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Worst or Best eCom Investment Online? (2022 Update)

Taking courses and going through different training programs will be natural if you want to be an entrepreneur or only because of the simple fact that you need to learn certain things before starting a new project.

However, not all courses are worth your time and money, which is why going over reviews that can tell you “Invest today” or “Don’t do it!” is a great approach.

In this case, we will focus on the eCom Hacks Academy, a dropshipping course created by Jared Goetz.

This review will cover eCom Hacks Academy pricing, different levels of courses, and whether you should enroll in eCom Hacks Academy or not (or if this product lives up to its hype).

eCom Hacks Academy: Is It Something You Want?

If you ask us, we find it hard to say if a course is good or not. Not because we can’t rate it but rather recommend it or not.

After all, everyone has their opinion about a product and experience, which is why you should consider reviews but always with an open mind.

But does this mean that whenever you see a course rated with two stars (for example), you should give it a try? Not at all, but just keep in mind that your opinion about something can be different in the end.

That being said, where do we stand with this eCom Hacks Academy? What is it all about, and when did it even start?

First, the course creator (and the teacher) is Jared Goetz, an entrepreneur who has made millions in eCommerce. Keep in mind that his first million was made when he was only 26.

In 2017, his store was the 2nd fastest growing Shopify in the market, taking him to a massive spot for spotlighting.

Despite his young age, he knows what he’s doing and has brought many successes to his pocket over the last few years.

Goetz has been featured in various platforms such as CNBC, and his rise to success and fame was unexpected for many, especially when competing with people like Kylie Jenner.

But, what is the key? Goetz calls it “dropsurfing” and uses it to capitalize on e-commerce “fads,” such as fidget spinners. This strategy favors speed as shops are quickly created and capture the market.

What is dropshipping in specific?

Dropshipping allows a retailer to sell products that aren’t in stock by purchasing them from a third party and having them shipped directly. This allows the seller to send the product instantly without having to handle it.

It differs from the traditional retail model in that the seller does not stock or manage inventory. Instead, purchases inventory as required from a third party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, to fulfill orders.

eCom Hacks Academy Review #2 -

Jared Goetz is a successful entrepreneur, thanks to this simple formula and nothing else.

However, the formula is only simple when you understand it, know how to apply it, and get the best out of it.

Dropshipping has grown in popularity due to Goetz’s success. This led him to start eCom Hacks Academy (or known as eCom Hacks after being rebranded) as a keen entrepreneur who has taken advantage of dropshipping to make it his own.

Here’s when we start what you’re interested in the most.

eCom Hacks Academy is an online program that teaches students how they can create a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping is a broad topic that covers everything from web design to digital advertising. This course is a comprehensive guide to drop shipping success that gives anyone the knowledge and tools they need.

It is focused on speed and profitability. You will be able to set up multiple dropshipping shops, each one generating profit from a specific niche. Goetz claims you can set up your store and make it profitable in less than two weeks.

In other words, it teaches eCommerce and dropshipping in detail, with a focus on conversion optimization and SEO.

Now, answering the central question of if you need it or maybe want it, the truth is that it depends a lot and we will tell you why next.

Is It Worth Investing in eCom Hacks Academy?

Not every course is for everyone since it depends on what you’re pursuing if you like the business model that is being proposed and if you can afford it to get started and handle everything needed.

What we can tell you in advance is that the structure of the course depends on you.

Jared has made sure to create three different options that adjust to someone’s needs, which is why you will find a beginner, intermediate to advance level, and the eCom God option.

  • Base or Beginner Level: it includes everything about fundamentals, essentials, access to support, store building, access to tools required for dropshipping, and everything to get started.
  • Intermediate to Advanced Level: besides the above, you also have access to weekly calls to ask all your questions and receive answers and expedited premium support.
  • eCom God Level: all of the above and the option of one-on-one deep dive with Jared himself and quarterly in-person live masterminds.

The learning process of the course is quite simple to follow: you focus on structuring your business, move on with optimizing the store, find products, and start advertising.

eCom Hacks Academy Review #3 -

But now, let’s get into business. How much does it cost?

The price of the course is $1.999 (that number is just to avoid the round 2.000), and we personally consider it expensive.

Besides, Jared recommends having at least $1.000 more available to invest in Ads and other expenses along the course.

If we look at it this way, we will at least be spending $3k, and that’s quite a lot just to throw it into a course we aren’t sure about.

But being even more serious, do we feel like the course is worth this sum of money?

For over 70% of people, not at all.

It isn’t only about the price but rather the content you will have access to.

You might be someone who isn’t too familiar with terms like dropshipping, Ads, eCommerce, and more, but all this can be learned on the Internet.

What about the content that gets you down to business? It isn’t that special.

Don’t get us wrong, the course does offer great content in specific videos, but we wouldn’t call it the best course for drop shipping out there. Instead, we feel it lacks a lot and just selling you information that, with some digging, can be found completely free.

Does this mean we give it a 0 out of 10? No, more like a 7 out of 10.

Why? Because the course is good if you’re a complete beginner that only knows how to search these reviews and knows nothing about online businesses, and hardly uses Facebook or other platforms.

But if you’re intuitive and willing to spend time searching for alternatives and info online, you will waste your time.

Pros & Cons of eCom Hacks – Two Sides of The Same Coin

Just like everything else, you can point out a few things that can make you think, “I will invest in this,” while others can make you feel like you should run away as soon as possible.

This case isn’t any different, and we know we kind of destroyed eCom Hacks with our opinion before, but we want to leave some facts so you can make a well-informed decision.


  • It’s excellent for beginners who know nothing about basic terms or the Internet overall.
  • The quality of the video and audio is good, and most of the course is quite informative if the information is worth your time.


  • It is expensive. Not many courses cost $2k+ in either initial cost and the additional money you must have (most of them cost less).
  • The content is too basic.
  • You can learn over 70% of the course on the Internet, free.
  • Dropshipping, overall, requires a continuous investment that isn’t low.
  • It isn’t what it promises to be.

eCom Hacks Academy Review #5 -

A Course (& Business) Worth Your Time

As people who have invested a lot of time going over different methods to make money and business models, we guarantee you that dropshipping isn’t bad.

Instead, the model is quite profitable, and we highly recommend it since, despite the investment you will need (leaving aside eCom Hacks and relying on something else), you’ll have your ROI guaranteed as well as future revenue.

However, despite our team using this model to make some money, we don’t consider it the best way.

Digital real estate is a hundred times better for us for two main reasons:

  • You don’t need so much money to get started nor later on.
  • And even when you have to invest time, it won’t make you think about work all the time.

But why is it called “real estate”? Because the structure is very similar to handling properties, but, in this case, yours are online.

Digital real estate is about building websites for clients that are usually small businesses and companies trying to build a presence on the Internet.

They want to attract clients and make sure they’re only growing.

To do this, a website ranked at the top of Google is required since you want organic traffic: leads and clients that come by clicking on the link of the site.

Your role is to handle the entire process of building, designing, and generating the leads for the companies.

Once you’re generating them, you earn a commission for EVERY lead brought to the website, which will help you earn money passively. Why? Because you don’t need to do anything else later on but rather make sure the website is live and ranked properly over the months and years.

eCom Hacks Academy Review #4 -

In the end, you will have a business that focuses on building more websites according to the clients you have and earn from them for the clients brought to their companies and businesses.

To get started, we love this training program or course that goes over every detail:

  • Basics about the Internet.
  • Terms and fundamentals.
  • How to start building websites.
  • Finding your clients.
  • Generating leads.
  • Earning money passively after years.

You won’t have to struggle to figure out everything or worry about spending a fortune with eCom Hacks.

For more info, you can click here, and don’t worry; it won’t be a waste of time.

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Written by Dame Cash

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