ByDzyne MLM Review

Pyramid Scheme by Elken or Legit Lifestyle Business? (2022 Update)

Up to this point, we wanted to write a review that focused on the company and how good it is in terms of business opportunity. 

However, when you go to the Internet and research Elken or ByDzyne at once, you will notice the information is quite challenging to come through since it is completely disperse based on the current status of the leading company: Elken. 

This is why we noticed that a lot of information has to be poured into this review to guarantee two main things: you understand the origins and purpose of the company as a business opportunity and determine if it is a scam or a legit option the market. 

We want to warn you that this will take some time, so we hope you’re up for the challenge of going over the details of this company with us (we promise it will be worth it). 

What Is ByDzyne & How Does It Work?

ByDzyne is an MLM business by the leading company Elken. It’s been around since 2013 and has grown in popularity among people who are interested in earning money by selling products or recruiting people. 

The company was founded by Sophia Wong, Henry Mash, Nat and Chanida Puranapurtra, and Chad and Nattida Chong. 

All of the founders and current CEO (Sophia Wong) have been involved in the marketing field for over a decade, and you might find some familiar names when researching about World Global Network and Organo Gold. 

Now, we have to stop here for a minute and explain something very crucial: what MLM is. 

This business model works around recruiting people to earn commissions based on their sales of the company’s products and other people they also recruit to bring as team members. 

Basically, you have a role as a seller or independent distributor in the company. You make money based on the percentage you’re saving when buying the products below the retail prices. 

However, the primary purpose of MLM companies is to encourage you to bring people to earn the compensation that is truly worth your time. 

To make it simple: you make money by making other people sign up as distributors in ByDzyne. 

What you must be wondering now is the difference between this MLM (multi-level marketing) model and the infamous pyramid scheme everyone is afraid of. 

Essentially, they’re precisely the same since the structure of referring people and building a team to earn commissions doesn’t change. You have to continuously recruit and level up in the company’s ladder in order to make more income. 

MLMs provide real products you can sell and offer to the public, while pyramid schemes are straightforward scams that don’t come with authentic services or products. 

An MLM distributor will focus on offering the products and lure you into signing up, but you will have physical items you can genuinely sell and workaround. At the same time, someone from a pyramid scheme will do the same but with fake items worth nothing or aren’t even tangible.

ByDzyne MLM Review #2 -

What Does ByDzyne Sell?

The company is focused on health and wellness, beauty, technology, and travel products. 

This means it covers different niches that allow distributors to choose what they want and can sell easily and based on their preferences and the quality of the specific products. 

In this aspect, it is excellent for a company to have a wide variety of products that provides alternatives. 

Many MLM businesses will start operating with about one or two. Although everything can get started with those only, it is tough for an independent distributor like you to sell them or recruit people to make money. 

Focusing on the products and specific options available, we have to go over the categories: 

  • Technology. 

For now, the company only aims for smartwatches as tangible products. However, in some countries, the MLM offers the opportunity to sell digital products. 

We know we mentioned “smartwatches,” yes, in the plural form. However, the company only has one design available. 

To be honest, there’s nothing special about the watch considering that it includes the usual features: heart rate monitor, calorie and step counter, Bluetooth, notifications, alarm clock, and what you would get from the regular ones. 

Besides, we have to add that it is pretty expensive. 

It can be acquired at $428.58 as its retail price, while your membership if joining as a distributor, will open the option to buy it for $299 for resale. 

As for the digital products, you will find a smart market academy, an online marketing option, and what they call “Rosetta Stone.”

ByDzyne MLM Review #3 -

  • Travel. 

The category is only meant for people to subscribe and save money while planning some trips to different countries. 

There’s a variation in the service or program you offer as a distributor because its price isn’t permanently fixed. 

Some report that it has increased or sometimes made cheaper. In our experience, we have encountered the usual standard in the price whenever we checked. 

Now, here’s the trick of the company: you don’t actually focus on a subscription. 

This will be confusing, and to be honest, this is exactly what they want. 

To explain this matter, we have to view it as the distributor. 

The travel category consists of a reward program that earns you what they call travel-saving gift vouchers every time you buy a ByDzyne kit. 

What you have to “sell” is that others can earn the same by purchasing and selling the products in the store. 

To break it down a bit simpler: you are a distributor + you offer the travel program to others and sell products simultaneously + earn commissions or the bonus offered based on how many you recruit and the products you buy (and sell). 

  • Wellness. 

For this category, the company created the ALLUR line in which every product contains CBD along with other nutrients and ingredients to bring benefits to the body. 

For now, it only has two products available: ALLUR Tincture, which is a small bottle and costs $172, and the Relief Balm you can rub into your skin and costs $186.

ByDzyne MLM Review #4 -

  • Beauty. 

This line includes the Xceler8 skincare products that include a three-step product: facial peel with vitamin C, micellar water to revitalize, and facial wash for antioxidative. 

How You Make Money with ByDzyne – Elken

So, the first thing is always to join the program they have. 

In the case of ByDzyne, they have set a fee per year at $39, which is pretty inexpensive compared to other MLM companies. 

However, here’s the catch: you have to buy a kit to start selling and certify your membership. Otherwise, you won’t earn commissions nor be able to sell and recruit people. 

For those kits, you have five options: 

  • Basic kit: $300.
  • Advanced kit: $1.200.
  • Promo kit: $1.600.
  • Premium kit: $2.500.
  • Founder’s kit: $5.000. 

Depending on the kit you purchase, you unlock more benefits. You have 30% retail profit, 10% customer acquisition bonus, 20-25% in first order bonus, and 5% in solid leg commission following the previous orders. 

Once you’re a member and pay for the kit you decide (which aren’t cheap at all), you can opt for the compensation plan the company works explicitly with: 

  • Affiliate ranks. 

You have to work around 11 different ranks, and you get more or fewer rewards depending on yours. 

Of course, to hit every rank, you have to meet requirements and succeed in their established goals. 

Rank 1 is all about signing up and paying for the kit, while for rank 2, you have to recruit two people, and they HAVE TO sell 150 BV worth of products (BV is the points scale ByDzyne uses), which is about $70+.

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  • Retail commissions. 

The general and straightforward way to make money that all MLM companies introduce you to is the money you earn from buying products at a discount for your membership and selling them at retail price. 

With ByDzyne, you earn 20% in commission when rank 1 and 2, while rank three or higher sets you at 25%.

  • Residual commissions. 

This is the way MLM members truly make money: with a binary structure that consists of having a downline group sales. 

You are the leader of the group, and you have to create two teams. From each team, you will earn commissions or money based on: how many people they recruit and how much their recruits sell, the products your direct members sell monthly, and this structure just continues. 

The commission is higher based on how direct the members are to you, but the idea is to build an entire team to continuously generate “passive income.”

  • Additional bonuses.

The company offers bonuses based on special goals you achieved, but some are only available depending on your rank despite meeting the goals they have set. 

Pyramid Scheme or Legit Opportunity?

Having reached this point, the truth is that we haven’t given you a proper conclusion or answer to a question that is implicit since the beginning: is it worth investing in ByDzyne MLM or not? 

Since we mentioned the difference between a pyramid scheme and an MLM structure, you can agree that this company doesn’t qualify for the first one. 

However, it isn’t always necessary to meet 100% of the “requirements” to qualify for something in this case. 

We won’t establish it as a pyramid scheme, but it is clearly a trap in terms of making money. Why do we believe this? Because it is almost impossible to earn commissions based on continuously recruiting people. 

Although you have the product sales available, you won’t make much money from this if you don’t level up in ranks, and to do so, you have to recruit more people and make sure they are selling and recruiting others actively.

Yes, you’re accessing a business opportunity that is legal and all that, but will you truly make money even when investing a lot of your savings and time? Not at all. 

To understand better why we concluded that ByDzyne is not a scheme, but it isn’t a good opportunity either, let’s look at the pros and cons: 

The Good: 

  • The company is legit and legal. 
  • It isn’t a pyramid scheme but an MLM business (to make sure, the first offers fake products and services, while the second does work with real items). 
  • You can be independent and won’t have to work for anyone else. 

The Bad: 

  • Commission rates aren’t high. 
  • You have to recruit way too many people to level up in ranks and earn money. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you sell products if you don’t recruit others. 
  • It is expensive to join. 
  • Products are expensive and can’t be classified as high-quality. 
  • Very low success rate and you end up losing your money. 
  • You can lose friends by trying to recruit them for this business structure. 

When everything else fails, MLM companies like ByDzyne will always try to sell you the idea of making passive income by recruiting people. 

We have to give them this sense it is true; you will make money since it is all about your recruits and team. 

However, are you ready to trick others into investing in this business “opportunity” when you could have opted for options that are cheaper, safer, and reliable? We don’t think so. 

What You Can Do

If the part of passive income is what truly attracts you or the simple fact of being able to make money, here’s what we can suggest: digital real estate. 

Many consider business opportunities that involve direct companies and tangible products, but we’re living in a world where being able to touch something doesn’t mean it is legit. 

Therefore, what about relying on how the world is truly shaped nowadays? Digital and online opportunities.

ByDzyne MLM Review #7 -

Digital real estate offers you the opportunity for passive income after some hard work. 

No, we won’t be suggesting an easy “make money in ten days” because that’s a complete lie. If you want to make money, you have to work hard. 

That being said, how does this real estate business work? 

It is very similar to the idea of usual homes or commercial properties, but with an online version: websites.

The whole concept of the business opportunity is to build sites for small businesses in a niche you have chosen beforehand. 

Once you’ve built the sites, you have to rank them on Google to bring organic (free) traffic. 

This traffic will take you to what truly matters: leads. 

Those leads will be the future clients of your customers, and you will get paid a commission for each lead the site you’ve built and ranked generates for them. 

You can build as many websites as you want and rent them since your clients won’t be the owners but rather you. 

To get started, make sure you’re going over all the knowledge necessary: what leads and other terms mean, how you can build sites, how to find clients, and more. 

For it, this #1 training program will be your life savior…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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