Elite CEOs Review: Tanner Chidester

A Scam for the Elite or Real Money-Making Opportunity? (2022 Update)

There are hundreds of “miracle” courses out there that argue they are able to help you make over $10.000 per month if you decide to invest in them and give it a chance. 

But out of those hundreds, which ones actually work to the point of spending, usually, over $400 and sometimes, even $1k+ to access the program and join the team? 

Short answer: not many. 

It isn’t a secret for anyone that out of 10 options, two or only one will work and won’t be scams trying to take your money, which is why it is so hard to find a good alternative that comes with money and won’t make you lose it. 

Out of the options you’ve seen and read about, we are sure you’ve come across Elite CEOs and how testimonials mention they are earning over $20k per month or even making themselves millionaires with more than six digits. 

However, this type of testimonials don’t really work in most people as of 2021, and we’re sure you’re wondering if this Elite CEOs thing is another scam or an elite program to learn and make money. 

So, to answer your doubts and make everything clear, we will be reviewing it today and share some of our personal experiences with the training. Expect a wild ride and more than useful information. 

What Is Elite CEOs? – A Look Inside

Looking for a definition of this course can be confusing because it isn’t a course itself by a company that offers training inside Elite CEOs, packages, and alternatives. 

So, instead of finding the usual “this course is about…” you will be guided to a different introduction and advertisement by the company itself. 

Elite CEOs introduces itself as a B2B consultancy company that Tanner Chidester founded to assist other entrepreneurs in achieving success instead of hitting the bottom every single time. 

Based in Friendswood, Texas, the company offers training programs we will talk about later and 100% remote job opportunities that can be done from anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Remote Elite CEOs’ jobs include customer service, marketing, internet and eCommerce, and sales jobs that require a variety of flexible work arrangements. These include flexible hours, alternate working hours, full-time, part-time, and flexible assignments. 

Elite CEOs is always looking for “highly motivated team players” with relevant work experience who are open to the opportunity to “grow with a company that grows.”

Depending on the job, associates may be required to work weekends, afternoons, or mornings depending on their position.

Entrepreneurs from all industries can get help with their funnel setup, copywriting, automation, and customer compliance.

These services can be delivered via group calls, using a private Facebook community, private training, and unlimited individual coaching. Elite CEOs work with each client to help them build their business from scratch.

Elite CEOs Review #9 -

We know it can be a bit confusing: is it a consulting company, and you have to pay for services? Or is it a business that offers you the tools and trained to achieve success? It is more of the latter.

The company’s ultimate goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses through a phased approach that is tailored to their needs. This allows them to have more freedom and time for their families.

Elite CEOs will train you to be a persuasive copywriter and set up your sales funnel. You can also manage your Aweber emails and keep track of them.

With this clear, here’s the part that you will need to keep in mind to understand why people consider the entire business to be a course instead. 

It offers training packages that come with webinars, coaching, and one-on-one training. The training includes sales pitching and using Facebook Messenger and Messenger to connect to clients.

According to exactly what the creator and website claim, Elite CEOs will help you succeed with your online business up to 7 figures in sales each year.

The main focus we will be reviewing isn’t the company itself but rather the initial training program it offers for anyone who wants to join, which follows the same name as it is “introductory” for the rest of the programs available.

Elite CEOs Review #3 -

To summarize, the program is focused on teaching you how to start an online coaching program and make it successful without the common struggle of knowing or not what to do. 

You will be able to find this introductory or Elite CEOs Launch program when just entering the website and having a look. 

But Before That, Who Is Tanner Chidester?

This is another fact we’re certain about: you have no idea who Chidester is and why you would rely on his selling ads to decide to invest in the training or not. 

Well, if you ask us, we don’t know most people when starting a new course, but we solve that by doing our research before even spending $1 on them. 

To help you, here’s a short introduction to Tanner. 

Tanner Chidester is an online entrepreneur, instructor, coach, and model who founded Fit Warrior and FitnessCEOs before founding the one we are reviewing today. 

The first one is the business you are most likely to find on the internet, and it is an online fitness and health coaching company which, according to him, helped him gain a net worth of over $1 million by the age of 28.

Meanwhile, FitnessCEOs was a training program for fitness instructors that helped them launch their own online programs.

Elite CEOs is based on the business model of the first online businesses created by Tanner. 

Chidester’s business background is evident by the fact that he has been featured on many business-related websites. Forbes, Business Insider, and CNBC are only a few of the sites that have included him.

Elite CEOs Review #4 -

He came up with Elite CEOS in 2019, and instead of focusing on teaching people how to launch their fitness programs, he started to focus on helping them do so with the main course we will be reviewing in any niche. 

Since he isn’t someone that came out of nowhere, you can rest assured it is a scam in terms of losing your money like every other option out there that sells you something just to take the cash. 

However, does this mean joining Elite CEOs is worth it? We will find out. 

Overview: What to Expect From Elite CEOs

We have made it clear a few times by now, but this overview focuses on the main training program of the company for entrepreneurs.

Thus, the modules and parts we will be adding ONLY consist of it. 

That being said, this training has five levels or modules that are meant to show you how you can make money using FB ads in specific. 

With this little introduction, we have to mention our first issue with the program: why only Facebook Ads? 

According to Tanner, this is the option that has worked for him the most and how you should approach this, which is why the entire program is based on the platform. 

When you dive into it, you will have to follow these modules: 

  • Module 1: Facebook Group Marketing. 

Tanner discusses the importance of Facebook Groups in your business in order to find clients.

He will tell you how to find them, whether you don’t have the money to use ads or you are looking to implement both strategies.

Facebook Groups are a way to not only create a group but also invite potential members.

The trick is to provide value and make sure your prospects become customers. These are the strategies of the creator.

Elite CEOs Review #4 -

  • Module 2: Organic Messaging 101.

This is one of the organic, aka free, methods to boost any company in the platform and other media. 

In this instance, he will cover messaging by giving you examples of what to say and how you can connect with prospects via social media other than Facebook.

He will show you what to say to your prospects and how to convert them.

Tanner will remind you that this is a crucial part of any business because it means that you can’t reach all customers using the same message on different social media platforms.

  • Module 3: Messaging & Sales Calls. 

This part dives deeper into what you need to do during your messaging, when sales calls are part of your strategy, or when potential clients contact you. 

According to Tanner, it is important to know what you must say to ensure you convert these prospects into customers. 

  • Module 4: Intro to Facebook Ads. 

It covers the basics and details about how to work with this paid option on the platform to bring more leads and customers. 

  • Module 5: Setting Up Your Funnel. 

Or marketing funnel, this step is to allow you to convert prospects into clients properly based on specific steps that won’t stop the influx. 

Tanner focuses on knowing how to implement it, save time, and make sure you use your resources properly.

Elite CEOs Review #5 -

Besides the modules, you will get access to a private Facebook community when getting the online launch training program. 

How Much Does Elite CEOs Cost? & Is It Worth It?

Two questions are worth $1 million each, and we are eager to answer for you. 

The price for joining Elite CEOs is set at $37 no matter where you read it. Here, on the website, other reviews, and platforms. 

This joining feed includes the Elite CEOs Launch Program with the previous materials and modules and gives you access to premium options and consulting. 

However, Tanner doesn’t tell you when you are about to apply for it because it isn’t the total price you will need to deal with. 

The problem starts with the program itself; since it is a launch training, you shouldn’t expect much info from it. 

The introduction to Facebook Ads is the most accurate part since the rest is also an introduction that focuses on the module. This means you won’t learn anything significant, just get introduced to those elements you will work with. 

This takes us to the main purpose of the training: making you join the premium coaching program or other training packages. 

Tanner kind of pushes you to invest in the premium option that actually works, but it isn’t cheap at all. 

Many, like us, have paid for the $37 fee expecting to get some tips and valuable information at least. However, we discovered that the cost of Elite CEOs’ coaching program goes up to $10k or even more. 

The $10.000 isn’t specifically for Tanner but rather the costs you need to handle to work around the training and methods taught by Elite CEOs. 

This means you have monthly costs to cover, but you can also finance the base premium option, which will only take you to pay about $18k for it.

Elite CEOs Review #6 -

That being said, Tanner’s method and the program include recurring expenses that involve ClickFunnels, Email autoresponder, tracking software, Facebook, and YouTube ads. In all of them, you can spend at least $50 monthly each. 

If you want to access the Launch Program for $37, we don’t really consider it worth it since it is very basic, and you could find the information online for free, especially watching some YouTube videos. 

Now, if you are interested in truly investing in this coaching business and premium option for more than $10.000, we can’t go too far to tell you “don’t do it.” Still, we do consider it way overpriced with other options in the market, even if they are also considered very expensive coaching programs. 

Finally, Elite CEOs also offer other courses like Conversion Conversations that cost $97. Other alternatives to learn specific methods and achieve goals are set by the company to make you spend more to access more. 

It makes sense, but this means the $37 joining fee loses value and, what if the other courses also need more money in the long run?

Pros & Cons: Is Everything Bad About the Program?

Considering we’ve covered the topic focusing on both the company and Launch Program, we will say this about the first one: it isn’t a scam, but it isn’t the best. 

Elite CEOs has proven to be legit with the reputation of the founder and how some people, real ones, argue the methods have worked and continue to be with Tanner. 

However, the course is another story since the program you get for the joining fee, as we mentioned before, isn’t worth it and is just part of the sales funnel of the company to get you to spend more and showers you in a bunch of testimonials to reach this as well.

Elite CEOs Review #7 -

This is why we will go over the pros and cons based on both aspects: working with the business but also taking the Launch Program. 


  • Tanner is reputable and is a real entrepreneur with a reputation. 
  • The company has indeed helped some people to achieve success in their niches and coaching programs. 
  • Everything’s organized and easy to understand in the program. 
  • If you’re looking for a very simple yet useful introduction and steps for the previous topics in the modules, it is worth it. 
  • Tanner does help to scale businesses. 


  • You need more than the Launch Program to achieve success. 
  • The long-run costs are quite high, considering $12k+ will be needed. 
  • There are no refunds once you join or pay for other options. 
  • The business model followed (coaching) is very tough, and we don’t recommend it. 
  • Elite CEOs Launch Program is too basic, and you can find 90% of the information online for free. 
  • If you don’t make money with the method, the trainers or company won’t be responsible and argue you don’t make money for your mistakes. 
  • False advertising and tricky sales funnel. 

The business and program aren’t scams, but they are questionable based on many reviews, our experience with the short program, and how the “coaches” (because we have our doubts) handle unhappy students. 

For us, the cons are much more important than the pros it can have along with the previous ones, and even when we have tried other courses from the company that helped us (somehow), they continue to be a waste of money in the long-term. 

Now, it can be a bit confusing, but we don’t condemn Elite CEOs, but we don’t recommend it either. 

For Us… This Works Much Better

It makes sense that everyone wants to own or start a business by 2021 or the upcoming 2022 since independence and freedom are natural wishes. However, starting one and making it successful will be ten times harder than what people tell you. 

Besides, there are many options available, and you will have a hard time determining where to start. 

Thus, if you are thinking about getting started with your business or finding options to boost yours, we have a recommendation: Lead generation. 

Lead generation is a great way to make money online and requires less effort than most business models. At least less than what Tanner offers you. 

It’s affordable and, even though it takes some effort at the beginning, you can achieve passive income after your hard work. 

You can make this model profitable even if you already own a business and even boost your current company and coaching program in case you have already started it.

Elite CEOs Review #8 -

How does it work for both goals? Because lead generation is about: 

  • Choosing to specialize in one niche or maybe the one of your current company. 
  • Next, reach out to small businesses and companies who need more leads or focus on your business alone. 
  • You need to build websites for other business owners or your business. 
  • Rank them on Google to help you generate organic traffic and convert it into leads and then customers. 
  • Earn a commission for every lead you generate through each website for others or bring more potential customers your way. 

Every lead you generate for a client is a win-win situation, and those sites can eventually turn into passive income for you and even your other business. 

But for this to work, you also need proper training; we recommend one that goes beyond simple terms and concepts to help you make money even before you finish it.

Have we caught your attention, and do you want to start making money online? Here are the details!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

Interested in starting an online business to build passive income? Check out the local lead gen business model. Click here to learn more.

Written by Dame Cash

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