Travel Destination: Tbilisi, Georgia

Futuristic & Ancient Place?

Quite a few people in the world haven’t heard of Tbilisi, Georgia, and it isn’t weird for us. 

After all, it is common for tourists and people overall to search for places that are put out there when it comes to vacations or short holidays. Want some examples? The Grand Canyon and The Maldives are great ones. 

However, Tbilisi is a place you shouldn’t miss despite your travel preferences. The old capital city is well known for its architecture and rich culture, and it’s a great place to visit if you’re looking for an out-of-the-way destination. 

People who have decided to give it a try haven’t been disappointed and remember, how much you enjoy depends a lot on how you plan your days and if you’re willing to learn a bit about the city and country before going there. 

Here, we will go over a few factors and details that will help you to choose Tbilisi as your next destination or finally plan that trip you’ve been thinking about for a while.

A Vast History to Share

Tbilisi’s history is quite an extent topic considering the early evidence showing that the city was settled by humans as early as the 4th millennium BC. 

However, the earliest written accounts of the settlement of the location come from the second half of the 4th century AD, when a fortress was built during King Varaz-Bakur’s reign. 

Towards the end of the 4th century, the fortress fell into the hands of the Persians but was recaptured by the kings of Kartli by the middle of the 5th century. 

A widely accepted version of the Tbilisi foundation myth says that King Vakhtang I of Iberia went on a hunting trip in the heavily wooded area with a falcon (some replace the animal with a hawk or other small birds). 

The King’s falcon was either caught or hurt by a pheasant after. Both birds (during the fight) fell on a hot spring nearby and died from burns. 

King Vakhtang was so impressed by the hot springs that he decided to clear the forest around it and build a city. 

Then, King Dachi of Iberia, the successor of Vakhtang I, decided to move the capital of Iberia from Mtskheta to Tbilisi, where a fortress construction began. 

Since the 6th century, Tbilisi grew with a steady pace and excellent economy due to the city’s location that allowed great trade routes and trips between Europe and Asia. 

From here, Tbilisi’s history is full of foreign domination, conquests, and battles that have led to the recent nation we want to visit. 

Since Tbilisi was located in such a strategic location for commerce and businesses, everyone wanted to dominate the city. 

As a result, it was desired by various regions like the Roman Empire, Parthia, Sassanid Persia, Muslim Arabs, the Byzantine Empire, and the Seljuk Turks. 

From 570 to 1068, it was ruled and sacked by most of the previous regions. 

Mongol domination, Iranian control, Russian control, and Soviet rule are only a few of the incidents in history that we can mention.

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Reasons to Visit Tbilisi, Georgia

Not many people like adventures or visit countries that don’t look as modern as the metropolises we are used to nowadays. 

However, we’re sure there are much more people willing to travel to those regions and even stay as much as they can to forget about traffic and the hectic life in the city. 

Tbilisi is a great place to do this, and despite the image that people still have about it after the old Soviet Union ruled it, the truth is they realize how much they’re missing for prejudices and ancient history. 

Now, we’re giving you an image of Tbilisi that could make you think it is an old place that doesn’t say “modern” anywhere, but it is the opposite: it is one of the most modern places in the Caucasus, but its main culture and some structures remain. 

It is different from the enormous buildings you’re used to and will definitely make you feel in the brand new world when visiting. 

This doesn’t mean there aren’t buildings, but you will love its old European style and feel like you’re in a much vibrant place that belongs to Europe as well. 

However, Tbilisi is officially part of the Asian continent, although its culture is quite different, considering how several foreign regions influenced it in the past. 

Therefore, so far, if you’re looking for a modern yet traditional city that feels fresh and unique, you should give this capital of Georgia a try. 

Some places we’re sure you’ll love to visit are: 

  • Tbilisi Old Town. 
  • Mtatsminda Park. 
  • Tbilisi Holy Trinity Cathedral. 
  • Georgian National Museum. 
  • A large variety of restaurants to enjoy traditional food. 

Touring around the city will keep you busy, but some hiking activities as well as visiting the countryside for some wine can be added to your list of things to do.

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Now, if you’re worried about how much the city will ask from your bank account, this is another reason that will encourage you to visit: Tbilisi isn’t expensive. 

Instead, the city is quite cheap compared to all of Europe and several regions in Asia. Also, it has a low crime rate that allows tourists to feel safe (just remember not to let your guard down anyways). 

Finally, it isn’t hard to enter the country since Western countries and anyone from them is permitted free entry without any Visa. 

These factors have made many people decide to visit the city and enjoy what it offers, even for a few days. 

Since you can access it by train, plane, and bus, it is simple to decide to take a quick trip if you’re near the city. 

How Famous is Tbilisi? 

If you’re asking yourself this based on movies or special events that have taken place in the city, we have good news: it is that famous. 

Tbilisi is, nowadays, one of the best travel destinations in Asia that can offer you unparalleled history and culture. 

Of course, in a continent where history is almost a synonym, you would expect us to be exaggerating a bit. However, this city’s history is different compared to others in the region and, as a result, you will find more curiosities that are not common in Asia. 

That being said, this has led many people to decide to shoot some movies or short films that show the city beautifully as the central location or a secondary one that makes the perfect complement. 

“Tbilisi, I love you,” “My Happy Family,” and “The Other Bank” are only a few we can mention. 

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5 Facts You Must Know About Tbilisi

  • In 1801, when the city became part of the Russian Empire, the European and Russian styles predominated the country as a result in order to sophisticate the region. 
  • When visiting it, you will find a mix of ancient, futuristic, and other themes in the city. 
  • Food is quite heavy since it has the influence of Middle Eastern, European, and West Asian.
  • Wine is part of the city and country’s national identity. In fact, it is believed that wine originated in the region.
  • Many festivals take place every year. You can’t miss one when you’re there!

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