Elepreneur MLM Review

Best Opportunity for Entrepreneurs or Just a Scam? (2022 Update)

MLM companies have been around for years, but you probably didn’t notice it until you got offered a business opportunity that involved one. You noticed it was related to this business model just after joining it. 

We have been there as well, but the issue with multilevel marketing, better called MLM, lies in how similar it is to pyramid schemes, and you definitely know those last ones for sure. 

After all, who hasn’t dealt with the usual offer to make thousands in a few weeks working from home? Yes… It sounds way too familiar. 

But you must keep in mind many MLM companies aren’t the same, but it is true some of them don’t work exactly as they promise to members or people involved. 

Some will deliver what they promise, while others are going to be the next scam hidden behind sheep clothes. 

With this in mind, where does Elepreneur stand with its MLM model, and should you invest in it if you were offered an opportunity? 

To give you an answer, we will have to go over the company’s details and make sure you get a closer look at what it offers. 

What Is Elepreneur? – Learning How It Works

This company is very recent since it was established in 2017 by Rob Oblon and works around the MLM business model, as we previously mentioned but just indirectly. 

When doing your research about the company, you will notice that its website does not describe any products that need to be sold. 

Instead, Elepreneur was established to promote Elevacity, another MLM company that distributes skincare products and wellness supplements. 

Elepreneur’s goal is to employ the direct sales business model for Elevacity’s products. According to the website and founders, these products are meant to help people’s lives and elevate them by boosting their well-being. 

Suppose you want to enter Elepreneur’s website. In that case, you will need to focus on “The Happy Co.” site, which you will notice is directly related to Elepreneur and how the company promotes its “elevating” business. 

To make this explanation simple. Elepreneur is a company meant to recruit the agents that will sell Elevacity products, so don’t expect the MLM in specific to be the opportunity you are offered. 

With this in mind, the business model works in the same way in terms of the MLM model. 

You will join the membership or program they offer to sell the products and earn a commission. Still, you will mostly make money based on recruiting a “downline” and the sales they generate, which is basically the same as recruiting people.

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What Will You Sell? – Products & Prices

As previously mentioned, Elevacity offers wellness supplements and skincare products that, according to the company, they are made with natural ingredients and without parabens and performers or dyes. 

The wellness supplements available in the company contain nootropics that help release dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. 

The main supplements available will follow the initials of the previous neuro-chemicals and are named D.O.S.E.

However, others are also available to boost the production of oxytocin. 

Patches, coffee, and more products are also available, and you will be able to sell all of them to retail customers after acquiring them with a discount. 

The main products include: 

  • Elevate Zest, a weight management supplement that also helps enhance your mood: $55.
  • Elevate Smart Coffee, Choclevate, and Elevate Nitro that works as functional beverages: $55. 
  • Elevate Pure 2.0 – $65
  • Extreme energy Patch, Sound Sleep Patch, and Hangover Defence Patch: $50
  • Timeless Eye Gel – $55
  • Elier Moor Mud Mask – $27.5 
  • Elier Facial Serum – $67.5 
  • D.O.S.E. Milk Frother – $18
  • D.O.S.E. Coffee Mug – $10

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Other options like vitamins, Keto supplements, and mineral blends are included in the catalog for about $55. 

The most popular one is the coffee or “Elevate smart coffee” offered by the company that claims to help with mental clarity, memory, energy, and fat burning, and many reviews consider it works. 

All of them can be either acquired individually or by buying the discounted bundles available for members and distributors. 

However, keep in mind the prices we have included do not include taxes and shipping costs, which means you need to consider a percentage more based on where you are located. 

We have also noticed the prices vary depending on how the products are selling, and many of them tend to increase instead of going lower the longer they have been in the market. 

Joining & Earning: Is Elepreneur a Good Idea?

With all the basic details done and clear, let’s dive into the interesting part: will you make or lose money with it, and how much does it cost? 

Elepreneur works with the same system of becoming an “independent business owner” or “elepreneur,” just like the company, and sets a fee at $99 for joining the program. 

However, to start making money, you will need to buy a discounted product pack that ranges from $250 to $500, so you must include this expense, which makes sense. 

These packs usually have a wide variety of products, including Elevate NITRO, beverages, and patches, but everything varies depending on your aim. 

Other benefits included in your $99 payment are the opportunity to use the EleApp, Hurdir App, and 1 D.O.S.E experience along with your website. 

With this, do you start making money? You could, but another expense tends to appear based on who recruits you or if you are signing in the program by yourself. 

If it is the first, this person will encourage you to join the “smartship” plan that reduces the prices of the products for your use. 

However, this only helps the other person earn commissions and get the products at a lower price if you want to use them compared to the discounted packs overall. Still, it isn’t really necessary, and we even find this plan a bit confusing, just like all multilevel marketing plans.

Besides, you will be forced to buy at least one product per month, which is about $50, and this adds to the costs you will be dealing with already. 

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Finally, let’s move to the making money part: how much will you earn? 

Like every MLM company, Elepreneur works with a ranking system that follows its compensation plan. 

With 13 ranks in total, you will earn more commissions and money, but conditions and required sales per month will be added and increased as well. 

With this in mind, you will earn money with these methods: 

  • Retail bonus that goes from 10% to 30% commission. 
  • Fast start pack bonus, which is 5% of the starter pack a member of your downline purchases. 
  • Customer acquisition bonus: if customers order $80+, you get a higher bonus based on the price. 

Other bonuses like unilevel, leadership, diamond pool, and ambassador pool are based on how you climb ranks and the downline you create. 

The table below explains it, but to be honest, does it make sense for you? Because even we that know about this find it hard to understand. 

So, to keep it simple, you will make money by selling products and getting your commissions, and also recruiting people, being the latter the most profitable option and what most MLM companies are all about.

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Worth Investing? The Truth Behind Elepreneur

With all that information, we’re sure you must be lost in the entire review. However, we will make it clearer during this section. 

But warning, this involves our opinion based on experience and what you can notice about the company as well. 

First, Elepreneur isn’t the expected scam everyone thinks when dealing with MLM companies, but it isn’t reliable either. 

Distributors or business members have lost lots of money when joining, and this is proven if you only research a few forums and comments on websites that Elepreneur tries to hide. 

Over 85% of members lose the money they invested or end up only four to five ranks higher because everything is about continuously recruiting people. 

This means it will be very hard to make money with the company unless you are a walking machine to attract new members. 

That being said, the company is legit despite the similitude with illegal pyramid schemes because it offers real products and the compensation plan is properly set and met. 

But if you are considering joining, we encourage you to have a closer look at these aspects: 


  • The business is legal and legit. Not an illegal pyramid scheme. 
  • The products work, and most of them have good reviews on pages like Amazon and other independent elepreneurs. 
  • You can work from home with the website provided. 
  • It isn’t that expensive compared to other MLM companies. 


  • You don’t make too much money selling the company’s products. Instead, you have to recruit people to actually earn. 
  • Low success rate based on people with experience and who spent over six months in the company. 
  • You will annoy friends, family members, and close people to make them sign in to a business that won’t be that profitable for them. 
  • The only way you climb ranks is by recruiting people, not selling products. 
  • Compensation rates are actually low, including the commission for selling. 
  • MLM’s business model isn’t reliable over 90% of the time, and very few companies offer fair deals and terms. Elepreneur isn’t included here.

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We know some MLM companies, as mentioned above, work and offer great deals, but we don’t recommend joining Elepreneur unless you’re trying to make some extra cash and have the skills to sell. 

And if you have the latter, why would you choose this type of business? 

Need Money? Forget About MLM…

If you are considering a business opportunity because you are unemployed, need extra cash, or want to find independence, you don’t have to rely on MLM businesses. 

We have to admit that the new system works quite well with what is useful: using the internet for businesses. 

If you are up for a digital recommendation and legit business opportunity, digital real estate is a great option if passive income is what you are looking for or simply the fact that you can make money without investing much. 

Many people consider business opportunities that involve tangible products and direct companies to be what they need. 

However, do you think that right now, in 2021, people are only looking for those businesses, or do they look as viable as before? We are sure you’re answer will be “no.”

Thus, we have tried different methods that include online alternatives, and digital real estate offers great results after hard work for a few months. 

We won’t suggest that you can make money in a few days since it is another business that can take time. But it will be worth your effort, hours, and money invested. 

How does this business model work? 

It’s very similar to the concept of commercial or residential properties. However, it is now online: websites.

The entire idea of the business opportunity is to create sites for small businesses in niches you have already chosen.

To get organic traffic (free), you must rank the websites once you’ve created them and convert this traffic into leads for the companies. 

These leads will become future customers. You will receive a commission for every lead that you generate for the company using your strategies and the website. 

You can create as many websites as you like and generate a lot of money in the long run.

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Start by learning all you can about leads, building sites, finding clients, and more.

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Written by Dame Cash

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