CreativeLive Review: Is It Worth It?

Best Course Platform or Cheap Copy? (2022 Update)

When looking for new opportunities in businesses, work, or in general, you have to make sure that knowledge is the first thing that accompanies you. 

Therefore, you have to take your time to wonder if you have learned enough in a specific field or if you should focus on taking some courses and classes that could help and where you can access them. 

Now, what does this have to do with our review about CreativeLive? Everything considering the platform is an online education site that is aimed at entrepreneurs and professionals who want to learn about specific topics and areas. 

We will review today if this platform is worth your time and money when it comes to choosing it as your learning tool from now on. After all, many other websites can offer you similar services, and your goal is to find the most suitable one (and cheap, if possible). 

What Is CreativeLive? Learn from Home

As we mentioned, it is a platform for online creative classes and courses, so you can learn from the best in any creative field that interests you. 

If you’re familiar with platforms like Udemy, Masterclass, and LinkedIn Learning, then you get the idea of how this one works. 

However, unlike the previous ones that will offer you a wide range of courses classified into different categories and either short (1 to 5 hours) or long ones (5+ hours), CreativeLive focuses on shorter rather than longer since it emphasizes learning specific creative skills. 

In other words, you have a specific selection of the courses you can take and what you can learn from them. 

The word “creative” really represents the platform not only because of its name but rather for the primary skills you can learn through its courses: 

  • Blogging. 
  • Writing.
  • Art and design.
  • Photography. 
  • Video editing. 

The entire concept of the courses goes around skills that usually require imagination, and you’re just missing the technique. 

Now, you’re probably wondering how you make money by learning from any of those courses. Well, by offering the services based on your new skills or complement what you’ve been working in so far. 

The purpose is to learn anything related to the previous fields from home or any place you’re in since everything is done online and by signing up on the platform.

CreativeLive Review #2 -

CreativeLive History – Founder & Background

With so many options in the market and on the Internet, to be more specifics, you don’t know which one of those platforms available will be the best one for you. 

It is hard to determine it (usually) unless you give them a try, and what we can tell you, for now, will be based on CreativeLive only. 

That being said, there’s something basic: you have to research and learn about when and where it came from to determine if it is reliable. 

CreativeLive was founded in 2010 by award-winning photographer Chase Jarvis and entrepreneur Craig Swanson in Seattle. 

Chase Jarvis is known as a director and entrepreneur who has been in the art industry for decades. Thus, many people trust CreativeLive for the simple fact of one of its founders. 

The company is set to work around the freemium business model. 

In case you’re not familiar, the structure is about offering basic services or selected ones to your public or audience but charge for others that are special and more advanced. 

When translating this into the courses available on the platform, it is basically accessing some free courses yet basic ones that will help as introduction most of the time. At the same time, you have to pay if you want to access more advanced (and usually, the practical courses) options. 

This sets the record that CreativeLive is both free and paid, depending on your needs and goals for learning.

CreativeLive Review #3 -

Going back to its history, the company isn’t unknown to people. Still, indeed, there isn’t much information about it either rather than paid reviews by CreativeLive and some unbiased ones that can tell you a bit more about the platform. 

Therefore, the only information we can confirm is that CreativeLive has grown quite a lot since its founding in 2021. 

In 2012, for example, it generated over $8 million in investments, while in 2013, this number increased to $21.5 million. 

As for 2020, which is the latest record we can share, the platform has over 2 million people signed up and as active listeners, while famous experts like Reid Hoffman, Tim Ferriss, and Richard Branson provide conferences using it. 

How Does CreativeLive Work? 

Following the term mentioned (freemium), you already have a basic idea of how the platform works. 

However, we haven’t dived deeper into what you actually obtain and the prices for your decision to take particular courses. 

First, let’s focus on the free factor. 

CreativeLive has over 2,000 courses/classes available, and all of them are taught by professionals or experts in the area. 

The platform and company guarantee that every course is certified, and only experts are allowed to teach them to ensure you’re truly learning from someone who isn’t telling you anything that comes to mind. 

What sets CreativeLive apart from other platforms like Coursera is the fact that you don’t only have video classes that are there to be watched whenever you have time. 

Instead, the site bets for streaming, which means you can have the classes live, ask your questions and connect better with your instructor and other users. 

All of the air events available are free. You will find some paid options that are, naturally, more advance. However, it isn’t necessary to start by paying any fees. 

You have to remember something we have mentioned several times already: free classes or courses tend to be basic. 

This is when we introduce you to the paid option. 

With CreativeLive, you have different options to finance the classes offered. 

You can either choose to acquire a specific one you’ve been wanting, so you only have to invest in it and nothing else, or decide to take part by picking and paying for a pass or plan available.

CreativeLive Review #4 -

If you want to know the prices of the classes, it is as simple as visiting the platform and having a look at the sections. 

Till this point, there’s no need to pay anything nor even sign up to have a look at the catalog they have. 

You will notice that each class has a specific price established, and most of them appear “on sale.” 

If you’re interested in buying one or two courses only, it’s perfect for picking them and just paying for the fixed cost, which usually starts at $19 and goes up to $200. 

However, what happens with those that want to access many classes, and paying for them individually is just way too expensive? You’ve got the creator pass. 

CreativeLive creator’s pass is just a subscription that allows you to access ALL classes on the platform, and you can take any pre-recorded or streaming class whenever you want. In simpler words, you’re given access to everything for a fee. 

This option works with three alternatives: 

  • You can choose the creator pass that is billed annually. You are charged $12.42 a month but a full year, which means you pay $149 at once. 
  • If you don’t want to pay a full year or want to commit but can’t afford $149 at once, you have the annual commitment and installment option. You sign up for a full year but pay an installment every month of $15.
  • If not, you have the monthly option that costs $39. 

Once you pay for any of these subscriptions, there’s no need for extra fees.

CreativeLive Review #5 -

Is It All Pink? Pros & Cons 

If you ask us, the platform not only offers great deals and classes but is also unique in how it provides them. 

Yes, you have the typical pre-recorded option, but connecting live is something else you will appreciate a lot. 

However, not everything is fantastic about the platform. Below, we will list both pros and cons so you can have a better outline of what to love and what to feel a bit disappointed about: 


  • Filmed videos are of high quality, and streaming doesn’t usually present any delays. 
  • All instructors are professionals, including famous people like Oscar and Grammy winners. 
  • Class videos and materials can be downloaded. 
  • Easy yet very useful and complete classes (they’re not a waste of time).
  • You can adjust playback speed and read transcripts of the classes.
  • Available for desktop and app. 


  • It is uncertain if the on-sale classes are for marketing tactics or they mean it, which leads you to be a bit confused about the original price of each of them.
  • Over 90% of the courses don’t include certification. 
  • Individual courses can be expensive unless you find them on sale or pay for a creator pass.

CreativeLive Review #6 -

Will You Make Money with the Skills Learned?

The creative world the platform focuses on for its classes and courses is totally profitable, especially if we consider making money sessions and concentrating on some entrepreneur topics. 

Of course, the main goal is to provide classes about design, art and dive deep into the entire area of creativity. 

However, if you’re worried about being able to use those skills, you will learn to make money, you don’t have to, but the trick lies in how profitable they are as beginners or if they’re what you need for your goals. 

If you’re looking to make a lot of money, be your own boss, or work around a better opportunity, learning them isn’t bad at all, but not the right answer to what you want and wonder either. 

Instead, learning skills that can help you with local lead generation is more profitable and cheaper long-term. 

This business opportunity focuses on helping local businesses to build and rank their websites on Google to generate organic traffic. 

Then, this traffic will turn into leads that translate to potential clients for your customers. 

Each lead generated will bring you a payment or commission thanks to your efforts and job of bringing customers for your clients and continuously generate those leads. 

Now, although this option to make money is quite profitable, you have to learn the right skills to handle the whole process of: 

  • Choosing a niche. 
  • Find local clients in that niche. 
  • Build websites. 
  • Rank them on Google. 
  • Generate organic traffic and then leads. 
  • Maintain the sites working so you constantly generate leads.

CreativeLive Review #7 -

To get started on this and invest the part (or all) of the money you were planning to put into CreativeLive, there’s a complete training program that can help both beginners and some advanced individuals in what local lead generation is. 

Unlike courses or classes from the platform, you will be making money even before you complete it. 

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Written by Dame Cash

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