eCom Warrior Academy Course Review: Matt Lepre

Become a Business Warrior or Just Empty Promises? (2022 Update)

Entrepreneurship, courses, and empty promises. You wouldn’t want all these elements together, but unfortunately, you can find many that meet all of them and more on the Internet. 

If you’re not quite clear about what we are talking about, it is simple. 

Most people who want to find a new business opportunity or finally bet for entrepreneurship need to learn new skills, acquire them, or work around courses that can make them capable of boosting their opportunities for success. 

However, here’s when the empty promises come: Most of the courses available don’t actually work but rather make you waste your money and time. 

This is why answering the question of “which one works?” is more difficult than it may seem. 

That being said, you are here to answer one in specific: Does eCom Warrior Academy work? 

This academy or course option is one of the most popular on the Internet, so it isn’t unfamiliar for us. We also get why you are trying to find answers to all your doubts and questions to determine whether it is worth your money and time. 

Well, we’re happy to comply and help you get them, so if you want to know if this course will turn you into a business warrior, just stay tuned and allow us to inform you about it. 

Its Creator: Behind Its Inception

Before we jump to the part and details about the academy and what it is all about, we have to focus on the person behind it. 

Is it someone reliable? How about their reputation? Have they been in the business for a long time? It is crucial to answering all the questions related to the creator and founder to have a better idea of the background of the course you want to access. 

Thus, we like to focus on the details, and in this case, we have someone called Matthew Lepre behind the academy. 

According to his self-introduction and the information you can find on the Internet, Matthew Lepre was born on July 22, 1992. Like many entrepreneurs and people out there, he is a university dropout who chose to follow a different path than the norm.

eCom Warrior Academy #2 -

Born in Australia and continuing residing in Sidney, he is known for not starting an e-commerce store like other moguls. After dropping out of college, Matt had to take three jobs to support his mom.

He was tired of the daily grind and decided to start an online business selling educational material. After this was successful, he decided that beauty and health products would be his next venture. 

Based on his claims, he began to earn $120.000 per month over time thanks to the business ventures he started after noticing how profitable eCommerce can be. 

The knowledge he acquired and the pros he started to enjoy from the business model led him to choose to share everything he knew with others. 

ECom Warrior is the result of this desire as the academy is based on reaching others the ways of online selling and business. 

Matt has since built many online businesses, which are primarily built using Shopify’s platform. 

Basically, you have the usual introduction of a guy who needs money, part of college students who decide to start his own business to be his boss by using eCommerce and earning income thanks to the benefits of this business model. 

We know you have probably heard and read about many similar to Matt, but more than this, is he someone who truly offers what he promises? We will get there.

eCom Warrior Academy #3 -

Inside eCom Warrior Academy: What Is It About?

Like the name suggests, and we briefly mentioned before, this academy is focused on teaching you how to sell online with eCommerce. Still, unlike other courses and options out there, Matthew aims to teach you a specific business model: Dropshipping. 

In other words, this academy’s goal is to provide mentorship and educational lessons and sessions that will teach you how the dropshipping business model works and how you can start earning money with it yourself. 

Matt will go through the step by step since you sign up for the course to the point in which you are making money and understand how you can continue boosting this business. 

Videos, lessons, courses, training, and new elements are added to the academy every month in order to keep you updated with the next aspects of dropshipping. 

The idea behind the program isn’t only to learn about dropshipping and understand how you can deal with branding, shipping, and logistics to maintain success. 

Basically, eCom Warrior is focused on this online option, but it has a general approach when it comes to creating your own online and dropshipping stores as well by using Shopify as your main platform. 

You can compare this academy with the usual dropshipping course and what you will get from them, but the real question is if this one is just another of the many out there.

eCom Warrior Academy #4 -

What You Get When Accessing eCom Warrior Academy

We need to clarify that this option is indeed an academy, not your regular course that you will access one time and then complete. 

Instead, eCom Warrior is the design of an academy that offers more than one program and benefits to any of its students. 

This is why you can expect the following elements included in your payment if you decide to spend money on the program: 

  • Dropshipping course and step by step of how to get started and go through the entire process. 
  • Special attention to how Shopify works and why it is the number one option for building eCommerce. 
  • Additional videos are added every month.
  • For experienced peeps, there’s advanced training available so you can continue learning new methods and improve your dropshipping sites later. 
  • You can join with a partner by creating a single account

Matt’s program doesn’t only teach dropshipping and how to build a Shopify store. It also covers social media marketing and how to attract buyers to your site. 

And most importantly, it teaches you how to find the winning products and handle the important customer service and branding.

eCom Warrior Academy #5 -

This is pretty much the program part in terms of the academy. 

However, we didn’t mention when explaining to eCom Warrior that the mentoring program or side includes more benefits and comes with additional knowledge and program schedules. 

  • You will receive two mentoring calls per month for your questions to be answered properly. 
  • Access to a Facebook Community to work around networking and building relationships with other entrepreneurs. 
  • Support and useful emails whenever you need them as well as being able to send one directly to your mentor. 
  • Strategy one on one regarding eCommerce. 

Pros & Cons: Is It Worth Your Money?

When we dive into this part, we have to make something clear beforehand: The cost of the course or, in this case, joining the academy. 

Most online courses that actually teach you a business and then maintain a follow-up of your are not as cheap a the ones you will find on platforms like Platzi or similar educational sites. 

Instead, Matthew Lepre’s academy is set at $4.000 for the initial access to the previous content. 

This can be considered expensive compared to other options, courses, and programs about dropshipping. 

But if you have the money to invest, the question is if you could really put $4k for it.

eCom Warrior Academy #6 -

To determine this, you can have a look at the pros and cons to balance the decision and come up with the final one: 


  • Matt does have experience in dropshipping. 
  • Dropshipping is a business model that works and is quite popular among people. 
    It isn’t only a course but rather an entire training program to get more information daily without effort. 
  • Everything is online, so you can practice and learn based on your time and availability. 
  • The mentorship program and part are quite useful and complement the rest of the course and additional elements. 
  • Free training videos can be found during certain periods on the website. 


  • It is expensive when compared to other dropshipping courses. 
  • Dropshipping is legit, but it can take months until you are able to even get your ROI and profit. 
  • More money is needed since ads, building your site, and simple yet crucial steps and tasks require more online tools during your training and getting started. 
  • This business model is quite competitive and can be considered saturated, which means you can have a hard time finding your own space in it. 
  • It is quite new (since April 2020), so there aren’t much feedbacks and national reviews from reliable people who decided to invest in it.

eCom Warrior Academy #7 -

Need Money? This Is the Best Option to Get It

We understand that people who are trying to find courses like this are, in fact, trying to get business opportunities that allow them to earn more money. 

However, it can be a difficult road in which over 20% of people end up wasting their time and money with scams or business options that are more difficult than they thought or were told. 

We believe there are better business models that have lower risks and investments. Thus, you should do your best to find these options and get a hold of them to work around something reliable that won’t leave you bankrupt either. 

In our case, we have worked with lead generation for a very long time, and it is much more profitable than dropshipping, but the simple fact is you don’t need so much money, and there are always clients for you to grow in the business. 

However, you do need to learn certain skills to know how to handle the entire process of getting started and developing the business. 

The good part is that lead generation is quite simple when you get a hold of it and if you don’t believe us, here’s an overview of the process: 

  • You need to choose a niche in which you will try to find clients. It can be anything, from tree services to consulting or other industries. 
  • Next, contact small businesses or companies that require more leads.
  • Each company will have its website built by you when they decide to hire your services.
  • You need to rank the websites on Google using organic methods or paid when allowed or needed. 
  • You get paid a commission for each lead that you generate for a company or site when ranking the websites and generating traffic in the first place.

eCom Warrior Academy #8 -

These sites can be a lot of work, but eventually, they will become a passive income that will reduce your workload. 

To get started, you can rely on this #1 program we have been working with for a while…

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

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Written by Dame Cash

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