Juice Plus+ MLM Review

Juiciest Way to Make Money or Thirsty Scam? (2022 Update)

Making money with companies like Juice Plus+ MLM isn’t a dream. However, is it the best option available? 

With so many MLM or multilevel marketing companies out there, you must be a bit overwhelmed trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. 

In the case of MLMs, it is a bit difficult to understand how you can actually make money with them. Besides, depending on the specific brand, details, and information vary. 

However, essentially, you make money by selling products but also recruiting people to join the business as new distributors. This is what MLM is about. Of course, this is only a short introduction, and we will dive into it later. 

For now, we have more important questions to ask: Are you familiar with Juice Plus+? Do you know who created it? Have you thought about working with it? If yes, what do you need to know before jumping?

All these questions we will answer with the details we can share. Rest assured that our reviews are unbiased as always, so you can expect this opinion to be as informative and objective as you need. 

What Is Juice Plus+? – Its Mission

Juice Plus+ claims to be a health and wellness multilevel marketing (MLM) company that sells a range of vitamins to help people get the nutrition they need on a daily basis. 

The founder, Jay Martin, started the company in 1970. Initially, it was called National Safety Associates (NSA) because they sold water purifiers and fire detectors. 

However, Martin changed the company’s vision and its name to have a more direct approach to health and wellness products. This is why Juice Plus+ was born and started to offer beverages and similar products.

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The concept of the company lies in providing products that are just as good as vegetables and fruits. In fact, Juice Plus+ claims to be the “next best thing to eating fruit and vegetables.”

The main mission they have set is to bridge the gap between what you should and what you eat every day, so you stay healthy and without relying on the common food. 

The company also claims to replace fruits and vegetables, but this is something we will clarify later on. 

How Does Juice Plus+ Work?

Again, remember that this company sells juice, vitamins, and other health products. However, sales are handled by independent distributors with what is known as direct sales as well. 

MLM is very simple to understand, and here’s when we need to dive into it a bit more. 

It is important to clarify that MLM and direct sales companies are not scams. However, it’s not strange to believe they are.

This business model is based on a pyramid structure. Or the illegal pyramid scheme you must be familiar with is based on MLM instead. 

The concept behind this structure is that you must create a downline as well as layers of recruits or members to the company you work for.

This system allows companies to focus on generating revenue through what they call “independent distributions,” who sell the products and recruit new distributors to increase their commissions. All this without them needing to pay for salaries.

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Pyramid schemes work in the same way. You are supposed to sell products, but the main focus is to join a downline and make yours grow as well. 

The main difference between the pyramid scam and the real thing is that MLM companies offer actual products and services. On the other hand, Illegal pyramid schemes focus only on recruiting others using offers that aren’t real.

Although multilevel marketing is legal, and so is Juice Plus+, this doesn’t mean it cannot hide something. 

Many companies with the same structure promise you the money of the world, but most of them don’t even allow you to earn $50 a month. 

Is this the case with Juice Plus+? We will find out. 

How to Join Juice Plus: Costs & Fees

All MLM companies work with a membership fee, and usually, they also et starter kits. 

The starter kits basically contain some of the company’s products, so you can start offering them. 

However, they are not usually included in the price of the membership. You must acquire them separately, and this only means more investment. 

In the case of Juice Plus+, you can start by paying $50 as a membership. But an additional $35 for annual renewal fees must be considered. 

The price itself isn’t expensive when we focus on these two expenses, but the problem comes with the terms and conditions. 

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Unlike some MLM businesses, you don’t need to meet a sales quota or generate a specific amount of money to stay as a multilevel marketing distributor over the months. 

However, you are requested to use the products yourself. The company does not finance those products you will consume as part of your membership. Instead, you need to acquire them. 

There isn’t a minimum of how much you need to spend to acquire products, but the cheapest option is $18. 

Regardless of this, Juice Plus+ not only “forces” you to use the products but also specific ones: The vitamins capsules. These are usually more expensive since they are set at about $75. 

This purchase needs to be done monthly, and when you add everything, you end up spending about $900 a year. 

Marketing support, website, packaging, and more options to promote the products aren’t provided either. This means you need to finance the expenses and continue adding to how much you must invest.

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Juice Plus+ Products: What You Can Sell

Before we jump to the part of the compensation plan and how much you can make, let’s focus on this—the products. 

There’s a wide variety of options inside what Juice Plus+ offers to customers. 

General categories include nutrition bars, drink mixes, chewable, and capsules. Each of them comes with specific portions. Of course, prices vary. 

In the case of the most popular product, capsules are again the main characters. 

After being the company’s first products, they have been its signature one as well. 

Over the years, the company has developed three types of capsules: Fruit blend, vegetable blend, and berry blend.

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The company says that these capsules provided added whole-food-based nutrition from 30 different fruits, vegetables, or the specific ingredients used. 

The capsules package is set at $75 per month, and you can either acquire the monthly (4x) option for the box or the $300 full payment alternative to add more boxes to the order. 

Overall, the boxes are said to last for four months as they contain 240 capsules in each bottle. You must take one of each every day to follow the diet. 

Juice Plus+ claims they help with nutritional intake, better heart health, stress, immune system, and skincare. Overall, they are confident that they are better than fruits and vegetables. 

For the rest of the products, we have a different range of prices: 

  • Nutrition bars: For $35 a month.
  • Drink mixes: $35 a month.
  • Chewables: $12.75 to $77 a month.

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Making Money + Compensation Plan

After all that explanation, let’s start with the interesting part: How much you can earn. 

Since Juice Plus+ follows an MLM structure, you have two main options to make money: Sell the products at retail price to earn a commission, or recruit people to get bonuses and build your downline. 

The idea of the downline basically has a sales team that will be just another distributor. You make money based on what they sell and the people they recruit as well. 

Focusing on numbers, Juice Plus+ claims that distributors can earn over $10,000 a year. Is this true? Not really. 

The commissions based on the methods of telling products are very low, and even when you build a sales team, you won’t earn that much. 

  • Retail sales profit: About 12%.
  • Commissions from your team: 6% to 22%. It depends on your sales team PVC and your rank in the structure.
  • Bonuses: Based on the team you recruit and how much they sell. 

Ranks are basically the levels in the company and climbing positions. The higher you are, the more commission you earn. 

We have added a compensation plan so you can have a look at what you can earn based on each rank or level. 

Juice Plus+ MLM Review #8 -

What we must say with this is: Don’t be fooled. 

MLM compensation plans are always confusing, and although all the commissions and options look good, they aren’t. 

You cannot climb ranks unless you recruit members, and even when you have your downline, they need to sell and recruit more all the time. 

Also, with over 20 members, you are still off and need to recruit more. This can be an endless cycle that won’t make you reach a high rank anytime soon. 

Pros & Cons: Why We Won’t Invest in Juice Plus+

That’s quite the statement, but we are confident you kind of understand our position. 

Although MLM companies like Avon and Amway work, Juice Plus+ cannot be included here. It is legal but an illegal pyramid scheme under the sleeves. 

We have learned that besides having real products, there’s nothing more to admire from it. 

Of course, there’s something to save, but you need to look at the pros and cons to understand our instance: 


  • The product reviews are mostly positive.
  • The company is legal and operates as a multilevel marketing business smoothly.
  • Proven research.
  • Natural ingredients are used for most products.
  • Low cost to join and membership fee. 


  • Expensive products based on a monthly subscription.
  • Hidden monthly expenses + using the products.
  • Fake information about people making over $10,000 a year.
  • Poor commission plan.
  • People are wary of distributors from the business.
  • The MLM industry isn’t profitable 98% of the time.
  • You need to spend almost $1,000 only on expenses.
  • Support and marketing are not included.
  • A steady income isn’t guaranteed.
  • You cannot earn more unless you recruit dozens of distributors.

Juice Plus+ MLM Review #9 -

At first sight, Juice Plus+ doesn’t look like a bad option. However, its questionable marketing strategies, claims, commission percentages, and conditions make us doubt way too much for us to spend our money on it. 

A Better Business Idea…

We get you might be a bit desperate to find a new way to make money. But MLM doesn’t seem like the best option for this, especially when you want more than just a few dollars every month. 

Also, if passive income is your goal, digital real estate can be a great choice.

Although this digital real estate option may not be the easiest one, it is well worth the time and effort you put into it. It can provide a steady stream of profit after hard work.

It is not possible to make money overnight or make this business model easy. However, you can earn more than $3,000 a year. This is probably the main reason why we chose it + being able to work from home. 

What is the business model about? 

The whole idea behind the business opportunity is to create small businesses websites in niches that you already have chosen. You must build those web pages and help them rank each on Google. Then, this will generate organic traffic. 

This will take you to the final step: Generating leads.

These leads can become clients for the companies or clients you help, and you’ll receive a commission per lead you generate on each site.

You can make as many websites as you want and let your clients use them. After setting up your efforts, just wait for leads and payments.

Juice Plus+ MLM Review #10 -

The best part about this option is that people can be independent business owners, avoid the MLM strategy and network marketing, or dive straight into direct selling association or multilevel marketing plans. 

Just learn as much as you can about building websites, finding clients, and other aspects of this business.

We are certain that this #1 training program will save your life and help you make money before completing it. 

The extra info here is free!

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Written by Dame Cash

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