eCom Success Academy Review: Adrian Morrison

Another Disappointing eCommerce Course? (2022 Update)

Some e-commerce entrepreneurs have been able to reach great success in the online store business without much effort. But for those who are struggling or just starting, eCom Success Academy by Adrian Morrison may be the perfect solution. 

We know dozens of courses out there promise you to learn about eCommerce and become rich. However, over 65% of them don’t work and only make you waste your time and money. 

But for the exceptions that actually work, it will be worth your investment when learning about the business. 

The question here is, is this e-course a good option to learn? 

There are several testimonials and reviews of the academy on the Internet. Many of them are unbiased, but the majority are just sponsored or affiliated with the course itself. This means it is hard to believe what they say. 

Here, we are not trying to sell you a course or opportunity that doesn’t work for us to earn money. We are more interested in sharing our knowledge and helping you take the next step in your possible business opportunity. 

Thus, expect a truly unbiased review of the academy and discover whether it is your next big investment and chance for success. 

From the Beginning: Who Is Adrian Morrison?

Before you decide to take a course or choose a business opportunity, it is natural to do your best to learn about it. This isn’t different or an exception. 

This is why we will answer the simple yet crucial question: Who is even this guy? 

Adrian Morrison has been a successful digital entrepreneur all over the globe. He is a speaker, author, and a successful seven-figure marketer.

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Dropshipping is a success story that has made him well-known. He claims that his Shopify store has generated up to $4 million, and it is just counting. 

He considers himself to be an expert in the topic of making money at home. Adrian believes that working for yourself is the best way to achieve financial independence.

His vision has allowed him to create and run several companies, including the eCom Success Academy we are reviewing today. 

Adrian claims that his course helped 100k+ people start a successful and profitable eCommerce business, and that number is growing. This is because he is one of the most respected Shopify-certified coaches.

You can follow him via all the major social media channels, including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Adrian’s YouTube channel has 27.600 subscribers and provides great tips and information about how to work with Shopify. His videos can be a great introduction to the course or to learn the basics. 

Adrian is also well-known for his success in consulting multi-millionaire companies on Facebook Advertising. 

He has worked with top social media influencers and helped companies generate incredible amounts of traffic and additional revenue.

Morrison has cultivated a close relationship with the Internal Advertising team at Facebook. He was also invited to visit Facebook Headquarters. This is something top Facebook marketers hope to do, but few are able to do it.

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In other words, he isn’t just a nobody but rather someone with a background. His success can be proven, and he is, indeed, considered a great figure to follow. 

But does this answer the question of how good the academy is? Not quite. 

What Is eCom Success Academy? – Introduction & Inception

eCom Success Academy is a program that will help you start an online business. It will teach you how Aidan Morrison’s Shopify strategy can be used to sell any product in any niche online.

Adrian Morrison created it based on the dropshipping business model, considering how it has worked for him. Thus, he will show you how to set up your own dropshipping company through Shopify.

So, basically, the academy is set to teach you about dropshipping and how you can handle the process of working with Shopify as the main platform to do so. 

For it, Adrian has set the course to cover everything from setting up your shop, choosing a niche, creating Facebook ads, and scaling your store.

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This academy is Shopify’s first approved educational course, and all students are welcome to apply if they are willing to work hard.

In specific, it contains videos on how to sell a product and social media like Facebook (we might need to change this name later on). 

You will also learn how to use these platforms as advertising platforms, how to find your target audience, and how to expand your store. 

Morrison also created it at the cost of one million dollars and in less than six months. This is so you can learn from him what Internet marketing has taught him. 

His goal is to create an environment where entrepreneurs can learn how to make hundreds and thousands of dollars each year with minimal investment and very low risk. 

His philosophy was the driving force behind the creation of the eCom Success Academy.

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Program & Resources: What You Get When Joining

With the creator checked and the basics about the course clear, we can jump into the interesting part: The course’s content. 

The Academy is video-based and focuses on student growth. Each module covers different aspects of e-commerce. 

Adrian shares many tricks and tips that will enhance the learning experience.

With this in mind, the module part is next: 

  • Module #1: Shopify. 

Adrian focuses on helping you know how to get your store set and ready to run. Since the platform isn’t that simple to use, he goes into detail about each option in it. 

Unlike other courses, he really pays much attention to every detail and makes sure you are completely knowledgeable by the end of the module. 

This session includes learning how to add the products, set your checkout process, and work with promotional strategies. 

The best part about this video module is that it is truly a step-by-step to simplify the process. 

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  • Module #2: Sourcing Products. 

Since dropshipping is about selling products in your online store, Adrian shows you how to pick the best ones based on the trend, demand, and suppliers available. 

Besides showing you how to do proper research, you get an example of how to negotiate with suppliers for the products. 

This is a big plus, and you will appreciate it later.

eCom Success Academy Review #7 -

  • Module #3: Facebook. 

Adrian uses the platform as one of the main options for paid advertising. This means Facebook ads are part of the main focus of the module. 

He will teach you how to get the best out of the budget you set for your campaigns and how you can get the next results without spending a fortune. 

It is common to mess up the first two, three, or even ten campaigns for FB ads. However, you want to avoid it is possible. 

This is why the module is another step-by-step in how you can post them, create ad copy, perform split testing, understand statistics and ad strategies, and keyword importance. 

Additionally, he teaches how to avoid your account being banned or shut down based on Facebook’s politics and respecting them. Everything with the goal of you becoming a master FB marketing.

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  • Module #4: Email Marketing. 

For many, it is dead. For Adrian, it is a big opportunity. 

The creator makes sure to go over the strategy of creating newsletters and email campaigns so you can connect with customers and run your dropshipping business smoothly. 

It covers email marketing, and the best part is that it can be very simple with an automated system, and Adrian happens to recommend one in this module as well.

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  • Module #5: Building Your Team. 

Although most businesses will start with only you as the marketer, seller, in charge of customer service, and just everything, it doesn’t mean it will always be like this. 

This is why Adrian focuses the section on helping you outsource talent and a few extra hands. 

You need to rely on others for the simple yet crucial tasks and allow your business to grow. 

In the module, you get tips and steps of how you can find reliable staff to handle the tasks you are unable to. 

Most of the common to-do you can leave to others include customer service, product research, graphic design, and handling social media. Of course, all this after you have learned yourself.

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  • Module #6: Project Management. 

Probably the part we appreciate about the course the most. 

Adrian teaches you how to organize and manage your projects so you and your team can work together and without delays. 

For it, Morrison recommends software that can be used to set reminders and have a connection. Usually, Google Sheets is a favorite. 

However, with so many options like ClickUp today, you can find more tools after being guided by the module.

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  • Module #7: Long-Term Exit Plan. 

This is more of a business model than an actual way to handle your losses. Or maybe both? 

Adrian teaches you how you can continue making a profit and track it along with your losses. 

By doing so, you should be able to identify your weaknesses and mistakes easier and know how to handle tax implications, avoid extra tasks that make you spend more money, and just know how to operate around losses. 

  • Module #8: Bonuses. 

This is an additional section of the academy to ensure you get some extra tips that include knowing more about Shopify. Also, to have access to weekly coaching videos and additional assistance by Adrian and mostly Anthony, his brother. 

The purpose of the module is to cover everything that could have been missed during the previous ones and clarify all your doubts. 

Also, to ensure you progress and are successful in your dropshipping business and eCommerce store.

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Prices: How Much Do You Have to Pay?

The moment of truth: How much is it? 

It is only natural to be a bit nervous about how much the academy or course is worth. After all, these don’t tend to be considered cheap. 

Since this is also a Shopify-approved course and Adrian’s reputation isn’t questionable but rather admirable, you can expect it to be a bit overwhelming in price. 

The course has a cost set at $2,495, and this hasn’t changed over the years. 

Now, this cost is only based on the one-payment discount where you don’t have to pay $496 additionally. According to the website, at least. 

The course includes everything we have introduced you to above. In addition, an eCom email domination course is added to the package. 

It isn’t exactly cheap. However, since we have experience taking it, we can tell you it ends up being a tough yet vital investment if you are interested in this business model. 

eCom Success Academy is complete, and it will teach you everything about dropshipping without much delay. Also, it approaches topics and factors no other courses pay attention to. 

We know it isn’t easy to invest $2k+ right away, but the best part is that this doesn’t have any hidden costs. Basically, you pay for this, and there’s no need to worry about additional fees. 

eCom Success Academy Review #13 -

If you are unable to go for the one-payment option, it is possible to finance it with the three payments alternative. Each of them is $997, and the entire course ends up at $2,991. 

Overall, we do find it worth the price with everything you get: 

  • Full and ongoing training for dropshipping with Shopify and setting your store.
  • Sizzle product sniper software.
  • ART Licensing.
  • Adrian’s details about his top-selling products.
  • 15% Shopify discount when accessing a plan.
  • Additional tips and direct contact with Morrison through the Facebook group.
  • Learn everything about digital marketing and social media platforms. 

Verdict: Pros & Cons About eCom Success Academy

Before we jump to a conclusion, it is only natural to check the pros and cons directly. 

We know it has been lots of information, and you might be lost with how things are going so far. Modules, Adrian’s biography, Shopify, and prices. There’s a lot to process.

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Now, you must know we aren’t the type of people to tell you what to do. This is why you better weigh the pros and cons to come up with a decision: 


  • Adrian is a big deal in dropshipping with Shopify. He is reliable and shares real-life methods that work.
  • The course is comprehensive and teaches you the basics of the advanced part.
  • Facebook ad content is unique and well-received.
  • The course includes 40+ hours of content.
  • Updates are added for the modules when needed.
  • An approved course that gives it the entire credibility.
  • You get benefits from Shopify by being certified in it and part of the community.
  • Future content by Adrian can be accessed with a big discount.
  • The course works and is based on a business model that has proven to allow you to become rich. 


  • It can be very expensive for most people, even with the three payments options.
  • There isn’t a focus on Google Ads, or other paid advertising options and platforms.
  • Despite the updates, some details remain outdated.
  • Dropshipping works, but it is a very saturated niche. Consider whether you want to join it or not before paying for the course.
  • Some Facebook knowledge is missing.

eCom Success Academy Review #15 -

As you can see, we have a very good opinion about the course and the pros are much more than the cons. 

You can decide to invest in the academy. However, we want you to keep in mind the decision to join the dropshipping business model above anything else. 

In the long run, the decision is whether this business can be profitable or not, like during all these years. 

Why Dropshipping Isn’t the Best Option

Dropshipping works. Not only for Adrian but rather anyone who dedicates time and effort into making it profitable. 

This business model boomed in 2017 in particular due to how it allowed people to skip the common store process of handling inventory and just sell online without dealing with logistics. 

However, as we mentioned in the cons, it has become quite saturated. 

Many people want to be dropshippers, which fills the niche and makes it harder for new people to make a good profit. 

Don’t get us wrong. It is still possible to make thousands with this, but it requires much more work than before. 

In our case, we consider that the approach of an online business model is great. But those that offer possible passive income look more appealing to us. 

Thus, we have a suggestion: Lead generation.

It is an easy way to make money online, and it requires little effort than other business models. 

It is affordable, and even though you will need to put in some work, passive income can be achieved after a few months.

eCom Success Academy Review #16 -

This model can be profitable even if your business is already established and can be either your main source of income or a side option to boost your business. 

The business concept is simple: You create websites for clients, rank them on Google, generate organic traffic, and with it, leads that can convert into potential customers for your clients. 

Each lead you generate for clients is a win-win situation since they get prospects, and you get paid. 

However, this is only possible if you have the right training. We recommend that you go beyond basic concepts and terms to make sure you are making money.

Are you interested in it? This course is the best we can recommend…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

Interested in starting an online business to build passive income? Check out the local lead gen business model. Click here to learn more.

Written by Dame Cash

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