17 Best Courses for Facebook Ads (2022 Update)

Facebook feels old when it comes to social media, especially considering how long he has been in the market. However, it is still used by millions of users, and if you are considering taking a Facebook Ads course to find a way to make money, we can tell you it is a good idea (still).

If we also remember that people during the pandemic are worrying about finding more income options or jobs from home, you can definitely consider Facebook Ads to be a good option if you learn from a course that prepares you more than enough to charge what you deserve.

However, you ought to remember that Facebook ads can be time-consuming. You need to find the right course but also be ready to dedicate more than a couple of hours if you want to get the best out of your investment. 

Before we can give you answers and recommendations, let me ask one question: Are you willing to pay for a course, or are you trying to save as much money as possible? Of course, the latter includes a free course in every possible way. 

Whatever your answer is, we want to warn you that investing some amount of money will be required as you cannot run ads without a specific budget. It does not have to be much, but you may face yourself trying to put more into it the longer you go.

Also, we have proven that paid courses are much more worth it in terms of content and getting something valuable out of them. But we also get it if you are unable to afford them, which is why we have included both free and paid ones.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #3 -

Facebook Blueprint Course (A Quite Popular One!)

Facebook Blueprint Courses provide a collection of tutorials to help digital marketers use the platform. However, beginners are also welcome to try it out and learn how everything works in the social media platform and the ads in specific. 

One of the big benefits of this one is the fact that each one of these courses is available for free, and you’re welcome to take them at your own pace without anyone pushing you too hard to learn how things work. 

They all cover intermediate and beginner topics you can use to increase your digital marketing skills and get started without having to truly invest hundreds for a paid option. 

The Facebook Blueprint Courses include a wide range of topics that we consider quite complete:

  • Business Management.
  • Get started with Facebook and Partner Measurement Solutions.
  • AdsManager Campaign Performance.
  • Promote your business on Facebook.
  • Advertising Policies for Content, Targeting, and Creative.
  • Delivery and Ad auction.
  • How to make Facebook ads.
  • Best Brand Practices.
  • Frequency and Reach Campaigns.
  • Targeting Custom Audiences.

You can get many certifications for completing the various topics as this entire platform doesn’t involve a single or unique certification for Facebook ads alone. 

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #2 -

You can become a Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate or an expert in marketing science and creative strategy, depending on the courses you take. 

Each certification requires you to pass an exam. The exam can be taken online or at a designated testing location by a proctor, depending on your country and city. 

This certification is unique in digital marketing because it does not allow you to cheat or study while taking the exam.

You must pay a fee before you can schedule an exam, or take it whatsoever, which means you do need a small investment if you feel the certification is required, which is most of the time for most serious job opportunities. 

The certification determines the exam costs. Higher certifications usually require a higher fee.

For beginner certifications like the Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate, the exam fee is $99; for advanced certifications like the Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional, the fee goes up to $150.

Each exam has a range of scores from 300 to 1.000. Passing the exam requires a score of 700 or higher, depending on the scale. Failure to pass the exam will result in you having to pay a fee for it to be taken again.

Although the Facebook Blueprint Courses are a great place to start, it is important that you also consider other courses that can complement the training and are more for experts once you are familiar with the basics.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #4 -

Facebook Marketing Course—Free by HubSpot

HubSpot’s Facebook Marketing Course for Beginners is easy to follow and free, which is the main reason why we recommend it, but we also consider it is a great step as you can find it useful in the short and long term with the updated info. 

This course can be broken into three lessons.

  • How to create a Facebook marketing strategy that works.
  • How to increase your organic Facebook reach.
  • How to create a winning Facebook advertising strategy.

A series of videos is included with every lesson. They feature an instructor explaining each section and showing you how to improve your skills.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • How to avoid common Facebook advertising mistakes.
  • Which ads should you first create?
  • Facebook page insights: How to measure the success of your Facebook content.

You will find a 5-question quiz at each lesson’s end to assess your knowledge.

To access the course, you will need to create a HubSpot account. Once you have created it, you will be able to access the course free of charge.

The course doesn’t provide a certificate, but it is valuable for people who are just beginning to learn about Facebook marketing. It will also set the foundation for future courses like the one before or other intermediate options.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #5 -

Certificate for Facebook Social Media Marketing Professionals (Access It in Coursera)

Coursera’s Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate Program is a great course that will help you showcase your skills without having to be in a hurry to learn.

The Professional Certificate Program includes six courses:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing.
  • Social Media Management.
  • Social Media Advertising Fundamentals.
  • Advertise on Facebook.
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns: Optimize, Measure.
  • Capstone for Facebook Social Media Marketing.

You will find videos, readings, and hands-on projects in the courses. You can also take quizzes to refresh your knowledge, or graded ones are included to ensure people are assigned to review it and fix any mistakes. 

You can go at your own pace, so you can learn the material when you feel like it and have enough time.

These are just a few of the things you’ll discover after the course is over.

  • How to set up an Instagram account.
  • How to create a content calendar on social media.
  • How to manage social media content using a data-driven approach.
  • How to make Facebook ads look great with visuals.
  • How to set a budget, schedule, and place your ads.
  • How to use dashboards for assessing the success of campaigns.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #6 -

At the end of the course, you will be given a certificate, and yes, we know this also includes Instagram, which we believe is a great addition you can also skip if you want to. 

You have to access it with a free trial in Coursera, but the full access to the course materials is $49 per month. This is a great deal if you are looking to invest in the entire course for a long time or if you are confident you can take it in 30 days only. 

The more you study the material, however, the less you’ll end up paying. Coursera estimates that all courses will take seven months to complete if you spend only two hours per week learning.

The course costs $98, and you can finish it in less than two months if your pace is increased to six hours per day.

Start with a 7-day trial; then, you will pay $49 per month for the complete package or consider all the options given by the platform.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #7 -

Facebook Ads Complete Course by Reliablesoft Academy

Reliablesoft Digital Marketing Academies’ Facebook Advertising Course will teach you how to create profitable Instagram and Facebook campaigns.

It is a digital marketing agency that manages Facebook ads campaigns for clients in different niches.

This course will show you how to create the exact blueprint you need to consistently achieve this kind of result and also how to create high-converting campaigns so that you can make sales and even money.

The Facebook Course includes 12 lessons covering the following topics:

  • How to make money using Facebook ads.
  • Facebook Pixel Installation.
  • Conversions Custom.
  • Audiences that feel and look like you.
  • Facebook Campaign Structure.
  • Facebook Sales Funnels.
  • Facebook Acquisition Campaigns.
  • Facebook Retargeting Campaigns.
  • Facebook Retention Campaigns.
  • How to create a Facebook campaign.
  • How to make an Ad Set.
  • How to make Facebook ads.
  • Facebook Ad Tips.
  • Facebook Campaign Optimization.
  • Facebook Campaign Monitoring.
  • Here are some tips for optimizing your campaign.
  • How to reduce campaign costs.
  • Here are some tips to optimize landing pages.
  • Checklist for Facebook Ads.
  • Instagram Campaigns.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #8 -

This learning format can be used for both text and video. You will find tutorials, screenshots, checklists, and step-by-step instructions.

The entire course is designed for those who had tried Facebook ads before but were unsuccessful in creating profitable campaigns. However, for those who have zero experience, it has proven to be a great step forward.

The Full Course Bundle also gives you access to nine more courses. The bundle includes two certifications: a digital marketing certification and an SEO certificate.

The price can be limiting as the standard price is $500. However, you can get 75% off with the discount they often have. 

Also, we know Instagram is extra here as well, but you won’t feel like wasting your money or time as you can take it or not without feeling regretful. 

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #9 -

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery in Udemy

Udemy offers many in-depth Facebook training courses, including the Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery course offered through Coursenvy.

These 11 sections are the core of the course, but they are not exclusive to them as some additional sections are added from time to time:

  • Intro to Facebook Marketing.
  • Facebook Page.
  • Facebook Ads.
  • Facebook Pixel and Audiences.
  • Different types of Facebook ads.
  • Facebook Engagement.
  • Facebook Optimization, Reporting, and Insights.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Facebook FAQs.
  • Manager for Business.
  • Facebook Shops.

There are 82 lectures in total. The course includes 12 hours of video-on-demand, 38 articles, and 37 downloadable resources. These will help you to study and have sufficient supporting content to be able to support your Facebook ads marketer into the future.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #10 -

Do you think it provides all the necessary information and lessons? Here are some valuable Facebook marketing skills you can learn during the course.

  • How to connect with new members of your audience.
  • How to lower your Facebook advertising expenses.
  • How to implement advanced tracking strategies.
  • Engagements cost an average of $0.01.
  • How to use Business Manager’s advanced functions.

The course can be completed at your own pace, and you can receive your certification regardless of the time you take. Udemy provides lifetime access to all course materials, which can prove very helpful. You might also be eligible for a discount if you purchase the course material.

The course costs $84.99, but Udemy offers regular discounts, so you can get the course as low as $19.99 if your order is placed at the right time. 

The 30-day money-back guarantee on the course is available if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. This is something that most users love about Udemy, and we guarantee it is a good option to go for it if you find another free course in our list to be better for your needs or a paid one with fewer expenses that can meet your expectations.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #11 -

Facebook Ads Mastery – Skillshare

Coursenvy offers Facebook Ads and Facebook Mastery Guide through Skillshare. You will need to compare it to Udemy’s course before making a decision as this is also paid, and we consider both to be good places to start.

The course is taught by Justin O’Brien, a Facebook advertising expert we guarantee is worth your time. 

This course covers everything you need, whether you are a beginner or an expert in Facebook Marketing. We consider it a great option based on the content and price as you won’t find many that meet what you need without having to spend a fortune.

He shares the same marketing strategies he uses for his clients and how to streamline your posts so that you can manage your social media networks more efficiently.

This course has 48 lessons and more than 11 hours of video content. These topics are covered in the lesson:

  • How to make Facebook ads that work.
  • What type of marketing campaign should I use?
  • Facebook Ads: How to create sales funnels.
  • Advanced conversion ads.
  • Advanced custom audiences.
  • How to optimize Facebook Messenger ads.

To access the course, you will need to subscribe to Skillshare Premium. 

The Premium costs $19 per month or $99 per year if it is manually billed. However, it is well worth the effort. You can access more courses and don’t have to pay the entire year if it is something you are serious about.

You will have lifetime access to the lectures when you subscribe to the course. As new material is added every month, you can continue learning and cancel at a specific time if you decide to finish it even before your next billing date.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #12 -

Facebook Unlocked by Neil Patel (You Shouldn’t Miss It!)

Neil Patel is a well-known digital marketer who presents Facebook Unlocked as a training program, and yes, we know some people may consider it overrated, but we don’t. He knows what he is doing, and we assure you your time will be worth every penny. 

The content for his course can be broken into two modules, which contain the following lessons:

  • Facebook makes it easy to start a business.
  • Strategies and types.
  • Organic posts.
  • Paid media.
  • Your brand’s growth.

Each lesson contains a video of Neil walking through the material. You can also download resources that will help you improve your Facebook marketing efforts.

You can access the following materials:

  • A taskmaster worksheet outlines the steps needed to optimize your Facebook marketing.
  • This guide will help you reach more people through organic posts.
  • An ad budget guide.
  • To ensure that your advertising campaigns are well-structured, here’s a checklist.

The course does not come with a certificate, but it is worth considering if you are interested in learning more about Facebook marketing.

You can use the downloadable resources, particularly the taskmaster worksheet, as detailed templates to improve your marketing management. You will find an excellent course for nothing if you look at them this way.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #13 -

Complete Facebook Ads & Marketing Training Course (Udemy)

Udemy has many courses that will make your day. But which one is the best? This is one you should definitely look into.

This course is designed for beginners and teaches Facebook basics such as:

  • Why Facebook ads are so crucial.
  • The most common reason people don’t use Facebook ads is that they are not interested.
  • How to install the Facebook tracking pixels.
  • How to make custom audiences from your email list and website visitors.
  • How to make different types of Facebook ads.

The content is divided into five sections and includes 4 hours of video-on-demand. There are two main downloadable resources available: a Facebook Ads Example Swipe File and a Facebook Ads Quick Checklist template.

A certificate will be issued to verify that you have completed the course. Access to the content will be unlimited for your lifetime, so you can access it whenever you want.

The price is $79.99, which could seem a little high, but it’s still possible to get it at a discounted rate.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #14 -

Facebook Marketing Masterclass

This tutorial will teach you how to dominate Instagram and Facebook equally, but with a focus on the latter. 

While FB is the main focus, having an additional IG account can give you an advantage when presenting your services to the market. This will help you grow your company or your clients’ businesses.

This extensive and long-lasting 11-hour training will show you how to target your ads to the right people, use Facebook pixel and retargeting effectively, use Facebook live to connect with your audience, as well as how to increase your popularity and likes.

It also includes a section about how to create Instagram ads that are powerful, which is a double advantage, as we mentioned earlier. The explanations and steps you need to take are detailed.

This course is highly rated, but it costs $89.99. It is also possible to get it for a discounted price, although these opportunities aren’t as frequent as on Udemy.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #15 -

WordStream’s PPC University Facebook Advertising Course

WordStream’s Facebook ads course has been a leader in online advertising. The Facebook Ads Performance Grader is also an account optimization and auditing tool used 10k times per month.

This Facebook Ads course contains a series of 10-minute articles where top PPC influencers and experts share their strategies, tips, and tricks.

You will be able to understand Facebook Ads and benchmark data to optimize your performance. These lessons will give you strategic advice.

  • Copywriting for Facebook ads.
  • Which time is best to place Facebook ads.
  • Reduce your expenses.
  • Strategies are essential for local businesses.
  • Facebook Ad Optimizations: You Need to Know Information.
  • What can you do if your ads aren’t showing?
  • Targeting and retargeting.
  • Facebook advertising benchmarks.

Problem could be in the price. WordStream is considered a top-notch platform by thousands of users. However, the monthly price is $299 and is just the beginning.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #16 -

Kai Bax’s Ecommerce Social Media Training

This course was built as YouTube videos with the information you need for Facebook. You will see people explaining what you need and showing you how to do it step by step.

Kai Bax is an eCommerce expert and founder of Bax Consulting. The company specializes in scaling eCommerce companies and info products. We know you love the idea of a free eCommerce Facebook ads course so far, and this one can be a good option. 

In this YouTube, tutorial Kai shares the process his agency uses to increase growth and revenue via Facebook advertising.

Kai guides you through the setup and reporting basics with commentary and tips to maintain profitability. Kai is passionate! He is passionate in all the right places. You’ll learn:

  • Setting up an account and creating a campaign.
  • How to measure your ads.
  • Reporting columns.
  • How to make a decision based on metrics.
  • Here’s a checklist that will help you keep your ROAS on track for scaling revenue.

You get incredible information for zero dollars and the opportunity to move beyond the “beginners’ phase” in FB ads.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #17 -

Simplilearn Offers a Social Media Certification Program

It is not a Facebook ads course, but you can get a lot from it in an hour and a quarter.

This course is one you can start and get a good idea of where to go next.

Paul Lewis created the course for Simplilearn. He is an expert in social media and Digital Selling and a lecturer at universities and corporate training institutes.

The entire course can be viewed on an eLearning platform, so you can quickly move between lessons. The course covers 49 hours of social media marketing, but lessons 7-10 are for Facebook advertising.

Register for an account to gain access. You will have unlimited access for up to 90 days. Make sure you review it immediately after you sign up. These are some of the lessons you will learn:

  • How Facebook advertising works.
  • You need to be able to understand facts, statistics, terms, and other information.
  • Walkthrough of the Ads Manager.
  • How to launch your first campaign.
  • Monitoring, reviewing, and reporting on campaigns.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #18 -

Alison’s Facebook Advertising Course for Beginners

It is intended for beginners, and we find it very good for them as well. 

Theo McArthur, an Amazon seller and online marketer expert brought this Alison Facebook Ads course for free to you. You can access it through the same eLearning platform that the previous one. This allows you to jump between chapters and take a course assessment.

It does not have any ads except for the premium monthly plan.

This training will give you general instructions, tips, and best practices, as well as common errors to avoid. You’ll learn:

  • Different types of Facebook ads.
  • Page and Pixel Setup.
  • How to run a campaign that is popular.
  • Conversion’s custom.
  • Audience insights.

If you only handle the advertisements, it’s easy to complete the course. Give it a try.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #19 -

Coursenvy’s Mastery Course Social Media Marketing Mastery Course

This Facebook ads course, more or less like social media marketing, can save lives, according to Coursenvy.

It isn’t mind-numbing, however. It doesn’t have much animation or design, but it is useful for Facebook and other social media platforms. Each slide should contain an informative screenshot as well as tips and tricks that can help beginners.

This course will provide a deeper understanding of different Facebook advertising campaign types. It explains the differences between each type of Facebook advertising campaign and how to set them up for success. 

There are also examples and tips for topics like budgeting and dynamic ads. You’ll learn:

  • Facebook advertising terms.
  • Setting up an account and creating a campaign.
  • You can set your goals and choose your objectives.
  • Budgeting tips.
  • Split testing.
  • Facebook Dynamic Creative ads.

You also get all the benefits of other platforms. You will also find it on Udemy. The cost is $89.99. You could, however, wait as most offers only cost $13.99.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #20 -

How to Make Effective Paid Ads on Facebook (CreativeLive)

CreativeLive might be something you have heard of but may not be to your liking. You might not have thought it was relevant enough to you to pay attention.

Although it isn’t our top recommendation, it will give you an idea of how to get started with your ads without spending too much money.

This course focuses on the fact that while people may learn about FB ads and how they work, the problem is how you won’t be able to set up proper campaigns.

This option is a great way to clarify your doubts and set the ads you want, even if it’s not the best.

Billy Gene teaches you how to create a memorable experience for your customers, rather than dwelling on the inanities of Facebook Ads. It costs $49. You can see that it is much more creative than its name implies. 

A good portion of the lessons is dedicated to:

  • It is possible to identify the ideal customer experience.
  • How to make a landing page.
  • Creative advertising.
  • Establishing sales relationships.
  • Create upselling and targeting strategies.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #21 -

Udemy’s Complete Course in Facebook Ads: Beginner to Advanced

Udemy’s most popular course teaches you everything you need to know about Facebook advertising. We have already mentioned a few of them, but this one takes the prize home. 

This course is for entrepreneurs, social media experts, bloggers, and owners of small businesses who wish to increase their income through Facebook ads.

Daragh Walsh and Rob Percival will help you increase your monthly sales while minimizing ad costs with advanced targeting features. They will also be sharing their expertise on how to avoid costly mistakes and how you can start a Facebook Ads Business.

The Complete Course in Facebook Advertising – From Beginner to Advanced Includes 5 Modules

  • Introduction.
  • Facebook Ads for Beginners.
  • Facebook Ads for Intermediates.
  • Advanced Facebook Advertising.
  • Next steps.

Best Courses for Facebook Ads #22 -

You will need to pay $89.99 as with many Udemy courses. However, we noticed that the course prices had dropped a few times during special offers and on other occasions as some of the ones we have mentioned so far.

Just take the time to read through the features and descriptions of each one, and if you are not confident about investing yet, feel free to start with the free ones.

We know they will be worth your time regardless of the missing info compared to some paid courses.

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