Dropship Lifestyle Review: Anton Kraly

Easiest Way to Lose Money or Build a Real Business? (2022 Update)

Knowing what works or not on the Internet is an everyday challenge that people have to go through. Especially if what you’re trying to determine if it is legit or not is a course or business model.

There are way too many nowadays, and although a high percentage of them work, others are a waste of money and definitely a scam.

However, if you have heard about Dropship Lifestyle (DSL), you might have crossed paths with a course that is real.

What we can say in advance is that its creator knows how to make money, and if he is sharing his tactics through this course, you might learn how to as well.

Do you want to learn how he drop-shipped $4.000 in his first week? Ever wondered what dropshipping is in the first place? If so, this review on DSL should be perfect for you since we’ll answer each one of the questions you might have.

Dropship Lifestyle: The Key to Success?

For us, knowing if a course is good or not is about try, error, and go again.

This means we always test the courses we review here and make sure we’re giving accurate information about them.

Therefore, you can expect a subjective yet accurate description of each one.

With this in mind, what do we think about this DSL course?

First of all, this course was created by Anton Kraly. He is a serial entrepreneur that was featured in Forbes in May 2017.

He earned $3.68 million in dropshipping over three years before he decided to sell the business.

But why would he do such a thing? Because he started to focus his efforts on the Dropship Lifestyle course, we’re reviewing today.

Before that, Anton writes that he has a laptop lifestyle since he is making money online through his Amazon Affiliate store, Amazon eCommerce store, promoting Affiliate Networks, creating digital products, etc. 

But this was quite different back in college when he felt lost after graduating, going to a job every single day that didn’t make him feel realized nor generated enough money, and you know, all the relatable things we can find in ourselves.

Now, when it comes to this course and how it can help you, it is a project that teaches everything about dropshipping, from the basics of sourcing products to sell them.

Overall, the course is designed to go over seven steps in order to start and scale a successful eCommerce by the end of the day.

But to understand why the course can be helpful, keep in mind that dropshipping is a type of business model.

Dropshipping is the drop shipper’s equivalent to a wholesale distributor.

The drop shipper does not keep goods in stock but instead dropships the goods by purchasing them from a third-party supplier, then sells those products to the customer with minimal markup. In other words, the benefit is that you don’t have to keep or have the products in stock and spend money on this expense.

Going back to the course itself, it is a bit different from other Dropshipping ones you will find since this isn’t a matter of signing up and waiting for tons of videos to be shared.

Instead, you have personal coaching and a blueprint for success.

This seems impossible considering how much work it must be to help, personally, eCom stores to grow, but for Anton, there’s no such word as ‘impossible’ when it comes to his course.

Or, at least, that’s what he makes you believe while selling it.

Dropship Lifestyle review #2 -

But What Does the Course Include?

Before, we just had an overview of what you will be focusing on during the course, but there’s more to it than just a general description since dropshipping involves many tasks and skills to learn.

Since this course has been around since 2013, you can expect many elements added over the years to cover new additions to the system we will work with and additional information about the entire business model.

Anton wants to take us through the ride in a simple yet essential way by starting with how it works.

You will find a short explanation in the course (but also on the website) that follows what is included and how it will help you:

  • Choose a niche that meets the criteria you’re given in the course.
  • You learn how to find and choose clients.
  • The theme to build the store will be provided.
  • Help you become an Authorized retailer for premium brands.
  • You get access to the app to increase conversions and automate the store.
  • How to get traffic or leads to your website and store.
  • Support and live coaching calls are included.

We like the course (leaving aside the previous online or a bit) because you can try it out for seven days.

This 7-day trial includes access to Anton’s private Facebook group, where he posts daily content and answers any questions that students have throughout the course.

Keep in mind that sales, working with a market, suppliers, marketing, costs, and many other factors, can be challenging, and despite how an online business can make your life easier, it comes with its challenges.

Anton goes through these usual problems with online businesses and makes sure you are able to handle everything from day 1.

So, to give you a better idea and overview of the course here’s what you can expect it to contain:

  • Section 01: Drop Ship Blueprint.

In this, you’re introduced to what the business model is about and how you can start with Anton.

The most significant difference with other courses is that this creator recommends focusing on a single niche and only selling “evergreen” products rather than looking for hot products.

And tells you that dropship products will never go out of fashion while also asks you to forget about China’s suppliers and instead focus on local suppliers who can ship for you.

  • Section 02 – Adwords PPC.

This part of the course leaves aside the central concept of our business and focuses on an essential tool: Google Ads.

Therefore, you will work through the process with a special instructor (who isn’t Anton) to know how to set campaigns and more.

  • Section 03 – Paid Social Traffic.

We will have an introduction to social media marketing and how we can work with it to boost our dropshipping project later on.

This section includes six modules: the fundamentals, Facebook ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and how you can put everything together.

  • Section 4 – Events.

This is an additional section with videos from special speakers from DSL in a 2017 event the company conducted.

However, we don’t find it being crucial or even inspiring for the content of the course and its purpose.

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Is Joining Dropship Lifestyle Expensive?

Here’s the thing: it is almost impossible to find a cheap or affordable course about starting a business or learning how to.

After all, let’s face it, people who design them just want to make money as well, and they won’t gift their knowledge when they have this goal in mind.

In the case of DSL, it follows the same objective.

With this in mind, we consider this course to be QUITE expensive.

Yes, we just mentioned that it is common to find the prices to be expensive, and dropshipping businesses and courses in order to learn about it aren’t the exceptions.

But we believe Anton went a bit over it with the prices.

First, you have the standard membership that is $2.997 as a premium package. However, there’s the ultimate package that is valued at $4.997.

In short, we go back to the simple conclusion: it is expensive.

This last package offers a done-for-you Shopify store and one year of private coaching.

But wouldn’t it be just fine to go for the first and premium package? Yes and no.

To begin with, are you even considering this option? If you are, then we shall answer the previous question in detail.

The problem with the first package lies in what it is lacking. You will notice during the introduction of the course (after paying for it or maybe during the trial) that Anton WANTS you to buy the ultimate package because of the additional tools you “need.”

However, this isn’t true. We paid for it and consider it a waste of time since, yes, we understand that building an online store isn’t simple nor that cheap, but you can’t just ask for another $2k for this.

Don’t get us wrong, the course has its strengths, and we believe some people will find it unique. But it isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t the best investment either.

What Makes Dropship Lifestyle Good (& Bad)?

After going over the course and knowing how it works, what it teaches, and the afterward of what you’re left with, the truth is that we find it good in only a few things:

  • You are introduced to dropshipping and, from there, start moving according to your pace.
  • It is different from other courses in its approach and makes things easier for beginners.
  • It has a unique spin when it comes to selling the products and how you build your dropshipping store.

We believe you CAN learn how to start and deal with this drop shipping idea.

After all, the course is designed for that, and we don’t dare to say it doesn’t work.

But it doesn’t mean it is the best option out there.

Dropship Lifestyle review #4 -

In fact, we have more bad things to say about this course than good ones:

  • There’s no enough content, and despite going over the basics, Anton omits too much information.
  • During the course, Anton recommends you forget about products from China and trending ones. Why would you even do that when stores in the USA are usually people that buy through AliExpress and similar options, and trending products will be huge sales despite the competition.
  • Again, it’s too expensive, and you have to continuously pour money into ads to sell when there are more organic and affordable options.
  • Over 50% of the information can be found with some research on the Internet focusing on reliable sources.
  • Research has shown us that it isn’t practical. Instead, over 70% of stores opened and created with this course and business model have closed to this date (2021).

If you ask us about the course, it is definitely a “pass” for us. We did our job reviewing it, and the real thing is, we wouldn’t recommend it at all, especially with other options out there.

However, you’re welcome to give it a try, but if you’re more interested in the dropshipping business itself instead of the course, other courses can be a better fit.

A dropshipping business isn’t a bad idea, and we don’t want you to create the wrong concept because of this DSL course.

Is There an Easy (& Cheaper) Way to Make Money?

Short answer: absolutely.

There are so many business models out there that you won’t have a hard time finding something that is less expensive and takes less time.

As people who have tried many so far (and continue to use most of them), we can tell you that options like digital marketing, Amazon FBA, affiliate marketing, and similar ones are all good to go.

As we previously mentioned, a dropshipping business is actually an excellent idea if you find a better alternative to the course and learning process.

Just keep in mind that everything requires a lot of work, and if you’re thinking about an accessible business in every possible way, it is hard to meet your expectations to this degree.

But it is possible to find easier ones that focus on how smart you are instead of how much you have to work to make money.

Our main recommendation in those cases is to try local lead generation.

This business model is entirely online, and the investment required isn’t as high as dropshipping (even if you find another course that isn’t DSL).

But what is this alternative all about?

You know small businesses and companies need to build websites in order to bring clients, right?

Well, sometimes, they’re not the ones in charge of such things.

Instead, they hire someone else to handle the entire process and make sure the leads (traffic to the website) and clients are coming all in without issues.

This is your role: build the websites, bring leads by ranking them on Google, and getting paid for the clients the companies are earning.

It is all about generating leads and getting paid for them, and the local refers to focusing and contacting companies that are around you (locally).

Dropship Lifestyle review #5 -

What Is So Good About It?

We don’t want to sell you an idea. Instead, we just want to put it out here and make sure you know your options.

In the case of local lead generation, you can expect:

  • Working hard at the start in order to have your business grow, but it pays off when you start earning money passively, and hard work isn’t that required anymore.
  • You don’t need to pay for ads. Everything about this business model is about working with organic (free) traffic.
  • Despite the competence, you can find your own place and be successful.
  • It is stable, and you will always find clients.
  • Again, passive income will be everything after your hard work, and we want to go over this because this is the best part of lead gen.

But with such a good business model, what can you do to get started?

There’s a complete program training that we recommend since it goes to every single step with you.

Before you even complete it, you should be generating leads and, with them, money.

Of course, this is as long as you’re genuinely interested in the business here.

For more info, you’re welcome to click here anytime and discover a new online business that pays off your effort with little investment…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

Interested in starting an online business to build passive income? Check out the local lead gen business model. Click here to learn more.

Written by Dame Cash

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