Super Affiliate System 3.0 Course Review: John Crestani

Best Online Affiliate Course or Waste of Time? (2022 Update)

Being in the affiliate marketing world isn’t easy, especially because you have way too many options to consider. Determining which one of the systems available to make money is the most suitable one for your needs will take some time and hard work. 

We are affiliate marketers ourselves, and we’re always looking for the best affiliate system that isn’t only based on the commissions you can earn but also the benefits in the short and long run. However, before doing that, we had to go over our learning phase, and this one alone was a challenge. 

Why? Because we also had to wonder (and find out) which course and learning programs were the best. If they were able to provide what they promised: a new way to make money, either extra cash or a stable income stream. 

In this process, we came across the Super Affiliate System 3.0 by John Crestani, and since we know it has gained popularity over the last few months, we wanted to make sure to leave our review around this course that only seems to grow. 

Is it good? Should you invest? Or is it an opportunity that ends up being a scam? We will answer all these questions and many more, unlike most reviews you can find online. 

What Is Super Affiliate System 3.0? 

In this program, John Crestani teaches beginners how to get started in affiliate marketing using a system that includes buyers, traffic, and a website. All based on products or services you will promote by using websites or even your social media. 

You might already know that 3.0 does not mean it is the only or first version. However, it is the most recent and the best one to consider if you are interested in the program.

The new one includes maps, badges, and progress bars, which makes the system more interactive. 

The course layout has been completely redesigned. It’s easier to navigate, it is less complicated than the 2.0 version, and you don’t have to open new tabs when you open your browser, regardless of which one it is. 

What does it contain, and what can you do with it?

This course is broken down into six weeks. You will learn everything you need to start making money online with this business model.

To better understand the week, we’d need to review each detail, which we will soon do.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #2 -

But First, Who Is John Crestani?

If you are going to spend some money on a project, you’re supposed to know who provides it in the first place, right? 

Following this mindset, this is what you must know. 

John Crestani is an expert in affiliate marketing (is he?). Since leaving his cushy job in the corporate world, he’s gone on to build an empire in the affiliate marketing space in just a couple of years. 

Now, he is a certified affiliate marketer and teaches others how to get involved in the marketing industry with the Super Affiliate System he has created. 

To be honest, this doesn’t say much about the creator, considering that it is a story we have read and heard many times: a guy with a meager salary decides to start a new business with an opportunity. 

Don’t get us wrong, we do believe most businesses start with people who didn’t have enough money to even make ends (including us a few years ago), but this is a cliché story every person who wants to sell you something uses and makes you question, is it true? 

John is an expert in marketing, and you can find him as a legit professional. However, many rumors are going around him, including how he cheated in college and got expelled and how he has sold other courses without being worth it.

Of course, the latter is just speculation, but we can’t avoid wondering. If you are thinking (on the other hand) why would you care about his life, it is a matter of getting to know your instructor, just like when you go to school or college.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #3 -

Course Breakdown: Six Weeks of Learning

This can be a bit of a long journey, but we will make sure to display a proper review of the course. 

  • Week 1.

The course’s first week is easy since it teaches you how to set up ClickBank, John Crestani’s main affiliate network.

Next, he jumps straight away to show you how to set up your Bluehost website hosting and the domain name or under a recommended hosting platform he will provide. 

From here, and once you have reviewed the step properly, John will then show you how to use the pre-built funnels he will have available for you during the course to save time and resources. 

  1. The Clickfunnels Method ($19/m through a share funnel account).
  2. Manual Method: This is a free method that allows you to access your host’s file management.

Once completed, he introduces you to Facebook ads campaigns and how to set and use them.

  • Week 2.

Google Ads is the most common and popular source of paid traffic, which is why it cannot be excluded from a course that is all about making money with it. 

You can set your ads to appear when someone searches for specific keywords on Google and easily earn money if the users visiting your site are clicking and buying the links and products (respectively) on your web. 

John briefly mentions how important it is to dominate this, but in our opinion, the entire explanation and how he goes over the topic is just whatever (yes, we meant to say it that way).

Although he explains to you how to create a keyword-based campaign, work with location targeting and targeting devices to finally move on with ad split testing, he excludes many other elements like:

  • Explanation of keyword match types (Broad Match or Broad Match Modified. Phrase & Exact Match).
  • Settings for Auto-bid and Manual Bidding.
  • Negative keywords explanation.
  • EPCs.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #4 -

Everything about Google Ads can indeed be overwhelming since it is a lot of content to include, but in our opinion, everything’s essential to make campaigns work properly.

After covering the entire area of Google Ads, it is Google Display Ads time. 

The AdWords conversion pixel setup video was probably the most useful part of this week’s classes. It includes the Google Search Ads lesson in which John teaches you how to track conversions for ClickBank products.

  • Week 3.

This module will walk you through the entire process of setting up your YouTube Ad Campaign on Google Ads since the first is owned by the latter. 

John can help you get started if you don’t have a YouTube channel set up for advertising and tell you not to worry if you aren’t certain about getting things done. 

  • Week 4.

This module covers Facebook ads, ad compliance, and copywriting. Ronnie Sandlin taught it, an affiliate member John has previously worked with.

Copywriting, for the uninitiated, is the art of writing to convert a reader or customer. As an affiliate marketer, this is a must-have skill.

Although the videos cover part of the important topics, the copywriting videos in specific are way too short, and I feel like Ronnie just wanted to finish as soon as possible with this part. 

Though you actually learn copywriting with practice, it is required to have some more knowledge about getting better.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #5 -

  • Week 5.

This module can scale your affiliate campaigns by focusing on the pre-sell pages that John makes easy for you to have due to the available templates. 

This section will help you understand how internet marketers can get thousands of people to act towards the sale.

The best thing about this module was the ability to split-test pre-sell pages and other optimization strategies that can lead traffic to the sales page.

John shows you how to do it with Clickfunnels. He goes so far as to explain Clickfunnel Tracking IDs, so you can see which pre-sell pages are bringing in the conversion. 

  • Week 6.

The previous weeks cover different traffic channels, with examples from the Biz Opp niche using John’s Clickbank Super affiliate System training course.

This module will discuss other niches and sub-niches that you could explore. These three markets are wealth, happiness, or health.

John offers a practical guide to help you choose the right niche for you if you are unsure.

He also covers other affiliate programs and networks than ClickBank. You’ll see that most affiliate networks for advanced and intermediate affiliates are not as simple as the one he focused on since the beginning.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #6 -

Is It Worth So Far? 

Short answer? Not so much. 

To understand why we believe this, we have to go over the details of the previous breakdown but also the price of joining the system. 

First, John will use the common marketing strategy for selling: tell you the course costs thousands of dollars when it is available for $997 all the time. 

If we consider that’s $1.000 without going around, that’s quite a lot of money already, and you have to think if you truly want to spend that much on this course, and although it offers a three monthly payment option for $397 each fee, we still consider it quite expensive. 

Now, here’s when our review about the course comes in specific. 

It isn’t a scam. Yes, we will start right off with this mention. 

The course focuses on a business model that, as we mentioned, actually works, and you can make money with it; it is all about learning how to do it and having enough tools to manage the opportunity. 

John covers the basics very well and explains how you make money in specific with affiliate marketing. In this aspect, this affiliate program for learning isn’t bad, and we consider it goes over the information very well with its videos. 

However, is it worth $997? We don’t think so.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #7 -

The course lacks information about how to dive deeper into actually making money, and beginners wouldn’t be able to notice this since they don’t know how much knowledge they need. 

Yes, you learn how to set and design campaigns, work with ads, make sure to set everything to go with the hyperlinks (affiliate links), and more. However, does it tell you how and where to find the sources to make money or become a partner? 

We believe it is missing a lot of information on how you can access affiliate programs and which ones are the best. Instead, it only focuses on ClickBank that although it works, it isn’t the best but rather the easiest one with very low commission rates. 

Since it is the main affiliate program he uses, he won’t encourage you to go over other options and instead just leave the extra content for the last video. 

An unbiased course should be able to provide all the tools and alternatives you have, not only a few options to tell you, “you should do this 100% if you want to make money.” 

Of course, we have to give him the fact that he is sharing the actual method he uses to make thousands monthly and annually with this business model, thanks to the referrals he finds. We are just complaining a bit about how we would like him to dive into other areas and affiliate programs available. 

We know you will have your doubts since many reviews on the Internet tell you how good the affiliate system is and that you should try it. However, as people who have tried several ones, you better focus on finding better programs for now. 

Finally, you can find over half of the information on blogs, videos, and free content with some research on the Internet. Therefore, we don’t believe it is worth spending $1k to buy the course, but it isn’t a scam either, and you will genuinely learn how to start in this business. 

Therefore, you can think about it as a good system opportunity but with no considerable value since you could invest the money in something ten times better and more information if you want to use it for another course. 

If you need a few reasons to finally decide, we would say that it is a great choice for beginners because of his years of experience in affiliate marketing.

He has distilled his teachings down to a science and continues to produce success stories in every edition of the Super Affiliate Program.

You won’t be the only paid advertiser you will join. Once you get the hang of paid advertising, you will realize that there is still much to learn. 

Although it isn’t perfect, John Crestani can be a great guide to the lucrative rabbit hole that you have the chance of entering.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #8 -

What makes us skeptical about investing in it is that most of the success stories he shares are based on students who only recruit other students and earn commissions for the program. This makes us believe it is either an MLM business in disguise or maybe a pyramid scheme. 

We wouldn’t go that far and call it that way since the system is legit, but we don’t trust it that much. 

Pros & Cons: Why You Should or Not Buy It

Do you want a better overview of our reasons for not recommending it but also know if the pros of using it will be a good fit for you? 

We know everyone can find something useless to be useful and vice versa, which is why we recommend you make the decision based on facts and not only because we say you should or not invest in it (although our statement and opinion remain). 

Therefore, you can have a look at the pros and cons of Super Affiliate System 3.0 and determine on your own accord what’s better when betting on any affiliate program or course. 


  • The course is legit and delivers what you expect, even when it lacks advanced strategies and methods.
  • It covers all types of Ads (Facebook, Google, and YouTube), at least the most relevant ones. 
  • You can start to make money with ClickBank even when it won’t be much since you will be testing everything before the actual possible income. 
  • John isn’t a scammer or liar. You can expect him to keep his promise about the course being useful. 
  • Its support system is top-notch. 


  • It isn’t cheap. Including the $997, you will spend thousands of dollars since you have to work with paid ads and other elements included in the system. 
  • The course is too short to learn about affiliate marketing in just six weeks. 
  • It doesn’t focus on other affiliate programs or alternatives. 
  • You can find over 50% of the information for free. 

The Best Business Model? Maybe Not… 

Affiliate marketing is popular for one reason in particular: passive income. 

You have to work hard to create a blog or media where you can share your links and get the money from commissions and all. This includes the money you have to invest to work with ads and make them be worth it in the long run. 

However, is it really the only passive income alternative? And is it the one you should choose if it isn’t the only one? 

It works, and we actually use it quite a lot to make sure we can finance our projects and have the passive income everyone wants, but it isn’t our main source of income even with this method. 

Instead, we prefer using lead generation since it requires less work in the long term, you can make more income, and the investment is much less.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #9 -

How does this business model work? It is as easy to understand as affiliate programs. 

You have to choose a niche, like trees, septic tanks, or any other that comes to mind that preferably has small businesses appearing every day trying to find clients. 

Once you’ve done it, here’s where the work starts: 

  • You have to contact the businesses and ask them if they need to generate more leads. Leads = more clients. You can also open a site where you can bring your clients, be it businesses or individuals looking for lead generation services. 
  • When you get a client, you will build a website for its company. 
  • Then, rank it on Google to generate organic traffic (no paid ads at all). 
  • When ranking it properly, you will start generating leads for the company thanks to each user that is converted into a lead and then into a client, and the company must pay you a commission per lead. 

Even when you completed the site, as long as it continues to generate them, you keep earning more money since your income comes from the leads generated. 

As a bonus, many people choose to use their social media to offer the service as well and find more clients.

Super Affiliate System 3.0 #10 -

The method is very simple, and if you take a few minutes to compare it with the previous one, you will find that it is better in the long term, although you’re missing more information about lead gen. 

However, keep in mind it is simple when you know how to handle all the steps. Build websites, rank them, organic traffic, handle customers, etc. 

Therefore, you need proper training for it, which we have accessed from this #1 program. 

It takes you through A-Z with the details, basics, and all advanced techniques to guarantee you generate money even before completing it. 

Want to know more? Here’s the info you need!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

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Interested in starting an online business to build passive income? Check out the local lead gen business model. Click here to learn more.

Written by Dame Cash

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