Movie Earnings: Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Too Despicable or Noble to Watch?

Animated films like Despicable Me 2 aren’t our favorite ones. However, we have to admit that the movie has a place in our hearts. 

Just in case, you must have watched the first film (well, dah! There’s a “2” here) in order to understand part of our fascination. Also, to avoid some possible spoilers. 

Despicable Me 2 is one of those films that was waiter by the audience for months due to the success of the first part. We even went and watched both of them at the cinema and spent some money binging popcorn and sweets. 

However, if you haven’t watched it or any of them, you must be wondering what is so good about the film. 

It is hard to say it, but we can guarantee that comedy, life lessons, and great characters are part of the reasons people like it. 

We will get down to business more than mentioning how good the film is: How popular was it in numbers? 

We will be introducing you to some details about the film, but expect this article to be more about the insight aspects than anything else. 

Cast & Plot: A Look Inside the Despicable Film

Well, here we are, talking about the animated film. 

We said we wanted to cover other details more than the film itself and what it is about. However, we need to make sure you are a bit aware of how the story goes. 

Thus, what about going over the details of the plot for a bit? Again, remember that this is the second part, so we are not guilty of some spoilers.

Despicable Me (2013) #2 -

Gru, our ex-supervillain from the last film, is adjusting to his family and looking for an honest living in the jam business. 

Meanwhile, a secret Arctic laboratory has been stolen, leading him to be involved in more villain’s deeds, but while being the good guy?

The Anti-Villain League recruits Gru to assist in its investigation. Along with secret agent Lucy Wilde, and an eccentric AVL agent, Gru reluctantly agrees to join and concludes that El Macho is the prime suspect. 

El Macho’s teenage son is also making moves on Margo, Gru’s eldest child, which puts him in a tough position as a new big dad. 

Blinded by the overprotectiveness he shows for his children and his growing attraction to Lucy, there seems to be more than just the mission. 

He wouldn’t expect during all this wild adventure or event that his minions are quietly being kidnapped in secret to be turned into wildly unpredictable minions, or more like evil minions.

Despicable Me (2013) #3 -

Unlike what many believe, the voice cast of Despicable Me 2 is quite known in the industry. 

First, we have Steve Carell giving his voice to our favorite villain, Gru. Then, Kristen Wiig gave her voice to Lucy while Benjamin Bratt to Eduardo Pérez. Other popular ones can also be found: 

  • Miranda Cosgrove as Margo.
  • Russell Brand as Dr. Nefario.
  • Ken Jeong as Floyd Eagle-san.
  • Steve Coogan as Silas Ramsbottom.
  • Elsie Fisher as Agnes.
  • Dana Gaier as Edit.
  • Moises Arias as Antonio Perez.

Other additional voices (for some adorable girls and other characters) involve Nasim Pedrard, Ava Actress, and another 7+ members.

Despicable Me (2013) #4 -

Production on Its Way: Behind Cameras

Bringing an animated film is HARD. Many would underestimate it, but you would be surprised by the amount of work people have on their computers to set the entire scenario and plot. 

For Despicable Me 2, Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud had a lot of work as directors, while Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio had to deal with the writing (great job, though!). 

Meanwhile, production was handled by Chris Meledandri and Janet Healy. The edition felt in the hands of Gregory Perler and music by Heitor Pereira and Pharrell Williams. 

Finally, the production companies aren’t as many as other real-life films since they involve less scenography and logistics. 

In this case, Illumination Entertainment took the role while Universal Pictures distributed it. 

With this in mind, when did the development of the film come people’s ideas?

Despicable Me (2013) #5 -

After the release of the first one in 2010, the directors and CEO of Illumination Entertainment mentioned a few months later how a sequel was planned and pre-production already. 

However, it wasn’t until June 2011 that Universal Pictures announced its release date in 2013. 

The actual work for the film started in 2012, but the cast was decided between 2011 and 2012. 

The entire animation of the movie was developed in Paris, France. For it, over 550 artists were needed. 

The visual effects were definitely the most difficult part and why so many people were needed. 

With the film done after all the animation and music announced, the marketing started in March 2013 until its premiere on June 5, 2013. 

Budget & Earnings: How Well Received Was It?

We can go on all day and mention how good the film was for us. However, what truly shows how popular and well-received it was aren’t only the opinions and critics but rather the money. 

In total, Despicable Me 2 grossed $368 million in the United States and Canada only. The rest of the worldwide total was completed by the grossing in other territories for $602.7 million. This takes us to a total of $970.7 million. 

At the time, the film hit the third place as the highest-grossing film of the year, and the net profit was established at $394.5 million after considering the expenses and original budget.

Despicable Me (2013) #6 -

Talking about budget, the film was made with only $76 million, which is a great achievement considering its box office. 

It broke many records in views and critics in countries like Australia and the UK. However, the USA was the main place where it received good reviews. 

Today, Rotten Tomatoes rates it at 75%, which is kind of a 6.7/10. 

Other platforms like IMDb have it with a rating set of 7.3. 

Although these ratings are questionable compared to the films’ popularity, the audience was quite happy. 

Fans gave it great reviews, and although it isn’t considered as good as the first, it stayed alive and was a great addition as a sequel. Especially with the return of the great favorite: The Minions. But they were now being mischievous minions instead of the loving ones. 

To add some info, would you like to know about the actors? 

In this case, we will owe you some details since not all the salaries or payments were disclosed by the cast and crew. 

However, the main voice actor, Steve Carell, was paid about $8-10 million for the film. 

However, other members of the main cast received lower salaries, around $1 to $5 million. Meanwhile, additional voice actors or participants earned about $200,000-800,000.

However, not all the details of this information have been confirmed and found from our research.

Despicable Me (2013) #7 -

5 Awesome Despicable Me 2 Facts You Will Love

  • The Minions (those yellow “fingers”) are actually speaking a real language.
  • Steve Carell dressed as Gru to get into character.
  • Al Pacino almost took part in the film by voicing the villain.
  • There is much inspiration in the film, including the fact that El Macho was inspired by the legendary Mexica wrestler, El Santo.
  • Gru is designed to look like an Emperor Penguin, inside and out. After all, those penguins take great care of their children.

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