Jackpot or Shortfall Business Opportunity? (2022 Update)

Are you looking for an MLM that can give you the lifestyle you deserve? 

ASEA is a company that works with this structure: a commission program that allows you to earn money by selling products or bringing new people to be part of your selling team. 

However, there are many factors you must know about the MLM structure and determine if you truly understand it as much as you think or someone tried to sell you the idea. 

In addition, not all companies that follow it work in the same way and offer the same opportunities. Therefore, you have to go through the structure but also the company itself. 

Will it be complicated to understand it? More than worrying about this, you should think if ASEA MLM is actually a company that brings a business opportunity or if it is a scam you’re not aware of.

What Is ASEA & When Did It Start?

Better known as ASEA Global, it is a multi-level marketing firm that sells refined and science-backed products related to health and skincare.

The term “asea,” which means “from the sea,” is a symbol of rejuvenation, healing, and a concept that the company’s founders embraced: Verdis Norton, Tyler Norton, and Tyler Norton.

The current management includes Charles F. Funke, the CEO, and Jarom Webb, the President.

The company was founded in 2007 but officially launched in 2009.

The company’s outlook seems optimistic. 

ASEA has made significant progress in a decade of its existence, unlike other companies that follow the same MLM structure. 

While its growth appears to have slowed, ASEA’s past success is sufficient to suggest that it has the potential to continue such great success in the future based on the statistics the company has also provided to the public. 

Although ASEA is famous for all its products, the Cell Signaling Supplement available in the store is the one that leads most people to get to know the brand. 

But now that we mention this, we’re sure you’re not here while being interested in what the company offers to the public but rather how you can make money with it. 

For this, we will have to go over several details.

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How ASEA Business Opportunity Works

First, we need to know if you’re familiar with what MLM means or, to be more specific, what is a multi-level marketing company. 

This business structure is focused on recruiting members to join as distributors in order for you, the recruiter, to earn commissions based on the company’s plan offered. 

Although all MLM companies establish different conditions, terms, and commissions, the system works in the same way: 

  • You join as a member/distributor. 
  • You can earn money by selling products, but the primary way to do so is by recruiting more people that will join as distributors. 
  • You have to build a team and earn a percentage based on what they buy, sell, and the people they recruit. 

In the case of ASEA, you have to dig deeper into the specific commission plan they work with. Otherwise, you won’t know the total percentage you will be earning. 

Also, keep in mind that this MLM structure is based on levels. The higher your rank in the company that increases according to your achievements, you have chances to make more money and access extra benefits and bonuses. 

So far, this doesn’t seem like a problem, but if you start to analyze how you need to make money, you’ll notice the company’s difficulties (and traps). 

Learning About ASEA Structure

We have a long journey ahead, so you better prepare yourself if you want to have the answer to a very common (and logical) question: is it truly an opportunity to make money? 

Let’s start by knowing how you can join ASEA and breakdown the pros and cons in the process. 

If you want to make money, it is inevitable to pay a subscription or membership in order to join the program. 

In the case of ASEA MLM, you have four alternatives: 

  • ASEA Advancing Life: $120 and includes 1 case (each case comes with four bottles).
  • Basic Plus: $240 and comes with 2 cases. 
  • Builder: $370 and 4 cases. 
  • Express Builder: $720 and 8 cases. 

Before continuing, what are we referring to when it comes to the cases and bottles? 

Although the company’s products include skincare products, the main focus is to sell saltwater bottles you can drink as nutrition supplements or wellness products. 

Therefore, the memberships only include alternatives that come with those bottles for sell and any other product you want to sell later on needs to be acquired separately.

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Now, this isn’t all if you want to be a member. 

The ASEA business opportunity focuses on allowing you to sell the products online without using the old-fashion methods of visiting people to make sales. 

For this, you’re provided a website you can use to bring your clients and sell the products you have in stock. However, here’s the catch: you have to pay a monthly fee of $15.95. 

Even when you decide not to use the website and work around other methods to sell the products, you still need to pay the fee to remain an active member. 

Besides, you have to handle a minimum number of sales or recruitment points every month to stay active or receive commissions. 

In a month, you have to sell 1 case (4 bottles) at least. 

What happens if you don’t meet the standard? You HAVE to pay for the products you acquired for selling. 

Commission Plan: How You Truly Make Money

Although we mentioned selling products and making sure you handle 1 case per month, the truth is that ASEA doesn’t want you to do this as the primary way to make money. 

The recruitment process is all they care about, and this is by taking us back to the MLM structure. 

Therefore, the commission plan they have established includes earnings for your sales, but the entire purpose is for you to feel pressured to bring members to make money properly. 

Here’s a breakdown so you can understand: 

  • Retail commissions: you will earn 20% from each of your sales and can obtain bonuses based on your level in the program. 
  • Preferred customer bonus: this is a less direct way to call the “bring people, and you earn money” method to make money. Whenever a case is bought by one of your recruits, you will earn $25. 
  • Recruitment commissions: every time one of your recruits buys a new pack, you earn $20.
  • Team commissions: the recruits you bring will be part of your sales team. Every month, you will earn 10% based on the total sales volume they accumulate, but only if you meet certain conditions.

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All this is quite complicated. We get it, and let us tell you something: they do this on purpose to make sure you focus on the percentages and numbers and don’t think how hard it can be to make money. 

We will set this example so you can understand why we consider it is hard to make money with ASEA and why there’s only one way to earn income despite the two options they give you (sell products and recruit people): 

Let’s suppose you pay any of the memberships and focus on selling the cases. Then, you sell one case and meet the standard for the month, but you still need to pay the membership and continue buying more products. 

The 20% will be minimal even if you sell 8 cases in a month because the percentage based on the base price for the bottles or skincare products is high anyway. 

If you focus on recruiting people instead of just selling, you will notice how easy it is to make money. However, what happens when you run out of individuals interested? Also, they HAVE to purchase products every month to bring commissions your way. 

With this in mind, it isn’t simple to make money because you have to continuously recruit people, pay fees, buy products, and handle a commission for your efforts that isn’t high. 

You won’t make money selling the products either. Instead, you have to focus on building a team with over 20 people (minimum) if you want to see some actual revenue. 

People who sell products only earn about $300 annually, and this is something ASEA tells you itself. 

Pros & Cons of This MLM Business

Summarizing everything and making sure you understand what we are trying to say because, honestly, MLM companies just make it hard to explain the easiest thing, here’s a short part of the pros and cons: 


  • The products are real and work properly. 
  • They have been in business for over a decade and are a legal company. 


  • Their products are expensive. 
  • Payments or commissions are way too low for all the effort you have to invest. 
  • The fees and memberships are expensive as well. 
  • You barely make money selling products regardless of how much you sell alone. 
  • If you don’t recruit members, it is impossible to earn money. 

With this, we’re not trying to say that ASEA MLM is a scam because it is not. 

In the end, the company offers authentic products; you can access and sell them and guarantee that they actually work. 

However, this is a way by the company to bring you, buy products, and encourage you to find more members so you “can make money.” 

In other words, you’re not going to be a salesperson, at least, not for products. You will have to trick people into signing up and spend hundreds for you to earn commissions. 

And yes, we just said “trick” because let’s be honest, no one would invest right away if you tell them that the real way to make money is by telling others to buy a product for at least $200 and spread the word the business. 

It isn’t reliable, you only make a meager income, and it isn’t worth your time, effort, and money. You can have a look at their income disclosure:

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No Need to Recruit People

Although businesses are about working with others, building a team, and knowing how to connect, an MLM company or structure isn’t the key nor the best way. 

You don’t want to depend entirely on others to make money or constantly spend part of your income to stay active even if you are having a few bad days. 

Besides, you have to invest a lot of time convincing people, making sure the products are sold, and guaranteeing that your recruits are actually following the structure. 

It is exhausting, and when you have other alternatives available, why would you choose ASEA? To spend $200+ because you don’t know what to do? Allow us to give you an idea. 

Local lead generation is a business opportunity that requires investment but not a fortune, and you don’t have to trick others into making it work. The best part? You have to work hard but get to enjoy passive income later. 

This opportunity is completely online and can be quickly done from home, but what is it about? 

The idea aims to create or build websites for your clients (which you will contact or bring your way) and make sure they are ranked really well on Google so organic (free) traffic is generated. 

This traffic will make leads, which are what you’re interested in, and translate into ‘possible customers/clients.”

Those leads need to take action on the companies’ websites and usually end up turning into clients. 

To make it simple, you are bringing customers for your clients, and you get paid for EACH lead you generate.

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How to Make Passive Income

This is a mix of hard work and being able to relax because you do have to invest time, energy, and money in the beginning. 

You won’t have to worry about paying fees, memberships, and the investment isn’t as significant as you might think. However, an effort is required to find clients, build websites, and generate leads. 

Once you handle all this, get used to the process, and build some websites that are already generating the leads for your clients, you only have to wait for payments. 

Maintaining the sites isn’t expensive. It doesn’t require extra work but only checking once or twice a month, and you can build as many as you want if you find the clients. 

However, it isn’t simple in terms of the skills and knowledge you need. 

Proper training is required from a course or program that can take you from one zero to know how to continuously add more to your bank account. 

For us, this #1 training has worked more than perfectly, and you can look at the outline and see what local lead generation can do for you by clicking here…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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