TV Show Salaries & Earnings: The Walking Dead

Best Show or Tanking Series?

TV shows and series can be considered more popular than movies sometimes. After all, they aren’t usually a one-time thing considering all the episodes and, usually, seasons.

However, what we’re referring to in specific is how popular they are among the audience. You can hear and read about them everywhere for a very long time, either if the show or series is recent or not.

The Walking Dead reached this point long ago in 2010 when it made its debut, and since then, people just wait eagerly for the next season.

Next year, in 2022, it will be airing its last season, and we couldn’t be more excited and sadder at the same time. So, in order to pay some tribute to the show before it airs and finishes, we will go over some details you might not know as a fan or could excite you enough to give the series a change after all this time. Ready? Let’s go.

Is It Worth Watching? – If You Like Horror…

Before we get into numbers and details, we have to make something clear: The Walking Dead is a great show, as long as you like the genres it covers.

However, in terms of how it is written and directed, we don’t have many complaints overall but rather during each season. This is only natural considering that all TV shows and series have a central plot, but every season has a different plot on its own. Does this make sense?

Now, if you’re someone who hasn’t watched the show yet, you are in the clouds and don’t know how good it is or, at least, have enough information and details in order to argue why you don’t like it or if it isn’t good.

This is why we decided to give you an incentive to determine if you will watch it or not, and maybe after you go and do it, you can come back here. Of course, this post won’t contain any spoilers, so you’re welcome to kill your curiosity about details that won’t influence your view of the show.

Having said that here’s part of the plot that can give you a great concept and idea.

The Walking Dead chronicles the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse and the subsequent months and years.

The show follows Rick Grimes, an ex-police officer, and his group of survivors who seek a safe and secure home.

The survivors are increasingly at risk from their own interpersonal conflicts as well as those of the walking dead, as the world is overrun.

Over time, characters become more open to death and are willing to sacrifice everything to survive.

Although the series goes around a zombie apocalypse, the truth is that the real challenge for the characters lies in confronting other survivors that have formed groups and communities over the years.

They have their own laws, and despite some showing good intentions to the main characters, hostility and conflicts were impossible to avoid.

Keep in mind that you will be facing a post-apocalyptic horror series that might not be of your taste based on the entire plot or central topic of the story.

However, as people who don’t love this genre or horror overall, we have to admit that it isn’t about the gore or sensible situations you will be watching but rather the results and consequences of a society that has fallen due to a worldwide crisis.

Therefore, expect this to be a ride beyond the simple zombies that, believe us, will end up being the least of your worries during the show.

The Walking Dead (2010-2022) #2 -

Finally, before jumping to our next topic, this TV show is based on a comic book series of the same name.

Those were written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard and transformed into The Walking Dead franchise.

The comics have the central plot we previously mentioned except with some additional or different characters. Still, the following concept of zombies and conflicts remains, and the series adapted it appropriately.

Now, you’re probably asking where does this leaves the main question, is it worth watching?

Again, we will always say “yes,” but you have the last word when it comes to your personal opinion. So, give it a try and let us know!

Production, Cast & Team Behind Its Popularity

The real thing here is: The Walking Dead is quite popular, and even with people who claimed to hate the genres the show was covering.

This is why we consider it a great option to watch because you might change your opinion about zombies, horror, and the “common” concept or idea this show covers.

With this in mind, the success of the series is thanks to all the people involved, from the directors, producers, and cast to those assisting with the minimal or tiny details.

The show was developed by Frank Darabont, while Robert Kirkman is also an executive producer and writer of the TV show.

Besides Frank Darabont, who took the role of writing and directing simultaneously, we have Gale Anne Hurd, who is also an executive producer and quite involved in the show’s success.

The production companies Idiot Box Productions, Circle of Confusion, Skybound Entertainment, Valhalla Entertainment, and AMC Studios were up for the ride and continue to be.

Meanwhile, the distributor of the TV series is AMC Network in the USA and Entertainment One for international channels.

Among the people in the cast, well, The Walking Dead has many people involved as main characters and secondary ones with influence on the flow of the story. Therefore, we will mention the most influential ones so far:

  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.
  • Jon Bernthal as Shane Walsh.
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Lori Grimes.
  • Steven Yeun as Glenn Rhee.
  • Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon.
  • Lauren Cohan as Maggie Greene.

The Walking Dead (2010-2022) #3 -

Was The Walking Dead Profitable?

It was and continues to be!

The show is one of the best rated during the past 20 years, and although it does have its ups and downs, people can’t avoid being excited about what’s next to come.

The first season of the show was a success that everyone was left on the edge of when the next season would come out, and now that it has reached its 11th season (and final one), excitement is still in the air.

So, yes, the question is a bit dumb considering that you couldn’t go anywhere during the first seasons without listening to someone talking about the show and how good it was (or maybe not).

The truth is, it was a hot topic and continues to be despite people waiting for the next season.

With this basic information clear, where does this leave us regarding profits, salaries, and how good the show does with the money?

Well, starting with the cast, you can expect them to be well-paid considering how good the series has done so far.

Normal Reedus (Daryl on the show) wasn’t a regular character in season 1, but when he became one in season 2, he was paid $8.500 per episode.

However, with the show’s success and being one of the favorite characters in it, his current salary goes up to $1 million per episode.

Meanwhile, Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes), who stayed till season 9, was earning $650.000 per episode.

Other actors and actresses like:

  • Melissa McBride (Carol Peletier) earned $20 million in three years and is presumptively paid $300k per episode.
  • Danai Gurira (Michonne) was paid between $40k-$60k per episode.
  • Lauren Cohan is the actress with more issues with AMC when it comes to her pay. It wasn’t disclosed, and she left season 9 due to problems with the negotiations and “unfair” paid.

When it comes to the show overall, the budget has increased and been reduced by AMC several times, being the latter a significant problem with the production and directors and the cast.

After all, The Walking Dead did fall a bit in ratings during the last few seasons, but it continues to bring a lot of money to the production company. However, it is said that only $10 million per episode are available, which you compare to other series like Game of Thrones, in which an episode could easily cost $50 million.

Based on this, how much is The Walking Dead bringing home in revenues? We aren’t sure.

This information is actually undisclosed or very hard to determine since AMC is not specific about its earnings.

However, there’s an estimate that AMC used to profit double the amount: $10 million every week after discounting the production budget.

The Walking Dead (2010-2022) #4 -

Crazy Facts About The Walking Dead

  • Whenever a character dies, the whole cast gets together for the last supper.
  • Zombie actors have to go to a zombie school.
  • Rick Grimes wears the same underwear during the entire series.
  • The Walking Dead takes place in the same universe as the TV show “Breaking Bad.”

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