Side Hustle Idea: Do Makeup for Special Events

Finally, a Beauty Routine to Make Cash?

Many makeup lovers want to make money by doing what they’re best at. However, most of them don’t know how to do it. 

There’s a wrong concept of professional makeup artists being the only ones able to earn cash with this job. Just think about it, were they always professionals? Of course not, and they weren’t exceptional at it since the start either.

Therefore, here’s what you need to know: you only have to offer your services to people even if you aren’t the best at it, and starting with special events is the best way to bring up your talent. 

The beauty of makeup and money combined lies in being able to offer services based on your skills. This means you don’t have to be Picasso in for your art to be sold. 

We know you’re struggling with the idea regardless of what we have said so far, which is why we decided to give you the push you’re missing by providing the information you need right below. 

What Will You Do?

This side hustle is very straightforward when it comes to what it is about. Therefore, we don’t find it necessary to explain what you need to do in specific. 

However, we know you’re probably wondering why we’re suggesting special events and not just general makeup services. 

First, you must know there are many competitors in this field, and regardless of where you are from, we know you will find many like you. As a result, it will be tough to stand out and sell your services properly. 

The idea of doing it for special events is because many of them make people start searching for makeup artists more than usual. 

Let’s take Halloween as an example. Everyone needs makeup during this holiday, and you can easily find at least 2 or 3 clients that require your services. It can be slow, but it is an excellent start, along with creating your portfolio. Besides, you can usually charge more during those days. 

Another great example is during wedding days in which you will have to do the bride’s makeup and most likely the one for the bridesmaids as well. 

This side hustle is entirely based on the number of clients you can find but also in your portfolio. 

We mentioned before that it could be slow, but when you start building your reputation, and people get to know you not only locally but also in other locations, you will begin to have more work that brings, of course, more money.

Do Makeup for Special Events #2 -

What Do You Need to Start?

Unlike other side hustle ideas, this one involves a bit more “equipment” and investment. 

Usually, people think they can work around the client’s products, which is a huge mistake. 

You have to consider the factors of your clients having really low-quality products, maybe not having any, and that they aren’t waiting for you to come empty-handed. 

The responsibility of having the products and materials to do their makeup is yours, and you have to take your time and invest money in order to have enough to start working and then expand your inventory. 

If you have products for you, forget about them, you need more. 

Since you will be working with different people who vary in skin color, more than one foundation is required. Actually, you must know that mixing it is what is done most of the time, so it isn’t like you will be using one even if it is for you. Shadows palettes and lipsticks of several colors are more than needed, and only a few more we can mention. 

Now, you’re probably scared of needing too many things, and considering the fact that you should bet for high-quality products or, at least, decent ones, you know they won’t be super cheap. 

However, don’t overthink this. You can focus on the essentials based on the events you will cover and your skills at the moment. 

For example, if you offer makeup services for special events like proms, weddings, or parties, you can have a basic idea of the essentials you need, like nude, dark, and bright shades, eyeliners, and powder too.

This is to give you an idea and what we can suggest is that you make a list of the basics you consider and establish a budget. We would recommend spending between $50 to $100 depending on what you already own or not.

Do Makeup for Special Events #3 -

And of course, we cannot forget about knowing how to do your job. 

Some people are talented for this, but you can always learn and remember that practice makes perfect, but don’t decide to offer your services for special events (in particular) if you don’t have enough confidence or know that you’re good enough yet.

Beautify Your Bank Account

Here’s when we start talking about what you care about the most: making money. 

Considering that you will be offering your services for special events only, you have to determine how to charge your clients first. 

Most makeup artists focus on a rate per hour, but if you are going to handle a special day, you have to consider how many people they are and if it is worth charging per person or follow the standard. 

Those who usually decide to get paid per hour have a salary that ranges between $7 to $95. Obviously, the latter is for those that are quite professionals in the field. 

However, the other option of charging per person will depend on the type of makeup the client wants. This one varies a lot because it is based on how much you believe your work is worth. 

But to give you an idea, some amateurs or beginners decide to focus on simple or daily makeup and charge between $5 to $15 per person. 

Heavy makeup or one that requires more work than usual ranges between $10 to $25 or more. 

The final income you have will be based on your number of clients and how you are getting paid. If you follow the first option and work around 20 hours a day with a $7 salary (for example), you will make $140 in a week. 

If you stick to the second option, let’s suppose you have 20 clients in a week instead of working hours, and your fee remains the same. With this, your income follows the previous result. 

We suggest you evaluate what is best for you after giving both options a try, of course, not with the same clients. 

Finally, remember you are using materials and that it is necessary to acquire more and consider the expenses. You will need to save some money or more like dedicating it for products, which reduces your overall revenue.

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Is It Easy or an Ugly Way to Waste Time?

In our opinion, it is easy. 

Remember that everything takes time, and even if you are someone with a natural talent for makeup, building your reputation won’t take a few days but rather weeks or months. 

However, we know you’re worried about investing money and time in something that could end up being unprofitable, and what we can tell you regarding this is that it won’t happen. 

As long as you do your best and are realistic about how good you are or to what extent you can offer your services, you will be more than fine. 

Take your time to choose the special events you will attend and help with the makeup. If you feel like Halloween is too much because it involves being more artistic and using techniques you’re not familiar with or good at, then don’t include it in your services. 

We mentioned special events, but you can customize this to your comfort and the products you own and can afford. 

A final piece of advice we want to give you is that you should focus on building a portfolio. 

We mentioned it a few times throughout the article, and we want to make sure the message came through. You see, makeup is visual, and people are trying to find someone who can recreate or create art. 

Therefore, you need to show them what you’re capable of before they decide to hire your services. 

Start with yourself, your friends, and your family. Take photos and post them or send them to your clients!

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Written by Dame Cash

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