Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model to Start From Home Today

The Smartest Online Business Model to Build True Passive, Residual Income Monthly

Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model to Start From Home Today in 2022:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

Let’s set the facts straight; there are way too many business opportunities out there, especially online, but less than 40% of them actually work. Today’s entrepreneurs need to stay up to date with all changes and opportunities so they don’t fall behind in making money continuously. With that in mind, what role does lead generation play in all this?

Lead generation is your “usual” online business, but unlike others out there, promising millions in a couple of months. Still, you can scale it and worry less about expenses in exchange for lots of startup capital and maintenance. In simpler words, you get your ROI and profits without worrying about all the investment in the short and long run. This is why I believe and KNOW that lead generation is what most people should be betting on if they want passive income, work smarter and not harder, and guarantee their profits while being able to travel around the world.

First, there’s no need to work in an office or for over 8 hours a day, nor within specific business hours while following orders from others. That’s not how this works. Instead, you get to pick your own hours and can work from home as long as you’ve got a laptop and Wi-Fi connection. Of course, this doesn’t mean lead generation doesn’t require hard work and consistency, but you get to build your own business and fortune while having more freedom and at your own pace.

It is all a matter of finding the right people who can lend you a hand in the process, and this alone doesn’t have to be complicated. As someone who has been doing this for over five years, I guarantee you it is a matter of resiliency, wanting to grow, and joining a group that is like your family. When you don’t even notice it, you will have an empire built around your hard work, and it’s time to enjoy.


Is Lead Generation the Only Business Model that Works?

2 - pros and cons to all online businesses - blog

Go to Google and just do a simple search of online businesses. When done, I’m sure you will come across Amazon FBA, Dropshipping, and the usual opportunities “gurus” tend to recommend. Do you want my opinion and experience? They DO work, so no, lead generation isn’t the only one, but I believe it is the best option out of all of them.

The main issue with MLM companies, FBA, and Dropshipping—to name a few—is that they don’t offer you more than what they are offering to others. What does this mean? That you join a company and have to follow their rules standards, and you stagnate with how they decide to manage things around.

Instead, when you go to lead generation, you get the chance to:

-Be your actual boss and avoid working for someone else.

-You will build your skills, not follow a system or structure from someone else.

-This is PERSONAL GROWTH. You will become an entrepreneur and won’t depend on anyone else but on how much effort and time you put into this.

So, basically, you won’t go over the usual, “let’s buy this store and start selling the same products.” No. You are going to bet on yourself and how you are capable of learning what others are doing to make money. Other business models won’t offer as much, and you will still need to spend thousands of dollars joining or acquiring the rights to sell/offer products and services.

If we go back to the question after all this info, I dare to say it is the only one that works. Still, because its profitability and cost-efficiency are unmatchable for other online models out there, a little over 10% of people who give it a chance are able to succeed. And I’m telling you all this based on experience, not only bluffing around. After all, I’ve tried every popular business model out there, including blogging and working as an affiliate marketer. You can indeed make some money, but growing more isn’t possible.


But Enough of That, What Is Local Lead Generation?

3 - the nuts and bolts of the local lead generation business model - blog

Unlike what others will tell you, it isn’t complicated at all. And to make it simpler, you just need to take your own business, your friend’s business, or maybe your favorite bakery in town. In this case, let’s imagine a real estate agency trying to find new clients who are looking to sell/buy a home. They REALLY need to find new ones as long as they want to stay in business.

This is a simple fact for anyone. If a business doesn’t have clients, it can’t continue operating. Now, how do they get them? This is when local lead generation enters. Businesses like real estate agencies offer local services, and the same happens with others that are in the tree service, septic, or maybe electrician niches.

They want to generate local leads!

Stopping here for a minute, you must know that a lead is a potential customer or client for a company. Do you know those people who come through the door and ask for services? Those are leads since they are interested yet still not converted into actual clients. The thing with leads today is that they are searching for services online. They continue to visit realtors in the city but always go to Google or other search engines and type “real estate agents Sioux Falls SD” (for example) before anything else.

So, let’s go back to our real estate agency that is having a hard time bringing more customers their way. My task as a local lead generation business is to generate those leads for them because this is what the model is all about: connect local businesses with their potential customers in the area.

For it, local lead generation utilizes digital channels where a website is the digital real estate those leads will visit. The goal is to make sure the local businesses you work with are receiving their leads, and you naturally get paid per EACH lead generated, and it doesn’t matter if it ends up converting into a customer or not. Your payment comes from connecting them only.


How Does Someone Make Money with Local Lead Generation?

4 - making money with local lead gen - blog

I know you are wondering, “but how do I build this website? How do I get paid per lead?” and the number of questions is pretty much large. The entire lead generation process is repetitive, making it easier once you learn all the required skills to scale and grow.

Although it is repetitive, you will also find it innovative as there are always new ways to do something that will save you time and money in the process. So, without leaving you curious any longer, this is how it works

  1. You need to conduct market research in specific cities/areas. Your goal is to determine how many phone-driven businesses are in, for example, Wichita KS, but all this while selecting a specific niche (real estate, tree services, etc.)
  2. Next, you will start building the websites, and no, you don’t need to be an HTML or coding genius. I use many other tools that are as simple as dragging and dropping elements until your digital properties are built.
  3. Once built, you need to rank each website on search engines so they can be found and start generating leads. You will rely on the popular SEO and all the strategies available for it.
  4. Already ranking? You will generate the leads for the business you are working on as the middleman between it and its customers and get your ROI + profits.

It is quite simple when you get used to the concept of digital properties and how to rank them with SEO. The latter can prove to be the most challenging part, but nothing that diligent learning and investing extra hours can’t solve. Going over the entire process, just think about it in this way: go over market research to find businesses that need leads; start building websites for them; rank those sites and finally, start building your fortune.   


What’s the Best About Local Lead Gen?

5 - the power of passive income - blog

Passive income for SURE!

Unlike other digital business models, you can bet on making more money over the years without even having to invest the same amount of time as at the beginning or more than a couple of hours. When you build those digital properties, rank them, and start generating leads, you can forget about them as they will keep generating and making you money per lead. You can create as many as you want and money will continue raining after years.

Since I started, I’ve built hundreds of sites, and many of them are still running since 2016. Ask me if I’ve had to visit them. Not at all, and they still make me money regardless. Your payments will always arrive weekly or monthly depending on the fee price per lead, or maybe you set a flat fee for the business owners. Whatever you decide, you will get paid without touching that site ever again, and just make sure it is still live and ranking to get leads.

To ensure I don’t have to go back to all those sites, I utilize top-SEO strategies like GMB optimization and content optimization (content is KING!) to rank them properly to remain in the first results for the keywords I have chosen to rank for.

I know SEO, keywords, GMB, and all that don’t make that much sense for you right now, but the beauty of this is that it is simple to learn even with a quick Google search. The rest comes naturally with the right guidance if you manage the concepts and basics.


A Lead Generation Family with Over 7,000+ Members

6 - large private community of experts, mentorship, and continuous group support - blog

Although money is what we are all about, one of the best things in lead gen is how you take part in a community. I jumped to this business back in 2016, and it was all thanks to my hard work, how I wanted to change my life, and also the training program and family I joined.

I learned SEO, GMB, digital properties, and everything about lead gen thanks to how this training guided me to go from $0 to the empire I’ve built today and over a six-digit income every year.

What do I refer to with family in all this? Once joining our course, you get to join a Facebook group with all the students and experts in the business who always share tips, recommendations and make our lead gen success grow more each day.

Beginners and experts are always welcome, and if you want to change your life, this is pretty much the chance! Learn more about it by watching this lead gen webinar!

Written by Dame Cash

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