Commission Hero Review: Robby Blanchard

Real Hero or Worst Villain on the Internet? (2022 Update)

Commission Hero has been around for a while now, and it is one of the most popular commission builders out there. 

However, if there’s something we’ve learned about software, platforms, programs, and anything we review in our blog is that “popular” doesn’t mean “legit” or “real.” After all, you never know if the creator is way too good at marketing and making people subscribe or buy the products or if they are genuinely as good as they always say.

The issue with this digital product is that it offers a way to gain freedom and economic independence, leading people to trust whatever they read about how amazing it is and how they can achieve results in a determined period of time. 

So far, does this sound like every scam you’ve found online? It does, and you can’t deny it. Now, this probably makes you believe we will say Commission Hero is a scam right away, but in fact, there are many factors to consider, and concluding if it is legit or not is more difficult than it seems. 

Therefore, we will go over the details and determine if this course to make money online will be your superhero or the villain that steals your money. 

What Is Commission Hero?

To begin with, did you take the time to read through its description and see if what it offers, for starters, is what you’ve been looking for? 

If you haven’t, this short yet necessary introduction will help tons. 

Commission Hero is a ClickBank product launched in 2015 to help you make money online, thanks to how the system is built and presumptively works around Facebook and ads. 

The name of this digital product comes from how you make money according to its learning: by advertising digital products and earning “big” commissions. 

The course is based on finding lucrative affiliated programs that pay you a handsome commission for your running ads for those offers and products. 

This entire description can be very confusing since you have to be familiar with ClickBank, affiliated programs, and the creator of the course. 

You have clear that this course follows the idea of earning money online with ads and commissions, but let’s go back for a bit and look at some external factors.

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Robby Blanchard: Knowing the Creator

Commission Hero was created by Robby Blanchard, who claims to be the #1 ClickBank Affiliate worldwide. 

This is quite bold considering that ClickBank is a marketplace where you will find product creators, vendors, affiliate marketers, and anyone involved in the production and selling process and who comes together in order to form a joint venture. 

To be honest, Blanchard isn’t a nobody. Instead, you will discover that it is pretty relevant when it comes to marketing since he is the CEO of Blanchard Media, which has important clients under its wings. 

This creator focuses on offering consulting, ad campaigns, coaching, and help people know how to work with marketing. 

To this point, he looks like someone reliable that wouldn’t represent a problem when it comes to buying a product. However, don’t be fooled. 

There’s more to it in a person to decide to invest money in one of the products they offer, and besides, the fact they are honest and real doesn’t mean the course, in this case, works. 

However, Robby does take on a very profitable niche: affiliate marketing. Therefore, you can rest assured this actually works in terms of being a real course based on a business opportunity that isn’t made up by him or something similar. 

The last question here is: does the course work to learn how to make money with it?

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How Commission Hero Works

First, let’s leave this clear (though we believe it already is), Commission Hero isn’t for making money directly. In other words, buying it doesn’t mean you will earn income with what you get from the course. 

It is just that, a course that provides the tools to start making money and which is why you should consider even more seriously if it is worth it or not. 

The course follows the system of affiliate marketing, which means you will go over an outline that includes: 

  • How to find people’s products you can promote.
  • How to advertise those products on Facebook. 
  • Turn advertising leads into sales. 
  • Make money for each sale or lead converted. 

We must point out that this course only teaches you how to make affiliate marketing work based on paid traffic, which means you have to run ads and invest money in them. 

However, organic traffic can be used for affiliate marketing despite taking a bit more time and effort. 

But sticking to the course, you will learn with Facebook and how to advertise there, which means you will have an expense to deal with once completing the course and trying the new method. 

According to how the course is advertised, you’re supposed to have all the knowledge to make $1.000 per day with affiliate marketing, rank high in the ClickBank affiliate list, and use a 3-steps system in which Robby repeats his secret constantly. 

The system works by picking an offer to promote via ClickBank, create a landing page via ClickFunnels, and create Facebook ads for advertising. 

Where does this leave you? According to the course, you should be able to make money by following the system and steps you were introduced to.

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Price & Value: Is It Worth It?

Something to point out about this right away is: it is VERY expensive. 

Commission Hero isn’t cheap, and for a course, you definitely have to think about spending $997 on it. 

This is when the question of is it worth it or not comes to mind, and in our opinion, it isn’t, and this isn’t only about not having enough money to spend on the course or anything of the sort. It is the simple fact that you can learn what he teaches for less money. 

Focusing on the price, you have the option to pay in 2 installments at $597 each them. In other words, the course ends up being more expensive, and you can spend $997 only if you pay in full at once. 

It doesn’t look like a bad idea for people who are considering the investment if it truly works and they can afford it. However, the real problem with the money starts here: you still have more to pay. 

With the previous payment, you have access to all the lessons and 3-steps system mentioned above, but this doesn’t include the costs for being able to work with the software and options needed like Facebook ads and ClickBank.

Commission Hero Review #5 -

Those hidden costs are what drives many people crazy and disappoint them when it comes to Commission Hero because we’re not talking about a few extra bucks either but rather a lot of money: 

  • You have to pay $97 per month for ClickFunnels to build landing pages.
  • ClickMagick costs $27 a month, and it is a tracking tool. 
  • Autoresponder costs about $15 a month.
  • Facebook ads require at least a $200 investment. 

In addition, you have to pay $297 per month if you want to be part of the “inner circle” of the course to access unit content and options like weekly webinars, funnels that are already done, and supervision by Robby, who will review your ads campaigns. 

Based on this, you definitely have to think if you want to spend thousands every year on something you don’t know if it is worth it. Of course, after a few months, you should be able to notice, but this doesn’t mean you won’t lose a lot of money in the process, considering the initial fees. 

We have to give Robby that no message or text is saying you won’t have to spend money. In fact, it warns you about needing it for Facebook ads, but the prices about memberships and additional costs are way too high. 

Why do we consider it isn’t worth it? Because, as we mentioned, it is possible to learn the same for less with either other courses or even taking the time to research properly and aim for free alternatives. 

Pros & Cons: Your Own Decision

Although we don’t recommend it or believe it is a waste of money, it doesn’t mean you have to follow this. 

Besides, we like to help people make well-informed decisions and know our reasons why we come to a specific conclusion. However, with Commission Hero, in particular, we believe it has pros you can consider and could lead you to the opposite decision: investing the money in it. 

Therefore, below you will find the list of pros and cons so you can analyze the situation carefully: 


  • It is real and based on a business model that truly works. 
  • Its creator, Robby, isn’t a random person. He does have experience and knows about the business to help you make money.
  • You can choose the products and what you decide to advertise with the strategy.
  • Support is provided. 
  • The course is properly organized and easy to understand. 


  • It is expensive at its initial price. 
  • It isn’t transparent about the additional costs you have to afford in order to use the course and make money later.
  • You must have lots of patience with this business model and how Robby teaches it to achieve results. 
  • ClickBank isn’t bad, but the course only focuses on it and doesn’t explore other options that could be more efficient.
  • The refund policy is very specific, and you might not get your money returned for some terms.

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Is There a Better Option?

Do you refer to the business model or course? Because for both, the answer is yes. 

There are many courses about affiliate marketing and how you can make money with it. 

However, it is true that many of them aren’t only expensive but also scams you want to avoid at all costs, and this is why we have to admit Commission Hero can be a great choice: because it is legit and works if you can afford the fees. 

This doesn’t mean you won’t find some that are as useful and legit, but you will have to research more and focus on those that have good reviews and reputations like Commission Hero. 

When it comes to the business model, we have a more accurate recommendation for it: lead generation. 

Suppose you’re trying to invest in the course for affiliate marketing in order to make income from home, online, or just work without much physical effort. In that case, you don’t have to rely on this overcrowded method because, yes, this business model is full of people nowadays. 

Instead, a lead generation comes with two main benefits: affordable and less competitive. 

You can make money with this model without having to spend thousands every year as long as you find the right course for it and learn what it takes. 

Don’t worry; lead gen is quite simple: 

  • You choose a niche like tree services, septic tanks, etc.
  • Then, you start contacting small businesses or companies that need to generate more leads. 
  • You will build a website for each of the companies to have a place to generate the leads. 
  • Rank the sites on Google to generate organic traffic and convert it into leads. 
  • With the leads, you want to convert them into clients. 

You will make money per lead you generate for the client, and although it takes time and hard work initially, the sites will turn into passive income for you, a very good one.

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To try your luck in this business model, you can access the #1 training program for lead gen that goes from the easiest terms and concepts to the point of making you earn money before even completing it. 

For more info, you only need to click here!

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Written by Dame Cash

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