Oberlo 101 Course Review: Jessica Guzik

Finally, a Dropshipping Course That Works? (2022 Update)

Dropshipping is a business we have reviewed for quite some time in this blog, and we’re sure you are getting to the point of being a bit tired of listening and reading about it everywhere. 

Aren’t you? Then, that means you are somehow interested in what it can offer you in terms of businesses and opportunities. 

But before you even consider the possibility of investing in this business, you must be trying to find options in which you can learn more about it and, if possible, start to work on it right away, thanks to the tools provided. 

We’re confident that either if you are just being introduced to dropshipping or have been around it for a while, you must have heard about Oberlo 101 by now since it is pretty much a big name in the niche. 

To make it short and not leave you hanging, Oberlo 101 is one of those popular courses for dropshipping that have been around for more than a few months, and many people rely on and trust in it. 

However, the fact that it is popular doesn’t mean it is worth it. Careful; we aren’t saying it isn’t right away, but it is good to evaluate the options you are introduced to determine what’s the best. 

Thus, if you are here trying to learn about dropshipping from a reliable course that actually works and Oberlo came to the picture, we will be lending you a hand in order for you to make the decision. 

What Is Oberlo 101? – Inside the Company

Before being a course, Oberlo is actually very well-known as an app that helps with the manual uploading of products on a Shopify store when building your own online store and helps entrepreneurs to automate their processes. 

Dropshipping can be very exhausting for the simple task of working with inventory and handling all the uploading and downloading processes of articles or products. 

Thus, Oberlo addressed this issue and now helps to rely on the automation most people want to rely on regardless of the business. 

Of course, more than being an app, it is an entire platform you can access with the Shopify App Store. 

According to the company itself, the biggest problem when creating an online shop is deciding what to sell and finding winning dropshipping products. 

This is why that is more than automation to handle the fulfillment inventory management supply; after all, Oberlo allows you to find millions of products you can sell today. 

To find products in niches such as fashion, beauty, home, gardening, sports, and more, all you have to do is download Oberlo from The Shopify App Store as mentioned above and work around the alternatives available.

Oberlo 101 Review #2 -

With this in mind, Oberlo 101 is simply a course the big name and company has developed and launched in order to provide knowledge about dropshipping and welcome beginners in the industry to help them start their own online stores. 

However, we have to add that the main purpose of the course, besides teaching beginners, is to market and promote the app and platform to bring new clients and users. But does this mean the course doesn’t work? We will get there. 

Its Creator: Jessica Guzik

To start determining whether a course is good or not, we have to go deeper into the information about those who developed it. 

In the case of Oberlo 101, Jessica Guzik is the main creator and coach during the hours you will be spending in it. Still, other collaborators like Harry Coleman, Scott Hilse, Yuliya and Mike, Paul Lee, and Chris Wane are also included as they took part with some details and lessons. 

If you aren’t familiar with any of them, they are quite popular in the dropshipping world, and the deeper you get into it, you will be given the opportunity to know more. 

But focusing on Jessica, she is known as an eCommerce business owner that also happens to have a career as an educator, though not many details have been provided about the latter.

Part of her role is to help individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their brands by building online stores using Shopify as the main option (which is all right considering it is the main platform for eCommerce).

We don’t know much about her besides the usual details about her being in the dropshipping niche, knowing how to work with all the previous dropshippers, and providing enough tips and recommendations for beginners. 

However, she does introduce herself when you decide to take the course during the first module and lesson, though you aren’t given much more information than the previous one.

Oberlo 101 Review #3 -

Inside the Course: Modules & What You Learn

Finally, we will be reviewing the part you are interested in the most: Knowing what this course is about and how it is divided into modules. 

The main purpose of the course is to help beginners to understand how dropshipping works and assist each of them to convert into dropshippers to take advantage of this business model that continues to grow every year. 

Now, Oberlo 101 uses Shopify as the main platform for this, and it is only available for it since the company itself is the one that manages Oberlo overall. 

Yes, you got it right. Shopify is the ‘owner’ of Oberlo and the reason behind the preference in platforms. However, we don’t see this as a problem considering that Shopify has proven to be reliable and the best option you can choose for eCommerce building.

That being said, you will need an Oberlo account to access the course, and you will get lifetime access to it after you decide to enroll. There is no limited time, and you can take your time taking the course. 

In total, the course is structured in 7 hours and with five modules in which you will be accompanied by Jessica most of the time. 

The entire idea is to bring out the basics and essentials about dropshipping but make sure you’re still able to understand how everything works and get started without delay. 

Oberlo 101 Review #4 -

With this in mind, we can jump to how the modules are structured and what you will learn from each one: 

  • Module #1: Getting Started with Oberlo 101. 

The first module tends to be an introductory one, and this isn’t the exception for it. 

This is why you will be given a quick introduction about how you can navigate the course and use all the tools and materials available after you have enrolled. 

Basic concepts like what is dropshipping, how it works, all the models available for this business option, and the benefits and disadvantages of this opportunity will be provided during the entire course. 

With a total time of 19 minutes, you should be able to understand all the details about dropshipping and start to have a clear idea of what to expect for the course. 

  • Module #2: Which Products to Sell? 

The hardest part about dropshipping is trying to decide what products are a good option for the business, which is why Jessica and the other collaborators take the well-deserved hour and twenty minutes for this module. 

The idea of the module is to help you understand how brainstorming can be key when choosing the products and coming up with new ideas. In addition, you will be given tips and details on how to find the best products available and choose trustworthy suppliers for them. 

All the advice provided during this module focuses on the vital points of knowing your suppliers and products and learning how you can manage this type of business. 

By the end of the module, you should know how to handle demand product discovery and chain and logistics finances regarding the costs.

Oberlo 101 Review #5 -

  • Module #3: How to Set Up an Online Store?

With the basics and products done, here’s the favorite part of many: Knowing how to build a website or online store for the business. 

Since this process can take more time than people believe, over two hours are dedicated to it, and for good reasons. 

Jessica will take you through the process of signing up with Spotify, knowing how to choose your business name, building the entire eCommerce, and adding the Oberlo dropshipping app to work around the product uploads and automate other processes for the store. 

Basically, the module is focused on learning to build with Shopify and manage your eCommerce with Oberlo. 

  • Module #4: Facebook Ads. 

It may seem unnecessary, but this part is key to selling your products and making your first online business successful. 

Two hours and 23 minutes are dedicated to the lessons that will navigate you through how to set Facebook ads campaigns to promote your products and bring more customers to your online store. 

Also, understand how the social media platform algorithm works and learn how to create videos, analyze data for your ads to understand if they are being useful and achieving the desired results, and all the key facts about working with Facebook Ads. 

  • Module #5: Scale Your Business. 

The final 46 minutes of the course will teach you the process of fulfilling orders and tracking the shipment once they have been sent to the clients. 

Refunds, returns, customer service, and all the aspects that are essential for any business (online or not) are covered in this module. 

You will learn how to be a professional and handle the usual yet crucial issues in the business while using Shopify as the platform for your running and first dropshipping store.

Oberlo 101 Review #6 -

Pros & Cons: Will the Investment Be Worth It?

If there’s something we have noticed about this Oberlo 101 course by Jessica Guzik, it is very basic in terms of who you will be choosing as suppliers and how you operate your first online store with just a few clicks. 

AliExpress suppliers and the Oberlo app are the centers of the entire course since Jessica will tell you how to succeed in setting your store with the use of both alternatives to also get started. 

However, we have to point out there are no tips for being successful or running your eCommerce properly in the long run. 

If we have to conclude what we think, we would say: Oberlo 101 (also known as Dropshipping 101) is only to get started and set your online empire, not to actually know how to run it later on. 

Despite this verdict so far, we still consider it can be a good option once people consider the pros and cons, which we will include next for you to have a better idea. 


  • The course is one of the most affordable ones with a price set at $49 and can be accessed for $39 during discounts. 
  • The course content is basic, but it is perfect for people who they mention to be aimed for: Beginners or those with little knowledge about dropshipping. 
  • It is well-designed and very easy to navigate and understand. 
  • Jessica and the other collaborators are reliable and big names in the industry when you dive into deep research. 
  • The course is offered by a reliable company managed by Shopify, which is the top option for eCommerce. 
  • The access to the course is for a lifetime after paying the established fee. 


  • Way too basic for those trying to learn more about dropshipping. 
  • It is only focused on using AliExpress and the Oberlo app as the options for the dropshipping model to work for your online store. 
  • The Facebook Ads module and all the advice provided for this aren’t the best since they spend too much money on what we have learned is unnecessary for your initial ads. The results showed during the course aren’t actually positive. 
  • There isn’t information about sales funnel, re-targeting, leads, customers, and the specific details of managing a company based on nurturing potential customers as well. 
  • You don’t have additional support like private groups, chats, or contact to get help from your coaches or instructors of the course.

Oberlo 101 Review #7 -

Our Verdict: Why We Don’t Choose Dropshipping

More than having a big issue with Oberlo 101 directly, it is about the business model it covers during the course. 

You see, dropshipping has been booming since a few years ago due to how simple it is to handle inventory (you don’t have to handle it, to begin with), how you can work from home, and avoid investing much money in the process. 

For us, it isn’t a bad business either, but we don’t consider it the best. 

Working with suppliers that will handle most of the shipments for your customers and knowing what products are the best to sell unless you want the business to fail is exhausting and ends up being too volatile for us. 

Thus, we don’t find Oberlo 101 to be good unless you are interested in the business option and want to give dropshipping a try. For this, we do believe the course offered by Jessica and the company is good as long as you are starting in this. 

Now, if we wouldn’t choose dropshipping, what is the business model and opportunity we have chosen?

Oberlo 101 Review #8 -

Over the years, we have noticed that options like lead generation are much more profitable than traditional businesses or popular ones just because online personalities and influencers choose them. 

Lead generation has proven to be safe and doesn’t cost too much to make thousands of dollars every month.

Besides, if we have to give you a reason to skip Oberlo 101 course or similar ones for dropshipping to take a lead gen one, we would start by mentioning the training programs for this business are more affordable. 

You can make this business profitable even if you don’t spend thousands every year. It is possible to make money if you follow the correct training and work towards continuous improvement. 

But how does it work in specific? Lead gen is quite simple to understand: 

  • You have the option to choose to specialize in one niche such as tree services, septic tanks, or other related fields, or maybe more than one as long as you can handle the workload. 
  • Next, contact small businesses or companies from the niche you have chosen and offer them your lead generation services in which you will generate traffic and more leads (prospects) who might want to buy their products or hire services. 
  • Each company will have its website, and you will be responsible for building it.
  • Ranking the websites on Google will help you generate organic traffic and convert it into leads, which is the next step in this business. 
  • You get paid a commission for each lead that you generate for a company using the website and strategies you set.

Oberlo 101 Review #9 -

These sites can be a lot of work, but eventually, they will become a passive income for your finances. 

To get started, we can recommend you this top course that is perfect to start making money even before completing it. 

Need more info? Just click here!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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