Best 75 Businesses to Start for Under $10,000 in 2022

Will You Lose Your $10k or Exponentially Grow Your Investment?

It is clear that you want to do something for yourself, and that is why you are considering businesses to start with $10,000. We applaud this, but believe it or not; it is easier said than done.

Also, it is usually hard to channel your ambition and time to an idea that will make you proud, earn extra money, and eventually lead to a full-time business. We are not trying to discourage you, but you need to remember that this is not an easy path.

Our way of helping you will be by giving you as many options as possible so you can consider the pros and cons and know that $10k and even more are enough if you also have the right mentality.

These businesses can be set up on a part-time or full-time basis. You can choose to set up shop at your clients’ homes, businesses, work vans or trucks, small storefronts, or even a website.

You will advertise locally using coupons and flyers, cold-call potential customers, or open a shop with an online advertising campaign. The business idea you choose will determine how successful you are at finding customers and how you grow as a person as well.

Just remember that because you can invest little money, it doesn’t mean it is a good idea for YOU in specific.

Take the time to read them and decide which ones are the best because you should consider more than one.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #2 -

Offer Resume Services

It can be difficult to find the right words to explain why someone’s experience, skills, and interests make them the best candidate for a job.

It’s no surprise that resume services are still popular despite the fact that most people can create their own, and CVs are not as requested as before.

This idea could be a great opportunity for wordsmiths with an administration, human resources, management, or administration background.

The best thing about starting a resume service is the fact that it can be started small and part-time. You can also keep your costs low by working from home using your computer.

This is a great opportunity to make a few extra hundred dollars per month. Besides writing resumes, you can also help clients create portfolios by writing thank-you letters and cover letters and offering consulting services on how to dress for interviews and deal with stressful situations.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #3 -

Essential Oils & Soaps Business

Although this business idea may seem a bit too old, it is extremely profitable and remains popular in today’s society and economy.

If you do some quick research, you will learn that essential oils have been used to build great businesses with high income and can be managed with less effort over time.

This option is used in household cleaning products, make hygiene items, and health and well-being products people just use every single day. It is estimated that the industry will grow at an annual rate of 2.9% and is valued at more than $1 billion.

The products are also extremely easy to make, especially essential oils. The cost of commercial-grade distillers is about $1.000. With soaps, things get even better.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #4 -

Become a Personal Shopper

This is the perfect business idea if you love shopping and want to spend some time in it while still making money.

The idea is that too can make a lot of money while having fun and making a great profit by running a personal shopping service that assists people who are too busy or don’t want to shop.

Many people are busy and wealthy and love the idea that personal shoppers can be hired to help them select gifts for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and holidays. They don’t just want new products but the perfect ones within a budget.

Interior designers and collectors also hire personal shoppers to browse flea markets, consignment stores, antique dealers, garage sales, and other places that sell collectibles, art, and books. Of course, the pressure is that you need to be somehow good at picking goods.

Corporations employ personal shoppers to buy gifts for prospects, customers, investors, partners, employees, and executives. They also purchase products to give away at special events, ceremonies, seminars, and other occasions.

You can serve many people and even build a company based on it. Closest comparison: Postmates. The best factor is getting to know lots of people and making connections.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #5 -

Service of Home-Based Alteration

All people who have a sewing machine and sewing skills are welcome to rely on this option. You have the opportunity to make a living by offering garment and fabric alteration services from your home.

Your potential customers include dry cleaners, fashion retailers, uniform retailers, bridal boutiques, costume shops, and drapery studios.

Any business that rents or sells clothing is a potential customer. And anyone who needs alteration services is also a prospect.

This idea can be used as a quick marketing tool: Put on your most comfortable shoes and call the businesses that are most likely to need alteration services. You can offer free pick-up and delivery, quick turnaround times, excellent service, and high-quality workmanship at fair prices.

Customers will be happy to receive free alteration services, which can help them increase their business. They can also make a profit by charging more. To bring your business idea to life, you’ll need to have the skills and transportation to transport the goods.

However, despite the latter needs and items, you can invest about $3.000 and be more than done with the rest of your cash and use it for other expenses.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #6 -

Start Blogging

If you have the ability to write content that people love to read, blogging is a great way to make money despite its current saturation. As they can be about almost anything, you only need to pick a topic and niche that will be relevant and popular.

It can be time-consuming to write articles. But you can speed up the process by using tools like Jasper and SurferSEO to create search engine optimized content quicker. With Simple SEO, you can learn how to create search engine optimized articles that appear on the first page of Google.

Because you cannot earn money from free hosting sites, you will need to buy a domain name as well as hosting services. It can cost anywhere from $5 to $20 per month, depending on what you need. If you find the right provider, some options will hit the $100 a year.

You can also invest in software or courses to help you improve your SEO skills. It costs between $500 and $1.000.

When it comes to earnings, while some bloggers earn a few thousand dollars per month from ads, affiliate links, and product sales, others make six figures a YEAR with their blogs. How much your blog makes you money will depend on factors like how good your content is, how many people visit it, and how much you charge for advertising.


The high demand for proofreading services by students and businesses is what makes this industry so popular.

You can learn how to be a proofreading entrepreneur by taking courses such as Proofread Everywhere. This course provides all the resources and training you need to start a business that proofreads and gets paying customers.

The best part is how much money you need. A computer with Microsoft Office installed, as well as a scanner and printer, will be required. Basic setups can cost between $500-$1.000 only.

And your income can skyrocket to $20 per hour without more investment.

Just make sure you are good at it as the industry is booming today.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #7 -

Bet for a Meal Prep Company

After a long day, not many people are willing to chop, measure and cook. The simple thought scares them.

Many people desire to live a healthy lifestyle, but they don’t have the time to prepare their food or actually compromise it. This is why many will pay high prices for reliable meal preparation services.

The benefit of this business is that you don’t need to work with your kitchen. You can bet that renting kitchen space and buying food and other supplies will be your biggest expenditures.

To maximize freshness and save money on kitchen rental costs, which can range from $75 to $200 per hour, it’s a good idea to prepare all meals at least once a week.

Online marketing is the next priority. It will generate orders, increase awareness and improve your company’s social presence. You should set aside around $2.500

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #8 -

Children’s Party Service

For a child’s party service to be successful, you need to love children and plan well. This is a great business idea if you can handle these two aspects.

Parents spend more money on their children’s parties than they did a generation back. According to the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions, the average revenue from hosting a child’s birthday party is $370.

You have two options for running a children’s party company. You can either operate on a mobile basis or host the party at your clients’ location. You can also host parties in rented spaces or reserved parks.

Partygoers will need to come to your location. No matter if you work from home or mobile, your duties will remain the same: plan, decorate, serve food and drinks, host contests and have fun with the kids.

Prices will vary depending upon the entertainment, games, and frills. However, rates start at $20 per person and can go up to $100 for more specialized or themed parties.

Cake and Cupcake Bakery

Hobby bakers can make and sell unique cakes and cupcakes for all occasions. Baking and decorating in your kitchen can help you get started with a small budget and, based on requests, not having to place cakes in a box to see if they sell.

The best option to start this business with barely any money is connecting with other companies and pros: event or wedding planners.

Contact event planners, photographers, and restaurants to let wedding planners know about your specialty cakes. Sending samples of your cakes is a great marketing strategy to get your business.

You can create a website and upload photos of your creations to social media. You can rent commercial kitchen space to make mass-produced cakes that you can sell wholesale to restaurants or grocery stores.

The cost of ingredients for specialty cakes is only 15 to 20% of their retail price, making them very profitable.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #9 -

Personal Chef

You can take your cooking skills and passion for food and use them as personal chefs on the road. You can prepare gourmet dishes for house parties, corporate luncheons, or special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Personal chefs are rapidly becoming a popular choice for those who don’t have the funds to host large-scale catering events or for those hosting smaller gatherings that do not require full-service catering.

This startup idea has many advantages over a full-service catering company: lower overhead and initial investment, flexible working hours, easy management from home. This idea could appeal to those looking to slow down but still want to make a great income doing something they love.

To promote your personal chef service, join local business associations and social clubs to spread the word about it and your menu. If the food and service are excellent, word-of-mouth advertising can be used to support the service and increase repeat business.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #10 -

Artisanal Food Manufacturing

Is there a secret recipe you share with friends that makes them love you for life? Or do you use an ingredient in particular that makes people go “wow”?

If so, you can make infused oils, flavored oil, truffles, salsas, hot sauces, and pickled vegetables. Also, you can make fruit jellies, butter, and jerky.

If you are selling homemade goods, quality is important. Consumers will demand the highest quality ingredients. Good salesmanship and a good back story are also crucial.

Learn about the laws in your area and how to label food. It may be worth looking into renting space in a commercial kitchen that caters specifically to your business.

If you’re canning food, ensure that you are safe when you make it. Then, start cooking! Begin to learn from your family and friends until you are confident in your recipes. Next, sell your creations at local farmers’ markets, craft markets, and street fairs.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #11 -

Music Lessons

You don’t have to be a singer, guitarist, pianist, drummer, or instrument player that is way too talented for their own good to teach people.

You can make a lot of money teaching others how to play the instrument you choose without being famous.

You can teach classes one-on-one, or in groups, at your house, the student’s place rented commercial space, or at a community center, community programmers, continuing education, or an established music shop.

It is easy to expand the business by hiring experienced musicians to help students. The fees are split: you find students, and your instructors teach them. Everyone wins if you are going for the option of not knowing about instruments.

The lesson rates vary depending on the class size, instrument skill, and expertise. One-on-one lessons run between $10 and $20 an hour, while group lessons cost $40 and include the costs of rental or purchase of instruments and sheet music.

You can also subcontract your musical teaching skills to existing music schools and make between $15-25 per hour.

Arts and Crafts Instructor

Knitting, painting, printing, making, and other arts and crafts have been very popular in recent years. Learners are willing to spend their hard-earned money to work on them as well.

You can train others to master an art or craft and make a substantial profit. You can teach day, evening, or weekend classes from your home or a commercial space rented in partnership with a craft retailer, school, community center, or school.

You could also offer lessons at art night at bars or breweries—post flyers on local bulletin boards and in community magazines to promote your classes.

You can exhibit at arts and craft shows. Some creative entrepreneurs might even opt to record the classes and sell patterns or instructions on Etsy. It is possible to create classes for children at weekends and expand your range.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #12 -

Pet Sitting

Many pet owners have pets that can’t be boarded or left at home with family members or friends. These pets could include exotic or chronically ill pets or some that require special care.

Many people prefer to have their pets in familiar surroundings rather than being boarded or placed in unfamiliar boarding environments.

If pet owners need to be away from them, there is only one option: Hiring a pet-sitting company to come to their home and care for their beloved pets.

You can also be the pet sitter if you are looking to work on a smaller scale. However, if you plan to work full-time and have a vision for growth, you will need additional pet sitters to be hired or contracted.

Pet-loving students and retirees are good options for job candidates. These services can be promoted through local businesses such as vets, pet food retailers, and dog trainers.

Many people hire pet sitters to look after their animals for short periods of the day, such as a weekend, a night out, or for time off for family events. You will need to create a fee schedule for both long-term and short-term pet-sitting positions.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #13 -

Business Plan Service

A recent survey of business owners found that only 33% had a formal business plan. There are approximately 28 million small businesses in America, which means there is a huge market for business planning services.

You will need to have some experience in business planning and the ability to research and run the numbers required for a plan.

Attend business networking meetings to promote your service and explain why a company needs a business plan.

You can also request a list of renewal and new business registration licenses from your local business center. You can market to existing businesses or professionals looking to expand or update their business plans.

This service is affordable and can be used part-time or full-time, depending on your requirements. The size and scope of the business plans being created will impact the billing rates.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #14 - didyousaymoney

Online Researcher

You might consider an internet research company if you enjoy digging for information and don’t mind spending hours in libraries researching papers. This is a great way for you to earn money for your time surfing the web and reading.

The business was once known as information brokering. However, the methods of getting information changed, and the name was changed. Although the business is still in existence, the information that was once gathered from trade magazines, newspapers, business and industry journals can now be found online.

You will be researching government reports and interviews with people to locate the information your clients require.

A service that provides internet research services operates in two ways. The first is to collect data and facts that are relevant to a topic. Second, you sell the data to businesses and individuals who need the information.

A second option is for business owners or marketers to hire an internet researcher to locate specific facts and data that are relevant to their industry, market, and business. Both clients pay for the information they need.

The rates of the services will vary depending on the amount of research required and associated costs.


A copywriting business might be the perfect money-making opportunity for those who have the ability to write in a clear, concise way that generates excitement and interest, motivates listeners and readers, and inspires them to take action.

Copywriters create copy for websites, print, online, and advertising marketing materials. The services are in high demand because most managers, business owners, and marketers don’t have the time or skills to create highly effective copy.

It’s a great way to establish relationships with graphic designers, editors, publishing agencies, public relations firms, and other professionals in order to get your foot in front of the right people.

A well-written, designed portfolio online of your work is also important. The cost of copywriting depends on the task at hand and how large the assignment is, but the average rate is $50 an hour but can go lower based on your experience.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #15 -

Online Marketing and Social Media Consultant

You rarely have the time to log onto Twitter or Facebook when you run a business, but dear, how important it is.

Also, how many business owners are able to optimize their Yelp listing, keep up to date with Facebook’s changing algorithms, and determine if they should be on the latest social media channel?

Your expertise as a social media expert is essential, and people will pay for it.

First, make sure your online presence is top-notch and that you have great social media sites. You can also offer your services to friends and local charities to gain experience.

Once you have the results, you can market your services to local restaurants, personal service companies, and other businesses.

To sell your services, network with local business associations and meet business owners. Online marketing and social media will continue to be in demand.

Search Engine Optimization and Digital Ad Consultant

It was easy to place an ad on the Yellow Pages in order to guarantee that potential customers found your business. Today, you not only need a website but also need it to rank well on search engines.

How can a business owner keep up with the changes? A marketing consultant and an online advertising consultant are similar in that they aim to get their clients new business. However, online consultants focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising on Google, Facebook, and other websites.

Local businesses can benefit from your expertise in this area and rise to the top of the search results. This business requires a background in digital marketing and a personality that is open to change and innovative in their industry.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #16 -

Fashion Accessories Designer

You might be able to design fashion accessories if you have the talent.

Start by choosing a fashion accessory that you can design, manufacture, and then sell. You can make anything from handbags to shoes, belts, belt buckles, scarves, costume jewelry, wraps, wallets, and bridal veils.

Many fashion accessory manufacturers will make your designs, so don’t be afraid to learn if you aren’t a skilled sewer or tooler.

The best part? You do not need a physical store. There are many options for selling fashion accessories online, such as Etsy, eBay, craft fairs, and consumer shows.

You also have the option to host sales events at your home. If you’re ambitious, you might also be able to sell your products wholesale at fashion accessory retailers.

Vintage Clothing Dealer

How can you make it big in the vintage clothing industry? Spend weekends looking for vintage clothing, accessories, and handbags at flea markets and estate sales.

Although most clothing will fetch you a good markup, it is possible to hit the jackpot if you find decades-old fashion from Channel, Pucci, or another high-end designer.

To be able to sell vintage clothing, you need to have a good understanding of the value and resale prices. A plus is removing stains and making small repairs (or know someone who can).

You can resell the items purchased for a profit to vintage clothing retailers and collectors at vintage markets that are held on weekends or in antique mall booths. You might even decide to open your own store.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #17 -

Non-medical Home Care

Non-medical home care has become a booming industry because of our aging population.

The United States had 12.9 percent of its population aged 65+ in 2009. This number will rise to 19% by 2030. This means that the need to provide extra care for our aging population will not be diminished.

A wide variety of non-medical home-care services are available to clients, each with their own needs. These services include companionship, meal preparation, and medication reminders.

They also provide light housekeeping duties, laundry, running errands, trips, and shopping for groceries, among other things. N

non-medical home-care workers are also available to provide similar services for seniors and those recovering from an injury or illness. This field is best for people who are trustworthy and compassionate. It is a simple service to start with little experience and skill requirements.

However, all non-medical home-care workers must have insurance and be bonded. You can either provide the care yourself or work with employees or contractors to create an agency.

Makeup Artist

Professional makeup artistry can be required for many occasions, including weddings, film or television shoots, and professional photoshoots.

Others may simply want to look better and learn more confidently.

The flexibility that makeup artistry offers is what makes it such an attractive career. Mobile work is possible, whether you are working full-time or part-time. You can also travel to the client’s place.

You can open your own shop or work with established salons, day spas, and nail studios, or bet on the option of working as a freelancer for cosmetic companies and selling cosmetics at retail counters.

You’ll need to establish working relationships with event planners and other people in the fashion industry. Cosmetology training is also recommended.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #18 -

Personal Fitness Trainer

It’s the perfect time to open your own fitness business as more people are worried about having a better life or a healthier one.

Personal trainers do not need to be certified, but anyone who wants to run this service must become certified if they want to compete with other studios or individuals.

For more information on certification programs in your region, contact the associations or organizations in the state or city as they vary.

Now, anyone who seeks professional guidance will be your target audience. One-on-one work is possible. You can train executives, children, seniors, and disabled people. You can train at their homes or offices and avoid establishing your own studio to stick to your $10k or less budget.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #19 -

Decorating Service

There are many TV shows that show how you can transform your home with a small budget. There is one catch: Everyone involved in decorating must have creativity and be able to use the tools and skills necessary to make it happen.

These skills and talents are not all available to homeowners, but it is possible to start a decorating business if you put in some dedication and without that much money.

You can also spend your time at the estate and garage sales and scour flea markets for unique decorative items so you can rehab unique items by having a flair for sewing, wood furniture repair, and painting.

You can sell them all at a profit while you renovate rooms or entire houses. To transform your clients’ homes and offices into designer masterpieces, use brand-name and designer products.

You should market your services through home-and-garden shows and online by positioning yourself as an expert in decorating on social media. Also, you can create colorful brochures that show off your decorating skills.


Start your own handyman service to capitalize on the multibillion-dollar home repair market. The business opportunity for handyperson services is easy to understand. You must be able to use tools, have the necessary equipment, and have an understanding of many trades, including plumbing, painting, and carpentry.

The current handyperson hourly rates range from $25 to $40, plus materials and markup for handling and delivery costs.

You can market the service to residential and commercial clients via the Yellow Pages, Angie’s List and Craigslist, flyers and door hangers, as well as site and vehicle signage, door knocking, and home-and-garden shows.

Once you have established yourself, repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals will be your main source for new business.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #20 -

Commercial Cleaning

The commercial cleaning industry is growing, with billions of dollars in annual sales. The services provided by commercial cleaners are the same as those offered by residential cleaners.

They do the same tasks like dusting, vacuuming, and polishing. However, they can also add services such as replenishing paper products and soaps to wash windows and floors, empty trash bins, and recycle receptacles.

Commercial cleaning has one downside, it must be done after work hours or on weekends. This is a disadvantage for those who want to keep their jobs and still make extra money by working weekends and nights.

Commercial cleaning rates are generally higher than residential cleaning. They range from $20 to $30 an hour plus paper and special supplies.

The reason rates are higher is that equipment costs are higher, floor stripping and waxing are more specialized work, and you can charge more for nighttime work. You will need to knock on doors in order to land contracts.

Visit them to find out if your local businesses need cleaning services or when their cleaning service contracts are up for renewal.

Commercial cleaning contracts are also available. However, you will pay approximately three to five times the monthly cost. This will set you back between $4.500 and $7.000 if you are looking to make $1.500 monthly.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #21 -

Bicycle Repair Service

An entrepreneur who is mechanically inclined and has an interest in bicycle repair can make a lot of money from their home-based shop.

A bicycle repair business offers many advantages, including high-profit potential, low overhead, a great demand for the service in a growing sport, and flexible hours.

There are many schools that offer courses in bicycle mechanics, even if you don’t have any experience. Joining local bicycling clubs or organizations is a great way to market your services. Members can refer others to you and become customers.

Bicycle retailers can contract you to take over the work that is not needed during busy seasons. You can also advertise online in local newspapers or on bicycle forums and distribute flyers detailing your services to attract new customers.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #23 -

Event and Party Planner

If you consider yourself someone who enjoys hosting parties and even organizing them, you can start an event and party planning company.

Special events like weddings, birthdays, graduations, and awards ceremonies are organized and hosted by third parties more than the actual people who want to have people and their loved ones together, making this business quite profitable and popular.

Just keep in mind this can take a lot of work as you may be responsible for creating invitations and sending them out, choosing event locations, decorating, selecting caterers, menu selections, and organizing entertainers and speakers.

You must be organized, detail-oriented, creative, and able to communicate well. Your main marketing tool to attract and keep new business is networking. This can be supplemented with an online presence and direct mail fliers.

Get to know the managers of event venues and caterers. A reliable team of contractors is also necessary. These are the people and businesses that you can trust to deliver products and services on time and within budget for your events.

Your team will be more profitable and successful if your event planning and party planning services are reliable.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #22 - didyousaymoney

Bounce House Rentals

Bounce houses, which are inflatable amusements, are loved by both children and adults. They are available in many shapes, sizes, themes and are available in a variety of shapes.

Higher-end models include slides, mazes, and obstacle courses. It is simple to rent bouncy houses, and you can make amazing profits of up to $250 per hour just by delivering, setting up, and returning at night for pick up.

For small models with basic features, inflatable amusement games can be purchased for as low as $2.000, and for larger models that have more features, it can cost up to $15.000, but that would take us out of our budget, so let’s not consider it for now.

You can find used ones for half the price of new whatsoever, which means that if you get the chance, you can maybe bet on the latter without buying a brand new one.

These inflatables can be rented for birthday parties for children and for charities, social clubs, corporate events, and other community functions. The setup is quick and takes only 30 minutes.

It takes about the same time to dismantle and remove. To transport the inflatables and store them, you will need a vehicle.

Pet Photography

Are you an animal lover? If so, why not start a pet photography service?

Potential customers include owners of pets such as dogs, cats, and reptiles. You can work part-time or full-time and operate the service from your home, pet shops, or a mobile studio.

It will make the experience enjoyable for both pet owners and pets. Customers can also have their pet’s photographs transferred onto a variety of products, including key tags, greeting cards, and calendars.

The best part is that you can bet on this service by relying on your phone only and without having to go for a professional camera right away. However, if you do want the professional tool, you can buy a very good one for less than $5k.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #24 -

Consultant for Expense Reduction

Start an expense reduction consulting company that targets all types of businesses, small and large to multinational. This will allow you to make a lot of money from your budgeting and business experience.

Expense reduction consultants offer the following services:

  • Develop short and long-term budgets.
  • Analyzing fixed and variable overhead.
  • Increasing employee productivity.
  • Analyzing product and service costs.

Developing cost reduction strategies that meet each client’s specific needs can also be an option if you can manage it.

The expense reduction exercise aims to identify costs that are associated with running a business and reduce them or eliminate them entirely while increasing efficiency, productivity, profitability, and how the business operates overall.

Many expense reduction consultants are experts in their areas of expertise, such as manufacturing, food service, retail, and small businesses. Clients can save anywhere from 2 to 50 times on their expenses by consulting expense reduction experts, which will make you valuable.

Import & Export Specialist

It’s not surprising that many businesses don’t know how to start and fail because of all the red tape and issues involved in importing or exporting products into the United States or other countries.

Smart business owners don’t want to miss any opportunity to grow their revenues and businesses. They hire an import/export specialist who will guide them through all aspects of the import/export process, including legal, transportation, warehouse, distribution, marketing, and employment.

You will need to have experience or be willing to learn more about the industry before you can start your own company.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #25 -

Customer Service Training

We’ve all experienced bad customer service at some point in our lives, whether it was from a restaurant, a shop, an office, or an online business. The result is often a promise to never return to the business, tell your friends, or leave a negative review online.

Companies lose millions each year due to poorly trained or unqualified employees. Companies that prioritize providing professional customer service and appreciation training for all employees have an advantage over the rest as a result.

A consulting company that provides customized customer service and appreciation training programs can be a great way to make a living. Start by choosing a specialty such as food service, retail, or receptionists.

You can also draw on the expertise of other customer service professionals to help you create and maintain the training manuals.

Small-Business Coach

Each month, 540,000 new businesses are created in the United States. This, combined with millions of small- and medium-sized businesses, makes the future very promising for small-business coaching services.

This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs, whether they are small-business owners or business managers. Many small-business courses and schools are available in both the US and Canada.

It is worth specializing in one industry to provide a personalized service to your clients. A small-business coach assists new and established business owners with a variety of tasks, including marketing strategies, business planning, financial budgets, and logistics.

They also help with expansion and other challenges.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #26 -

Freelance Photographer

The internet has given new life to the freelance photography industry for three reasons:

  1. Cloud-based services allow you to quickly share photos with editors, clients, publishers, copywriters, and marketers around the world.
  2. To fill billions upon billions of pages, you will need billions of images.
  3. The internet is not the only source of information. Many print publications, media companies, retailers, government agencies, and organizations need new images every day to enhance their newsletters, brochures, and catalogs.

People with exceptional photographic skills can make a living selling and taking photos. You can work with publishers or post images on stock image sites where you get royalties. Or, you could specialize in event photography for individuals (weddings and family portraits) or organizations (award dinners or industry galas).

3D Printing Service

3D printing is one of the most innovative technologies in recent years.

A 3D printer can take a 3D design and bring it to life layer by layer. This allows for inexpensive prototyping and the creation of individually manufactured goods. A 3D printer can create everything from toys and jewelry to tech gadgets (like tripods) and machine parts.

One of these printers can be purchased for as little as $100 to as much as thousands of dollars. Your investment will depend on how large the objects are and what materials you want to sell.

Your service could be used to prototype new parts in machine shops. There are no limits to what you can do. This is a new business model, so you should be ready to make a mark.

Get involved in 3D printing and learn about different printers, rendering programs, materials, and much more.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #27 -

App Developer

Thousands of apps are added daily to the Apple App Store every day. It’s not surprising that app developers are able to find new ideas and develop apps, with around 80 percent of Americans owning smartphones.

This market is huge, and you don’t need to be a programmer. You should have some knowledge of web and software development so you can easily learn the details of programming apps for Android or Apple iOS devices only.

You can also outsource the work to local developers or online. App developers can make money by selling their app at a low price (freemium), which allows users to purchase additional features or offer them for free with advertising.

It is vital to have a strong app idea and a solid marketing plan if you want this to work or find the right people.

Find a niche and optimize your products for Google Play and Apple Stores. Then, create a social media campaign and public relations campaign to get people talking.

Marketing Consultant

It’s obvious that businesses can’t survive without marketing. So, it is not surprising that top-notch marketing consultants are highly sought after.

Experienced marketers know that it is a great time to help other people succeed in their businesses. They offer a wide variety of services, and despite the competition, you get to pop off.

Some of the services you can offer are developing marketing plans, setting marketing budgets, training salespeople, and creating advertising, telemarketing, or direct marketing programs that meet the needs and budgets of each client.

Market consultants can also help companies expand into new markets or new countries. They create new distribution channels and profit centers.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #28 -

Virtual Assistant

You could be a virtual assistant to customers, offering your assistance in customer support, website design and calendar management, travel arrangements, keyword research and data entry, video, and photo editing, and even bookkeeping.

Pretty much, just organize their lives.

Lawn Care

Do you enjoy being outdoors and exercising?

A lawn care business can give you both these things and more with a relatively low initial investment.

The size of your business (if you are a small or large company) will determine the cost. All you need to start your business is the equipment and a trailer.

A $1.000 investment can result in a business that brings in close to $5.000 per month.

Home-based bakery

Specialty cakes, cupcakes, and cookies are highly sought after due to allergy concerns as well as the desire for something unique.

You can open your own bakery if you are passionate about baking and have an oven. If you want to expand your business, you can rent commercial kitchen space as an idea we gave you earlier.

You can expect to make decent dough with minimal advertising and ingredients costs (in the specialty baking sector, ingredient costs are about 15% to 20% of the retail price).

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #29 -

Billing For Medical Claims

It is easy to start and costs little as you can do it from your kitchen table.

A reliable phone, computer, and the appropriate software are essential. Prices can vary depending on what medical claims billing package is purchased and whom you purchase it from.

According to some experts, this is an area that you need to do a lot of research on and that you will be “virtually married” to your software and spend hours with it.

Prices can vary depending on whether you are purchasing billing software only or if you want to buy the entire business.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #30 - didyousaymoney

Editorial Services

Instead of giving you one, what about going for several at once?

Consider these editorial services so you can build your business around them with barely any money:

  • Copyediting: This is where fact-checking takes place and where typographical, stylistic, and grammatical errors are caught.
  • Indexing. You can find indexing software and courses.
  • Developmental editing: A developmental editor is responsible for analyzing a manuscript to identify big-picture issues such as organization and content.
  • Book doctoring: This is an editing service that experts provide for manuscripts. The editors create the manuscript to their best ability, and then a book doctor makes it publishable.
  • Ghostwriting: Ghostwriting is where you do all the research and then write the book. Someone else’s name is attached to the author.
  • Book writing: Are you an expert in interior decorating or accounting? You might also be skilled in knitting. You could even write a book about it or whatever topic you feel comfortable with or know about.
  • Magazine article writing: Before you tackle the daunting task of writing a book, magazines and newspapers can be a great place to publish your writing.
  • Web page content provider: Writing content for websites is a great way to make money and is quite needed today.

Keep in mind: you only need your computer and internet connection for this.

Expert Witness Services

Before you consider this business, beware that this may require training, experience, or licensure.

This is so popular because of the people you can sell your services to, which includes lawyers. You can also play the role of matchmaker and match attorneys with expert witnesses to their cases, either for defense or prosecution.

Expert witnesses in big-money cases can fly to testify. Your witness database can be based anywhere in the country.

Home Energy Auditor

Every homeowner is always looking for ways to cut down on their utility bills, which means you can make lots of money thanks to this.

The idea is to help them by conducting an audit of their home and giving them a breakdown of how they can save money on heating, cooling, and electrical usage.

You could even do the installation and maintenance of some of your ideas in their home. You can do a full appliance audit. This will include efficiency ratings and calculations that are based on the appliance’s age.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #31 -

Home Inspection

To be a successful businessman in this industry, you need to connect with real estate agents who can recommend your services.

You will need to keep up-to-date your knowledge and education in the home inspection industry and ensure you know what you’re doing, not only work around what you think is wrong.

There are always new products on the market. If you know only about wood decks, you won’t be able to assess and inspect the newer materials, like composites, that look just like real wood.

Keep up-to-date with safety updates and issues such as off-gassing and carbon monoxide production.

But focusing on starting this business, you can bet this is quite requested as more people are selling their homes, and many others are buying them and want to make sure they are putting their money in the right place.

Jewelry Making

There are many ways to get into the jewelry industry, and when it comes to making it, you don’t necessarily need to be the one doing it if you find someone talented enough and split the benefits.

You can also work with different materials and split the costs or expect your clients to provide a percentage with which you can start working on the piece.

We mean that you don’t really need an investment except for paying for some tools as a down payment can finance your materials.

If you want to invest some, you can easily spend less than $2k and have great clients coming back to you.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #32 -

Notary Public/Justice for The Peace

A notary public in most US states is an officer of the state who can witness and attest to the legality of certain documents. This is done by signing and stamping a seal.

A background check and an exam are required in most states.

Notary work can be very lucrative, and it is relatively inexpensive. A justice of peace usually performs wedding ceremonies.

There are different rules and procedures that each state has for becoming a justice of the peace and performing other services.

It is not expensive to become one. It is also not a lucrative venture. Many states set the fees that you can charge for JP services.

JPs may charge additional fees. This includes travel costs and hourly rates for extra meetings, such as rehearsals or other prep time, and any special requests.

Repairs to Small Engines

Many community colleges offer courses in engine repair.

You could also learn by working part-time at a repair shop, rental facility, or repair shop. However, you should be honest about your plans.

You must be able to operate push-behind and ride lawnmowers and generators. It is up to you to decide if you want to do bigger jobs like snowmobiles, tractors, and ATVs.

Tax Preparer

Many tax preparation franchises offer training, seminars, and courses to help you get ready to work for them, so you don’t invest much money in this.

Before you can go out on your own, you will be able to learn a lot about tax preparation by working with them.

You can find a lot of educational support to help you understand tax preparation and all its complexities. There are many individuals and companies who will spend just a few hundred dollars per year to have their taxes prepared by someone else.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #33 -


Upholstery repair is a great business idea if you are a skilled sewer.

If not, you can learn how to upholster by getting some old upholstered furniture and tearing it apart. There are many books and videos that will help you master this trade.

Furniture that is ready to be reupholstered will often need repairs. You can keep a list of furniture repair professionals that you can recommend to customers.

You can also take the item in and have the work done by the repairmen you know. This will add to the final cost. This work can be done by yourself, particularly for minor repairs.

Sale Of Used Books

Nearly everyone has at least one box of books in their house. You can make a business of them and continue collecting them.

In order to gain customers, you will need to have some regular shop hours. You can make your shop famous by selling a particular type of book, first editions, hardcovers, and/or swap programs.

Sidelines that you can include in your shop are maps, illustrations, postcards, and greeting cards.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #34 -

Fence Installations

You would be surprised by how people change, replace, or install a fence every year. They are not durable and should be replaced every so often, which kind of makes sense.

Wood is the most popular fence material. Vinyl is a popular choice because of its durability and ease of maintenance as well.

Wrought iron is another popular fencing option, especially in urban areas. It’s fun to find vintage wrought-iron fencing at salvage yards.

Our point with this is that the business is quite profitable and will continue to do so for a while, and it will require about $7k at most to get started.

Graphic Designer

Despite the rise of the internet, print media will continue to be a vital part of our lives for the foreseeable future, and even if we focus on the online version only, you still get the chance to work as a graphic designer for online alternatives.

In the case of print media, it can be created by freelancers for businesses in a variety of formats, including newsletters, flyers, magazines, letters, and advertisements.

Graphic design is also needed for websites and online advertising. Even if you are not a designer, you can still offer your services to potential clients and outsource the service.

You will usually handle the creation of the editorial and printing and the mailing of the final piece.


With the right marketing and skills, hairstyling can be a very lucrative business idea.

A home-based hairstylist business can be established by someone who has had a successful career in cosmetology and is looking for a new challenge.

You probably already have your license and cosmetology training and have plenty of experience working in a salon. This will make it easy to build a following.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #35 -


A degree is not necessary if you are skilled in this type of work.

People want their yards tidy in spring and their leaves removed in fall, and if you do it well, no one will be asking for licenses or certifications.

Part of your job is to consider how people also want their driveways and shrubs ready for winter snow and how you can help them improve the appearance of their landscapes.

Garden work includes spring planting of perennials and annuals, vegetable garden preparation, fall cleanup, pest control, and watering. Tree care can also be offered. You can do a lot in their yards with your experience, and this is what they want.

Moving Service

Many people are looking for someone to help them move. The big moving companies can handle the large-scale, long-distance moving when clients call them, but their services can be very expensive.

You can do the local moving-across town or the jobs in the nearby towns and offer better prices to make this business big and profitable without barely any money.

You can make them feel like you are taking over the relocation while they take care of 500 other items, which is why you want to start this business.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #36 -

Website Developer

There are many courses available (many of them logically offered online).

These courses will teach you the basics of website creation and how to work with some builders to make this business great without having to study a career.

You’ll also learn details such as how to set up shopping cart systems and security concerns. It is important to know the details of each company that you are designing for.

How do you want the website to reflect the atmosphere of the company? Are classic colors such as black, navy, and maroon more appropriate?

When it comes to expenses, consider that you can make this business happen with less than $1k most of the time.

Green Business Consultant

Everyone, from small businesses to large corporations, is trying to be more green and help the world, which means that they have to completely overhaul their business practices.

A specialist and green consultant provides advice to companies about how and what to implement green technology.

The industry’s projected growth rate is expected to increase by 21% with the introduction of new legislation and a greater focus on sustainability and green energy.

Businesses are encouraged to examine how they dispose of waste and use natural resources.

Many business owners are not equipped to meet the requirements of the new regulations. They look for a Green Business Consultant to help them.

This position requires a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts degree, and experience is

often considered by clients.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #37 -

You Can Start a Freelancer Agency

Everything has changed with technology, from how we shop to pay our bills to how we do work.

You will create a list of qualified freelancers with different skills and then connect them to potential clients looking for help.

If you agree to subcontract freelancers, you can either keep a portion of the fees or pocket a percentage.

Remember that you are not just marketing your agency to potential clients but also trying to attract skilled freelancers.

It is important to hire a web design and branding professionals in order to create a professional and cohesive image for your agency and implement effective marketing strategies.

Your agency will be more legitimized if you can secure a physical location to rent.

Equipment Rental Services

Equipment investment is a major expense that hobbyists, budding entrepreneurs, and one-off users might not be able to afford.

This need is met by equipment rental services that offer convenience and accessibility for customers from all backgrounds.

You could think of many industries where there is the potential to start a rental business. There are many options for investing in kitchen and cooking gadgets and auto detailing tools.

The amount you spend will depend on what type of equipment your company has. However, expect to invest about $8K and leave $1-2K for marketing.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #38 - didyousaymoney

Port-A-Potty Rentals

For locations that don’t have proper plumbing or simply a bath installed, portable toilets can be a necessity.

Although not a glamorous business, you can make a lot of money with this top business to start with less than $10k in 2022.

Portable toilets are highly sought after in places such as parks, beaches, and busy cities centers.

But especially today, companies are trying to open options in outdoor areas no matter the place.

A portable toilet can be purchased for between $500 and $1.000, and you get to invest in more than one and perform little maintenance to them, reducing your ongoing expenses.

Homemade Food

Do you love cooking, food, and recipes? This fund-raising opportunity may appeal to you if you are passionate about combining ingredients to create something tasty and healthy.

Many people are making it big by cooking their own food and selling it as many enjoy homemade food and snacks but don’t have time to prepare it themselves.

Now, if you want the business to work, keep it simple.

You can sell in grocery stores, neighborhoods, etc. You must ensure that the quality of your products is not compromised.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #39 -

Chimney Cleaning

A franchise is the best option for this since many of them offer you to join with less than $10k or have it as the maximum investment.

We don’t recommend starting from scratch because this can make you spend more than that.

You will receive equipment and training once you have purchased a franchise. Because of the importance of experience and skills, you won’t have to waste time and then spend more money trying to market your services alone.

A chimney cleaning job can take up to 2 hours and could cost you as much as $150. Your work will be more impressive, and you will get more clients if you put dedication.

Just make sure the franchise you choose is popular and reputable.

Apartment Preparation Service

This service provider will be a partner in their business rather than someone who takes their money. They understand that the more beautiful the property is, the higher the rent.

They are happy to let someone else clean and renovate their homes for the same reason.

These services include painting, gardening repairs, carpet cleaning, and changing the glass.

You can join a property manager association or landlords’ association to advertise your services.

Good jobs will help you get word-of-mouth advertising from happy clients. A van may be necessary to transport equipment such as ladders, steamers, vacuum sets, and others.

This equipment shouldn’t be too expensive, perhaps a few thousand dollars that do not exceed $8.000.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #40 -

Self-Publishing Expert

You must be able to write, edit, proofread and design books for authors. All of this can be done for a fee, and you will help many people realize their dream of being self-published authors.

People who are willing and able to write Great American Novels and trainers who can write guides and training manuals for their clients could be potential clients.

There are also activists looking to write a book, whether it is for political, environmental, or a cause, and companies who would like to publish a book about their company, products, and employees.

Floral Design Service

You can make a living designing flower for people who love them.

Training and schools can help you gain more knowledge for this business idea.

Floral designers combine greenery, flowers, and decorations to create beautiful arrangements for events like weddings, funerals, and social gatherings.

As much as possible, make it a point to partner with event planners and funeral homes, wedding planners, and other professionals.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #41 -

Manufacturer Of Pet Products

It’s amazing to learn that $13 billion annually is spent on pets. If you have the opportunity to make a difference for someone’s pet, you can get your part with this sum.

You can think about items, which include pet clothes, toys, furniture, and health products.

If you find it hard to start on your own, there are many partners available. Make a suggestion and join the team.

Partner organizations that help you advertise and sell pet products include pet product boutiques, veterinarians, and pet shops, retailers.

Your pet products can also be sold at farmers’ markets, craft shops, and pet fairs. Another way to sell your products online is to create a website, Etsy, or eBay.

Fashion Accessories Supplier

This market is worth multi-billions of dollars, and fashion changes all the time.

You have many accessories you can make or buy and resell—all depends on your individual preferences.

Fashion lovers may be tempted to look at the many fashion accessories available, such as belts, scarves, buckles for shoes, wallets, etc. can be created by them, and we include you.

You can even offer your skills to companies that produce under your name if you don’t have the necessary skill.

You can sell at craft shows, in supermarkets, or online. You can even sell bulk to retailers. It all depends on your ability to sell in bulk.

Toy Making Business

Every day, babies are born, and many children need toys. They are purchased in large quantities by schools, child care centers, and parents. This is a constant demand.

Do you have the ability to create and provide them? This is a viable business idea if so.

These toys are highly sought after and sell for a high price. All you need is space to store your power tools, hand tools, and sewing machine.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #42 -

Furniture Repairs

Many people need furniture repairs in their homes and offices. You can even attend to customers from your own home.

However, you will be able to move more equipment around to work from anywhere, which will lead to more jobs and more money, and more expenses.

Property managers, office movers, and business executives are all potential clients. Selling antiques and furniture at auction can help you do more business and reduce your costs of investment.

You can also work with interior designers and antique dealers to refer people.

Urban Farm Consulting

You can make a living farming or have a strong agricultural background.

Urban farming has evolved from agriculture to a form of curiosity about how our food is grown.

You can provide advice and help people maintain their yards and rooftops for a fee. This can be a very lucrative venture.

Videography And Aerial Photography

This is a great option for those who love videography and photography without fear.

Equipment such as telescopic aluminum masts, which can be extended up to 100 feet in the air, are required. Drones are also important, and helium-filled blimps with the ability to reach 1,000 feet in height are part of your list of items to buy.

You should be aware that drone use is regulated by local, federal, and international laws, which means you need to learn about the right places to offer the service.

Also, this can be more costly than $10k if you are too focused on acquiring drones and tools that are top-notch or the latest in the market.

As for clients, golf courses, colleges, and property developers are all potential clients.

You can earn more if you offer editing services. If you have the equipment you need, you could also rent them out to other people. You can make money regardless of whether you are working or not.

Agent for Vacation Property Rental

You can represent vacation property owners in remote areas by helping to split the revenue.

You will need to be able to market, book, clean, repair, and maintain the property. As the business grows, you may be asked to represent one or two owners. If you are well managed, you will make a lot of money.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #43 -

Framing Business

This is a great business you can run online or in a physical store.

You frame the photos or artwork that customers send to you by mail or hand-deliver. Even if you have no previous experience, it’s easy to start a business.

Just remember it’s important to make customers happy and keep them coming back.

There are many storefront framing shops. You could also consider this route.

We wouldn’t recommend you go to a prime spot if you do. Most people don’t make impulse purchases when they frame their items.

Even if your storefront opens, you should still have an online presence from the start. A great website is essential. You will also want to optimize it to appear prominently in local search engines results.

Your framing business could be done entirely online. This will help you save on overhead costs.

You could potentially service anyone in the world. However, you will be competing with all other online framing services.

Window Treatment Businesses

Another great business idea is this. Window treatment businesses combine both service and sales, which can make them very profitable.

You can also run it from your storefront, promote your business online, and connect with customers visiting their homes.

People love to see the various colors and textures of window treatment and like to see the effect a sample of window treatment will have on their home.

Perhaps they pick up a sample from your storefront, or you send them a sample.

Window treatments can be expensive, but the investment you need as the owner does not need to be as high.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #44 -

Affiliate Marketing Online

Affiliate marketing allows you to promote products and services with minimal hassle. You don’t actually make the sale or even process the payment. The referral fee is all you get. It’s that simple, and you get to run the business from home.

However, keep in mind this business requires a website with high traffic. You then promote and provide links to other websites where another company sells products or services.

The company will pay you a fee for each completed transaction you refer to their site. You may be paid a flat fee or a percentage of the sale price.

Companies that offer referrals can be contacted directly. Amazon is the most well-known affiliate marketer. Commissions are paid on the low end. Although their payouts can vary, they are generally in the 4% to 5% range.

You can also approach services like ShareASale or ClickBank, which aggregate thousands of products and services offered by affiliate marketers. Although commissions for the products they offer can vary, they can reach as high as 70%.

Promotional Material

Do you know the coffee mugs and t-shirts that companies give out at events every day? These items must be made and sold by someone. There is a huge opportunity for any startup or small business to sell promotional materials if you are interested in the idea.

It is necessary to find someone to make the products you will sell unless you are able to learn how to process them. If not, just make sure you find a reliable supplier that is open to splitting the income accordingly.

Make sure you do your research. Many of these suppliers are located outside the US. Although their products may be more affordable than those from domestic suppliers, you should consider the time and cultural differences that you might encounter when choosing an overseas partner.

Once you have a supplier in place, you can begin to prospect for customers.

You should have a website that accurately portrays what you offer. Make some copies for potential clients or fictional ones if you need to. Next, get out there and network.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #45 -

Security Business

Many security guards are regarded as incompetent and brutish. This is a shame. Do you think you could do better? Most likely, you can. You can start your own security company with the right licensing and training.

It’s important to do a lot of work upfront. For licensing and other requirements, you will need to verify the regulations of your local, state, and federal governments.

Before you can open your business, you will need a US Department of Consumer Affairs private patrol license. This license requires at least 12 months of experience as a guard.

Because you will be doing physical labor, you need to be fit. It’s a good idea to get a two-year criminal justice degree from an online college or community college.

Insurance is another important factor. A liability policy is a must as you will be held responsible for the activities of any guards you hire.

You can then find clients in local shops, services, and schools. It will be necessary to prove your trustworthiness. Once you do, you can market yourself based upon your reputation.

It is a business that will be in high demand for a long time, so it could be worth the substantial upfront investment of money and time.

Pet Grooming

Many people love their pets but regret not being able to spend the time necessary to care for them.

A pet grooming service can help them to soothe their guilt and keep their furry friends happy and healthy.

It doesn’t take a degree or license to groom pets, making it an easy business idea. Although you can set up a salon in your own home or office, the real challenge is to make it mobile.

The advent of mobile pet groomers has made it easy to do business. To get from client to customer, you will need a vehicle. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be big as pets won’t be transported in it.

You must love pets and have patience. You can learn a lot about grooming pets from the National Dog Groomers Association of America, and you may even be certified.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #46 -

Real Estate Appraiser

Real estate rebounded in many areas after being hit hard by the 2008 recession. In areas where the boom is over, appraisers can make a lot of money.

Although you may not have any experience in the field of appraisals, your hard work could pay off.

To become an appraiser in most states, you will need to have a license. The process is not easy and takes a lot of time. To become a licensed one, you will need to complete at least 75 hours of training and 75 hours to attain the basic level.

One hundred fifty hours is required to get to the more advanced level if you plan to start your own business.

Once you have your requirements in place, get referrals from agents and start looking into pay-per-click ads through search engines.

You can build a website. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but it should look professional and be optimized for SEO. Once you have a few clients, it will be known that you are licensed and available to do quality work.

Food Truck or Food Cart

Food trucks and food carts go beyond hot dogs, and hamburger stands.

Many food trucks and food carts are at the forefront of great cuisine in the cities they serve. You can start a business in the portable-restaurant sector if you are able to cook and drive and are willing to work long hours.

You should be aware that a food truck that can host a mobile restaurant may put a significant dent in your budget. You have the option of leasing, financing, or buying a used truck.

Local licenses will be required for foodservice and money for fuel or advertising. So, tread carefully.

A cart is a great alternative to a truck. Although you can still transport it, you may need to sell pre-prepared food. A cart can still be a good way to make a profit if it is placed in the right area for a few hours or a whole day.

Best 75 Businesses to Start with $10.000 #47 -

Coffee Bar or a Tea Salon

This usually exceeds the budget we have here… but a small place can be opened that offers a good selection of teas and coffees as well as pastries and snacks with $10,000 if you’re smart about it.

It could be open all day, from the early morning to just after lunch, so you can catch commuters and office workers.

The location of your business is vital and since you’re within a budget, make sure you get a great offer for it, such as paying a bit less for the rent or the deposit months.

Also, don’t go overboard with the space as it doesn’t need to take up much space. It could even be as small and portable as a cart if you find the right way to store your products and equipment.

You could rent a portion of an existing store or building. Think about the audience you are targeting. Your business will be dependent on foot traffic. You can find yourself near an office park or in an area with many pedestrians.

Vacuum Cleaner Repair

Although vacuum cleaner repair businesses are rare, there is still a great opportunity to own one for less than 10K and make lots of money.

You will need to know how to repair a vacuum cleaner if you have never done it before.

It is also important to know how to repair vacuum cleaners of different brands. Some people are successful by repairing only one brand of vacuums.

You can find many resources, such as YouTube videos and books on vacuum repair. It is possible to learn how to fix each vacuum as soon as it arrives.


Locksmiths are often forgotten about until they’re really needed. It will always be in demand for people who can help them get back in their homes and cars.

You will need experience if you are new to the profession of locksmithing. While you can learn to become a locksmith in three months, it may take you up to four years to master more complicated projects.

Training can be found at local colleges and with locksmith associations. You will likely only need to take a few months to start a business. However, the learning process should continue as you build your skills.

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