51 Energizing Quotes by Russell Westbrook

Although many people basketball players just know how to throw a ball and play the game, they definitely know what they are doing in life and go beyond the simple fact of being good at the sport. 

Russell Westbrook is a great example of this, and he has proven it not only with quotes we can cover and mention here but also actions no many are willing to do, but he does without second thoughts or hesitation. 

Besides being a great person who cares about others and is an outstanding basketball star, he also knows how to handle businesses and continue making more zeros off the court. 

Therefore, we believe he truly deserves a space on our blog with the best quotes he has shared about life, basketball, money, and motivation. 

  • “I’m confident in some of the things that I wear, regardless of what other people are wearing.”
  • “My childhood, I wouldn’t say it was bad. It helped me grow up. I stayed out of trouble. My parents taught me what’s wrong and right, and knowing that I had a little brother following me, I had to make sure I was doing the right thing, so he knows what’s right, too. I was in the house nine days out of 10. There wasn’t anything good outside for me.”
  • “That’s the best part of the game, to see the smiles on their faces and the breakthroughs they have as individuals.”
  • “I am definitely not a light packer. My thought is you never know what the weather will be like or what you will feel like wearing that day, so I always have multiple bags with me – even for a two-day trip.”

Quotes by Russell Westbrook #2 -

  • “I find ways to make things affordable. If the kids want the looks, they can be able to go afford it.”
  • “The good thing about me is I just don’t shop high-end.”
  • “My friends and I started that motto early in high school – that attitude, that mentality – from way back then: Want to go to Stanford? Why not? Want to play in the NBA? Why not?”
  • “Basketball is the axis that allows me to do the things that I do. I have so much love for the game, and it gives me the option to be able to jump into fashion.”
  • “Reading what a good shot is, based on time and score of the game, based on the shot clock, based on my position – there’s a lot of things that go into it. It’s a lot of things that you think about based on when to shoot it or when not to.”

Quotes by Russell Westbrook #3 -

  • “I’m not getting dressed to make a scene or, like, ‘Oh, look what Westbrook has on today!’ If I like something, I’ll put it on. I go to the game. That’s how it is.”
  • “You see, how can you help your team, help yourself improve, and that’s what I try to figure out throughout the season.”
  • “I’ve always had to prove myself to people growing up. I had to show them that I could do this, and I could do that and paying no mind to what the critics said.”
  • “Every day when I get on the floor, I give it my all and play because you never know what tomorrow holds.”
  • “There is always room for improvement; always room to get better. But my style of play: that’s not changing.”
  • “I’m never satisfied. I’m always trying to get better and learn from my mistakes.”
  • “Messy stuff irritates me. I don’t like messiness. If you leave something around my house, I’ll tell you to move it back, clean it up, throw it in the trash – don’t matter, just get rid of it. I need stuff neat, organized. And once I start cleaning stuff, I don’t stop until it’s done. Otherwise, I’m irritated all day.”

Quotes by Russell Westbrook #4 -

  • “My motto is ‘Why not?’ That’s how I think; that’s how I do everything, my lifestyle. That’s how I go about pretty much everything. It is what it is.”
  • “I play cards, man. Just chilling, minding my business, eating a nice dinner, talking to my wife on the phone, and went to sleep if y’all wanna know. Took a shower. I used Dove soap.”
  • “I have a certain taste, and I might be like, ‘I like this,’ when other people are like, ‘I can’t wear that.’ And in basketball, I might be able to do things other guys might not.” 
  • “In college, I didn’t dress up every day, for class or stuff like that, but when it came time to do certain things, I’d dress up for sure.”
  • “There’s no reason to hold yourself back and say you can’t do something in life unless you go for it and try to do it.”
  • “Be yourself. It’s the most important part of anything that you do. It’s not fashion. It can be whatever you want to do.”
  • “Once you put in all the work pre-practice and post-practice and see it in a game and see it in play, that’s a great feeling.”
  • “The game will tell you what to do on the floor, and that’s what I try to do.”
  • “Shoes make an outfit. You can throw on a crazy shirt and crazy pants, but you add those shoes – done.”

Quotes by Russell Westbrook #5 -

  • “I don’t shop just high-end, honestly. I shop at Zara; I shop at Topshop; I shop at H&M. I shop everywhere.”
  • “I actually have a closet that’s all shoes, maybe 700 pairs.”
  • “My Mom and I shopped all the time, she shops all the time, and I was always into fashion. I’ve been blessed to be in a situation where I can now buy some of the things that look good.”

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