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Enchanting Business Opportunity or Repulsive Scam? (2022 Update)

Enhanzz Global is an MLM company that has been around for over a decade. However, it hasn’t been given as much relevance as other companies using the same business model. 

The company’s main focus lies in selling skincare products and cosmetics, but it has developed several categories over the years. 

Now, instead of relying on employers and regular channels to promote and sell them, they bet for the direct sales option, or just called multilevel marketing. 

Independent distributors who take part in the company won’t get paid a salary but rather commissions and bonuses based on their sales. 

The trick about Enhanzz and other MLM companies is that the real way to make money is by recruiting new distributors that will join the company and pay for the usual membership. 

However, the question here is if Enhanzz Global allows you to make money by selling products alone or a regular MLM company with very low-profit possibilities. 

To discover it, we will be talking about the entire structure and details of the company. 

What Is Enhanzz Global? – Its Founders

Enhanzz Global, as mentioned before, is a Multilevel Marketing company that sells Swiss skincare products and cosmetics. 

Sven and Audrey Goebel founded the company, and, unfortunately, there aren’t specific records of when it was founded. 

However, since the website dates back to April 22, 2011, we can assume the founding date takes us around these days. 

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What is important to know is that the company was updated on October 30, 2018. Since then, it has done more than just sell its traditional skincare and cosmetic products. To the catalog, others like CBD items have been added. 

Overall, the company performs well in sales when it comes to the first products, but it is hard to know about the latest ones considering how they are so reserved about them. 

But when it comes to the faces behind the company, both of them are doctors certified with over 25 years of experience. In addition, Sven and Christina Hennige joined the project of starting their own company. 

While Sven Goebel is a sales professional and creator of the known Happiness Circle, his wife is from the beauty sector. 

Meanwhile, the other couple has experience in the corporate background and helped bring the required experience to start the now multimillionaire company. 

However, more than just this short introduction, there isn’t much more we can find about them.

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Enhanzz Global: Business Opportunity Explained

Focusing on the main topic, Enhanzz allows you to make money with the MLM structure. Hence, to understand the business opportunity, we need to dive a bit more into it. 

MLM stands for multilevel marketing (which we didn’t explain earlier) and revolves around a compensation plan, memberships, and recruitment. 

When a company decides to follow this structure, it will be easier to explain it by comparing it to what people believe they are: Pyramid schemes. 

The similitude in both options is that you, as a distributor for the company, need to build a downline of new people you bring and decide to turn into distributors as well. 

With them, you can earn compensation based on their product sales and new recruits. When done, you also climb ranks established by every company. 

The principle of the pyramid scheme is the same, but what makes Enhanzz Global different is that you have actual products you can work with. This means the company is legal and follows proper regulations.

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Meanwhile, illegal pyramid schemes just promise you to make money without actual things or services you can sell. You need to trick others into signing into the scheme. 

Now, every MLM company sets a different compensation plan and benefits. This means some might be good options but others not so much. 

In the case of Enhanzz Global, the main focus to make money is to join as a member after paying for the membership, follow some steps, and rely on the retail commissions and recruitment compensation plan. 

In case you read something different, you must know that MLM is also known as direct sales and network marketing. Thus, when these terms are used, they mostly refer to this business model that relies a lot on word-of-mouth marketing and is part of the direct selling association. 

How to Join Enhanzz Global 

If you decide to join the company, we need to focus on the one-time costs but also running ones. 

One of the business benefits is that you only need to pay a license fee set at €89, which is about $100. This is only to join and be able to apply for the commissions and compensation based on the company’s structure. 

For the ongoing costs, this is the tricky part.

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The company encourages you to read the Policies and Procedures, which is a 60-page document we went over and got a headache thanks to it. 

Although the initial fee is real, and you don’t have to acquire any starter package like with other MLM companies, other fees are included. 

Tech fees, taxes, and many others apply here. Although numbers are in euros, we did our numbers are most of the fixed fees you must pay to reach the total of about $200. 

Our confusion is that there isn’t a specific mention of how often you need to pay this, but we assume it is every month, considering the marketing fees and commissions for some sales and returned products. 

On the other hand, the common need of achieving a specific personal volume (PV), which is how much you sell every month, is set. Though there is no mention of how much it is but the need is mentioned. 

When you are unable to meet the PV, you have to pay for the company’s products or deal with the returning conditions and policies. 

Enhanzz isn’t clear about many things, and instead, it encourages you to contact an independent distributor who can give you all the information (and pretty much convince you it is the best of the world).

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Which Products Will You Sell with Enhanzz?

Supposing you are still considering the option, it is important to go over the products. 

This can be quite extensive since we will be covering skincare and cosmetics and the latest ones included in the store. 

Skincare range

This line includes products in three categories: For women, men, and both. 

Cleansers, softeners, serums, eye creams, blend cell protection, and regular packages with a full skincare routine are included. 

Prices range between €23 and €319. In dollars, this would translate to about $26-361.

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Although the company mentions a focus on these products, we couldn’t find them in the store, and instead, we “need to” contact a distributor to inquire about their existence. 

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WOO by Enhanzz

This line of products is actually focused on fitness and wellness as it includes water bottles for exercising, dietary supplements, vitamins, vegan shakes, and more options. 

However, the prices are not even in euros (we will explain why later), and instead, the pound sterling is the easiest currency we applied to translate it into dollars. 

Most products for this line range between $5 and $416. The most expensive ones are bundles for shakes and a full package of products. 

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CBD products

There’s actually one CBD offered by the company since 2019 that offers the same benefits as the actual product around the world. 

However, according to Enhanzz Global, it is even better. Unfortunately, we couldn’t even find the price, and it can only be accessed with distributors.

Can You Earn Money with Enhanzz Global?

Yes and no. 

The problem with the company, the main one at least, is that it follows the MLM structure. 

Even when you are able to sell products, the commissions you earn aren’t that much. 

With only 20% of earnings per sale, you need to offer them to many people or have a continuous influx in order not only to meet the month PV but have your own profit. 

This 20% works by: You get products with a discount and can list them at the retail price; that is the sum you can see at the stores without the discount you get. 

However, you cannot climb ranks by selling products only, which means your chances of earning more commissions and percentages are low. 

To make money, you must rely on the recruitment every MLM aims for. 

For it, you need to: 

  • Ask people to join by telling them about the company and products.
  • You pretty much need to trick them by mentioning how much money you “can” make with it.
  • They must pay the license fee, and they will be added to your downline. 

To earn your commissions, they also need to meet the PV every month and bring new people. Otherwise, you don’t get much from them. 

Also, having about two or three people isn’t enough for the previous reason and the actual commission you get from each. 

For retail sales and new recruits they bring, you earn about 2-3% only. This means you need many recruits on your own to generate passive income with this. 

According to the company and some reviews, people only make about $370 annually despite the effort or unless they recruit people like crazy. 

So, this means you can make money, but not as much as you would expect. 

Other options to make money like bonuses are available, but it isn’t too clear how the entire process works, and the percentages, although they are mentioned, can be confusing. 

For you to have a look, this is what the company presumptively offers but doesn’t dive deeper into rankings and more details:

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Pros & Cons: Why We Wouldn’t Invest in Enhanzz Global

Although the heading pretty much gives you the answer to the entire review, we want to tell you why. 

First, there is so much mystery around the company that we aren’t sure about even giving it a thought. 

Also, reviews aren’t that reliable considering that there’s no company with five stars in a decade, yet it only has a few reviews—perfect ones at that. 

We are not saying there aren’t factors that encourage people to join, but cons end up being more and quite suspicious. To go over them, consider these: 


  • The company is legit, and it isn’t a scam like an illegal pyramid scheme.
  • It is cheap considering you only need to pay $100 to join.
  • Founders have a background in the industry and know what they are doing.
  • Despite the questionable reviews, we have tried some of the skincare products, and as for those, they at least work well. 


  • Products, except for skincare and wellness, aren’t clear in terms of description and prices even when they have been released for a while.
  • You need to invest in the ongoing costs of acquiring the products to sell them at retail prices.
  • You cannot make much money with sales but rather recruit people.
  • Commissions and compensation are low.
  • You have to rely on others to make money.
  • Annual revenue is too low following the commissions’ con.
  • It isn’t available in the USA.
  • Not all products are available in the 10 European countries they cover. For example, Spain has access to skincare only, but not wellness and fitness products.
  • You need to consider fees that add to the running expenses.

Enhanzz Global MLM #12 -

Overall, there isn’t much we can write about the company that can, somehow, support its initiative. 

Many questions remain, and the fact you need to contact a distributor who will be doing their best to just sign you up without telling you the disadvantages isn’t the most suitable way to make such a financial decision. 

We Prefer This Over MLM Businesses

Multilevel marketing companies can be a problem. In all honesty, we wouldn’t place our trust in them except for only a few ones. 

We understand people want to bet on them because they are supposed to offer a passive income with the downline option. However, they take too much work, and the end result isn’t worth it.

If passive income is your goal, digital real estate can be a great choice.

This option isn’t much easier nor something that doesn’t require work. But it will help you be an independent business owner and avoid tricking others, relying on commissions, and depending on direct third parties for money. 

With time, you can earn more than $3,000 per year and even aim for this same sum per month when well-developed. 

Now, what is it about, and why do we like it so much? 

It is very similar to residential or commercial properties. But the concept lies in how you create websites for clients and make sure to rank them to generate customers for them or better known as leads.

These leads are what can actually become clients for the companies or clients you help, and you’ll receive a commission per lead you generate on each site.

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You can make as many websites as you want and let your clients use them. After setting up your efforts, just wait for leads and payments—no need to be part of the MLM participants nor deal with multilevel marketing plans. 

Learn as much as you can about building websites, finding clients, and other aspects of this business.

We are certain that this #1 training program will save you time and help you start in this business model.

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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