43 Boosting Quotes by Larry Page

If you are one of those people that find inspiration in what others say, some quotes by Larry Page could be the solution to your day. At least, they work for us. 

The Internet magnate and considered one of the pioneers for what it is today, has shared a lot of his knowledge through simple yet vital mentions over the years. Many of them include some business advice, while others are more a matter of life. 

Although there are many people you can choose from, former Google’s CEO can be one of those unexpected options out there that can bring more benefits to have as someone to look up to than you expected. 

Thus, why not share some quotes to help with the mood? We’re sure they will help you with your journey to be the next entrepreneur. 

  • “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.”
  • “You don’t need to have a 100-person company to develop that idea.”
  • “Always deliver more than expected.”
  • “Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting.”
  • “If we were motivated by money, we would have sold the company a long time ago and ended up on a beach.”
  • “Have a healthy disregard for the impossible.”
  • “Small groups of people can have a really huge impact.”
  • “Sometimes, it’s important to wake up and stop dreaming. When a really great dream shows up, grab it.”
  • “You never lose a dream; it just incubates as a hobby.”

Quotes by Larry Page #2 -

  • “Optimism is important. You have to be a little silly about the goals you are going to set. You should try to do things that most people would not do.”
  • “It is easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams. Since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition.”
  • “We should be building great things that don’t exist.”
  • “Excellence matters. I’ve pushed hard to increase our velocity, improve our execution, and focus on the big bets that will make a difference in the world.”
  • “If you’re not doing some things that are crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things.”
  • “Anything you can imagine probably is doable; you just have to imagine it and work on it.”
  • “We should be building great things that don’t exist.”
  • “If you have a product that’s really gaining a lot of usages, then it’s probably a good idea.”
  • “For a lot of companies, it’s useful for them to feel like they have an obvious competitor and to rally around that. I personally believe it’s better to shoot higher. You don’t want to be looking at your competitors. You want to be looking at what’s possible and how to make the world better.”

Quotes by Larry Page #3 -

  • “It’s very hard to fail completely if you aim high enough.”
  • “It is easier to make progress on mega-ambitious dreams. Since no one else is crazy enough to do it, you have little competition.”
  • “My goal is for Google to lead, not follow.”
  • “As we go forward, I hope we’re going to continue to use technology to make really big differences in how people live and work.”
  • “Obviously, everyone wants to be successful, but I want to be looked back on as very innovative, very trusted and ethical and ultimately making a big difference in the world.”
  • “Too many rules stifle innovation.”
  • “We have always believed that it’s possible to make money without being evil.”
  • “Coming up with an idea is the least important part of creating something great. It has to be the right idea and have good taste, but the execution and delivery are what’s key.”
  • “Solving big problems is easier than solving little ones.”
  • “Lots of companies don’t succeed over time. What do they fundamentally do wrong? They usually miss the future.”
  • “You’re probably on the right track if you feel like a sidewalk worm during a rainstorm.”
  • “Technology should do the hard work so people can do the things that make them the happiest in life.”

Quotes by Larry Page #4 -

  • “You can be serious without a suit.”
  • “You need to get one thing done well, or else you don’t have permission to do anything else.”
  • “Don’t be evil- apparently, people like it better than “Be good.”
  • “Invention is not enough. Tesla invented the electric power we use, but he struggled to get it out to people. You have to combine both things: invention and innovation focus, plus the company that can commercialize things and gets them to people.”
  • “Especially in technology, we need revolutionary change, not incremental change.”
  • “If your access to health care involves your leaving work and driving somewhere and parking and waiting for a long time, that’s not going to promote healthiness.”
  • “We’re at maybe 1% of what is possible. Despite the faster change, we’re still moving slow relative to the opportunities we have. I think a lot of that is because of the negativity… Every story I read is Google vs. someone else. That’s boring.”
  • “I like going to Burning Man, for example. An environment where people can try new things. I think as technologists, we should have some safe places where we can try out new things and figure out the effect on society. What’s the effect on people without having to deploy it to the whole world?”

Quotes by Larry Page #5 -

  • “Computing is kind of a mess. Your computer doesn’t know where you are. It doesn’t know what you’re doing. It doesn’t know what you know.”
  • “Many leaders of big organizations, I think, don’t believe that change is possible. But if you look at history, things do change, and if your business is static, you’re likely to have issues.”
  • “The idea that everyone should slavishly work so they do something inefficiently, so they keep their job – that just doesn’t make any sense to me. That can’t be the right answer.”
  • “You need to invent things, and you need to get them to people. You need to commercialize those inventions. Obviously, the best way we’ve come up with doing that is through companies.”
  • “If you ask an economist what’s driven economic growth, it’s been major advances in things that mattered – the mechanization of farming, mass manufacturing, things like that. The problem is, our society is not organized around doing that.”

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