Bode Pro MLM Review

Once in a Lifetime Business or Another Scam? (2022 Update)

Regardless of the situation, you should always think about MLM (multi-level marketing) and if this type of structure is worth your time and money. 

We would love to spoil you the answer right away and save you time in order to move with the opportunity you’re being offered (because we know this is why you’re here) or decide to ditch it right away. 

Unfortunately, we can’t do this since an MLM company is simple to understand yet involves more details that need to be considered for you to make a decision. 

Besides, the business structure isn’t everything, but information about it and what Bode Pro is (in this case) plays an important role.

Therefore, let’s go over the info you need to know if this business opportunity is something you’ve been taking too long to consider or if you should just bury it in the deepest of your mind. 

Wellness & Health: Bode Pro

We’re reviewing an MLM business that focuses on selling wellness and health products that benefit cellular nutrition. 

Overall, you will notice their products include energizing drinks or alternatives that aim to make you more active and guarantee you’re able to keep up with your day and activities. 

The company is very recent since it was founded in 2017 by Benson K. Boreyko, the current CEO, and although the Bode Pro is new, he isn’t. 

The founder is quite known in the marketing world, and before he launched this MLM business, he started the company Vemma, which also follows the same structure. 

However, this latter company went through several issues in 2015 when a lawsuit was filed against it because of suspected illegal pyramid scheme activity.

This concerns you with Bode Pro because you’re dealing with the same founder and owner, but the question is if this new company will follow the previous one. 

To be clear, Vemma continues operating, and the company we are covering is actually part of the result of the founder’s work in making a better structure. 

Now, is this structure good or bad? It depends on how you see it and if you’re willing to earn money with the MLM structure in the first place. 

To focus on this factor now that it has been mentioned, multi-level marketing aims to encourage people to join an independent sales opportunity. 

You join the company and start selling their products to earn a commission. However, the primary way to make money lies in recruiting others who sign up as members and follow your steps: sell products and build their sales team by recruiting.

Bode Pro Review #2 -

Bode Pro Products: Do They Work?

Diving deep into an MLM structure and working with this company won’t make sense unless you get to know the products. 

This order seems a bit off, but let’s be real, we all start with the products to know what they have, if they work, and if they’re worth our time. Therefore, you can’t judge us by jumping to this point first.

Since the company focuses on products that enhance cellular energy production and increase stamina, its catalog doesn’t have a wide variety. 

Instead, you will find these products only: 

  • TEN: the primary nutritional supplement to support your body. It costs $69.95.
  • STRONG: it’s a powder with the same price that helps with anti-aging, boosts your immune system, and keeps you healthy.
  • Bode Pro HAPPY: promotes clarity, helps you to stay focused, and boosts your energy. It costs $53.95.
  • Bode Pro HAPPY BEE: offers the same as the previous one, but the flavor varies and is $2 more expensive. 

The two newest additions include a MitoKeto product and Verve, which help with the keto diet and traditional energized drink, respectively. 

So far, the products’ reviews are mixed. If you visit the company’s website or see some sponsored blog posts, every part will say how wonderful the products are, and it is only natural. 

However, although some people do show improvement in their energy and some results, it is still questionable due to how recent the business is.

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Joining Bode Pro: Fees & Packs

In every MLM structure (we’re finally going back to this), you will need to pay the price to join the program. 

Fees and prices always vary depending on how the company structures the percentage, commissions, and compensation. 

For Bode Pro MLM, the entire process can be a bit confusing. 

First, we have to set the idea that you are a customer whenever you join the team, and your goal is to become an influencer or reach a specific level by paying in order to sell products and recruit people. 

We have to mention the loyalty program before anything else, which is basically a membership you pay in order to have a 25% discount on the retail price. In this way, you are allowed to resell the products for the original price. 

You have to pay $29.95 annually to become a member of this program that includes a customized website where your customers can buy, and people join. 

However, part of the condition of this loyalty program is to buy every month, two or four months, a package with the products you will sell. 

Now, what do you earn when turning from a customer to a client? 

This is when the MLM structure hits: you have to refer at least one customer. 

The influencer option is just a way to call the usual “recruit people, and we pay you” system other MLM companies use. 

And besides working with the recruits, you have to buy an Influencer Starter Pack for $29.95, just like the annual membership. 

Unlike what you think, the package doesn’t include products but rather tools to become an influencer and promote the products on social media: 

  • Marketing tools. 
  • Back office.
  • Social media training. 
  • Busienss management tools.
  • Some apps to create your content. 

The thing about this influencer option is that you have to pay $9.99 monthly for “continuous social media training and marketing tools.”

Finally (no, we aren’t over), the first customer you enrolled has to hit 50 points in personal volume, which indicates the sales and recruitments on their behalf.

Bode Pro Review #5 -

There are ongoing expenses with this business option because you have to handle products (which are more expensive later), monthly and annual fees, make sure your referrals are meeting their role, and stay active. If not, you lose all your progress. 

Also, you have to pay for the products your request if you don’t end up selling them. 

However you see it, this sounds more like a way for YOU to spend more than making it. 

How You Earn Money with Bode Pro

After all this hustle, you finally can enjoy the compensation plan the company offers. 

Bode Pro work with four main options to earn money: 

  • Retailer enroller bonus: when a retailer pack is bought by either a customer or influencer in your team, you will earn $50. 
  • Wholesale customer bonus: you get between $62.50 and $125 if a person customer you have enrolled, paid the annual fee, and auto shipped or bought a pack. Your revenue will depend on what pack the person purchased (Super Value or the Value Pack), and it is only the first time. 
  • Rising star bonus pool: this is only available for those that reach rank 1 in the Bode Pro structure and ranking. If you enroll over three people like in the previous option, you get a percentage based on shares and not only a one-time bonus. 
  • 5ten bonus: a four-part bonus that focuses on enrolling more people (way too complicated to go over it, we mean it). 

When it comes to selling products, the only money you make is based on the 25% less you are investing when buying them for resale and the retail price established for your customers. 

The final mention about this plan is that the ranking of Bode Pro works like others: the higher you are, the more benefits you obtain, and this is what shows why only 1% or less actually make money. 

In reality, the company has over ten bonuses that work around the people you recruit. Still, they are available based on your rank and what varies in the percentage you obtain or if other conditions are met:

Bode Pro Review #4 -

Setting the Record: Pros & Cons

It isn’t hard to find the problems and very few benefits that Bode Pro offers: 


  • Since the company is new, it is easier to climb in ranks. 
  • It is more generous in its compensation plan than other companies. 
  • Low cost to join (compared to others).


  • There’s no significant difference in the influencer and customer options, only more expenses for you.
  • Bonus payments that are worth your time take too much money and effort to achieve.
  • There aren’t reliable reviews about the products. 
  • The founder’s previous (and existing) company makes you doubt how legal this one is. 
  • You won’t make too much money unless recruiting dozens of people and making sure they always spend money. 

Why We Don’t Like Bode Pro

To begin with, is there something to like about it? 

If we compare MLM with a pyramid scheme, the only difference is that the latter doesn’t offer any real products, and it is a straightforward scam. 

Meanwhile, you can make money with the MLM structure, but the revenue is minimal despite how generous the company can be. 

In other words, it doesn’t matter how you see it; you have to invest too much time and effort to make money, and even when doing so, it isn’t a guarantee it will work. 

Don’t get us wrong, every business and idea requires effort and hard work, but there’s no point in investing them in one that clearly tells you, you will lose your time in it but tries to sell you the opposite idea. 

Now, if this option is so bad (according to us and the previous review), how can you make money with a business that works? 

Before mentioning it, we just want to say that our problem with Bode Pro lies in always having to spend on membership, the fact you make money based on how much others spend, not even as customers but distributors like you, and that you aren’t given a real business opportunity with the products you’re supposed to sell. 

When we take this and compare it to the lead generation business we’ve been investing our time in, you know our idea is much better. 

Lead generation requires hard work but brings the possibility of making passive income without tricking others and constantly spending a fortune on fees and products.

Bode Pro Review #6 -

How Does Lead Generation Work?

You will be working around companies or small businesses in your area that need to build a website to bring organic traffic. 

This traffic will turn into leads, which can e translated into potential clients for the companies you’re helping. 

The steps would be to choose a niche from where you will contact companies that require your services, connect and attend to their requests, build the sites, rank them on Google (at the top of the searches), and generate leads without having to use the famous paid ads. 

You will be making money based on each lead you generate, and the client will have to pay a commission or percentage. 

How does this turn into passive income? 

Although you have to build websites, rank them, and work around the leads, once you’re done with the first steps and constantly generate them, you won’t have to worry about the sites at all. 

Guaranteeing they’re working correctly and the leads are constantly generated based on how you initially established the site is more than enough.

You can forget about it and keep creating more. 

Just keep in mind that this business option does require training and knowledge, and although you don’t need talent, you must take the time to learn. 

This training program is excellent for beginners or even those trying to start from a certain point…

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Written by Dame Cash

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