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Mr. Appliance Franchise is a company that provides home and commercial appliance repair services in the United States and has been in business for over two decades. Although it is recent compared to other franchises we have reviewed, it is quite promising due to its exponential growth. 

For those who like the field or niche the company specializes in, it is a great option to apply for a position in one of the franchisee locations you can find. Or you can easily decide o start your own business with the support of the franchisor. 

Repairs are very common in all types of properties, making the niche quite profitable and competitive. With this in mind, it is when people notice that franchising with big companies like Mr. Appliance can be a good choice. 

Now, is this a good fit for you? What about the initial investment and expenses? Can you afford them? 

It can be hard to determine whether you are betting and investing in the right franchise. However, a way to feel relieved and ensure you are not choosing bad is to review the details, starting with the franchisor’s story and how it has achieved success. 

Thus, expect to go over the parts you need to know and include the costs you need to handle when deciding to become a franchisee. 

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Mr. Appliance’s Story & Mission

As much as we like to start with information about the founder and how the company has grown, we can’t do this with Mr. Appliance. 

Details about the timeline of success and how it started are not disclosed nor shared by the company, which can make some feel suspicious. However, it is far from it. 

That being said, we will make sure to share the crucial elements and aspects we found.

Mr. Appliance was established in 1996, and since its inception, it has offered full-service appliance repair and service to residential and commercial clients. 

Entrepreneur Magazine has included the franchise among lists of the top franchises in the country that has over 150 locations worldwide today, not only in the USA. 

Although the company started small like every entrepreneurship, the mission has remained the same: They fix any appliances that aren’t working properly in your home or business. 

Part of the business’s success lies in how it is capable of providing affordable, skilled services that fit customers’ needs regardless of the specific area where the repair is required. 

Although this sounds a bit exaggerating the company’s popularity, it has had great reviews over the years, and it is a favorite among people in the USA, considering it the best in terms of appliances and just its dedicated niche overall. 

All technicians are equipped with the right tools and have made sure to have their uniforms to be identified since the company started.

Besides, the structure it follows in bidding allows clients to expect the prices. This is in order to ensure that there are no surprises in the final bill and basically means you will receive an upfront price before any work starts. 

To this date, Mr. Appliance is America’s most trusted franchise system for home and commercial appliance repairs. It offers full-service when required throughout the country and other territories.

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How to Join: Becoming a Mr. Appliance Franchisee

Franchise costs and investment in a franchise will always vary depending on the specific requirements and structure of the company. Hence, it is impossible to determine how much one will cost based on another. 

In the case of Mr. Appliance’s franchise cost, it is probably one of the most affordable ones when it comes to this niche as the initial investment or total expenses don’t surpass the $200k mark like many others. 

Instead, you need to keep these financial requirements and ongoing fees in mind: 

  • Initial franchise fee: $53,125.
  • Initial investment: Ranges from $78,925 to $157,640.
  • Royalty fee: 5-7%.
  • Ad royalty fee: 2%.
  • The franchise term is renewable. 

In case you want to apply for the option of being a franchisee, you have the chance to finance the investment with a third party that covers franchise fees, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and payroll. 

However, you need to ask Mr. Appliance itself for the sources they use to allow new franchisees to finance the investment. 

In addition, you can get a 15% discount on the franchise fee if you are a veteran. 

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Based on all this information, what do you get from the franchisor when paying for this option? This also varies in companies, but with Mr. Appliance, you get all these benefits and support: 

  • 8 to 40 hours of on-the-job training.
  • 77 hours in-classroom training.
  • Four regional, national conferences and meetings per year and annual reunion for additional and comprehensive ongoing training in new tools or services.
  • Financing grand opening.
  • Online support.
  • Franchise ownership.
  • Security and safety procedures.
  • Field operations support.
  • Proprietary software.
  • Franchisee intranet platform.
  • Superior marketing strategies and marketing support that includes ads, social media, ad templates, regional advertising, and more. Also, aggressive marketing programs, leading web presence, and search engine optimization are included here. 

In case you are missing any of the benefits once investing in the franchise, you are able to contact the company directly and request the right support or benefit you are missing or ask for more assistance when needed.

With this franchisor, you don’t really need to feel limited when it comes to supporting, especially marketing, as the company pays extra attention to this part of the franchise. 

You get web design, media engagement, continuous innovation in terms of software and platforms or tools used, and more. 

Additionally, you get nationwide networking support and vendor discounts. 

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Pros & Cons: Why Mr. Appliance Might Be Your Best Option

As we mention repetitively in our blogs, our main problem isn’t usually the franchisor but rather the business model. Franchising means you have to deal with fees, royalties, and you don’t get to be an actual independent business owner because you have to follow normative and conditions. 

However, we consider it a big chance for those unable to start their own businesses without any assistance or maybe don’t have enough time or funds to finance the project. 

Believe it or not, franchising can be cheaper, especially in niches like where Mr. Appliance specializes. You save time in setting the location and in marketing as well. 

Now, we don’t want to say everything is perfect with the franchisor in this case nor with the business model, which is why we always recommend evaluating both pros and cons: 


  • Mr. Appliance has over two decades in the appliance repair industry and has been a top franchisor for the last decade.
  • Services are top-notch thanks to the training and support provided to franchisees to guarantee quality. This means you will have access to a well-known and reliable company with good services you’ll be able to offer.
  • Total investment isn’t as expensive as with other appliance repairs franchises.
  • Veteran discount and third-party financing are available.
  • It takes between 2 to 6 months to set the franchisee and start operating.
  • You can join in the USA, Canada, and other territories. Make sure to check out the list.
  • The investment covers all expenses: marketing, location, training, support, and anything a business will need.
  • Access to a dedicated franchise consultant. 


  • Absentee ownership isn’t allowed.
  • You can’t run the franchise remotely or from a mobile unit.
  • You can’t expect to work part-time in the franchise.
  • You can start alone, but it is recommended to have at least one or two employees.
  • Exclusive territories are not provided.
  • Passive income isn’t possible as you earn based on the number of clients and amount of work.

Mr. Appliance is a good franchising option for those interested in the niche who are also trying to aim for a more traditional franchise opportunity. 

However, we are not in love with them since we prefer digital and remote alternatives with more freedom in terms of location but also time. 

But if you feel like this niche is for you and like the idea of traditional companies, you can bet on Mr. Appliance without worries. 

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Why We Like Online Business Opportunities 

If you choose the right franchise, you can have a fantastic business opportunity. But it doesn’t matter how much you grow; you will need to pay royalties and fees.

You may not think you’ll give away much at first, but this is only because of your initial earnings. You’ll soon realize how much you give away when you begin to make thousands each month.

While it makes sense to pay royalties, in the long-term, this can become costly as you could be making more by working on your own. Of course, your fees are at the cost of operating under the franchisor’s name and earning its customers and popularity, but you need to determine if it is worth it for you or not. 

In our case, we prefer more control and options to make a profit, but that is just our opinion. Remote work and business opportunities tend to fit this description as we don’t need to live in a specific area or territory to make money.

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Lead generation is our favorite option to meet these requirements.

It can be used as your primary source of income, or you can incorporate it into your franchising venture to gain clients.

You can start your business anywhere you want and work remotely with lead generation. Growing your business can bring you passive income since you don’t have to operate the websites constantly you will be working with. 

However, you have two options available:

  • To increase the number of clients you have, focus on the franchise and incorporate lead generation that is always needed.
  • You can also invest in lead generation, and rely solely on it for your primary source of income.

Understanding the business opportunity is much simpler than you might think since it only includes creating websites and ranking them on Google. Next, you will need to generate leads using the traffic generated.

Every lead generated for a client on a website or site is paid. This is how passive income can easily be made later. However, training is essential.

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This top-quality training will make a huge difference, regardless of what you choose among the two options available. 

It is perfect for beginners and some who just want to complete their training to finally be rich. More info? It’s right here…

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Written by Dame Cash

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