Course from Scratch Review: Danielle Leslie

Legit Opportunity for Passive Income or Most Obvious Scam? (2022 Update)

There are so many business models available nowadays that it is hard to determine which one is the best, so you can know which one is worth your time and effort. 

However, there’s something we have to agree on: creating and selling courses has been booming for years now, and this only continues to get more popular. 

Therefore, if you ever got proposed to work around this alternative and you see the chance to give it a try, you should definitely go for it, but it won’t be as easy as it sounds, and we are pretty aware of it. 

You see, creating a course isn’t simple even with all the platforms available to sell them nowadays, which is why it is needed to go over the process and guarantee you’re selling and offering something valuable, not a random course that might not have enough content nor be worth people’s money. 

What does this have to do with Course from Scratch? Danielle Leslie thought about what others haven’t: how to create a course by providing a course about it. 

It sounds a bit funny, but if you’re truly interested in the business and idea, you will be very eager to know about it, just like many others. 

This is why we decided to go over a full review of the course and help you determine if it is good, worth your time, or on the contrary, you should bet for something completely new that could mean less effort or, at least, more profitable. 

Who Is Danielle Leslie? The Brain Behind the Course

Before you even think about investing in this course, the natural and logical thing to do is to focus on who the person who offers it is. After all, who doesn’t buy a product based on the creator? (Spoiler: millions). 

However, you usually avoid options from those you don’t know much about, or if you want to give them a try, it is crucial to get to know a bit more about them. 

This is why we will cover this first: who is Danielle?

If you tried to search for her before 2017, the information you found wasn’t much since she was not well-known before this year. 

But today, you will discover she is an entrepreneur, advisor, and guru. 

She particularly loves to use Udemy for the courses and masterclasses she creates since it is where she got her start, and also, the platform is one of the most popular and useful when it comes to online courses. 

The entire goal of Danielle is to help people turn their knowledge into a course to share and allow you (and others) to make money with it without much struggle and by using the right strategies. 

She is a marketing expert and an instructor who loves to succeed. She’s also active on social media, such as LinkedIn and Facebook.

Making people trust their potential and come up with ideas is part of her expertise. However, this is something she can tell you, and you will be thinking, “how can I believe you?” 

Well, Danielle has many good reviews, and this one could be or not another one. You will have to read a bit more for it.

Course from Scratch Review #2 -

What Is Course from Scratch? Diving into the Opportunity

As we were mentioning, this is a course that teaches you how to build a course from scratch. This means you will (or should) have access to every step that it takes to create your digital product and be able to sell it on platforms like Udemy. 

To be more accurate, this training isn’t a simple course. Instead, Danielle designed it as a masterclass. The big difference between both lies in the fact that common courses go less deep into topics and examples. 

However, masterclasses are truly meant to take you through the entire process, and you should be able to learn everything from scratch (ironically).

But if there’s something no one will tell you (even Danielle), not everyone is a good candidate for an educational course. In other words, not everyone is good at creating one regardless of the course you take. 

Some people will find it hard to be informative, create content that is worth it, and guarantee it is educational for every single person that acquires it. However, if you find yourself capable of it, you will cross paths with this course since it will help you make a proper one for your audience and future students. 

Course from Scratch, which is simply a program that will show you how to make an educational course in 60 days, is quite simple.

You can find the course on the Teachables platform, which Danielle actually recommends for creating your course, so you will start to get a bit familiar with it.

Course from Scratch Review #3 -

How Does Course from Scratch Work?

The first thing we want to mention about this course is that it’s really well organized with seven modules. 

The modules are not just instructional videos; they’re also downloadable PDFs so that you can work offline or on your phone if necessary without having internet access. 

This is why we consider it really starts quite well, but the question is, does it remain like this? And more importantly, does it end up teaching you what you’re expecting with the short introduction and brief? 

There are several factors and elements we have to mention about this course so you can understand how you get started and if it is worth your time. 

To begin with, you usually don’t have to pay to first access it. 

Danielle actually has a more free webinar course that can help you get introduced to this masterclass, but it isn’t often announced on the platform. 

During this webinar, she will introduce herself and tell you how to use free organic traffic to get sales. 

However, the content is very short since the webinar is only 15 minutes long, and you are left wondering what else is there to know. 

In other words (and easier ones), she introduces you to what you will learn in this course, which we have to mention that it costs $1.997. 

You will find the course on the Teachables platform, as we previously mentioned, and it will tell you it is possible to get the course for free, but you will need to pay $97 per month when the first three months expire (which are free). 

Then, the course is divided into steps to launch your course in only 60 days, which is something Danielle repeats several times; you have access to a private community and the option of bonuses in an email list which is supposed to allow you to build a course in 7 days. 

However, to access the bonuses offered in the course, you will have to pay in full instead of relying on the three payments option.

Course from Scratch Review #4 -

With this in mind, this is how the course is split:

  • Module 0: Welcome To #CourseFromScratch.
  • Module 1: Minimum Viable Course.
  • Module 2: Course Topic and Customers.
  • Module 3: Culture & Content Add.
  • Module 4: Conversions.
  • Module 5: Advanced Course Launch.

Videos will be provided as mentioned, but in our experience, it can be a bit hard to follow them and get all the information they’re trying to share with you. 

Instead, we feel they are lacking a bit in each topic (which the name of the models don’t give too much out) and could have some additional steps and tips added. 

Although the content is extensive, there are still areas that could be improved. 

For example, traffic and lead generation. There is not much content about this. 

You’ve created a course. Now what? You’re probably already a successful entrepreneur, so you are well-placed. But, if you don’t have a business, how can you make money with your course?

What we do appreciate are the additional modules and tools added by Danielle that drive you through the entire process of essentials you would usually miss, along with benefits other courses should include: 

  • Tech Tools.
  • 3-month Teachable Trial.
  • Webinar from Scratch Series.
  • Success Series.
  • Email Optin & Squeeze setup.
  • Live Q+A calls.
  • Live Coaching & Phone Calls.

Course from Scratch Review #5 -

Should You Invest or Not? Pros & Cons of Course from Scratch

Something you will notice about this course from Danielle is that she actually approaches topics and steps needed to create your own course and sell it. 

However, as we were mentioning a few moments ago, we feel it isn’t enough, and all the content just tries to distract you from the fact that at least 40% of it can be found online or people can figure it out. 

Don’t get us wrong, we believe Danielle’s course actually works, and people can give it a try, but not for almost $2k considering this is quite expensive. There’s no way to know if your course will actually do well enough to have your ROI and future revenue. 

Whenever you invest in something, of course, you’re expecting it to work, but you have to keep in mind that some aspects can go wrong, and you might end up spending more money than you need to. 

That being said, we want you to make a decision (as always) based on the pros and cons of the course in this case. 

It has good things, but we consider there are others that can offer more or the same for less. Now, it will be up to you to make this decision: 


  • The course is legit and selling your own one is actually profitable if you are made for it and learn well. 
  • Danielle did have experience and a good background since 2017 when she started to be famous in the niche.
  • Platforms, tips, and content are valuable if you don’t want to spend time looking a lot for yourself and include additional elements that will usually be hard to find.
  • Despite some misleading info, the structure and layout are well made. 


  • It is quite pricey, and you could find similar courses for less. 
  • You won’t spend $1,997 but rather over $3k in the long term due to Danielle’s methods of creating and selling the course along with the bonuses offered. 
  • Nothing guarantees that your course will be a success, which means this option takes many risks. 
  • You need certain talent for educational videos.

Course from Scratch Review #6 -

Business Idea? This One Is Worth Your Time

We get it; you wanted to access the course in order to finally have a business you could bet on. However, you aren’t sure anymore and think it can be quite expensive to go for it. 

In our opinion, there are better business models with fewer risks, investments, and you are guaranteed to have a passive income even when you have to work hard in the beginning. 

For us, lead generation has resulted in much more profitable for two reasons: it is safe, and you don’t need too much money to achieve thousands every month. 

Let’s say you want to invest in this course alternative to earn income online or at home. This is a great opportunity indeed, but as we mentioned, quite risky. 

A lead generation program has two major benefits: it is affordable and less expensive than other options if we take a bit to compare it to the course and option Danielle offers us. 

This model can be profitable without spending thousands of dollars every year. As long as you choose the right course and learn how to do it, it is possible to make money.

You don’t have to worry about it since lead generation is very simple:

  • You can choose to specialize in a particular niche, such as tree services or septic tanks.
  • Next, contact small businesses and companies that need more leads.
  • Each company will have its own website, and you will be in charge of building them. 
  • To generate organic traffic to your sites and convert them into leads, rank them on Google.
  • For each lead you generate for a site and company, you get paid a commission.

Course from Scratch Review #7 -

Although it is hard work at first, these sites will eventually become a passive income for your business.

You can get the best training program in lead generation to try your luck with this business model.

It goes beyond the simplest terms and concepts to make you money even before you complete it.

Which one is this training? Here’s more info about it!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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