Is it Worth Hiring a Life Coach?

A Way to Throw Your Money or Best Investment of All?

Among freelance services and advertisements, you will see nowadays; you will find lots of life coaches trying to get new clients. If you aren’t familiar with them or never wondered before why someone would need one in the first place, you might be curious now, considering you are here. 

Well, it is hard to read “life coach” and just imagine what that person can do for you. After all, it’s not like someone can tell you how to live your life, or more like, it is hard for that person to do even if they are doing it for the best. 

However, we have to make clear there’s a misconception about life coaches, and unlike what you think, they are pretty useful and worth the investment when you truly need them. Of course, it can be hard to believe us now, but we will get there in no time. 

What we will leave clear here before starting to answer the main queries or whether a life coach is worth hiring or not is that you should be open to services and what they do. It might not be useful for you in the end, but it may be for others. So, just an open mind, and who knows, you might discover this professional is actually for you.

Things First: What Is a Life Coach?

How can we even talk about hiring one if we aren’t even letting you know who they are? 

You might have a vague concept of what they do or not, but we want to make this clear since we’re sure that even if you have done your research, you haven’t gotten to the bottom of it in terms of how good they can be for someone. 

To keep it simple, a life coach is a professional that helps people achieve greater fulfillment, personal development, and success in their lives. 

Life coaches help their clients improve their relationships, careers, as well as their day-to-day life, so you could say they do their best to make your life better based on your goals and what you want for it as long as it is viable and good for yourself. 

But what if you don’t have your goals or life clear? Life coaches can help clarify them and identify obstacles that are holding you back. Then, they will devise strategies to overcome each obstacle. 

These professionals use their unique talents and gifts to help you create these strategies and help you make the most out of your strengths to create lasting change.

If we had to put it differently, life coaches are for people who want to achieve their goals since they can be useful to make a roadmap to fulfill them, whether they are personal, professional, or familiar. 

They act as objective thinking partners and hold clients accountable through weekly or bi-weekly life coaching sessions that last an hour or more depending on their needs and requests.

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Comparisons: Isn’t a Therapist the Same?

This is something anyone would think, but therapists aren’t the same as life coaches, starting with the simple fact that the latter don’t really need any professional degree or training to perform the role. 

We want to make clear that the life coaching industry is completely different from therapy, and even when some unlicensed therapists or people who abandoned the career would decide to incur in this niche, it isn’t the same at all. 

While a life coach is all of the above, therapists have different goals and approaches since their roles are different considering they are mostly mental health professionals. For it to be clear, we will just take a moment to define therapy. 

It is a long-term, collaborative process where clients, patients, and healthcare professionals work together to resolve their problematic beliefs, behaviors, and relationship issues. 

Therapy focuses on past traumas and helps overcome self-destructive behaviors, improve relationships and deal with painful feelings; it also focuses on the past with introspection and analysis. 

The goal of therapy is to resolve past issues and create a happier, better future.

Although life coaching and the practitioner’s role is to help you be happier (to make it simple), this isn’t a healthcare process, and the coach isn’t a professional either unless one decides to take part in the business.

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Life coaches will indeed help you identify problems and your goals and help you design a plan to achieve your goals. 

However, they are unable to help you with any past traumas or anything on a psychological level. 

In short, they aren’t the same, and whether you need a therapist or a life coach will be determined in your needs and problems in life. 

Getting to the Bottom: Is It Worth Hiring?

To know if it is worth hiring, we can’t focus on money only, how much a session costs, and how long you will hire them. 

Instead, we need to help you identify whether you need the life coach or not in the first place. 

Since we want to help you make a decision as well because we know you are here considering the option, we will go over who should consider working with this coach before getting to the bottom of hiring it and how worth it is. 

First, if you want guidance in navigating to improve your life or come up with a way to bring a change, you will find life coaches to be more suitable than therapists for one reason only: You know you want to take the step but don’t know how and need a plan for it. 

If you have the idea of building a happier and more meaningful life, that’s also fine to decide to hire a coach and thinking about needing it for yourself.

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Life coaches aren’t only there to tell you what to do or not, but rather improve your lifestyle and, at least, reduce some stress. Thus, if you are going through any of this or having a hard time, you should definitely hire one: 

  • You are often irritated. 
  • You are going through a lot of stress. 
  • Suffering from anxiety. 
  • Unable to give up on your bad habits. 
  • Inability to fulfill your goals despite your efforts. 
  • You feel dissatisfied with your current life in specific or all aspects. 
  • You just want to achieve greater happiness despite feeling good overall. 

With this clear, we can move on with the answer to the question: Hiring a life coach and how worth it depends on the situation. 

If you need it, of course, it is worth it. If not, it will only be a waste of money. 

We know this is very vague, but it is just of these cases in which a professional or service, regardless of which it is, doesn’t work for everyone, but it doesn’t mean it is a waste of time and money. 

Life coaches can help you achieve great results in your life, but if you don’t find they are doing something different from what you’ve been doing, there’s no point. 

So, to summarize this and make it clear, a life coach is worth hiring if you have any of these desires and needs: 

  • You want to deal with your confidence issues. 

A life coach can help you if confidence problems are very frequent in your life, you have always had them, or maybe this is a new issue you aren’t unable to face. 

However, there is a distinction between being depressed and lacking confidence. Every person has their own story and battle scars, but holding on to pain can make you feel worse.

Coaches can help you navigate this pain and deal with all the previous scars you’ve had as long as they don’t lead to trauma since the latter would have to be dealt with along with a therapist. 

But if it is about trying to feel better about yourself and knowing how to act in front of others and build that confidence, you are lacking.

Is it Worth Hiring a Life Coach #5 -

  • Help you build your goals and plans. 

We all have goals, but sometimes, they get out of sight, or we are unable to come up with a plan to achieve them. 

As we previously mentioned, life coaches can help you identify them and build the roads to achieve each one, whether they are small or big. 

Although mistakes won’t be avoided, they will improve your chances and ensure you are able to set your mind for the goals you want. 

For this, they will go through the hustle of building your confidence as well, even if you feel like you have it, and make sure you set your mind to what’s important. 

  • You want to stop feeling stuck.

Sometimes, it isn’t about going through issues or trying to achieve something. Sometimes, it is about not knowing what to do next, even if you feel successful. 

Have you ever felt like nothing is happening? 

Unlike what you might think, this isn¡t good, and although it is great as long as nothing bad is happening, you don’t want your life to be boring or be repetitive due to the lack of action because yes, we all need that spark every day. 

Coaches will help you to make things happen, not wait for them to happen. 

This can be a bit confusing, but let’s just leave it like this: If you are bored or don’t know what to do to achieve greater results, this is the way. 

  • Leaving an addiction. 

Life coaches aren’t motivation talkers or therapists, but they sure can help you get out of addictions as long as they are capable of it. 

It is hard to go through different phases of your life in which it is hard to let go of something that is harming you. 

This is why life coaches will plan and be there for you to overcome this issue and lead you to a better life.

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Finally, we want to let you know there are way too many types of life coaches, so if you are having struggles in setting goals for all the following aspects of your life or need some help with anything we have mentioned so far, rest assured you can find a coach that suits your needs since there are: 

  • Career coaching. 
  • Dating and relationship coaching. 
  • Family life coaching. 
  • Financial coaching. 
  • Health and wellness coaching. 
  • Spirituality coaching.

And many more you can find for health and fitness goals, personal and professional potential and its development, and it continues. 

When Isn’t It Worth Hiring a Life Coach?

We just mentioned it is worth hiring one depending on your situation and filled you with many reasons you should hire them and why they are worth it. However, we didn’t include when you shouldn’t spend your money on it. 

So, to be fair, we decided to add some reasons why you shouldn’t consider these services: 

  • You need a friend. 

We know people try to find someone they can talk to and receive some advice, and as much as your life coach can turn into your friend over time, that person isn’t there to meet this role in your life. 

You can be friends, but you can’t expect them to be friends first and them coaches since this isn’t going to work at all. 

Remember, friends have most of your best interests in mind, but this made them partial and subjective. Thus, you can’t get the best advice from them even when you’re doing something wrong, at least not all the time. 

Meanwhile, life coaches see everything. The good, the bad, and what isn’t that good or bad. Based on this, they will make you happier with plans and your goals. 

This is why, if you are looking for a friend in someone else, skip the idea of hiring a life coach for that.

Is it Worth Hiring a Life Coach #7 -

  • You need help with mental health issues and thus, mental health treatment. 

Though this is obvious based on what we mentioned about therapists before, we just want to clarify it. 

If you have any type of trauma or the life coach you hired came up with this conclusion, you will need to change to a licensed therapist that can help you with the right health methods and approach your needs properly. 

Depression, anxiety, mental illness, or anything you know requires a health professional involved won’t be solved by a life coach. 

However, you can add one to complement your efforts to overcome your issues and trauma as long as the therapist agrees with it as well. 

  • If you don’t want things to change, don’t waste your money. 

If you are hiring a life coach, that’s because you know there’s something not going well or that things could be better, and you want them to be better and be happier. 

However, this is the key: You WANT to. 

If you are forced or won’t follow what your life coach suggests and do for your best interests, then there’s no point. 

  • You have unrealistic expectations. 

You can be happier, but that doesn’t mean this is the key or secret for everyone to be happy. 

You can transform your life and achieve better results and goals. You will notice a change if you are up for it and willing to see the improvement over time, but don’t expect this to be a quick process nor something that will make you reach heaven.

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But How Much Does One Cost?

More than thinking about how much a life coach costs, you need to think about the session cost or the monthly fee. 

Well, this isn’t hard to answer for us, and you might decide whether or not to hire one based on this. 

According to USA statistics, a life coach session can cost from $75 to $200, usually following an hourly rate. 

However, some coaches decided to work with monthly payments, and you can access one with an average cost from $200 to $1k. 

Of course, the deal and contract with the coach will vary depending on the cost. 

The most affordable ones might not have enough experience working with clients yet, or in the issues and needs, you have, while others might reduce the numbers of sessions per month to get you a handsome deal. 

But the most expensive ones do their best to be there for you as much as you need it based on availability and their lives, which means you have more of a personal and close connection to achieve results. 

Depending on the state you are located in, you can access life coach services with different costs, but this is a great range to follow when looking for them. 

Now, if you are asking whether or not they are worth based on the price, just think about this: Your happiness doesn’t have a price. 

This takes us back to what we said before: It will be worth the investment if you need it. 

Thus, don’t let money be a limit unless you are actually unable to finance it, and even so, there are options available in specific states to allow some free coaching or low-cost sessions for life coaching clients and people who need it.

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As for the rest, we hope this information was more than successful, and whatever your decision is, we are sure you will be making a more informed one.

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