40 Uplifting Quotes by Michael Saul Dell

In the 1900s, no one believed Michael Dell would end up becoming a businessman with a billionaire idea that took him more than simply far. Instead, we can say it is one of the best results anyone would expect, making him feel over the moon for sure. 

With so much money, some people wouldn’t think about him when it comes to inspiring figures, but isn’t it the opposite? Don’t you want someone who can tell you “just do it” (instead of Shia LeBeouf) and get inspired every day, so you achieve your dreams? Well, that’s what we want, at least. 

Michael Dell is one of the best figures you can follow to make money, get inspired, and finally know what next step you should take, or maybe your first one. This is why we decided to include his greatest quotes to uplift your mood all day long. 

  • “Each day that you’re moving toward your dreams without compromising who you are, you’re winning.”
  • “Ideas are a commodity. Execution of them is not.”
  • “It’s easy to decide what you’re going to do. The hard thing is deciding what you’re not going to do.”
  • “If you have to go through life being unhappy to conform to society around you, that’s not a very good deal.”
  • “It’s through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we’ve always mapped our path at Dell. There’s always an opportunity to make a difference.”
  • “Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people… or find a different room.”
  • “Don’t spend so much time trying to choose the perfect opportunity that you miss the right opportunity.”

Michael Dell Quotes #2 -

  • “You don’t have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream.”
  • “It had always made sense to me to build a business based on what people really wanted, rather than guess what we thought they might want.”
  • “Anything that can be measured can be improved.”
  • “I started Dell with $1.000. Now it’s a billion-dollar company. Impossible is nothing.”
  • “By questioning all the aspects of our business, we continuously inject improvement and innovation into our culture.”
  • “Ignore the people who tell you it won’t work and hire people who embrace your vision.”
  • “The point is, you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect it to keep working.”
  • “I do think a founder has special permission to make sweeping changes across an organization.”
  • “As you start your journey, the first thing you should do is throw away that store-bought map and begin to draw your own.”

Michael Dell Quotes #3 -

  • “One of the things I benefited from when I started this business was that I didn’t know anything. I was just instinct with no preconceived notions. This enabled me to learn and change quickly without having to worry about maintaining any kind of status quo, like some of my bigger competitors.”
  • “Recognize that there will be failures, and acknowledge that there will be obstacles. But you will learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, for there is very little learning in success.”
  • “Visionaries have the unique ability to dream of what’s possible and then make it a reality. “
  • “The key is to listen to your heart and let it carry you in the direction of your dreams. I’ve learned that it’s possible to set your sights high and achieve your dreams and do it with integrity, character, and love. And each day that you’re moving toward your dreams without compromising who you are, you’re winning.”
  • “If you don’t have jobs, it’s hard to have other things like health and education.”
  • “If you want to sustain excellence over a long time, you’d better come up with a system that works well. Anyone can sprint for a little while, but you can’t sprint for forty years.” 
  • “We have enormous potential to keep growing. It provides lots of learning opportunities for me, and it’s fun to see how so many people, so many communities are affected in a positive way by what we’re doing here. I love my job, and I’m not giving it up.”
  • “There are a lot of things that go into creating success. I don’t like to do just the things I like to do. I like to do things that cause the company to succeed. I don’t spend a lot of time doing my favorite activities.”
  • “You can’t be afraid to fail because that’s when you learn.”
  • “One of the things was to create a kind of amnesty environment.”
  • “Recognize that there will be failures, and acknowledge that there will be obstacles. But you will learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others, for there is very little learning in success.”
  • “I believe that you have to understand the economics of a business before you have a strategy, and you have to understand your strategy before you have a structure. If you get these in the wrong order, you will probably fail.”

Michael Dell Quotes #4 -

  • “With the understanding that you will face tough times and amazing experiences, you must also commit to the adventure. Just have faith in the skills and the knowledge you’ve been blessed with and go.”
  • “Sometimes it’s better not to ask-or to listen-when tell you something can’t be done. I didn’t ask for permission or approval. I just went ahead and did it.”
  • “Our lean beginnings created the strategic management principles that define our culture: Less is more. Information is better than inventory. Ingenuity is better than investment. Execution is everything. No excuses.”
  • “People have often told us that what we wanted to do couldn’t be done. Our success is due, in part, to not just an ability but a willingness to look at things differently. I believe the opportunity is part instinct and part immersion—in an industry, a subject, or an area of expertise. Dell is proof that people can learn to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that others are convinced don’t exist.”
  • “Our business is about technology, yes. But it’s also about operations and customer relationships.”
  • “Every breakthrough business idea begins with solving a common problem. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. I discovered a big one when I took apart an IBM PC. I made two interesting discoveries: The components were all manufactured by other companies and the system that retailed for $3,000 cost about $600 in parts.”

Michael Dell Quotes #5 -

  • “I always knew I wanted to run a business someday.”
  • “The idea of being all things to all people is a thing of the past.”
  • “I had to give it a full go and see what happened.” 
  • “Celebrate for a nanosecond.” 
  • “Regrets are born of paths never taken.” 
  • “If you look at innovation, it doesn’t just occur in the lab.” 

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