Side Hustle Idea: Sell Services on Fiverr

Golden Goose You Missed or Are You Still on Time?

If you need to earn some extra cash for your personal expenses or cover certain needs like saving for future projects or maybe making ends, you must be looking for a side hustle that can earn you more than a few bucks every week or month.

Of course, side hustles are known for allowing extra cash and not making you rich, but it is possible to bet for someone that can turn into your full-time job as long as you play it smart, enjoy it, and know-how to develop all your talent in it.

But with so many options, which one should you choose?

If you are open to advise, we would always recommend focusing on online alternatives that allow you to have freedom in terms of the workplace, time, and how much you earn for the side hustle.

Selling services on Fiverr is an option that has gained popularity over the last four years, and for good reasons: You can sell what you do best, be it design, drawing, working with Excel, or anything that comes to mind as long as someone needs it.

We are a bit confident that you’ve heard or read about this option before and thought if it is actually worth the try or if you have what it takes to start in it.

We want to help you find your next income source, and what we want to tell you in advance is that this side hustle idea can turn into more than just some extra cash every month.

Ready to know about it? We’re diving in!

What Is Fiverr? – Selling Your Knowledge!

The idea of this side hustle is very straightforward: You sell services using Fiverr. However, to understand it, you need to know the answer to the previous question, what is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a worldwide platform that allows you to sell or buy services online without having to go through the entire process of sending your curriculum or relying on the usual side hustles where you have to visit or go to places.

The benefit of Fiverr is that most people can get anything for $5+, which allows you to have more possibilities of getting clients for the service you offer, and this is why Fiverr became so popular in a short time.

Fiverr was established in 2009 and has helped many people outsource as well as help sellers make more money online.

Freelancers make the most of Fiverr’s marketplace by offering their services worldwide, cross-country scale to customers.

To keep it simple Fiverr is an online platform where you can offer your services in different niches: Graphic design, translators, writers, virtual assistants, and more.

The concept of Fiverr is to offer gigs, which simply means a job that a seller offers.

Sell Services on Fiverr #2 -

Fiverr gigs include logo design, software development, video transcription, writing articles, hiring virtual assistants (VA), and focusing on Fiverr gigs that make you more money will help you get more clients.

In order to make money, you need to create gigs of whatever topic and area you are experienced in.

However, we know you will access the platform, have a look and think, “What can I sell?”

This is why we decided to include more info about what you should offer, so, don’t worry, we still have lots of details to clarify.

What Services Should You Sell?

As we mentioned before: Anything in what you have experience and know about since you must be knowledgeable and good at it to be able to sell it.

Overall, you can just sell anything at Fiverr and make money with it as long as someone needs it, but some services are indeed more profitable than others.

In our case, we have used Fiverr for quite some time, and the services we started to offer were about writing articles and designing graphics. However, we expanded the list people could access with us when learning new talents.

It can be hard to decide what you should sell, so we have the first piece of advice: Use Fiverr’s category pages to find a source of inspiration when you’re trying to decide what to sell.

There are dozens of categories and subcategories that you can find, each with multiple gigs that can give you an idea of the talents you have and could offer, or if you could add something new to the market and get cash from it.

In general, you can browse through these categories and find the ones that suit your interests.

Keep in mind that it isn’t bad to add a new gig or service to the platform, but you need to evaluate whether it is necessary for the users and potential clients.

If it isn’t in the platform, it is most likely not required because people tried it before and didn’t have good results.

Sell Services on Fiverr #3 -

We know you are worried about the service you should offer because of competitors, especially considering you are getting into this market a bit late. However, only the presence of competition validates a market. No competition, no market.

If you don’t know where to start, the programming and tech category includes various deliverables that could be relevant to your skills.

Fiverr gigs might offer basic website setup, maintenance, security tools implementation, customizing plugins, and building landing pages. This range of tasks is a good choice if you are a new developer looking to get on the platform.

This also applies to other categories like web content creator, voice artist, and anything you can find on the platform.

Later on, you will be able to experiment with additional gigs and more custom-made offers that bring more clients your way.

Some freelancers decide to make variations of the first service they offer based on more skills they obtain or how the market and niche progresses, and you could just do the same.

Just keep in mind you can send anything you want, and we won’t get tired of repeating this. Now, for some ideas, we can suggest you start in niches (as long as you feel comfortable and know how to) like social media management, translations, writing, blogging, graphic design, editors, voiceover, developers, musicians, and more.

Sell Services on Fiverr #4 -

Making Money: Creating Fiverr Gigs that Sell

With the basic done about what Fiverr is and what services you can offer, we will start talking about the crucial part: Creating the gig.

First, it is implicit you need to create your Fiverr account, which is quite easy to do by just visiting the website:

  • Go to and click the top right button: “Join.”
  • You can join with a Facebook, Google, or Apple account, but we recommend using your email and create one from zero.
  • Choose your username and password.
  • Active your account by going to your email and click on the email sent by the platform.
  • Once done, click on “Become a Seller” and fill your profile with basic information, payment methods, and regular details to let people know who you are, including linked accounts.

You can take your time with the last step since we know it can take some time to fill all spaces and ensure every detail about you and your talents is done.

Once you have completed it, however, you can go to create the gig.

In addition, you can jump to “Become a Seller” using the option next to “Sign in” and “Join,” which will take you to the same options.

Sell Services on Fiverr #5 -

Going through this process can be both easy and a bit complex due to the elements you have to include to make money with the gig.

Thus, we will go over every detail until you can set it and know how to promote it.

For starters, it is very simple:

  • You need to click on “Sales” in the top right corner of the Fiverr Pag once you have created your seller account.
  • Click the button “Create a New Gig” on the right.

When done, we will go to the page adding all the information and details of the gig you will offer, and we will show you how you can build the post.

  1. Your title is the first step (and very crucial).

It isn’t too hard to think about the title since it needs to be short, simple yet appealing, and make sure you use capital letters for one word to have a highlight people will look at.

This is your first opportunity to show buyers what services you offer, which is why you need to write titles that reflect what the buyer needs.

You might consider being a bit more specific and niche when you are promoting your gigs.

Instead of saying the usual “I will create your new website,” say, “I’ll create a modern and optimized for your legal firm website.”

The title should be short, but not to the point of having about 3 to 6 words. Just make sure you are using the right ones and add words that are worth the space.

The main key for bringing clients with your titles alone is to use evocative language and use the terms that potential buyers are searching for.

Google Trends and Google Adwords Keyword Tools allow you to enter certain terms and compare them to see the most popular ones.

Sell Services on Fiverr #6 -

  1. Working on your description. 

The description that most people write for their first Fiverr gig or any service offered regardless of the platform tends to be quite long or, the opposite, too short.

So, among them, which one do you think is the right one? Well, none.

You need to give your potential buyers or clients enough information about the service you’re offering, but you can’t write a testament nor a few words that say “BUY ME” without much explanation.

Thus, the key is to give clear, concise, detailed, and specific descriptions about the value the client will get from choosing your gig and what you will deliver in specific.

Don’t add any other matter that is not relevant to the gig, and make sure to highlight the text and make your keywords bold.

  1. Add a description video.

Videos are the key for many businesses and money maker opportunities nowadays, so you might want to include them in your Fiverr as well.

In fact, the platform recommends adding a video to your Fiverr gig to attract buyers since videos can increase engagement by as much as 40% while helping you to earn trust in the process.

On Fiverr, you are selling yourself, and a video allows you to speak directly with your customer, explain what you will do, and establish a relationship.

To ensure you are making a good video for your description and gig, these are the parts you should add to it:

  • Thank the person for their time and introduce yourself.
  • Directly address your viewer with “You” statements.
  • Tell them about the benefits of this gig and add a short explanation.
  • Your experience, expertise, and approach should be listed.
  • Shortly and formally, ask them to place an order for your gig.

The video shouldn’t last more than 60 seconds or two minutes at most since people don’t want to watch a movie but just get to the point of why they should choose you.

  1. Add pictures and portfolio. 

To help people decide whether your gig is the right one and earn their trust, upload relevant photos about it so they can see the results you will achieve for them.

For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you want to add pictures or examples of previous jobs to add value to your gig and also build your portfolio.

It is very simple to get this done, and keep something in mind: Don’t copy images you don’t own. Instead, upload them as your own.

  1. Continue with tags.

A section while creating your gig will ask you to add tags.

The secret behind this feature lies in using relevant tags for your gig and making sure you are only adding the most relevant ones if you don’t want the platform to consider you a spammer trying to get into every category.

Sell Services on Fiverr #7 -

  1. Pricing. 

This part doesn’t need explanation, but if you have doubts about how much you should ask for your service, make sure to have a look at Fiverr’s offers from other users so you can come up with an average.

  1. Start promoting the gig. 

This part has nothing to do with the process of creating the gig itself since the last part of tags is the final one to create it. However, we found it crucial to add how you can bring buyers to your gig.

To promote Fiverr gigs, you can make your own YouTube channel. You can create a blog to promote your services and get orders flooding in and remember, social media shouldn’t be ignored.

You can create a fan page on Facebook or Twitter, or you can also join Fiverr groups.

Final Thoughts: What You Must Keep in Mind

After all that information, we know you are wondering how much you can truly make with those gigs. Well, everyone makes some extra cash when just starting, and the answer also depends on the services you are offering.

However, statistics have shown that most beginners on the platform make about $50 to $200 a month during the first 6 to 12 months.

When they invest a bit more time or get used to the platform, this income can increase to $500+.

Many people start with Fiverr as a side hustle, but they end up noticing that working in it and investing more time and effort in promoting the services and gaining experience is worth it to have a full-time money source.

In fact, many freelancers are making over $1.5k a month, including us as part of the community that continues to offer great services.

Thus, rest assured you can get the extra cash you need and even aim for a better job option in the future.

Sell Services on Fiverr #8 -

Now, the only obstacle for many people trying this side hustle is the fact of not having something to offer. 

In our opinion, you don’t need talent and if you are doubtful about what you could offer or not, just go back to our recommendation about having a look at Fiverr’s categories. 

If you don’t find anything you believe you can do, remember you can always learn it to offer the service finally. Hence, don’t give up. 

On a side note, if customers ask for complimentary services but you don’t have the time or desire, you might consider creating a Fiverr Studios Gig. This allows you to work with another seller and share in the profits.

For example, if you are a translator yet don’t work with specific documents or topics, you can have another seller do it for you by referring the job, and you still earn a commission. 

We just found it interesting to mention so you can maximize the platform and get as much money as possible.

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Written by Dame Cash

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