eCom Elites Course Review: Franklin Hatchett

Poorest Dropshipping Course or Actual Masterpiece? (2022 Update)

Franklin Hatchett eCom Elites is an e-commerce course that teaches how to generate more sales through the common yet booming dropshipping option. This means everything is done online. 

Although many courses go over the same topic and options to make money, this one can look a bit better than the rest (or a lot better). 

Franklin has proved to be a successful dropshipper, and thanks to this, the compilation of the course and all the lessons are well-structured. 

One of the strong points of considering it can be the price for some based on the quality of the content they get as well. In fact, we do consider this course to be one of the best options in the market. However, for what reasons? 

The content itself is what brings value to it, but what makes it special out of the rest? 

eCom Elites course approaches dropshipping differently and makes sure you can actually make money with it without trying to figure out things on your own. 

To understand why it is a course you should consider, let’s focus on the details. 

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Before Anything, Who Is Franklin Hatchett?

Franklin Hatchett is a New Zealand entrepreneur you might have seen on YouTube since he creates several videos with income-generating ideas and tips for beginners and not-so-beginners. 

His fame or more like experience is thanks to his early start as a dropshipper and his later years as an affiliate marketer.

Overall, the entrepreneur focuses on digital marketing and aims for remote income and one that can be considered passive or without much effort.

Thanks to his attendant to the School of Hard Knocks and being a student in affiliate market training programs, he is quite qualified to provide this course considered one of the top eCommerce training platforms.

Before dropshipping, he made money selling ads spots. It was definitely worth the time and money he spent, but it didn’t give him the desired lifestyle based on several claims. 

This is why he chose to change to dropshipping, and besides following it to this date, he opened this eCom course to boost his earnings. Now, what is it about?

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What Is eCom Elites?

Essentially, eCom Elites is a dropshipping course that teaches how you can get started and make money online by selling products with this business model.  

The course is focused on teaching you how Shopify can help you start, grow, and scale your online dropshipping business. This means no other method or dropshipping option is approached in the course, like using Amazon, for example. 

If you are looking to make money with dropshipping but don’t know where to start, eCom Elites is probably the best place to start. Now, what does it cover?

Many topics yet the main ones are approached:

  • How to source products: Learn how to eliminate guesswork and find those that convert.
  • Locating suppliers.
  • How to Create Facebook and Google Ads: Aims to teach proper targeting and how not to spend more money than necessary.
  • Email Marketing: Learn how you can capture new and current customers with this strategy.
  • Social media marketing: Learn more about how this will help you gain even more customers and strengthen the brand based on your eCommerce.
  • Search engine optimization: How to get your website on Google to make more sales without paying for ads.

Basics about sales, how to reduce costs, and getting started without many expenses are also parts included during eCom Elites.

Inside Its Modules: What You Will Learn

Focusing on a full approach, this is what you can expect from the course if you decide to pay for access (which price we will dive in a bit later): 

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Welcome & Module 00: Introduction

Just like it is named, the module or video focuses on welcoming you into the course. The first part is dedicated to a video that talks about Franklin and introduce you to this new part of your life. 

The basic explanation about why the course is good and why you made the best decision to pick it goes here. 

However, module 00 is kind of a different story since it is more about eCom introduction and how you can make money with dropshipping and online stores. 

In addition, the module is clear that the course is for beginners and not precisely for professionals or somehow experienced people in the field. 

This is why the rest of the time of the introduction dives into what dropshipping is and what you can expect from it as a source of income and profit.

Between this welcome video and the introduction to dropshipping, you already have about 40 minutes, of course. Thus, take your time to write down some notes that focus on the basics. 

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Module 01: Learning and Sourcing Products

This part is probably one of the most crucial ones since it takes you through the process of learning about the best products for dropshipping and how you can find them while doing your research. 

Many underestimate how important this part is, but it is key since it isn’t much you can do without products. 

We like this section because Franklin teaches you how to source products using different apps and tools, not only one just because he is affiliated. 

Research is what will make your business stand, so these four hours and a half into the module will be quite nurturing.

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Module 02: How to Set Your Shopify Store

Shopify isn’t the only platform for online stores, but it is the favorite for many reasons, and thus, the one dropshippers should use. 

Franklin makes sure to help you in the process of learning about the platform, how you can set up your own store, and ensure it is user-friendly for visitors to convert and buy on your site. 

Now, what does the module cover in specific? 

Since this is a ‘how-to,’ expect to go over each step until you’re able to set your eCommerce store. This includes: 

  • Opening your account and add the photos and elements required to transform it into your store.
  • How to set payment methods and shipping options.
  • Apps to use like Amazon Plugin and other Shopify options.
  • How you can use automation, set emails to follow up with people who don’t complete the purchase, and more. 

By the end of the two hours and forty-three minutes, you should be able to have a well-built idea of how to set your store.

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Module 03 & 04: How to Use Facebook

Facebook will be the main way to market your products and make sure to attract leads and customers to potential people. 

Although there are many ways to do this, Facebook shows promising results for dropshipping stores, but it isn’t that simple to use. This is why social media takes over 10 hours and two modules to learn. 

Franklin will teach you, in specific, how to set your own Facebook ads account and help you learn about marketing with paid and organic (free) options. 

For it, he needs to cover the basics about targeting, building awareness, and more, but using Facebook as the main platform. Thus, this is what you can expect for the 10+ hours in these modules: 

  • Learn about advertising and how to differentiate the different methods.
  • Build your audience using targeting.
  • Facebook Pixel and setting yours.
  • Create Facebook ads to split-test them and see which ones work better.
  • How to retarget and pay attention to your data and statistics.
  • Scaling campaigns.
  • How to bid for ads and deal with FB optimization.

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Module 05: Using Instagram

Although Facebook is the star when it comes to ads, traffic can be driven by other social media platforms, and among them, Instagram was included in the course. 

In this section, Franklin takes the time to explain how you can generate traffic with Instagram and work with popular influencers. 

In addition, you get to know how to run ads on the platform as well and schedule them to engage people and don’t miss the potential hours when they are using the platform. 

Although it isn’t an in deep module since it lasts about an hour, it adds a lot of value to how you can grow your dropshipping store.

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Module 06: Utilize SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is the free or organic option to generate customers, which many courses don’t cover ad tend to ignore. 

Well, even if you decide to go for the paid options to generate traffic and sales, you still need SEO. This is why the module is so unique and quite valuable. 

You will learn to optimize your Shopify store; this includes all the product pages and content in your store. In this way, you can rank it on search engines and generate free traffic. 

It doesn’t go too in-depth like with Facebook, but this hour and thirty minutes can be very useful since the basics are synthesized and straightforward. In the end, you should be able to generate organic Google traffic.

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Module 07: Learn Email Marketing

This is an old yet valuable and incredible way to follow up with potential customers and generate more sales. However, it is often neglected by the previous options. 

Franklin knows its value and dives into the details of how you can design a landing page where your traffic will know about you and can convert into leads by leaving their emails to generate your list for newsletters.

The email marketing strategy focuses on making more sales based on the automated system you set and how you can use lead magnets and other elements together with Facebook ads. 

In the end, he will share a product launch formula that is meant to be a special one from the creator. 

How long does it take? About an hour and a half to go over this module.

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Module 08: Running Your Business

Very few courses include a module where they give you some advice about making your business successful. However, Franklin got you here. 

This section is all about learning about taxes, sales, how to handle them, and more. However, the numbers used are those from New Zealand, but you can follow the basic formula and how you can work around them. 

It can be hard to increase sales, know what to do with your business and set goals, and just manage the entire idea. 

This almost hour will help you have a better concept and make sure you can work better in the proof of your business.

Module 09: Bonuses

This is all about extra videos that focus on different aspects of sales. Among them, warranties and coupons are included. 

The idea is to learn how to use them, but other videos include how you can build your fan pages, boost your visitors and leads, spy on your competitors, and more. 

You can consider this a 50 minutes module with tips on how to succeed with your business and have a better inside of everything.

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Module 10: Updated Videos

eCom Elites was released in 2017, and just like other courses, you would expect the creators to forget about updating it. That’s not the case. 

Franklin makes sure to update the entire concept and knowledge of the course to ensure it remains useful. This means that even if you get the course in 2021, you get the chance to know all the info required without any old info. 

In addition, he made sure to add this to help the existing students with recent changes in all the platforms and tools used and mentioned throughout the course.

Although the time is set at almost 3 hours for the module, it can vary based on the current video and updates.

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Module 11: Request Your Video

This module opens the option to request a video that explains anything on the course that isn’t clear enough or maybe at all. 

Some students have made sure to request more information about Facebook, extra tips to make more income, ads, and social media overall. 

You can go to this part and ask Franklin to take the time to create a new video. Though the one created is usually based on the majority. 

You can expect a lot of attention from Franklin and help members understand what it takes to succeed in dropshipping continuously. 

At this moment, the module lasts about 2 hours and a half but can go for longer based on the updates and new elements as the previous module.

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Module 12: Weekly Videos

In other words: Frequent videos to answer questions. 

While the previous section is to create a specific video for something that isn’t clear, this one aims to answer common questions. 

So, instead of a written Q&A comment section like the rest of the courses or just platforms, he creates a new video every week to answer some of them. 

The quality of the videos does decay due to how often they are released, but you will be happy to learn new things every seven days thanks to the attention to answer the students’ questions. 

Thus, this shows once more that Franklin cares about you and everyone else.

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Paying for the Couse: How Much Is Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites?

Are you considering the option to join? You may need to think about the price. 

In our opinion, the price is one of the best considering other courses that can hit the $1k+ mark. 

In this case, you have two options: 

  • Access the standard package for $197. 

For this, you get all the previous training, but you are included on the Facebook Group created, additional training with Instagram and Chatbot, and other updates. 

  • Access the ultimate package for $297.

In addition to the previous benefits, you can also set a special class with Franklin and learn his specific methods to sell the products. 

More complete guides for email marketing and other lead generation strategies are included, and a list of some of the best products and niches Franklin focuses on.

The good part about this course is that it doesn’t have any hidden or secret costs. You do have to spend some money on learning ads since they are paid, but the amount used by Franklin is minimal, or you can set a specific one according to your budget. 

Thus, don’t worry about more expenses but just the setting of your general Shopify store and all about hosting domains and more. 

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Pros & Cons: Should You Invest in eCom Elites?

In our opinion, it is one of the best courses for dropshipping that is worth the price and won’t leave you hanging with the changes to the platforms and methods. 

Also, it is quite affordable for the benefits you get. However, to have a better perspective, this is what you should look out for: 


  • The course is affordable, and the $197 option is more than enough.
  • Franklin is truly a professional in the niche and knows how to help you start and succeed.
  • It is straightforward and easy to understand.
  • It covers more than just the simple concept and setting for dropshipping.
  • You have several options to market your store, and all of them are approached on the course.
  • You can truly start your Shopify dropshipping store after completing it.
  • The weekly updates are unique and will help you save time understanding changes and new tools in the future.
  • There are no hidden prices, nor is it a scam. 


  • It is affordable, but it doesn’t mean it is cheap for some people.
  • Although the standard option is enough, the Instagram and SEO modules are a bit too short of expanding your store in the future.
  • Some mentions about tools for automation are missing.
  • Long-term advice isn’t provided but rather focused on the time you’re taking the course.
  • Dropshipping is profitable but a quite saturated business option you should consider carefully before investing in the course.

eCom Elites Review #16 -

What About Another Option?

Despite being saturated, dropshipping continues to be a good option for people who want to start their own businesses and bet for online entrepreneurship without much investment. However, we don’t consider this a top alternative. 

We believe that businesses that don’t depend on items directly or indirectly are better. Also, those that can generate passive income sound better for us. 

We are much more successful with lead generation, and it has proven to be quite the difference. It’s safe and easy to make thousands every month.

A lead generation program has two major benefits: it is cheaper than other options, and you can make six figures faster than others.

It’s also not difficult to do as lead generation is simple:

  • You can choose to specialize in a specific niche, such as tree services or septic tanks.
  • Next, contact small businesses and companies that need more leads.
  • Your company will create websites for those businesses.
  • Google Ranking them will help you get organic traffic to the websites and convert it into leads.
  • Each lead you generate for a site or company earns you a commission.

Although these sites are not easy to manage, eventually, they will provide a passive income of approximately $1,000 per month. Sometimes, even more. 

Are you interested in it? You should try to bet on this program…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

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Written by Dame Cash

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