Travel Destination: Maldives Islands, Indian Ocean

Beautiful Views, But is it Affordable?

When going on vacations, you want to make sure that the destination will be and is promising. After all, there are many stories about some being ruined just because of a wrong decision.

But keep this in mind: sometimes, the problem is not the location but the activities you decided to do and the places you visit.

Now, can you go wrong with the Maldives Islands? We highly doubt it. This destination is famous for its looks and because it offers a lot of things to do, enjoy, and rather experiment and create new memories.

For the record, do we recommend it? Absolutely. But before you decide (and maybe blame us for it later on), we want to make sure that you understand why this place is even more paradisiac than what people say and if it is worth what you will spend when visiting.

The Maldives – A Historic Place

Every place has so much behind it in terms of history that it is hard to cover every aspect in only a few hours, days, or even weeks. And especially when you are just passing by.

In the case of the Maldives Islands, you must know they correspond to a small archipelagic state in South Asia, part of the Indian Ocean. It is a chain of 26 natural atolls, some with resorts but others without them or only simple fishing villages.

But it has been through many trials and tribulations that, in time, have made this place so beautiful and even more tempting to visit than before.

Here is when the exciting part begins (despite what you might think).

This destination is 2,500+ years old and takes us back to the 3rd century BC when instead of Maldives, the place was known as Dheeva Mahal, and the people residing in it were known as Dheyvis.

Over the years, it went over many changes in religion, citizens, the evolution of the land, and “government.”

We can find Buddhist, Islamic, and Colonial periods in its history until July 26, 1965, when the Maldives Islands started their independence and republic.

Nowadays, you can consider it a regular place like other countries under the same system and fortunately, this makes it ten times easier to visit.

Most Beautiful Destination Ever?

If you think that the history of this place is fascinating by the short introduction we gave you (and maybe your own research), then try to imagine how it looks.

The first thing we have to point out about the place is the picture-perfect turquoise waters worth a thousand words and images combined.

Furthermore, the beaches seem so welcoming and warm as if they were created just for those in need of the peace that you will not spend time anywhere else.

By this alone, the Maldives Islands are considered paradisiac in every way, and we are sure that you can agree with it by just looking at a picture.

But is this everything that makes people want to travel and visit? The beaches, sightseeing, and the time you spend relaxing are not bad; we would already pay a lot for this.

Maldives Islands #3 -

However, indeed, you usually want more options and alternatives to enjoy your time in the place.

This is why many different water activities, from surfing to diving and snorkeling, are available, and we mean it when we say that you will not be bored in these waters at all.

Plus, the wildlife is so friendly and even curious about what’s happening on land that you can enjoy it without worries and makes it an incredible experience for people.

Oh! And let’s not forget about gastronomy. If you LOVE eating and drinking, you couldn’t choose a better place with the whole package: fantastic food, perfect views, many activities, and incredible people.

In our opinion, one of the main reasons why people choose it as a destination is because it offers a lot regardless of your budget.

The Maldives have unmatched luxury and hotels, attractions, and everything around these islands is just breathtaking.

However, you are not limited to luxury when it comes to traveling. You can still choose a place and tourist areas that will not leave you bankrupt or make it impossible.

In other words, traveling can be cheaper than you think and with most of the activities and food included.

Maldives Islands #2 -

Are the Maldives Islands Popular with Tourists Only?

Not at all!

You would be surprised by the number of people choosing the location as the primary or secondary place to film movies.

One of the most popular movies recently filmed with the Maldives as part of its location was “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

The Island President is a movie that is even based on the Maldives itself, and you might find it entertaining (if you give it a try).

Others like Trinity: The Nekad Traveler, Tausend Ozeane, Dheriyaa, and Kon-Tiki, also had this beautiful destination as a place to film most or several of their scenes.

If we dig a bit deeper (or dive), we will find many other movies that are a bit older than the previous ones mentioned, and you can get surprised by the fact that many shark films were shot with the Maldives Islands as the central location.

In all honesty, there isn’t much that hasn’t been done in this place, and that is what also makes it attractive for many tourists.

You Didn’t Know This: Fun & Unknown Facts About the Maldives Islands

Where to start? That’s the question with this, believe it or not.

When we said that there isn’t much that hasn’t been done, we meant it (and continue to).

Now, you will share our beliefs regarding this after knowing all this:

  • With such beautiful beaches and waters, who wouldn’t want to spend most of their time near them? That’s what the Maldivian government thought (probably) when deciding to hold a cabinet meeting underwater!
  • During the medieval period, shells were used as currency.
  • This could not be fun for some, but whale sharks are THE thing in the Maldives. You can find and see many!

Did you make up your mind about traveling to this destination? Our main recommendation: make sure to enjoy those waters before returning to reality later.

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Written by Dame Cash

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