Essante Organics MLM Review

Making Your Way to Organic Profit or Radioactive Scam? (2022 Update)

Founded in 2009, Essante Organics is a multilevel marketing company that offers health and wellness products. What makes them different from other companies with the same products is that they claim theirs are completely natural and pH balanced. 

In other words, they are supposed to work for any person regardless of their pH, which is usually considered due to possible reactions to some products. 

The question is, do they actually meet the expectations and claims? On the other hand, what is the option the company offers to make money? 

Since Essante Organics is a multilevel marketing company or just MLM, you can expect the same options to make money as other companies with the same business structure. What changes is the plan they work with and the final commission rates that vary according to the business. 

Based on the variations, it is possible to make money with some companies. With others, the story can be a bit different. 

What is the case with Essante Organics? Here, we will make sure to help you know more about the company, its inception, and how you can make money with it, and if it is even worth your time, to begin with. 

Essante Organics MLM Review #2 -

Who Is Michael Wenniger? – Founder & CEO

The company’s origins are told very similar to other MLM companies with someone who wanted to find a new source of income and independence. 

In the case of Essante Organics, we have Michael Wenniger, founder and CEO of the company today.

Born in Wisconsin’s midwestern state, Mr. Michael Wenniger was raised by his working-class family. He learned valuable business and personal skills from his peers as well as his parents. 

He discovered the value of hard work on the farm of his aunt and uncle at an early age.

His life didn’t start as a direct network marketing CEO company or professional. Instead, he attended UWM (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee), where he studied Kinesiology and Sports Fitness. 

But what we know about his early years is that Michael was a long-haired singer and guitarist in the band Foxx during the 1980s, and it wasn’t until the early 1990s that he discovered direct sales. 

Since his time as a singer was over, he decided to bet for the business model in front of him, and with no business experience, he managed to enroll 35 people, which exploded to 75,000 during the three-year momentum phase of the company he had just started as a simple direct sales business.  

This was the start of his career and track record of success that spans three decades in the wellness and network marketing industries.

Michael Wenniger’s second venture, Fun Unlimited (For the Ultimate in Nutrition), was a huge success as well. The business started with two key products: Power Pops, basically candy or lollipops to lose weight, and Kid’s Pops, vitamins on a stick.

According to the site, over 40 million triple patented Power Pops have been sold to date. These two flagship products, which are results-driven and popular with consumers, remain a favorite.

Michael believes in the health benefits of only using 100% organic, non-GMO, chemical-free, and toxic-free products. He combines his decades of business experience and passion for creating healthy products to make a real difference in people’s daily lives. 

Michael Wenniger launched and pioneered his most successful venture, Essante Organics, and the one we will be reviewing today, under the concept of an Organic Living Company in 2009.

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What Is Essante Organics? – Mission & Structure

Essante Organics is the first direct sales company based in the USA to offer 100% chemical-free, toxin-free, organic, and wildcrafted products on a worldwide scale. 

According to Michael, he wanted to help people live free in every aspect, including using chemical-free products but also be financially free with the business opportunity. 

For the company, he set the mission to promote good for the people, and great-for-the planet products would only grow organically if everyone had the chance to share them. 

With the help of a team of seasoned experts, Mr. Wenniger devised the easiest and most lucrative reward system for people who refer others towards the Essante organics product line (according to him). 

Today, Essante Organics is the “Home of the 100% Matching bonus,” which has revolutionized the industry. Essante Organics also houses thousands of Wellness Warriors from all over the world who refer to the independent distributors in the company. 

Michael is a constant collaborator with many experts in all areas. This strategy has made Essante Organics a highly-respected international company that has been awarded five times for its products. 

He spends a lot of time connecting with the industry and the company. Michael lives by the values of his Midwestern heritage: genuine caring for others and following the golden rule of doing unto others as you would have yourself do unto you. 

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Now, the structure Michael decided to adapt for Essante Organics is the same he has following with direct sales or better known as MLM as we were mentioning initially. 

Multilevel marketing is a structure that focuses on compensation plans and memberships for the people who want to become independent distributors, aka, who will be selling the products and earn commissions instead of a salary per sale. 

You sell products and make a percentage based on how much you spend on the discount and then sales on retail prices. 

However, the main goal with MLM companies is to recruit people to become distributors. Thus, you need to recruit new members that will pay the initial investment and follow some established terms. 

This is basically how you make money with Essante Organics: Selling products and recruiting new wellness warriors. 

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Why People Don’t Trust MLMs

Before we continue diving into what Essante Organic offers and multilevel marketing, you should know it isn’t a favorite when it comes to people who decide to join or buy from the distributors. Why? Because it is very similar to something, we all hate: 

Pyramid schemes. 

These schemes follow the same structure of making money based on commissions and by recruiting new people. 

What makes MLMs different from an illegal pyramid scheme? The fact they do offer real products or services.

Taking Essante Organics as the central object, the company offers wellness and health products, as mentioned earlier, and it has been proven these items exist and are sold. 

However, pyramid schemes will invite you to join and sell their products or services, but there won’t be any to actually offer to others in the end. Instead, you need to spend the “initial investment” and wait to recruit more people to make money. 

Or just be scammed because the person who signed you was looking for this. 

For some people, it can be hard to identify a pyramid scheme and MLM because you don’t know if the offer is real based on the person trying to persuade you to join. 

Also, the fact that an MLM company is legal doesn’t mean there isn’t any wrong with it since it can end up being a scam in the end. Now, is this the case with Essante Organics? We will get there. 

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Essante Organics Products: What You Will Sell

We go back to the pH-balanced organic nutritional supplements or wellness and health items mentioned, focusing on what you will get to sell. 

Besides these, however, Essante offers cosmetics and home care products as well. This is worth keeping in mind.

Going over the products, we have different sections to cover as a result: 

  • Body care.
  • Facil care.
  • Oral care.
  • Haircare.
  • Cosmetics. 

Although we are talking about wellness and nutrition in specific, the company divides its products into these categories based on how they help people. 

Now, among them, we have three main products, which includes one we mentioned earlier: 

  • Power Pops: They are described as organic sweets with vitamins that include B6, B12, L-tyrosine, and raw sugar cane. The objective is to provide energy to those who consume it, and it is optimal for diabetic patients. When it comes to the cost, it is set at $63.
  • Bee Natural Tabs: They cost $132 and are nutritional supplements that help boost your energy and “improve digestion,” according to the company. They also help with hair growth and the immune system.
  • Wink Mascara: The usual makeup product but valued at $36 that contains natural components and guarantees a safe and long-lasting result. 

Although these are the best-sellers in the company, you have many more to opt for, including Earth Greens at $65 that are nutritional supplements in the form of powder. 

Overall, the products are said to come with natural flagship and are completely safe for anyone who uses them.

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Joining Essante Organics: How Much Does It Cost?

Like other MLM companies, you need to pay a one-time membership (which is sometimes recurring depending on the business) set at $29.95. 

So far, this is a very low price for joining as an independent distributor. However, prices don’t end there. 

After you join, you need to buy the popular “starter” or “business” bundle kit to start selling and opt for the bonuses and benefits of the program. 

Although you have several options in the bundles, the cheapest ones start at $200, which adds a lot to the $30 many think they need to invest only. 

In addition, you need to maintain your personal volume (PV), which is the amount you sell in a month to stay active as a member. The PV is at 75, which is equivalent to $75, respectively. 

In case you don’t meet this PV minimum, you need to pay from your pocket to remain active as a distributor. 

The bundle kits vary in products and the amount of them you have for sale. You will need to choose based on what you want to sell but also depending on your budget. 

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How You Make Money: Essante Organics Compensation Plan

As we mentioned earlier, MLMs work with compensation plans, and this one isn’t the exception. 

These plans always focus on ranks and specific methods to make money. Among them, Essante Organics follows the main two as well: 

  • Retail sales: You make 30% on commissions per sale, which is what you save when acquiring the products to be offered to customers.
  • Enroller bonus: You earn between $50 and $100 every time you recruit a new member. 

The concept of making money with sales will always be there, but considering that each member can earn you as much as $100, you know the real deal is to recruit more people. 

Also, you need to recruit more to climb ranks that unlock more bonuses and allow you to earn over $50, which is the initial earning when recruitment takes place.

Essante Organics MLM Review #9 -

With other bonuses, we also refer to these: 

  • Express start gold bonus: You get $500 once you enroll four new people to your team, known as downline. But this needs to be done during your first month.
  • Endless team bonus: You get 10% when two members you have referred or recruited maintain their 75 PV during their first month as members.
  • Expansion race bonus: This one doesn’t really make sense to us, but it says you can become one of fifty executive members that earn 1% commission in the company and based on your country. 

To summarize, you actually make money by recruiting people more than selling, which isn’t a secret for anyone after reading the plans. 

Essante Organics MLM Review #10 -

Finally, which opens are the ranks Essante Organics works with? 

Unlike other companies, this one simplifies it to three ranks: Silver, gold, and platinum. 

To be a silver member, you need to recruit two affiliates and maintain your 75 PV every month. You need four silver-raked affiliates that you have recruited and maintained as your downline for the gold option. 

Platinum focuses on having four affiliates or recruits, but they must be gold-ranked. 

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Pros & Cons: Don’t Invest in Essante Organics (For Real)

That heading sounds more like a command than a recommendation, but you will understand why we get to this extreme. 

Some MLM companies are able to offer a steady influx of profit for their distributor’s thanks to the compensation plan. However, there are way too few that can offer you real value. 

Amway is one of the few options available, and we would recommend you to check it out even when it continues to have its disadvantages. 

When it comes to Essante Organics, we can’t mention too many things about it that aren’t bad. Thus, consider the pros and cons: 


  • You won’t fall into a pyramid scheme.
  • Although you need to buy the business bundle when starting, it is affordable compared to other MLMs.
  • Some of the products have good reviews by unpaid clients that left them on the Internet.
  • They focus on a good mission with organic products. 


  • Products are too expensive to sell, considering a simple mascara costs $36. Other products in the market with the same features (organic) are more affordable.
  • You need to maintain your PV. If not, you are left out of the system or need to pay to remain active.
  • You cannot make much money with sales but rather recruit members all the time.
  • Compensation is low based on the percentage and effort you need to invest.
  • Although the company says it is organic, it isn’t approved by the international organization as these products don’t need verification.
  • It has some positive reviews. However, many are paid by the company.
  • Multilevel marketing companies are also known for being scams, which makes it hard to recruit or sell.

Essante Organics MLM Review #12 -

This Is Much Better Than MLM

Multilevel marketing companies are a problem, in our opinion. With the fame they have built over the years, it is way too hard to trust whether you will make money or not. If you ask us, you won’t 99% of the time. 

Because they offer passive income and the option to build a downline, we understand that people are keen to place bets on them. However, they take too much work and end up being pointless, considering you always need to recruit new people. 

No, the main downline you recruit isn’t enough. This is repetitive, and inevitably, you run out of people to recruit and, let’s be honest, trick. 

For us, a digital real estate is a great option if passive income is your goal and you don’t need to trick anyone in the process. 

This option is not easy, and it requires hard work. But it will allow you to be your own boss and not rely on others for money.

You can make more than $4,000 per month when settling and expanding, and you could even aspire for over six figures when having a complete structure. 

What is it all about? And why does it appeal to us so much?

It’s very similar to commercial or residential properties. The concept this time is that you create websites for your clients and make sure they rank well on Google so that they can generate leads.

These leads can become clients for the companies you are helping and providing the websites. You’ll earn a commission for each lead you generate on each website.

You can create as many websites as you wish and let your clients use them. Once you have set up your efforts, wait for leads to come in, and payment will be yours. You don’t need to be a part of any MLM participants or deal with multilevel marketing plans.

Learn all you can about web design, client acquisition, and other aspects.

This #1 training program is guaranteed to save you time and get you started in this business model.

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Written by Dame Cash

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