Luxury Fashion Brand Report: Louis Vuitton

Is Your Louis Vuitton Fake or Real?

If there’s a business that makes a lot of money, it’s definitely any that has to do with clothes. Take Louis Vuitton as an example. What woman doesn’t want a pair of shoes from the brand? Or maybe a pair of pants and a jacket for a man?

The truth is people love buying clothes and accessories, and when a brand not only makes stunning ones but also focuses on excellent quality, many won’t hesitate to buy from it. This is precisely the case.

It’s one of the most known brands for luxury items, and people can’t control themselves when having the opportunity to acquire one (or more) piece, including ourselves.

But what’s behind its success? Why do people pay so much for any product that comes out? And how much does it make, considering how much it sells? Let’s find out!

When A World Luxury Brand Was Born

Everything started with the very man who not only founded the brand but also gave it his name.

Louis Vuitton was born on August 4, 1821, in Anchay, Jura. (France), and since he was a kid, he wanted to work with leather.

His childhood was not difficult, but after his father remarried after her mother’s death, Vuitton was forced to move away from home when he was 13 due to a bad relationship with his stepmother.

He had to take on several jobs while traveling and being in Paris. He arrived at the city in 1837 during the Industrial Revolution.

There, he became an apprentice of Monsieur Marechal, who was a famous and successful trunk maker and packer by the time.

Thanks for putting in a lot of effort, hard work, and dedication. Louis was able to become one and gained recognition and popularity among Paris’ fashionable class thanks to his abilities and skills as a practitioner.

Although his travel to Paris (going back for a bit) and following years had a few moments that influenced his future career, there isn’t much information about it.

Now, when did everything start to go uphill for the designer? During the re-establishment of the French Empire under Napoleon III.

This made him able to work for the Empress of France as her trunk maker and packer. The big deal wasn’t to work for the Empress alone but rather all the clients from the high-class that helped to continue building his career.

By the time Louis Vuitton died on February 27, 1892, he still maintained several of his clients and their families.

In 1854, he was finally able to open his own store and workshop in Paris. Then, in 1858, he introduced the revolutionary rectangular canvas trunks in a market where they didn’t exist.

The demand for his work went to a significant peak by the time and allowed him to expand his business by opening a larger workshop in a more accessible area, Asnières-sur-Seine.

It turned out like a great idea because it made things easier for travelers and people in business and people in general to access more of his designs.

The first great challenge for the brand took place in 1871 due to the Franco-Prussian War, which led to the destruction of his workshop, and all his employees had to leave.

But he rebuilt it in 1 Rue Scribe, and soon after, in 1872, LV (Louis Vuitton) created and introduced his famous line: beige, monogrammed designs with red stripes.

The brand took his name since he was able to open his store.

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Why Is Louis Vuitton So Famous?

Although not everyone has enough money to buy even a piece from the brand, it will be a lifetime investment when they do.

Louis Vuitton has been known for its lightweight and durable designs since the beginning, and the quality hasn’t fallen ever since.

Instead, we can even say it has improved considering the new materials available in the market compared to XIX.

In other words, you can find the pieces and products to be expensive considering they are meant for high-class people and follow the “luxury” mark.

However, they are worth their price (as long as you can afford it and not end up bankrupt).

That being said, the designs it offers nowadays include:

  • Leather goods.
  • Handbags.
  • Trunks.
  • Shoes.
  • Watches.
  • Jewelry.
  • Accessories.

Bags and shoes are pretty popular among women and men compared to other products of the brand.

Remember about any woman wanting a pair of shoes? We meant it and continue to do.

As people who had reviewed several products and made sure to go over the quality, design, and details, we can guarantee they are unique, and yes, we understand why everyone loves them.

Of course, some products might not be for everyone, but there’s at least one item you will for sure want from it.

LV also offers unique and limited items, usually in partnership with other brands that aren’t always related to others in the same industry.

You will find many collaborations with gaming companies like League of Legends and artists like Takashi Murakami.

The brand is unique for following the same patterns Louis Vuitton, the founder, used back in XIX.

Innovation isn’t something they are against, but you will find many details in each piece that they share with others to the point of knowing when a product screams “I’m Louis Vuitton!” from miles away.

Do we believe that their fidelity to the original designs impacts its popularity? And why do people continue to prefer it? Absolutely.

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Many Zeros for Each Piece: All About Prices (And Earnings)

Going back to the brand not being cheap, it is expected.

It was never meant for people who didn’t have a certain income or revenue (unfortunately).

This is why you might find LV’s prices to be astronomical and cry yourself to sleep while thinking about them.

To get started, the cheapest products you can find range from $50 to $100, which include notebooks, luggage tags, and city tags. Some from the limited edition can be included at the moment of the launch.

Going over the other prices can be a bit more complicated since everything depends on the type of product you consider.

LV bags cost around $1.500, while a pair of shoes can range from $800 to $2.000 (or more) depending on the design, collaboration, or a new line or specific limited edition.

Fragrances are a bit cheaper since a bottle shouldn’t be that expensive overall, which is why you can find options between $200 to $300 considering that many of them are in collaboration with artists.

But what about the rest? Like accessories, leather goods, and jewelry. No, they aren’t cheap.

As we have mentioned so far, it is a luxury brand, and you cannot expect it to be “cheap” considering other options in the market and what you would usually buy unless you earn millions.

Now, based on the prices and how much someone can spend on one item (let’s not think about several), does Louis Vuitton have good earnings? You bet!

The brand is valued at $47.2 billion! And sales don’t usually go down from $14 billion.

This is why it is considered the world’s most valuable luxury brand, according to Forbes, and it is hard for us and anyone else to argue that.

Louis Vuitton X Celebrities

For a brand that has been in the market for over 100 years, you can expect many collaborations to happen, especially now that they are part of the brand’s best-sellers.

People love buying products from their favorite artists and celebrities, and the fact that you are doing it for one of the best brands in the world is even better.

Louis Vuitton has an outstanding record of collaborations with over 105 of them, and we can mention a few you might love and know about:

  • Louis Vuitton X Stephen Sprouse.
  • Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami.
  • Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons.
  • Louis Vuitton X Yayoi Kusama.

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But what about those who promote the brand? Or love it and have gained some popularity due to how much they wear it?

After all, endorsements and partnerships are also everything for the brand (and the celebrities), which is why you can expect a large number as well.

Karlie Kloss, Emma Stone, Jessica Hart, BTS, Pharrell Williams, Uma Thurman, Madonna, and Rihanna, are only a few (and most popular) celebrities we can mention.

As for who wears it, almost every celebrity in the world (and with money to afford it) has decided to do it at least once.

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