business opportunity and doesn’t come for free. 

Just like any other option, you have to invest money. 

Since the company works with an MLM structure, you have to take part in the membership and to begin with, it isn’t cheap. 

To start selling products and recruiting people, you have to buy one of their packs: 

  • Nutrifii Member Pack: usually costs $421.36 but can be acquired for $294.95 and only includes five products. 
  • Slenderiiz Plus Member Pack: can be acquired for $299.95 and brings five products as well.
  • Nutrifii Business Pack: $749.95 and includes fifteen products.
  • Slenderiiz Business Pack: $711.95 and includes ten products.
  • Jouvé Business Pack: $749.95, but this one includes twenty-five products. 
  • Business Pack 500: $789.95 and includes thirteen products. 
  • Slenderiiz Elite Pack: $1.388 and includes twenty-one. 
  • Elite Pack: $1.414 includes forty-three products.
  • Ultimate Pack: $2.098 includes sixty-three products.

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The variation between each pack lies in the products available and what you will decide to sell. 

Of course, the last few packs include various skincare, health and wellness, and nutrition products if you want to focus on offering at least a few ones for each. 

Regardless of the one you choose, the fact that it isn’t cheap remains. After all, the more affordable pack only brings five products, and you have to think: is it really worth and easy to sell? 

Now, the big issue doesn’t lie in the pack you need to purchase but rather in the commissions and program you have to follow. 

You have to sell a specific amount of products every month, and the minimum amount you have to earn is about $150. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the products to reach this volume and stay active as a member. 

Besides this condition, you have to deal with an annual renewal fee set at $25. 

How You Get Paid 

Going back to the “how to make money” aspect, we will start knowing how the commission plan works and the step that follows after you join. 

Understanding the plans they offer is quite complicated and, if you ask us, they did it on purpose to guarantee people don’t give it too much thought (you will understand later why we say this). 

So, to make it simple, you have four ways in specific to earn money with ARIIX since regardless of all MLM companies following the same structure, some offer either more or fewer options: 

  • Retail commissions: you buy the products from the packs and sell them at a retail price (which means it is higher than what you paid for them), and your earnings come from the price difference
  • Recruitment commissions: you earn money by making people join as distributors or members, but to earn the commission, you have to make sure that they also buy a pack and sell it later on. 
  • Team lead bonus: you get a bonus for selling products and based on what your members or recruits sell. The sum of money will depend on the pack your members bought and how much they’ve sold so far. 
  • More bonuses: you have to meet specific conditions based on your level in the structure, how much your members continue to sell, and if you’re able to handle a volume of sales and recruits. 

The money you earn from each commission depends on the level you achieved in the company, following the table below:

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Pros & Cons: Should You Join ARIIX?

If you want to work around an MLM business, you better consider the pros and cons: 


  • Their products are safe and certified. 
  • Their lines of products allow you to focus on different areas (skincare, nutrition, and more). 


  • The products are pretty expensive. Thus, hard to sell. 
  • You don’t make too much money unless you recruit more members constantly. 
  • You have to climb over 11 different levels to finally earn revenue that is worth your time. 
  • The commissions are low. 
  • It’s expensive to join and meet the volume required to remain a member. 

Why ARIIX Is a Scam

After all this review, we can finally make the statement we wanted to do since the beginning but were unable to without proof: this business “opportunity” is nothing else but a scam. 

You probably think that after we explain the difference between MLM and pyramid schemes, you know, our verdict would be the opposite, but here’s the issue: you don’t make money by selling products. 

Yes, you can opt for this, but the commissions are low, they are hard to sell, and regardless of how much you sell, you won’t climb in the structure unless you bring more members. 

Therefore, there’s no point in putting a lot of effort into selling when your revenue won’t be worth it. 

Can you call it an opportunity if you decide to focus on it as a business about bringing members to make money? Yes, you can. However, will it live up to your expectations? 

The same problem anyone would face during a pyramid scheme will be in this type of MLM company, and regardless of having real products and knowing how much you can earn beforehand, your success rate is 1% at most. 

The only people making money with ARIIX are those able to constantly recruit people and make sure they’re always selling and recruiting more. 

Sure, we will take our statement back and say it is a business chance if you can do this. Still, overall, it is nothing more than a way to trick people into investing their money in an option that won’t help them make some extra money, especially for the investment they have to make.

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An Alternative You Can Trust

Online businesses are not only more reliable but also require less investment and effort long-term. 

This doesn’t mean that every opportunity you see online will be legit and won’t disappoint, just like ARIIX, but you have better chances of making your money worth it. 

Among all the options we have tried so far, renting websites is cheaper and allows passive income after some hard work. 

Now, how does it work? 

It is very similar to a real estate business, but instead of renting or selling properties like homes or commercial buildings, you will work with sites, but to get to the point of making money, you have to take several steps: 

  • You need to choose a niche to find businesses or individuals that need to build a website to offer their services. 
  • Once contacting them, you start working around building the site. 
  • When created, ranking it on Google to bring organic traffic is needed. 
  • This organic traffic will convert into leads. 
  • Those leads will eventually turn into clients for the business you are helping or employed you. 

Based on this, how do you make money, and why is it “renting?” 

Since you’re the one building the websites, you are the owner, but they are destined to generate leads for your client, and you get paid for each of the leads obtained thanks to it. 

Of course, your client has to pay for the entire process of building the website, and this alone is part of the income. 

That being said, how does this turn into passive income?

Once you built a website and start generating leads, you only have to make sure that it remains properly ranked and brings leads that are worth it and turn into clients for your customers. 

This doesn’t require extra work, but rather some time to check the sites every once in a while. If they continue generating, you keep making money.

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Getting Started

We know what you’re thinking: it sounds too good to be real. 

It is logical since you have to doubt every opportunity you find. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be making an informed decision. 

This is why we have to add that renting websites requires proper training. 

You need to learn how to build them, generate the leads, rank the sites, to begin with, and find clients in a specific niche and what niche you should choose. 

There are many steps and skills to acquire, but the good part is that it doesn’t require talent. If you invest time and effort, you will be able to make money with it. 

The right training program should take you over all the steps, teach the basics, and guarantee you end up generating leads to make money. 

This top program we are familiar with can help a ton since you won’t have to worry about terminology or finding the clients. 

Want to give it a try? Here’s some info to answer your questions!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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