Sandler Training Franchise Review

Should You Get Trained or Best Way to Throw Your Money? (2022 Update)

Many options and ideas come to mind when you think about new methods to make money and find the independence you need to stop spending over 8 hours 6 to 7 days a week for a regular salary. Still, you usually don’t know which one is the best or worth your time until you try it. 

However, trying can come with many losses. After all, money and time are two things we cannot afford to lose nowadays. 

But what if your new idea of business and freedom is to start franchising with a company you were offered to or you discovered on your own? Is it a good idea? 

To give you a short answer, franchising isn’t bad but rather a good idea as long as you consider some factors, starting with finding a good franchise that offers fair deals and conditions. 

Among them, the Sandler Training franchise can be a good option, but with some details, you ought to pay attention to either way to ensure the business doesn’t end up backfiring and making you waste time and effort. 

If you were considering this option already, we will go over the details so you can decide whether it is something you definitely want to try or end up passing (for good). 

Sandler Training: Franchising Since 1983

Before you even think about joining a company or franchise, you need to make sure to know the history behind its success or the bases that can confirm it is reliable. 

After all, there are way too many companies and franchises promising the world, and none of them can actually deliver half of what they promise you. 

But what is the case with Sandler Training? We will need to go back to 1966 to discover it. 

Like many companies and franchises, you will notice that Sandler Training started by addressing a problem that many didn’t pay attention to at the time: The sales system wasn’t working and, instead, it was falling behind too fast. 

This system was all about calling people and prospects to offer services or products, and we all know that most of those calls, if not all of them, ended up being noes due to how people feel annoyed with this method. 

This is why in 1966 when founder David Sandler was working as a salesperson with this system, he noticed it wasn’t enough to achieve the desired results. 

Every single call he made was returned with a simple “no,” or people just hung up without hesitation. 

As a result, David came up with the idea of developing a training system for selling products or services.

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Unlike what you thought, this company isn’t about the physical train but rather learning how to be a good salesperson who adjusts to the new methodologies that won’t drive away your potential customers and clients. 

With this idea in mind, Sandler developed the Sandler Selling System in 1967, which is a methodology that follows the concept of reinforcement training for a very lasting change and success in the field. 

David was a visionary, and his revolutionary method was based on the psychological principles of human behavior and has endured the test of time.

Since it started, Sandler Training has called itself the premier provider of comprehensive sales, leadership, coaching, and related training programs. 

With David Sandler as a visionary trainer and motivational speaker, as well as the author of “You Can’t Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar.” 

Though the history of Sandler Training isn’t detailed, over the past 50 years, it has seen tremendous growth in the industry’s most popular and widely-used sales and management curriculums and training programs. 

Due to the growth during the first decade, the company decided to start franchising in 1983, which brought many members for the program and expanded the franchises and individuals in the USA, which the headquarters in Owings Mills, Maryland. 

Part of the success of the programs is due to how easy it is customized to fit any industry or organizational structure since the training can be provided to any team or individual that needs it based on the niche they are focused on.

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But Should You Franchise with Them? 

Here’s a fact: The franchise is indeed popular in the USA as a leading program for salespeople and all industries. 

However, it doesn’t mean that being a franchisee is a good option since you have to consider factors like how much it costs to start, how you can get prepared, and if it is the type of business you are looking for. 

This is why you cannot make a decision without knowing the entire picture of the investment and how you can manage the new business you are about to jump in. 

We can tell you to appease your worries that Sandler Training franchises are a good option, as long as you can afford it and are interested in the opportunity offered. 

You need to pay fees, meet requirements, follow the rules, and go over the process of getting started. 

With the previous factors in mind, we can start by telling you what you will need to do as a franchisee. 

Franchises are granted by the franchisor the opportunity to run a Sandler business, which follows the responsibility of training people and organizations in sales and management. 

It includes sales consulting, goal setting, motivation, self-awareness, and leadership development. The franchisor will set standards and procedures for franchisees in each territory.

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Since this is a type of job you will need training in to follow the franchise’s methodology, you won’t start right away, and the fees you pay to get started and included as a franchisee will come with the training included as well other expenses. 

An overview of the total startup investment, as well as requirements established, is: 

  • Cash Required: About $100.000. 
  • Net worth required: $250.000. 
  • The total startup investment ranges from $123k to $163k. 

The final cost for your franchise will vary according to the territory granted, real estate and improvements, as well as the fees established based on your situation: 

  • Initial franchise fee: $79.000. 
  • Travel and living expenses while training: From $1k to $1.900.
  • Real estate and improvements: Always vary depending on your location, but usually ranges from $15.000 to $20.000. 
  • Office furnishings and equipment: Between $2.675 to $10.750. 
  • Office suppliers: $250-$450.
  • Miscellaneous opening cost: From $400 to $1k. 
  • Insurance: $200-$400.
  • Additional funds that involve three months: $14k-$21k. 

The estimated total would take us to $124.000 with these estimates. However, as previously mentioned, you can end up spending more. 

Finally, you have to keep in mind the fees involved in the long run, which are a big deal when you consider your revenue and income in the future: 

  • Monthly service charge: $1.200. 
  • Marketing fee: $435 per month. 
  • Renewal fee: $500. 
  • Training fee: $300 per session. 

Others like email services, Sandler online fees, and more can also be included.

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How Long Does It Take to Start? 

Like every franchise, you will need your time to get started and finally be able to see your revenue. 

Unlike what you might think, it isn’t something you can start right after you made the payment. 

Many franchisees, when starting, believe they will pay for the entire fees and be able to get things done in a week or two. 

However, when it comes to Sandler Training, it can take over two months to start working as a franchisee due to several aspects and factors: Your training, the real estate required, territory, setting the space, and many more depending on how difficult it is to prepare everything. 

Therefore, you cannot expect to make money in a matter of months since you still need to consider how long it will take to find clients, get ROI, and the fees you need to pay based on your revenue and a percentage established by the company at the moment of signing your contract. 

With have to admit, whatsoever, that this franchise is great in terms of time because you actually don’t take that long and can be done in less than two months with some luck and effort on your side. 

This means you can start in a matter of weeks compared to franchises that involve a lot more preparation. 

You should definitely give it a try if you are interested, and based on what we have mentioned so far, but before that, make sure you read the pros and cons we have compiled for you.

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Pros & Cons: What’s the Final Verdict?

We don’t love the idea of telling people what to do or not. Rather, we prefer to suggest and make recommendations under their own risks after we provide the details and information needed. 

Though we said you should definitely try this franchise, we want you to have all the facts straight before you come up with a decision. 

This is why we mentioned you should read the pros and cons, but before jumping into them, we have to remind you that part of accepting this franchise is all right with the business model offered when franchising. 

That being said, this is what you must consider: 


  • It is a proven business model with decades in the market, building reputation and leadership. 
  • You don’t need to start from zero by yourself and, instead, have support from the franchisor. 
  • This market is growing, which means you will be entering a great industry. 
  • You can gain independence and freedom to a certain extent. 
  • The company takes care of setting the office and territory granted with the startup investment you pay. 
  • You can get started quicker than with other franchising options. 


  • You need to pay regular fees and percentages based on sales or clients obtained. 
  • Advertising and renewal are unavoidable when paying extra to the franchisor. 
  • If you don’t like training others or the niche it is dedicated to, you will have a hard time. 
  • You can take assistants, but with additional fees and they also need training. 
  • It isn’t that cheap to start considering the minimum investment set at $123.000. 

After reading them, we are confident you will be more certain about your decision regarding this business.

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A Better Option for Less Investment?

There are many business models, so you need to evaluate them all before deciding on franchises or opportunities that are in front of you.

Sandler Training is great but not for everyone, as we originally mentioned. You have to consider the training you have to take yourself and if this niche is genuine “your thing.”

Besides, it is expensive. 

Of course, not as much as other opportunities or franchises, but it does represent an expense not everyone can afford. 

If you ask us, we wouldn’t be on this option as our first one but rather focus on another one that involves less investment and more opportunities to be truly independent without having to pay fees. 

What does come to our mind? Lead generation. 

This digital model allows you to generate leads without leaving your home. You don’t even need real estate or other employees, which means it can help you save lots of money.

If you don’t know what it is about, it is quite basic: 

  • Choose a niche for small businesses or local businesses, such as tree trimming, septic tank maintenance, and others.
  • Contact them and offer to build a website for them.
  • Once you have closed a deal, you can begin building the site.
  • To generate traffic to the site and leads, you must rank it on Google.
  • After generating leads and making sure the site is operating correctly, you are paid per lead.

Sandler Training Franchise Review #8 -

This passive income model is great because you don’t have to do the same steps twice. You can just wait for the companies to pay you for leads and after you have put effort into creating the sites. 

However, it is important to be trained as we know that you are not an expert in lead generation and how to manage all the steps. 

This training program can help tremendously since it starts from zero and it isn’t expensive at all. 

To find out more, click here!

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