How to Make Money from Twitch & Be a Twitch Affiliate

A Gold Mine for Gamers, Or is it Too Late?

One thing is the most real now than ever: traditional methods to make money and jobs are old stories.

People don’t think about making money with regular jobs, and if they do, they know that it will be pretty difficult. This is why you will notice that many consider more innovative options like Twitch that don’t even require leaving your home.

At first, many considered it a joke, but in 2021 and since 2017, things were changing a lot in this platform, allowing people to make much more money with less effort.

But how is it possible? First, have you ever heard about Twitch? Regardless of your answer, you are definitely missing a great opportunity.

What Is Twitch?

Let’s make it simple and start with the common question.

Twitch is a live streaming video platform that was developed in 2011.

And below we talk about how to become a twitch affiliate as well.

It allows people to broadcast themselves playing video games, watching videos, just chat with viewers, and similar actions. Overall, you can stream whatever you want as long as it is not offensive nor goes against the service politics and terms.

The stream viewers can interact with the people streaming (or just streamers) by using a chat service or simply watching what happens without typing anything.

However, the platform’s primary focus is to allow people to share their gaming experience, which is why Twitch is considered a game broadcasting platform more than anything else.

But who came up with this idea that now is loved and used by millions?

You need to know that the idea didn’t come to life in 2011 before anything else.

Twitch, or more like Twitch TV, is part of the initial platform called, which launched in 2007.

The latter included many categories for live streaming, and among them, gaming was at the top by far.

This is why the founders Justin Kan, Emmet Shear, Michael Seibel, Kyle Vogt, and Kevin Lin decided to separate both options (general categories and gaming) and created Twitch TV to cover gamers’ needs.

The project has required a lot of money and time, but it was worth it.

Twitch’s popularity has grown exponentially in the last few years, and now there are more than 100 million monthly viewers, generating close to 20 billion impressions every month.

This is why Twitch TV provides an excellent opportunity for people who want to make money from home easily without worrying about anything else but their gaming experience.

Some people even use the category “Just Chatting” whenever they just want to talk about life, share experiences, or anything else that is not necessarily related to gaming.

How to Make Money from Twitch #2 -

Due to Twitch TV’s success, the old Justin. tv was renamed Twitch Interactive in 2014 to cover all the company’s goals and leading business.

During the first half of 2014, the company was still owned by the founders and original directives. However, on August 25, 2014, Amazon acquired the company.

Since then, Twitch has been growing exponentially and also created a mobile app for iOS and Android users to enjoy the service wherever they go.

Where Does the Money Come From?

Now, getting into businesses, it is clear how the company makes money since it is a service that people pay for as streamers through commissions and some viewers do as well based on what they buy on the platform.

But how do YOU, the streamer, make money? It is as simple as it sounds: by streaming.

Although Twitch can be used for just chatting, gaming will remain the primary focus since the platform is for streaming those.

People who love gaming will understand why the platform is such a good option, at least, the basics. However, those who are just trying to find a new way to make money can have a hard time, especially if they don’t like gaming that much or at all.

That being said, this is how Twitch works: through several options for streamers.

The platform itself allows you to earn money through:

  • Crowdfunded subscriptions (people pay to subscribe to your channel and access some benefits or offer support).
  • Viewers’ donations.
  • Twitch Bits is a currency in the platform that is equal to donations when viewers send you some of them.

By this alone, you will be able to make money when starting to have enough viewers. Believe it or not, people like to chat with others, contribute and make it possible for you to continue doing it.

Now, since live streaming has become the “new TV” for many due to the Internet itself, making money from ads, brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing, merchandise, and game sales is not impossible.

In fact, due to the peak of users last year (2020), these previous few options are more profitable than before.

Some streamers might not have many subscribers, viewers, or followers (all three are possible), but the ones they have are key for some brands and companies and, of course, for the streamer themselves.

Besides, you are not limited by Twitch from sharing your content on other platforms.

A great example is how you can find many gamers on both YouTube and Twitch. They just make videos from their live streams or decide to use their visibility to go for other business ventures.

How to Make Money from Twitch #3 -

Get Started: Steps to Become A Streamer

Deciding on going for this money maker option is usually the most challenging decision because of exposing yourself to the public.

If you like privacy above anything else, you might reconsider it or take extra measures.

Now, when it comes to getting started and how you begin streaming, it isn’t difficult at all.

First, create an account on Twitch with your primary and personal information and make sure it has a safe password from the beginning.

When signing up, you will be both a user and a channel.

What does “channel” mean? You will have your personal space to stream and have people find information and details about you or your transmissions.

Second, make sure you complete all the information, like your channel’s name, payment method if needed or possible, and arrange all the details in settings.

When this is done, you will have to move on with details outside of Twitch.

You can either choose to think or worry about what you are about to say before or after creating the account.

We usually suggest going over the details after since you will be a bit more familiar with the requirements of the platform, but for others, we are here to provide them to you:

  • It would be best if you had a good microphone.

Some people choose to use music as background (or just stream this), which doesn’t require a mic, but you are bound to lose audience and viewers.

If you will compromise yourself to the task, make sure it is a good quality microphone and comfortable to use.

  • Internet connection is everything.

Unfortunately, using Twitch or make money with it might not be the best option if you cannot afford or don’t have access to a good internet connection.

Here, we will include the need for a good webcam as well since it is closely related. Why? Because you can’t expect people to see a pixeled video of yourself (or what you have in front of the webcam) in 2021 nor have delay or lag during the stream.

Broadcasting will take with it most of your connection. Keep it in mind!

  • Deal with all the software.

This part used to be the most difficult one, but Twitch pretty much helps with it nowadays.

For live streaming, you need specific software and programs to transmit your signal and gaming experience. Therefore, you need to install a few.

Broadcasting software like Open Broadcaster Software is the most used one for any streamer (not only on Twitch), and the platform includes a tutorial for you to go over its download and settings.

Others like one for controlling your audio and mic can be great additions.

What to Stream to Gain Viewers

Ironically, don’t focus on popular games and if you do, make sure you can offer as much or more as other streamers.

Games with great audiences come with the difficulty of competing against many streamers at once, which leaves you in a sore spot.

It would be better to focus on what you do best as well, even if it is not a game as popular as others.

Of course, you DO have to consider the viewers and how well it does, but this is testing when starting.

Finding your favorite games is the key for us, and enjoying them more than just doing it for the audience is the best option.

This part is primarily up to you and your dedication and time investment to find the best options for YOU.

How to Make Money from Twitch #4 -

However, we want you to keep other tips in mind:

  • Interact with viewers all the time.
  • If you will start, be serious and consistent. If you stream once a month, no one is going to watch you.
  • It takes time, but it isn’t impossible, and you should be able to get there if persisting.
  • Include more people. During Twitch’s early years, viewers were OK with streams that were by the mainstreamer alone. However, they are loving collaborations or having one or more streamers in one broadcast.
  • You are going public, so remember to behave.
  • Use other platforms to promote yourself: social media, website, and more.

Does Twitch Really Work?

After reading the previous information, you might think this is a stupid question already.

Millions are watching others, but thousands are making quite a lot of money, so yes, it works.

However, it is hard to believe that playing video games or chatting with people would actually work.

Therefore, this is what we are going to do: provide facts and examples.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys is the most-followed female streamer on Twitch and one of the most-watched on the platform.

She started back in 2013, and after persisting and being consistent to the point of dropping college, she became pretty popular in 2017 when she gained over 450,000 followers, making her the best Twitch streamer that year.

She is known for streaming games like Minecraft, League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, and the popular game in 2020, Among Us.

Her early years weren’t easy, and you can tell by just noticing how it took her from 2013 to 2017 to gain some relevance.

This doesn’t mean she didn’t have viewers and wasn’t making money, but it wasn’t the best income or revenue either.

To this date, Imane has 8 million followers, placing sixth in the most followed channels list.

But what about the most important part? The money.

Pokimane has an estimated $500k+ income per year with Twitch alone (donations, subscribers, and previous mentions), which is not shabby at all.

She now has her own merchandise store and even partnered up with Twitch, and with the companies of the games, she plays besides getting paid for sponsored videos on YouTube and having over a million subscribers watching her regular content (yes, she is there as well).

In total, she has an estimated $1 million + per year.

How to Make Money from Twitch #5 -

What about other streamers? Small ones, for example.

Since everything depends a lot on your viewers and how they decide to support you more than sponsors and partnerships (which are not impossible for those between 1,000 to 5,000 followers), calculating the estimate is a bit easier.

Most small streamers make around $1.000 per month. Of course, if they are very new, $50 to $100 is more accurate.

Where Do Other Streamers Stand?

Quite high.

We want to mention that Twitch alone is a great platform to make money.

Donations, subscriptions, Twitch Bits, and the other options offered by the platform make it possible without any complications.

However, when you are productive and make sure you are covering every single possibility out of Twitch as well, making money is even easier later on.

You might think that this doesn’t count considering that it is outside of Twitch, but we believe it is the opposite. After all, most of your audience will watch you, for example, on YouTube, thanks to your Twitch channel and live streams.

If you still don’t believe us, let’s go over a few streamers:

  • “Ninja” has over 15 million followers on Twitch (the most followed one) and over 100k subscribers. This has led him to earn over $4 million per year with the platform only.
  • “DisguisedToast” is an inactive channel since the streamer decided to partner with Facebook Gaming (another live stream service). Still, despite this, he continues to make $700k+ per year thanks to video views and additional followers.

Other Twitch stars like “auronplay” and “Rubius” don’t even focus on streaming in English but rather Spanish and still place themselves relatively high at the top of followers, subscribers, and earnings.

“auronplay” (yes, without capitals) has over 9 million followers and makes $1.5 million per year approximately.

As for “Rubius,” he has 9.5 million followers and makes a bit more than the previous, standing at $1.8 million.

What Allows Them to Make So Much Money?

Their unique style, personality, and content.

It is hard to diversify when you are on a platform where everything spins around a topic: gaming.

Even when you have many games to play, people aren’t interested in all of them, and for small streamers, this is the biggest challenge.

However, the previous examples can stream anything, and people will just watch them. Why is this? After all, they didn’t start with millions but rather zero.

Besides being consistent and persistent, they have made sure to sell their image and brand.

If you are a gamer like us and consume content on Twitch, you must know that “Ninja” is quite known for being noisy but, according to his followers, authentic.

Meanwhile, Imane or “Pokimane” is loved for her commentaries during games, and despite some unpopular opinions and arguments appealing to her gender, she is followed for being charismatic.

When you think about them, you don’t compare their personalities or careers with others. Instead, you compare others to them. Does it make sense?

And of course, all this leads to viewers, donations, subscriptions, and money in every possible way.

How to Make Money from Twitch #6 -

Should You Start Your Own Channel?

If you are motivated and passionate about games and what you do as a hobby and want to make money from Twitch, the answer is yes.

It isn’t hard to get started but rather to keep going.

Many find themselves tired of waiting for revenue or earnings after a few months or even weeks.

But this doesn’t mean the option is a bad idea, as we have proven so far.

We can tell you that if you never try it, you will never know what could happen.

Maybe you are the next “Ninja” or Imane, and you haven’t given yourself a chance.


Twitch Affiliate #1 -

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate in 6 Steps

If you’re a gamer, then there’s a good chance that Twitch is your go-to streaming site. Whether it’s for watching other gamers or playing yourself, the platform has become an integral part of the gaming community where most people want to have some fun or make money. 

For the latter, not many understand how some gamers reach the top and start making millions. Subscribers, donations, and partnerships along with sponsors are a great answer to clear your doubt, but there’s more to it than just third parties in general. 

Twitch itself also offers its users great opportunities to make money (if you’re the streamer, of course), which usually leads many people to remain in the platform and do their best to become a partner. However, how can you make it?

If you want to start streaming and become a Twitch affiliate, this guide will walk you through the requirements and the entire process. Ready? Go!


Getting Started

This is probably obvious, but you clearly need to get started with your streams if you want to become a Twitch affiliate. 

Therefore, you will need to go over the details of how to prepare yourself and start with the platform, including all the equipment and steps you have to follow for this alone. 

You see, the tricky part about becoming an affiliate is actually jumping to the idea and making it possible. Although maintaining your audience and followers will be what worries you the most, later on, starting and being able to move forward is the biggest challenge. 

Does this mean you cannot be a Twitch affiliate if you aren’t a streamer? That’s pretty accurate. 

This option is only available for those who play and go live. In other words, viewers don’t get the chance to apply for this alternative on the platform. 

Now, this is only the beginning of what an affiliate truly is and what it is all about. So, don’t worry, we’ll go over the details next. 


What Is Twitch Affiliate Program? – How It Works

Don’t be fooled; streaming isn’t as simple or easy as it looks. Instead, it takes a lot of work and time, especially when you want to maintain your records and audience later. 

Many people consider streaming as something trivial that only lazy people do. Although they are right with the argument that “people just play for others to watch,” it takes time and personality to make others want to watch you. Does it make sense? 

Entertaining overall isn’t something everyone can do, and even if you jump on the boat, you’ll be bound to either have a lot of success or remain a small streamer. 

Now, what does this have to do with the whole Twitch Affiliate Program? To the fact that the company or platform recognizes their streamers’ dedication to continuing creating content and entertaining millions. 

This is why they created the program to offer the option to make a living out of the streams. You can be part of it and earn income after qualifying based on specific requirements. 

You need to continuously build an audience and make sure to maintain a specific number of viewers. 

It can be challenging initially, but once you get into the mood and start enjoying all the features and benefits of an affiliate, you’ll notice it is completely worth the effort.


Twitch Affiliate #2 -

The entire idea follows a structure in which you can earn money with subscriptions, Bits (Twitch currency), and game sales. 

With the first option, you will earn money by accepting subscriptions from your viewers. In other words, you’re allowed to include this button in your channel once becoming an affiliate (no, you don’t have it before this). 

The subscriptions available in the platform come in 3 different packages: $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99. All of them with additional benefits for your subscribers. 

There’s an alternative focused on Twitch Prime, a subscription that viewers pay on the platform in order to enjoy content and benefits from all streamers. You also get it while becoming an affiliate, and despite being “free” for your viewers to subscribe to your channel with this option, you still get revenue from it. 

With Bits, viewers follow the same logic of supporting their favorite streamers via donations but using the monetization tool of the platform. Since this allows them to donate or contribute without leaving Twitch, people are bound to do it more frequently since it only takes a few clicks.

The final option of “game sales” aims to provide streamers a percentage of the revenue of the sale of a game (well, the name gives you the spoiler). 

However, promoting a game with what people know as an affiliated link from the game company directly is that Twitch often puts games on sales and offers items in specific. 

If you are playing a game on sale at the moment or with an offer available, your channel will have a purchase option available, and any person who decides to buy from there will help you get revenue. 

The concept of affiliate for this last option is quite the regular one. 


Joining the Program: Requirements & Steps 

In all honesty, we find that joining the program isn’t too tricky but instead consider that Twitch made it possible for the smallest streamers to join it after putting some work into it. 

Therefore, the eligibility and requirements established by the platform aren’t something to worry about, but it is true that continue going and be able to remain as an affiliate is usually the real challenge. 

That being said, here are the requirements you have to meet to be able to apply: 

  • At least 500 total minutes broadcast over the last 30 days. 
  • Seven unique broadcasts or more in the last 30 days.
  • You need an average of 3 concurrent or frequent viewers (or more) over the last 30 days.
  • 50+ followers on your channel.

Twitch Affiliate #3 -

Once you have qualified for the affiliate program, you don’t need to apply directly. Instead, Twitch will send you an invitation with the form you have to fill in order to apply. Here’s when we start to guide you through the process: 

  1. You will receive the invitation via email, and you can also visualize a notification on Twitch in the upper right corner of the platform. 
  2. When opening the invitation, you will the “Get Started” button. After clicking it, Twitch will take you to a few steps in which you will monetize your channel with Bits. 
  3. Then, you will move on with filling the basic form to register into the program. In it, you have to include your personal and general information. 
  4. Reading and signing the Twitch Affiliate Agreement is CRUCIAL. You cannot omit this part, and we recommend going over the details despite the content not having anything suspicious. 
  5. Provide your tax information while completing the Royalty and Service Tax Interviews during this step of the form. 
  6. Fill an additional Tipalti form in which you specify where Twitch will send your payments or earnings. 


Payment Methods Available on Twitch

For the last step, you’re probably wondering how you can get paid. 

Well, before filling in this information, you would usually have to research a bit or visit another Twitch page to find out which one will be the best in your case. 

In total, you have five alternatives for Twitch to send payments of your income, being PayPal the most common one among streamers, at least, when they’re starting. 

However, how can you know which one is the best? Below, there’s some info that can help you decide the best one: 

  • PayPal: The reason behind its popularity lies in how easy it is to receive and send money. To this date, everyone uses the platform since you can also withdraw money to bank accounts with the balance available. It also makes sure to convert currencies if necessary. 
  • Direct deposit to bank account: If you’re in the USA or Europe, you will find this alternative to be quite convenient since it saves you the time to use online options or withdraw money from PayPal (for example). However, it can take longer to receive each payment. 
  • Wire: This method opens the option for streamers outside the USA and Europe to receive funds electronically thanks to the network of banks that offer transferences around the world. However, you have to check if your country applies for the service. 
  • Check: This old-school method isn’t usually one people choose, but it is open for those that require the alternative, and it is usually sent based on the information requested by Twitch. 

ACH: The deposit is made directly into your bank account after you provide the specific information. However, it is only available for US residents.

Twitch Affiliate #4 -

A Few Tips from Us

Becoming an affiliate takes some people more or less time. Everything depends on how much effort you put into it and a bit of luck. 

For this, we want to give you a few tips before leaving. 

First, make sure you stream as much as you can. Considering Twitch’s requirements based on 30 days, you have to meet this even after becoming an affiliate constantly. 

Therefore, you have to compromise yourself to broadcast and invest time in making this a profitable business. 

Second, make sure you advertise your streams as much as possible. Friends can support you by sharing your stream. This can also help to bring the 50 followers you need to reach faster. Use everything in your hands.”

Finally, don’t forget to be authentic yet respectful. 

Twitch community is known for being both toxic but also significantly based on how you build your audience later. 

Usually, they are your image. Besides keeping it natural to bring authentic viewers, you have to make sure that it will positively influence your future as a streamer.

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Written by Dame Cash

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