FASTSIGNS Franchise Review

Is This a Slow or Fast Franchise to Start & Worth Investing? (2022 Update)

It isn’t simple to start a new business and what we can tell you is: you don’t only need money but also time, effort, and reputation.

This is why many decide to invest in franchises and invest what they can in an opportunity that saves them the last three but can involve a bit more money.

FASTSIGNS is a franchise opportunity that has been around for over 20 years. It’s based on the idea of quickly and efficiently printing signs while you wait.

It is a high-demand business, and the company alone has made sure to cover most people’s needs with their hundreds of franchises. Now, is it worth joining them? This is what we’ll find out.

We’re going to look over the initial investment, how long it takes to get started, and if it is the dream business you’ve been waiting for.

Best Graphics Franchise in the Country?

To know if a company or business is good, starting with its history is the key.

Some find it irrelevant, but it’s similar to when you’re reading a story: unless you know how it starts, it won’t be easy to understand the outcome.

Gary Salomon and Bob Schanbaum founded FASTSIGNS in Austin in 1985, and since then, it has always aimed to provide visual solutions to most businesses.

FASTSIGNS grew to be popular thanks to how well they adapted to the market and business’s needs.

Instead of aiming for general solutions, it was a more specialized service that knew (and continues to know) how to help companies gain visibility, obtain graphics, and aim for signage.

This is why in 1986, FASTSIGNS (or more like FASTSIGNS International, Inc.) was able to start franchising and sold its first franchise, and began to expand fast.

In 1991, the company sold its first international franchise.

It’s been around for more than 30 years and has grown to be the largest and most successful fast signs franchise in America.

In that time, it also became a global brand with offices worldwide, such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, UAE, among others.

With how fast this company is growing (around 100-150% every year), FASTSIGNS might soon become one of the biggest companies in history.

It is all thanks to how it has been administrated. In 2003, for example, FASTSIGNS was bought by Roark Capital Group,

In 2009, Catherine Monson, former president of PIP Printing, was named the CEO.

The most recent change took place in 2014 when the company was acquired by Levine Leichtman Capital Partners, a Beverly Hills-based investment firm.

With this done, what does make FASTSIGNS popular? Or more like, what does it even do in the first place?

Simple, it’s all about signs and graphics products.

Most people believe this is an industry no one cares about, but well-made custom signs are crucial for any company and business that wants to grow and create a reputation.

That being said, FASTSIGNS offers a variety of different sign options. You can create custom, one-of-a-kind signs or purchase pre-made templates for any occasion you require them: birthday parties, weddings, graduations, and more!

Not only does the company provide these products, but it also specializes in banner production with an array of sizes.

FASTSIGNS has grown to be one of the best companies in fast signs and a world-class business.

It has been ranked first place by many popular fast sign magazines and ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the fastest-growing franchises of the twenty-first century.

The company is highly recommended not only because it can be started with little or no money but also because it is a growing industry with more opportunities for growth.

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Is FASTSIGNS Franchise Expensive?

Many consider franchisee as a program from the company or business that offers it. However, it’s just another service from it.

As we previously mentioned, they started franchising not long after the company was created, and since then, FASTSIGNS has over 700 locations in several countries.

Now, getting into the topic, the truth is that knowing if a business is a good option for you or not will always depend.

This answer will get a bit old from us, but this is what we have learned: we’re the most variant element in starting a business.

We aren’t driven by money only but also by what we like. As a result, you might want to join something like the FASTSIGNS franchise because you want to make money, but you could end up hating what you’re doing.

But what happens if we focus on the money? Is it worth investing in this franchise?

In our opinion, it is. Just think about this: the signs and graphics products are always needed. It doesn’t matter how much the world evolves.

Besides, the company offers a wide range of services that cover most businesses and people’s needs. This means you won’t run out of work any time soon.

But the investment can be what limits many people.

If you research for a bit, you’ll find many portals that mention you won’t need too much money to invest in this business model.

However, we differ because of a reason alone: we have done our research correctly.

Before getting there, we want to clarify that it is worth investing in the company if you consider the benefits that come from it.

The problem lies in whether you can afford the expenses and if you meet the company’s requirements.

New franchisees have to meet the following criteria:

  • $80.000 minimum available capital.
  • $300.000 minimum net worth.
  • Your credit score must be good.

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In addition, the FASTSIGNS franchise has a fee: $49.750, which is added to the minimum capital and other expenses.

In total, you can end up investing between $230.000 and over $300.000.

In comparison with other franchises, you will find FASTSIGNS International, Inc. less expensive, especially considering how much you can make from it. However, this doesn’t reduce the impact you’ll receive on your savings.

We know, not everyone can afford it, but before you decide not to or maybe go for it, get to know the system and how it works.

What Does FASTSIGNS Franchise Include?

Like with any other franchising business model, it’s simple regardless of the company you choose.

You contact the business and make sure to receive information on what is included in the deal.

Keep in mind that establishing the structure, products, equipment, and everything required MUST be provided.

You need support and training to know how to get started and maintain the FASTSIGNS franchise along with the materials.

All this is included: training, support, materials, guidance through the process, and guarantee you’re able to establish your local business.

Besides the earnings, you will generate from the business and the franchise fee you have to pay, FASTSIGNS rewards franchise owners and how well they perform.

The sign graphics industry is competitive, and this is something to remember when you’re trying to top sales, accept projects, and make your franchise grow.

Your gross sales will be kept at the end of the day in order to be rewarded.

To access all the information about owning a FASTSIGNS franchise, you need to call the team that will provide it. Otherwise, you’ll find basic details only.

The last thing we can tell you in advance is that establishing it won’t be as fast as the services you’ll offer.

It takes time to go over the establishment of the business, and as a result, some people end up waiting over four months to start operating.

Others have a bit more luck, but we cannot consider them since they’re the minority.

Guarantee you’re going over this detail during your franchise agreement if you ever decide to invest in it.

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Why You Should (Or Not) Invest in A FASTSIGNS Franchise

Considering what we’ve mentioned so far and other details we still have under our sleeve, we believe this business model to be a great option as long as you’re willing to put your soul into signage and graphics.

As we mentioned initially, it’s not about money only but also about enjoying what you’ll do.

Otherwise, there’s no way you will have an experienced team of professionals in your franchise if you don’t start by being an expert yourself.

With this in mind, these are a few benefits of the franchise we can tell you if you’re looking for approval to open a FASTSIGNS center:

  • You don’t have to struggle overall since you’ll have support in the business, which is entirely different from starting something of your own and without background.
  • If you love the graphics industry, this is your dream business.
  • Products and services are customized and accessible for most people, which brings many clients your way.
  • Online sales are possible.
  • Gain the reputation of the company.
  • You can earn over $800k every year when things start moving.

Before leaving you at that, let’s focus on the aspects that will make people refrain from the project:

  • It’s expensive. The franchise fee ($49.750) isn’t the only high expense but rather the initial investment along with training and support fees, leading to a total of over $200k.
  • Depending on your situation, it can take long before you start, or the franchise becomes profitable.
  • Creativity, skills, and specific talent in the field are required.
  • Lastly, if you’re not interested in the graphics industry and its investment, then it’s worth considering other options that are more affordable and still providing quality services.

Most Affordable (& Profitable) Business?

This franchise business looks like an excellent idea for those that can invest in it and, at the same time, love the idea of being involved in the industry.

But for those who are doubtful about enjoying it or capable of affording the franchise, other options are just as attractive and can be even better.

In our experience, this franchise is a great business model, but it requires money, time, and A LOT of work, and we don’t love the franchise fee that needs to be continuously paid. Besides, you cannot work from home.

This last requirement can be the most challenging part for many, considering the current worldwide situation and how people love to stay at home.

With this in mind, what would we recommend? It’s called local lead generation.

This business model has been our primary source of income for the past year, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

It’s all about generating leads locally for other companies or small businesses.

How? Knowing how to rank websites on Google doesn’t have to be as complicated as you would think.

Instead, they can be pretty simple, and when you get used to it, you’ll see how fast it is to build more than one site.

Now, we’re probably going too fast and assuming you know what leads are, what does rank in Google means, and all that.

Leads are what we call ‘traffic’ on the Internet. In other words, you are bringing organic traffic to the website, and in doing so, you need to top it on Google’s page search.

Have you seen those websites that are always at the top whenever you type “tree trimming,” for example? Of course, you have! Well, that’s what we get done through local lead generation.

But why local and not international or globally? Because it is easier to rank and handle local businesses.

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When Do You Start to Make Money?

The business or person who hires you to build the website and bring leads will pay you a percentage according to the traffic you get and clients generated through the website.

You are doing something like renting the site since it isn’t owned by the business but you.

This is why this business model is so good: because there’s a point when there’s nothing else to do.

You only need to build the site, rank it, make sure it continues generating leads, and earn over money passively, thanks to this.

It’s that simple.

Now, here’s a quick step by step so you can have a better picture of the business:

  • Get your computer and some cash.
  • Pick a niche. This means you need to choose what city you’ll aim for and the services the businesses you will contact offer.
  • Build and rank the websites.
  • Send free leads.
  • Close the deal with the client based on the leads you’re generating.
  • Start building and ranking even more sites.

This business can be started with you alone, and when you see it is impossible to handle the number of clients, start building a team.

Just keep in mind: you don’t really need a lot of money for it, and unlike other businesses, you won’t have to build a team from the beginning.

This is why we decided to give it a try months ago and got ourselves on board with a top training program we highly recommend.

It even works for those that don’t want local lead generation as an additional business model but instead used it to boost their own traffic.

For example, if you decide to invest in FASTSIGNS, you still need to get clients, and this method will help with that.

Are you interested enough to take action?

You can click below to see and learn everything today!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

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Written by Dame Cash

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