36 Heartening Quotes by Mark Elliot Zuckerberg

Talented and hardworking, Mark Zuckerberg has always shown us that you can have ideas but without investing time and effort, there’s nowhere you’ll go.

This is why most people struggle with the process of becoming entrepreneurs: because they believe it only takes money. If you want to start and have your name at the top, you’ll need more than half the motivation and commitment you have now. 

To help you better yourself, we will be sharing the best quotes of one of the biggest entrepreneurs who only at 23 years old became a billionaire, and believe us, you’ll want to take notes starting… now!

  • “Simply put: we don’t build services to make money; we make money to build better services.”
  • “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”
  • “I started the site when I was 19. I didn’t know much about business back then.”
  • “All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.”
  • “Instead of building walls, we can help build bridges.” 
  • “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”
  • “So many businesses get worried about looking like they might make a mistake, they become afraid to take any risk. Companies are set up so that people judge each other on failure.”
  • “I’m here to build something for the long-term. Anything else is a distraction.”
  • “This is a perverse thing, personally, but I would rather be in the cycle where people are underestimating us. It gives us the latitude to go out and make big bets that excite and amaze people.”
  • “I think that people just have this core desire to express who they are. And I think that’s always existed.”

Mark Zuckerberg Quotes #2 -

  • “The question isn’t, ‘What do we want to know about people?’, It’s, ‘What do people want to tell about themselves?’”
  • “I look at Google and think they have a strong academic culture. Elegant solutions to complex problems.”
  • “Advertising works most effectively when it’s in line with what people are already trying to do.” 
  • “You don’t let people deter you. That’s how you do it.”
  • “Books allow you to fully explore a topic and immerse yourself in a deeper way than most media today.” 
  • “It takes courage to choose hope over fear.”
  • “Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard at it.”
  • “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”
  • “You are better off trying something and having it not work and learning from that than not doing anything at all.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is about creating change, not just companies.” 
  • “There are different ways to do innovation. You can plant a lot of seeds, not be committed to any particular one of them, but just see what grows. And this really isn’t how we’ve approached this. We go mission-first, then focus on the pieces we need and go deep on them and be committed to them.”
  • “The most important thing that entrepreneurs should do is pick something they care about, work on it, but don’t actually commit to turning it into a company until it actually works.”
  • “It is important for young entrepreneurs to be adequately self-aware to know what they do not know.” 
  • “You get a reputation for stability if you are stable for years.”
  • “Whatever you build, build with care. Anyone who has built something big has done it with care.”

Mark Zuckerberg Quotes #3 -

  • “Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You Just have to get started.”
  • “Done is Better than Perfect.”
  • “I think a simple rule of business is, if you do the things that are easier first, then you can actually make a lot of progress.”
  • “Don’t let anyone tell you to change who you are.” 
  • “There’s a difference between being obsessed and being motivated.”
  • “Don’t discount yourself, no matter what you’re doing. Everyone has a unique perspective that they can bring to the world.”
  • “When you want to change things, you can’t please everyone. If you do please everyone, you aren’t making enough progress.”
  • “Find that thing you are super passionate about.”
  • “Building a mission and building a business go hand in hand.” 
  • “People don’t care about what someone says about you in a movie–or even what you say, right? They care about what you build.”
  • “I think as a company if you can get two things right–having a clear direction on what you are trying to do and bringing in great people who can execute on the stuff–then you can do pretty well.”

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