Movie Earnings: Coco (2017)

Deadly Film or Best Animated Story of All?

Animated films have been around for decades, and even adults love watching them either for fun, the feelings that surface from the scenes or to share some moments with usual children or other people. 

If you ask us whether we like them or not, the answer is an absolute yes, but it is true it is starting to be quite hard to find animated movies that are worth your time or good enough to be called, you know, good. 

However, Disney has got our back for the last few years, and we’re happy they have been creating such masterpieces that can be enjoyable for children, teenagers, and any adult that wants something different. 

Coco is one of the most recent films made by the company, and we don’t think it needs an introduction considering how big of a film it was during its release and even months later. 

Today, some people continue to remember it, and let’s not talk about the soundtrack or music: they are on repeat in many places. 

If you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for? If you are trying to get someone who tells you to go and do it with some facts that can make you interested, you just arrived at the right place. 

And, in addition, we will be adding some facts you will find more than interesting. 

Cast & Plot: What Is the Movie About?

The best way to consider whether it is worth a binge or not? Starting with a short plot and summary. 

Many people decide not to watch something just because of the hype around the film when it was released, because they weren’t that interested in the trailer, or they didn’t even take the time to know more. 

So, we consider that knowing the actual plot of a film helps a lot to determine if you could give it a try, but warning, even if it doesn’t look like it, you should still go for a few minutes. 

That being said, we’ll stop talking and get into the topic.

Coco (2017) #2 -

Miguel dreams of becoming a musician, but while being a rebellious 12-year-old Mexican boy and hopeful musician, he cannot understand his family’s ban on music and why they are so against his idea of being part of the industry. 

This is especially true when Ernesto de la Cruz, considered the town’s hero but also Miguel’s icon, was the favorite guitarist among millions as he is known as the best player ever to live who is already deceased. 

After an accidental mistake made on the sacred Day of the Dead, Miguel is miraculously transported to the faraway Land of the Dead. 

There, he meets Hector, the scoundrel-skeleton, who will guide Miguel through the bustling underworld to help him find his missing ancestor. The problem around it? They have to make it before sunrise. 

What Miguel wouldn’t know is that during his journey, he would get the opportunity to meet his family’s legacy, but also get to know a well-kept secret that will drive you insane in this tale about hate, death, and betrayal but also love, family and music. 

To bring this magic and deathly film for your heart, an incredible voice cast took part: 

  • Anthony González as Miguel. 
  • Gael García Bernal as Héctor. 
  • Benjamin Bratt as Ernesto de la Cruz. 
  • Alanna Ubach as Mamá Imelda. 
  • Renée Victor as Abuelita. 
  • Ana Ofelia Murguía as Mamá Coco. 
  • Libertad García Fonzi as a young Coco.
  • Edward James Olmos as Chicharrón. 
  • Alfonso Arau as Papá Julio. 
  • Selene Luna as Tía Rosita. 

And many others like Gabriella Flores, Dyana Ortellí, Jaime Camil and Sofía Espinosa took part.

Coco (2017) #3 -

Bringing the Film to Life – Production & Companies

We do not forget that a film involves much more than the cast to make it possible. In fact, we consider them part of the “secondary” team in it. 

After all, have you ever thought about what would happen if you don’t have all the producers, engineers, and the team usually behind the screen or not directly involved? 

Simple, the movie wouldn’t be possible. 

For Coco, Lee Unkrich was invited as the director while Adrian Molina (who also co-directed the film) and Matthew Aldrich took part in the screenplay. 

All three were also part of writing the story with Jason Katz, while Darla K. Anderson took the role of the main producer. 

The cinematography was handled by Matt Aspbury and Danielle Feinberg, both camera and lighting, and the film was finally edited by Steve Bloom. 

The incredible music that is very well-known and you have been under a rock if you didn’t listen to it accidentally, was written by the famous Michael Giacchino. 

For the production companies and those involved with distribution, Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios take all the credit as all the animated films from the company, and Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures distributed it. 

The entire idea of the film started in 2010 when Lee Unkrich, who is also the creator of “Toy Story 3” came up with a concept. 

From here, he was working around the main plot and topic of the animated film until he was able to come up with the script with the help of the other writers. 

According to him, this was the most difficult part of producing it since everything needed to be perfect about Mexico’s culture and the genres’ details.

Coco (2017) #4 -

Finally, in 2016, the film’s entire production started, including the official cast, animation, music, and soundtrack. 

It was officially introduced on March 15, 2017, with its teaser trailer and then released in Mexico on October 27 and later in the United States on November 22 of the same year.  

Budget & Earnings: Was It Really Big?

Usually, this question is replied to by the simple popularity of the movie and the fact it was everywhere. 

However, one thing is the fact that it was loved by the public and the other that it sold well during its release and the following weeks. 

In the case of Coco, the numbers will support its success. 

With a budget set between $175 and 225 million, it became the first animated movie to have so much money dedicated to it, but it was one of the best investments for the industry. 

Coco grossed $210.5 million in Canada and the United States only and $597.4 million in other countries and territories. This takes us to the $807.8 worldwide grossing. 

When it was first released in Mexico, its opening weekend welcomed it with $9.3 million, while the second weekend brought another $10.8 million. 

Due to the critical response and reviews from sites like Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb, the film saw an increase during the United States and Canada opening weekend as well as in other territories. 

By the end of its projection, China, Mexico, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom topped the largest markets where the film was being watched yet in theaters. People expected it as another part of the movies TV they could watch. 

So, no, the box office wasn’t disappointing.

Coco (2017) #5 -

But what about the cast? Were they able to make as much money as the film in real numbers? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to share this information with you. 

The details about how much each cast member earned for their participation was never disclosed, but some reports indicate that the main voice cast received about $150.000, but we can’t confirm it. 

However, considering the budget for the film, we don’t find it hard to believe. 

5 Crazy Facts About Coco (2017)

  • Coco became Mexico’s highest-grossing film of all time and remained at the top. 
  • “Toy Story” and “Finding Nemo” characters have cameos in the film. 
  • “The Incredibles” was also included in the world of Coco. 
  • The dog’s breed is called Xoloitzcuintli and is the national dog of Mexico.
  • When anyone plays the guitar in the film, they are playing the right notes according to the music playing, which was the best-animated feature after the considerable effort by the animators.

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