TV Show Salaries & Earnings: The 100

100 out of 10 Show or More Like a 0?

Keeping up with all the TV series and shows airing or the old ones that came to an end and you haven’t watched is probably as hard as studying for a college exam where you have to get one of the best grades. 

We might have exaggerated a bit, but what we are trying to say with this is that many series and shows are being released, to the point of making it hard to watch all of them when we want to or even after they have been completed. 

The 100 is definitely one of those shows you have heard about, and like many people, you haven’t probably watched it yet due to lack of time or maybe other reasons: you lack interest so far. 

Well, if you are here to know if The 100 is worth your time and food while watching after going over the top you had on your “must-watch” list, we are here to help and leave some facts that can end up pushing you to give it a try. 

Our personal opinion to start? It is worth every second. 

Crew & Production Behind the Show

Before jumping to the plot and the parts of what defines it as one of the top shows, let’s focus on the people who made it possible. 

For starters, you can expect way too many people to be involved. Not because the number 100 gives you a spoiler with this but rather considering that the series run from 2014 to 2020. 

The list of executive producers and producers alone runs quite long due to the team required to handle such a massive project for over five years. 

As producers, the main ones were Jae Marchant, Tim Scanlan, Aaron Ginsburg, T.J. Brady, Miranda Kwok, Alyssa Clark, and other seven people can be included on the list.

Meanwhile, the executive producer role was taken by Jason Rothenberg, Leslie Morgenstein, Bruce Miller, Matt Miller, Gina Girolamo, Bharat Nalluri, Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain, Cheryl Dolans, Dean White, Kim Shumway, Ed Fraiman, and Jeff Vlaming. 

Yes, we know that there are many names, but we found it crucial since you will get to know them in other series and shows whenever you research their names.

The 100 #2 -

As for the production companies, Alloy Entertainment, CBS Television Studios, Warner Bros. Television, and Bonanza Productions were involved in the project, while CBS Television Distribution and the Production size of Warner Bros. took part in the distribution at the same time. 

What about the cast? Well, you will have the main ones like: 

  • Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin. 
  • Paige Turco as Abigail Griffin. 
  • Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins. 
  • Eli Goree as Wells Jaha. 
  • Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake. 
  • Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake. 

Should You Watch It? – The 100 Plot & Seasons

With seven seasons and exactly 100 episodes, you have a long journey to watch this series as long as you are up for the challenge. 

What we can promise you is that if you do choose to give it a try, you won’t end it in a day or two, but we can’t say you won’t finish it in a week or two because we know it is hard when you are engaged to it. 

But to decide whether you end up watching it, knowing what it is about it is a great start. 

First, you must know that The 100 is based on the novel with the same name by Kass Morgan, and the genres include dystopian, action, drama, post-apocalyptic, and science fiction. 

It also has a sequel, and the novel or book itself has lots of details to consider. However, since we are focusing on the show specifically, we will mention that some factors and aspects change from most TV shows, just like every adaptation.

The 100 #3 -

This series is set 97 years after the destruction of almost all life on Earth by a nuclear war that took place. 

Due to the tragic war and how the planet was exposed to radiation, not many people were able to survive. Only twelve Earth-orbiting space stations have the only survivors known. 

The 12 space stations joined together to create “The Ark,” where about 2,400 people are living. Since resources like food and water are scarce, the rules set are quite drastic to the point that all crimes, no matter how severe they are or their nature, are punished by death unless the sinners are under 18 years old. 

Due to the system of The Ark start to fail, 100 juvenile prisoners are sent to the surface to test if Earth can be habitable again. 

They arrive on a beautiful, new planet that they were able to see from space only after the war. 

After arriving, they struggle to create a community despite the dangers of this new, rugged world. More importantly, they discover that not everyone died during the nuclear war and found survivors who they call “grounders.” 

Following the logic of The Ark, it is made up of space stations that represented the countries of the UK, USA, China, Australia, Canada, Japan, India, Russia, Venezuela, Uganda, France, and Brazil. 

Like every series, you follow the main plot, but you will be introduced to several complications along the way and after watching all seasons. 

The season finales will usually leave you eager for the next one, and after the final season was aired in 2020, people rewatch it quite often.

The 100 #4 -

High in Reception & Money? Earnings & Salaries

Like most popular series, you would expect The 100 to have an incredible budget to work around in order to continue the story and bring more episodes before it ended last year. 

However, it is hard to know how much was truly destined per episode since The CW doesn’t tend to disclose all the information about the budgets and earnings of its TV shows. 

But here is our guess. 

Considering that “Supernatural” has a budget of about $2 million per episode back to 2019, we can say that The 100 had approximately half of it, if not less. 

Many people speculate that it has never been that high and thus why the series declined a bit during its last seasons. After all, the audience loved the first two seasons, but the rest remained more for the real fans than attracting a big audience. 

In simple words, it is hard to know how much the creators and companies made out of this show, but we can help you if you are curious about the actors’ earnings.

The 100 #5 -

Since every season means more or less money depending on ratings and the value of each member of the cast, salaries always vary. 

This is why we will focus on how much they earned based on the last season: 

Stars like Eliza Taylor reportedly earned $2 million with the last season of the series and had an average pay between $200k to $400k per episode. 

Others like Paige Turco and Thomas McDonell reached similar marks with about $200k or $300k per episode. 

Not much information is disclosed about the earnings. However, The CW tends to pay their actors and actresses lower than other companies like Netflix and Disney. 

6 Facts You Should Know About The 100

  • Co-stars Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley are actually married in real life.
  • The show was being produced even before the books were published.
  • The series takes place in the year 2149. 
  • Compared to the books, “The Ark” is actually named “The Colony.”
  • David J. Peterson, who invented the fictional languages for “Game of Thrones,” also developed the one for the “grounders” in The 100. 
  • Most actors and actresses are way older than their characters in the TV show.

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