Conversion Conversations Course Review: Tanner Chidester

Legit Training Program? (2022 Update)

Finding more clients for a business is never easy, and if you are just starting one or going through a rough time, you are bound to try anything you can to solve the problem as soon as possible and save your entrepreneurship from failure. 

However, the problem with this desperation lies in that last part: “You are bound to try anything…”

Many entrepreneurs and people who are having a hard time tend to end up being victims of scams and some bad experiences when it comes to investments in courses, training programs, coaching, and much more, which is why you can’t just use anything, you need to take the time to find reviews and options that won’t disappoint. 

We are sure you will fall into this training program, Conversion Conversations since it has been a bit popular for the past few months if you are in the fitness niche. 

If you are considering purchasing or investing in it, remember what we just said: Take the time to find reviews and options. 

We decided that if you are desperate or just trying to bring more clients to your fitness businesses, you will be interested in this training. Thus, we wanted to provide a reliable review that will tell you how much it is really worth. 

So, hold on for a ride that will explain the program’s most complicated and simplest aspects. 

Starting Simple: Who Is Tanner Chidester?

Before we can even write or talk about the course, we prefer to give you an introduction to the creator or founder of the program. 

Why? Because it tends to give you a hint of whether the person is someone reliable and truly interested in real businesses or just trying to get more out of people who fall into scams. 

So, we want to make sure you have some background on Tanner and for what he is known. 

Tanner Chidester was born on January 16, 1992, in Salt Lake City. He is an American bodybuilder and entrepreneur who has also written the personal development book: “Infinity Income.”

His background in fitness and bodybuilding started in his childhood since he was bullied, so he began weightlifting at the age of 12 and continued to do so until he graduated from Brigham Young University’s Petroleum engineering program in 2010. 

David Frey, his mentor, encouraged him to start his first business, the Fit Warrior Training Program. He used the money he earned from door-to-door sales, fitness modeling, and other means to finance his venture.

Chidester’s success with Fit Warrior led to him starting Elite CEOs to help others start and grow their businesses. In just 12 months, Fit Warrior grew into a seven-figure company.

Elite CEOs is a company that empowers any business leader to start their own online business. Tanner taught himself all the elements that every business requires to succeed, and due to his success, he has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, CBS, and CNBC. 

This new Conversion Conversations program is one of his most recent business ventures that claim to have the same goal: Aim to build and scale businesses from zero to top figures in 2 years.

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What Is Conversion Conversation About? 

With the introduction of who could be your coach and trainer in the future, we are sure you have realized something: He isn’t fake nor someone who is trying to scam people. 

With what we have told you so far, we can state something for this review in particular, that this young entrepreneur is actually a very reliable person that proves to be successful in his businesses so far and is eager to help people due to some statements like, “Why wouldn’t we help people?”

This should give you some peace of mind when diving with us into the real deal: The program itself. 

For starters, Conversion Conversations by Tanner Chidester, a business owner, is focused on other business owners or those who want to start with their right foot and want to boost sales and their companies overall. 

However, it is only for trainers or those interested in the fitness industry since this is the niche Tanner focused on and dedicated his life to. 

With this alone, you can tell he isn’t going for something he knows nothing about but rather focuses on teaching you what he does. 

The idea of the program is to help you understand how you can bring more leads and clients to your business by implementing some methods and helping you increase the conversion rates and other statistics of the business. 

In Tanner’s words, he wants to teach you how to take a fitness business from 0 to 8 figures in just two years (as we previously mentioned).

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What to Expect from the Program: Deep Dive Into it

With our concepts and explanation straight, we can start looking at what you will learn with this course. 

First, you can expect five parts or modules of this program that, in our opinion, do include the essentials and tools you can use to boost your fitness business. 

However, we will have a closer look at each one of them to ensure you feel either confident to say “I’ll dig in” or just “I’ll pass it.”

  • Introduction to Facebook Ads. 

Just like the bullet point suggests, you will be introduced to the world of Facebook ads and how it works. 

Ads can be challenging for most business owners, especially those on social media and digital marketing overall. 

Why? Because they don’t know how to optimize the money they are spending or how to target the right audience. There are just way too many factors to consider and learn. 

This is why Tanner takes the time to teach you about the basics of Facebook Ads, like setting up your Facebook business manager, installing the platform’s pixel on your website, and setting a campaign. 

He also added an extra session on how to connect your ads to a chatbot called Manychat. 

This chatbot helps you automate your communication with customers through the platform and saves lots of time and effort by answering common questions and collecting their information.

Conversion Conversations Review #4 -

In addition, he won’t just jump in like most “entrepreneurs” in the topic without giving you context, which is why he focuses on answering and developing factors like how you can market your fitness business, find your audience, set a budget for the ads, and how to turn them on and off. 

Anything related to the lesson will come with a proper introduction to the questions you might have. 

  • Introduction to Facebook Groups. 

After the ads, Tanner focuses on the importance of using Facebook Groups for your business. 

For instance, he will let you know how to find clients using them either because you don’t have money for using ads or you want to implement both strategies (which is the optimal option, according to him). 

The idea of using Facebook Groups will compile the option of joining them but also creating one to invite prospects to join. 

However, the trick lies in providing value and ensure your prospects convert into customers in the future based on the strategies taught by Tanner.

  • How to Use Organic Messaging. 

If there’s something people appreciate about Chidester’s training is the fact he invests time and effort in explaining the organic (aka, free) methods to use to boost your fitness business. 

Messaging, in this case, will be covered by him by providing you examples of what you should say and how to connect with prospects on social media besides Facebook. 

Believe it or not, he will teach you how you should say things when to do so and what you should mention to your prospects to convert them. 

As Tanner will mention, this part is crucial in any business since you cannot contact all audiences using the same messaging on different social media platforms. 

Instead, you have to customize it to reach them according to the average audience and how they interact with each other. 

  • Setting Up Your Sales Funnel.

Also known as marketing funnel. This element is the most crucial one when you want to convert prospects into clients or customers, but it is often done wrongly by all business owners. 

This is why the founder of the training will take you over the required steps to know how to handle your sales funnel or ClickFunnel, which earned him an award and $10 million dollars worth of traffic. 

The idea of the module is to teach you the best method to implement it, save time, effort, and resources in the process to bring conversions for your fitness business. 

Funnel needs to be done creatively, smartly, and with the right steps for the customer journey; this involves automating some steps and parts of it depending on where your potential customers are and how to reach them.

Conversion Conversations Review #5 -

  • Learning the Conversion Conversation Method. 

So far, you might think the course doesn’t have anything special so far, but that’s wrong. 

First, the topics approached, explained, and exactly what he teaches you are essential for any business, not only those in the fitness niche. 

Second, Tanner offers more than just “a simple program” for general information. 

And finally, this module proves he has a secrete to share: The Conversion Conversations Method, for which he named the training. 

The idea of the method is to connect with leads and convert them efficiently and effectively. 

For it, he will share his ManyChat scripts, blueprints and tell you how you can implement them to achieve the desired result. 

The entire method and lesson include questions you can ask for your leads when it is the right time to do so and how you can make leads fall into the previous sales funnels to boost your online conversions and close high ticket clients.

Inside the Price – Is It Worth Your Money?

We will set one record straight: This training program isn’t a scam, and this is what you need to know by this point. 

Tanner is very serious about his business, and he does look up to teach you what you need to do in the fitness niche as a trainer trying to have a new business or just someone trying to maintain it. 

As we previously mentioned, he isn’t in another element when he is teaching you this process and method. Instead, he pretty much knows what he is doing thanks to his experience and knowledge in the field since he was 12 and the success of his digital marketing strategies so far with the other two businesses. 

Therefore, you can rest assured isn’t a scam but rather a good opportunity for you to know the next step for the business in the niche. 

That being said, how much will you pay for it? 

One of the advantages of choosing it over other courses is that it is relatively cheap. It only costs $97, and Tanner sets no additional fees.

Conversion Conversations Review #6 -

You only need to spend some money when testing Facebook Ads and some paid strategies previously mentioned. Though, the investment isn’t that significant. 

Since 2020, he has been helping over 1,000 people with this program, and if you are up for it, you can rest assured it will work well. 

Pros & Cons: Considering All Factors

Of course, as much as we have recommended this training program so far, we can’t say it is completely perfect. 

Like everything else, it still has some aspects that could get better, but we want you to evaluate them and notice what we find a more positive balance than negative. 


  • It is very affordable for all trainers and people interested, and no extra fees are required, and some free access is included. 
  • Tanner is a real digital marketer, has shown results from his two businesses so far, proving he isn’t a scam. 
  • Although the course is focused on the fitness niche, it can be useful for other businesses. 
  • It is well organized and easy to understand. 
  • Tanner is very straightforward and provides an effective blueprint to enter and grow in the online marketing world. 


  • It still lacks some additional information about how to grow the business in specific over the years or what to do when you stagnate. 
  • Some personal support would be appreciated, yet it is missing. 

As you can see, the cons are very few, and we are confident you will find them not a problem at all considering the value the rest of the training offers you.

Conversion Conversations Review #7 -

Considering a Fitness Business? This Is Much Better… 

Everyone wants to start or own a business in 2021, and it makes sense. However, it doesn’t mean they want this because it is easy or simple. 

There are way too many options to consider, and if you want a piece of advice, online alternatives are much better than traditional ones. 

Therefore, if you are considering a fitness business, you might want to implement a digital method for this along with your face-to-face one or rely on a technique that can keep it running online. 

On the other hand, other options can help you generate more income while also saving more time and effort. 

We have a better recommendation when it comes to what you can do: Lead generation.

Let’s say you want to invest in the training we have been discussing so far for the type of business you have in mind. That isn’t bad at all, but your goal is to earn income, right? Then, it may not be the best method. 

Instead, lead generation is a great opportunity to make money online, and you can invest less time and effort in the process.

Conversion Conversations Review #8 -

A lead generation program has two major benefits. It is affordable, and even when it requires hard work in the beginning, the rest comes alone. 

This model can be profitable without spending thousands of dollars every year. As long as you choose the right course and learn how to do it, it is possible to make money.

You don’t have to worry about it; lead generation is very simple:

  • You can choose to specialize in a particular niche, such as tree services or septic tanks, even fitness. 
  • Next, contact small businesses and companies that need more leads and bring prospects their way.
  • Each company will have its own website, which you will build. 
  • To generate organic traffic to the sites and convert them into leads, rank them on Google. This will lead to generating free leads on your side.
  • Get paid for each lead you generate on each website. 

Each lead that you generate for a client will earn you money. These sites will eventually become a passive income for your business.

You can get the best training program in lead generation to try your luck with this business model. 

The one we recommend goes beyond the simplest terms and concepts to make you generate money even before you complete it.

Caught your eye? Here’s the info!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

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Written by Dame Cash

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