33 Quotes by Kelly Clarkson to Empower You

Kelly Clarkson is one of those people you may not know much about compared to other celebrities. But many of her quotes from both her songs and just some interviews are quite encouraging in terms of money, life, and weight. 

For us, we just quote hunters. What does that even mean? That we like to get to know new ones that can empower us, light up our mood, or just be useful in any possible way. 

With Kelly, we kind of find this every time we go over her songs and take the time to read some of her mentions. One of the main ones is definitely about her weight and how showbiz has approached it negatively. 

Her words? Pretty much “I don’t give a…”, you know what follows. 

So, if you are having any struggles with this or just need to find some extra motivation, just take the time to go over these quotes. 

  • “My friends and family are my support system. They tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear, and they are there for me in the good and bad times. Without them, I have no idea where I would be, and I know that their love for me is what’s keeping my head above the water.”
  • “Pick the weeds and keep the flowers.”
  • “It’s ignorant to think you know everything about a person. There are many different sides to everybody’s personality, and there are just different colors to a personality.”

Quotes by Kelly Clarkson #2 -

  • “Honestly, I just think we all have special gifts, everyone. You know, obviously, some are more noticeable than others, and that’s why there’s the limelight. Everybody’s in it.”
  • “I never said I was a ‘good girl.’ I’m not a bad girl.”
  • “Everything changes, but the beauty remains.”
  • “People like us, we gotta stick together. Keep your head up. Nothing lasts forever.”
  • “By keeping her heart protected, she’ll never ever feel rejected.”
  • “My experiences remind me that it’s those black clouds that make the blue skies even more beautiful.”
  • “I may not be Einstein, but I know dumb plus dumb equals you.”
  • “If I can wake up every day before I die and know that I don’t have to serve anyone food or drinks, I will be happy!”
  • “I’m not super conservative, and I have no problem with people being risque or owning your sexuality or even putting it out there. I have a problem when it’s all you are because you’re not being fair to yourself; you have more depth than this.”
  • “I’m the perfect amount of guarded. I won’t reveal too much, and I never reveal who the songs are about. They are real life. People get that. I date a lot of musicians, and they do the same thing. People that work with me – whom I write about too – get it. It’s my creative outlet, my therapy.”

Quotes by Kelly Clarkson #3 -

  • “I’m actually not a big fan of the word hope. I think it’s a depressing word. I don’t want to hope – I want to know. Like I don’t hope there’s a God, I know there’s a God.”
  • “Since you’ve been gone, I can breath for the first time.”
  • “No matter what size I am, I love performing no matter how big or little I am! I feel good.”
  • “I know a lot of artists say, ‘If you want your song on my record, I get 50 percent I’d like to kick them in the face.”
  • “People keep asking me if I am having more fun, being blonde, but I always have fun! Whether I’m blonde, redhead, or brunette! I always have fun.”
  • “The question I love to get asked is: ‘What’s the hardest part of your job?’ And literally, the answer is probably really sad, but it’s just to be me. Like, it’s really hard because I think people, you know, have a set idea of what a pop star should be.”
  • “My happy weight changes. Sometimes I eat more; sometimes I play more. I’ll be different sizes all the time.”
  • “My experiences remind me that it’s those black clouds that make the blue skies even more beautiful.”
  • “I sing songs that I have lived, or I write them because I have lived them. I think the believability factor is key.”

Quotes by Kelly Clarkson #4 -

  • “Everybody always says that I’m the girl next door, which makes me think that y’all must have a lot of weird next-door neighbors.”
  • “Really, what I try to instill in my fans is to be healthy and happy. I have no desire to be super-skinny.”
  • “I love my body. I’m very much OK with it. I don’t think artists are ever the ones who have the problem with their weight; it is other people.”
  • “Never take advice from someone you wouldn’t trade places with.”
  • “The thing I love most about going on vacation is that I get to leave behind any kind of schedule. My entire life is scheduled from morning to night, and when I’m on vacation, there is no schedule.”
  • “I sound the same regardless of whether I’m 20 pounds heavier or 20 pounds lighter, and I think that’s the key thing with my fans and why they continue to be loyal because I’m that type of person.”
  • “I have a big fear of change, or negative change, anyway. I’m basically the same person I was when I won ‘Idol,’ or when I was 10.”
  • “My winning is getting to perform. That’s my victory.”

Quotes by Kelly Clarkson #5 -

  • “I don’t really exude that ‘it’ factor.”
  • “I still watch ‘Idol,’ and it’s still the No. 1 show, so obviously, I’m not the only one who loves to sit at home and be entertained.”
  • “I feel like as a generation; we sell ourselves short. I just expected more from us.”

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