Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses

Should You Spend Money or Pass Each of Them? (2022 Update)

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. As a result, the industry has grown incredibly over the last few years, bringing more affiliates and competitors to the existing ones. 

However, many people don’t know when considering this opportunity that it isn’t that simple to achieve the benefits and results this marketing offers. 

You need to learn about websites, marketing, finding affiliate programs, and knowing how to manage the entire process for the income to appear in your bank account. 

Thus, finding an affiliate marketing course is a great move, as long as you can find one that suits your needs and is able to help you achieve the desired results in obtaining knowledge, more details, and making you earn money as soon as you complete it or before that. 

There are affiliate courses available for beginners and experts alike, but which ones should you take? After all, the problem won’t be finding one but rather knowing which one is suitable for your situation. 

In this article, we will go through the best affiliate marketing courses that are currently available on the market, so you are able to decide based on your level of experience so far and determine if they are worth your time and money, or if there’s even a free option you can start with.

Just remember we don’t have a particular order and all the courses included here can be considered the best according to your needs. 

ClickBank Success – Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

With over 38k students and 8k reviews, this course created by KC Tan is one of the bestsellers in the Udemy platform, which you will see quite featured during this entire top. 

We added it as our number 11 since the creator explains every step by step, unlike most affiliate marketing courses. However, he only does this for the strategies he knows, which is using Clickbank as your main method without having to rely on a website. 

The systematic presentation of the course is another pro we can mention, but if there’s a problem we have with the course overall is the method he uses. 

Clickbank works for affiliate marketers, and it is quite reliable when you are starting in this world or want to aim for something more. However, the products become saturated due to the number of competitors. 

This doesn’t mean the course is bad whatsoever. 

In fact, KC Tan is very good at what he is trying to teach you, and in only 2 hours and 52 minutes, you can learn a lot about traffic generation, securing long-term income, Facebook and ads, and more secrets Tan shares with his students. 

The best part is that it is quite short compared to others due to the ClickBank strategy he uses, which takes us to an important mention: If you don’t feel comfortable using this platform alone, you might want to skip this course. 

However, if you are up for it, it is a great way to start for only $13.99 (if you see a different price, just way for the usual discount on the platform).

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #2 -

The Great Affiliate Program List Course

Although this one can be expensive for some without much to invest, it will be worth paying $89.99 on the Udemy platform. 

The course was created by Kisded Szabi, who has over 4,000 students on the platform and almost a perfect five stars as an instructor. 

Owner and lead creator ad CodeRevolution, which is a WordPress plugin developer company in Romania. He also focuses on helping people generate passive income. 

That being said, and focusing on the course, it is very complete regardless of the 1 hour and 38 minutes the course lasts. Why? Thanks to the basics of affiliate marketing and how he shares affiliate programs lists to help you find the best options. 

Of course, he also approaches how to start, make your income grow, promote as an affiliate, and work with the network. 

He is very straightforward during his course, which makes it ten times better because you don’t want to stand 10 hours without useful information when almost 2 hours can offer you the same but with value included. 

You don’t have to go over the usual details about affiliate marketing and instead offer material quickly that can be used to start today. 

Though, the course is mostly aimed at beginners; so you might not want to invest in it if you are trying to learn very specific aspects after some time in the business.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #3 -

Affiliate Marketing Training for Beginners – Updated 2021

Created by Chad Tennant, an affiliate, content, and digital marketer with lots of experience in creating videos, blogs, and all the niche, has a lot of valuable information worth for beginners. 

You can find it in Udemy as well, and it lasts about 2 hours and 43 minutes, consisting of 6 sections and 39 lessons. 

Besides offering details about how to start in affiliate marketing, Chad offers tips and details about platforms and strategies you can use and make sure you launch and grow your affiliate business. 

Although the course is very simple in terms of the content approach and won’t be useful for those with more than the basics as knowledge, it is very informative and worth your $89.99 (often found in discount at $14). 

Besides, unlike the first one mentioned, Chad approaches more than one method to dive into affiliate marketing by including blogging, YouTube, email, and social media affiliate marketing strategies. 

With 5k+ students and 4.7 stars on the platform, you can rest assured the course won’t disappoint if the lessons fit your needs and the knowledge you need to acquire.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #4 -

Blogging & Affiliate Mastery in 2021 [ HINDI ]

Our fourth addition from the platform, this Udemy course, was created by Gaurav Agrawal, an entrepreneur, consultant, and trainer with 4.3 stars as an instructor and over 9k students. 

He helps small businesses, schools, and startups deal with automation and social branding. For a few years, he has been involved in blogging affiliate marketing as the main strategy to generate income. 

The course offered costs $29.99, and it is completely in English regardless of the title that indicates Hindi. 

That being said, the course focuses on several options in content creation, including graphic, video, general content, and how to handle your website development to start in affiliate marketing. 

However, the main part of the lesson lies in the professional blogging strategy and how to handle Amazon and Cue Links for your business. 

With 9 hours and 22 minutes to review, you have a long way waiting for you that can help you either if you are a beginner or need to learn a thing or two about blogging for affiliate marketing additionally to your current knowledge. 

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #5 -

Passive Income Geek by Morten Storgaard

This will be quite a weird recommendation, but instead of suggesting or ranking all those useless affiliate marketing courses that are quite expensive, we decided it would be better to include one that might not be entirely focused on it but can help more than tons. 

This course created by Morten Storgaard is designed to help people build passive income with websites and goes over fixed modules and lessons like choosing your niche, topic research, domain names, setting your website, writing content, SEO, and how to monetize your website. 

In the latter, you will have five lessons on affiliate marketing, and no, we are not telling you to pay $299 for a year and then $99 annually for these five lessons only. 

You see, affiliate marketing is more than just knowing how to work with it; you need to know about websites, engagement, SEO, and many other aspects, which are primarily approached by this course that is always being updated, thus the $99 annual fee. 

It is new yet complete and quite affordable for those that can get a bit over the $150 mark, and the best part is that it will be worth your money since you can also earn some extras in the process to get more in your affiliate marketing journey.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #6 -

YouTube Affiliate Marketing MasterClass

Based on affiliate marketing for YouTube and Google only, you can choose to learn how to earn lots of income from this Udemy course.

Created by Chiranjit Kumar Das and with 4.8 stars, the course is one of the best, and it is continuously updated to keep the trends.

It is focused on creating a YouTube channel that attracts viewers based on a niche, ranking your videos using SEO, and using the right affiliate links to make sure you generate income. 

Of course, telling you how you join the affiliate programs is included, and the creator suggests some options based on the niche. 

This video marketing specialist and top-rated instructor have focused on this business for a very long time; the 2 hours and 33 minutes course can help you generate all the income you need. 

He is reliable; you can rest assured that the course is worth your time even for those who have already started with YouTube and boost your opportunities thanks to the instructor with over 3,100 students.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #7 -

Get Clickbank Sales Using Quora Digital Marketing Strategies

We know what you’re thinking, “You guys love Udemy,” but how can we not when the platform has so many good options? Of course, when you search properly. 

In this top course, the option for affiliate marketing is to use Quora by driving web traffic, generate leads, and take them to your ClickBank affiliate page. 

In this way, you will start to make income in the usual way of this method. 

The course is worth $89.99, rates with 4.8 stars, and with over 2k students, Tim A. Ernst doesn’t need to be afraid of how good he is. 

It lasts 1 hour and 53 minutes and provides a look at the website traffic stats of the creator to introduce you to Quora, then working with web traffic, lead generation, and being able to make income with affiliate marketing. 

Tim’s expertise lies in several areas like digital product creation, video editing, blog traffic, lead generation, copywriting, and affiliate marketing, which makes the course quite complete and helps you get things done as both a beginner and amateur in the area.

Students are very satisfied, and although the creator spends some time talking about proof of success, you can get the needed information to start and earn money.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #8 -

Project 24 by Income School

This one is going to be quite expensive compared to the ones we have recommended so far, but if you can afford $449 for the initial investment and $249 annually, it will be worth every single penny. 

This one is very similar to Passive Income Geek that we previously added since it is more than just affiliate marketing. 

However, instead of having websites as the main focus for monetizing and earning money, it goes beyond the traditional option.

A YouTube channel, podcasts, and other platforms and types of content are used during the lessons, so you are able to either choose one or focus on all of them to achieve better results. 

The course is complete and will help you with all aspects of SEO and how to build anything from zero. 

Since it is also updated frequently and always adds new content (thus, why you have to pay annually), you can rely on it as both an amateur and veteran in the business. 

Of course, we are aware (again) that it isn’t that affordable compared to previous ones. However, it is a complete one if you’re truly trying to make this business work as soon as possible and turn it into a main source of income.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #9 -

The Authority Site System by Authority Hacker

If you thought the previous one was expensive, think twice. 

This $1k course is very impressive because of its price and the lessons and teachings in it. 

You will learn how to build authority websites and monetize them to make money with affiliate marketing continuously. 

Authority Hacker has a great reputation for making websites that indeed generate lots of income, so you can expect the course not to be a scam in general. 

However, we know it can be expensive. 

Suppose you are up for the expense whatsoever. In that case, you can expect a full training that includes design and branding, content creation, market research, keyword research, link building, tech site setup, hiring and outsourcing, analytics, and more monetization options.

You will access over 200 video lessons, real-life case studies to follow steps and see proofs, templates you can copy and paste, how to build your site easily, and an active member community to ask anything and get help along with forums. 

The course won’t disappoint for the price, and you can get discounts thanks to some affiliates offering it with their links. 

We would recommend (however) to access it directly and opt for the direct discount often offered on the website so you can get it for about $599.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #10 -

AliExpress Affiliate Marketing: Zero to Hero

Yes, we are back at Udemy, but you should be a bit happy about that considering the previous costs of the courses. 

Now, for $89.99, you can access this AliExpress affiliate marketing course that allows you to become part of the community to earn income based on the links from programs related to the website and its products. 

You must have noticed by now that affiliate marketing covers more than just the usual website building and blogging, so you can rely on different methods. 

In this case, Chiranjit Kumar Das, someone we previously mentioned, includes the methods to work with AliExpress on this business model. 

You will learn everything about the website’s affiliate program, how you can create content to make money without having to build a website, using your social media, more knowledge about marketing and promoting your business to bring leads, and more. 

The course is 3 hours and 28 minutes long and has been updated quite recently, so you have fresh content yet specific one for a type of affiliate marketing.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #11 -

Starting Affiliate and Digital Marketing RIGHT NOW!

It includes digital marketing as well, but you will notice it is almost impossible not to include it when it comes to affiliate marketing since even the previous courses add it but don’t mention it directly. 

This course, created by Dejan Majkic, costs $19.99, and for 4 hours and 38 minutes, he will teach you everything about advertising, sales, affiliate, and how you can get started with free traffic methods. 

Other types of marketings, affiliate networks, additional programs, and more content are included to complete the training. 

YouTube is also mentioned and approached during the marketing strategy to help you build more audience and have more income with your affiliate programs. 

This creator focuses on many areas, and with over 94k students in Udemy and 4.4 stars, you can expect him to have lots of knowledge to share, and considering the price, you should go for it without doubting much!

What we can mention for this course is that it can be a bit slow for some people, and the affiliate marketing section is mostly focused on a page called DigiStore24.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #12 -

RankXL Authority SEO 2.0

This course created by Chris Lee is one of our favorites since he is a proven professional and expert in this niche. 

Besides, this isn’t the first version, and you can guess it with the “2.0” above. 

RankXL includes modules that go over keyword research, SEO, link building, special strategies, and make sure you understand every part of affiliate marketing. 

But what we like the most is that it isn’t aiming for paid options only but also organic ones, as we will continue to mention in this article. 

With a price set at $599, we know it isn’t cheap either, but it can be worth your time and money as long as you are up for the challenge of search engines and the hours of lessons. 

We personally took this course when it was released, and although it hurt our budget, it has been worth it since then.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #13 -

Launch Your Blog Biz Create and Go – How to Make Money Blogging

Don’t worry; we want to go back to the most affordable courses as well, and although this one won’t be as cheap as the ones from Udemy, you will have a complete one for a very comfortable price. 

Alex Nerney and Lauren McManus created this course, and although it is meant for intermediate people in the business, you can get this done as a beginner and learn a lot. 

It is aimed to teach you how to use WordPress to design and create your blog as the main source for your affiliate marketing strategy. 

Then, content, building website traffic, monetization through other options like Ads and sponsors are included in the training. 

With over 60 videos and 19 supporting articles, you should check it out if you want to focus on blogging for your affiliate marketing. 

It has proven to be reliable and effective. We personally like it because despite looking simple, it is quite complete in every aspect of blogging as an affiliate marketing and brings both organic and paid traffic.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #14 -

Complete Affiliate Marketing Online Training Course

This one was created by Franklin Hatchett and costing $197 at the moment of writing. This is part of the advanced courses we will add to the top. However, it is quite complete (like the name suggests), even for beginners or amateurs in the niche. 

It focuses on niche research, setting websites, email marketing, funnels, ClickBank, Amazon affiliate program, and other tools and elements like SEO and traffic. 

Unlike other courses, you have already added videos for your training lessons. Still, weekly ones have always been added, and some exclusive case studies and lifetime updates to help you maintain your upcoming success.

Besides the $197 option, you can access a $297 alternative that includes more steps on ClickFunnels, working with the secretes offered by Frankling, blueprint, and hosting affiliate methods that can help you boost your business. 

It is quite complete and affordable compared to previous options.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #15 -

Affiliate Lab – Matt Diggity

With 22 hours and 51 minutes and worth $997, you can learn a lot from this course created by Matt Diggity. 

The course goes over all the details of creating your websites, finding affiliate programs, and ranking your websites with SEO and free traffic strategies. 

Of course, paid options and lead generation are included during your lessons. Still, unlike the previous one, you will have a focus on both paid and free options, so you are able to fund the business opportunity based on your current income and possibilities. 

Market research, keyword research, templates, and more valuable content will be included. 

One of the best parts of the course is that these nearly 23 hours are divided into over 100 videos, and Matt often adds new content free of extra charge for his students to be updated. 

Another pro is the fact he focuses on backlinks and offsite optimization, which are often neglected in other courses. 

We quite like it thanks to how simple yet elaborated Matt has organized this course and provides the information.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #16 -

Which One Would We Choose? 

Pretty much any of them. 

We know you will usually be inclined to affordable and cheap alternatives. Still, as much as we love Udemy, we have to admit the most expensive and latest courses we added are complete when you can afford the price. 

They don’t focus on only a few methods but rather teach you everything about affiliate marketing, which compared to those from Udemy, you shouldn’t miss aspects that can make your business fall down. 

Of course, we wouldn’t include courses from Udemy if they weren’t good. Besides, we want to give you alternatives and tell you that even if you invest in the $14 option, you can make money with affiliate marketing. 

Thus, just choose the one that goes well with your budget, needs, what you are aiming for, and how you want to approach this business model. 

However, if you are open to a recommendation, we would actually choose lead generation over affiliate marketing. 

What is it about? It’s as simple to understand affiliate programs.

It is mostly about choosing a niche that is preferably small and has clients. Once done, you just need to follow: 

  • Contact the businesses to ask if they would like to generate more leads. More leads = more clients for them. 
  • You will create a website for a client when you are hired.
  • Next, rank it on Google for organic traffic (no paid advertising).
  • If you rank it correctly, you can start to generate leads for your company. Each user converted into a lead; then, a client will earn you a commission.

Top 15 Best Affiliate Marketing Courses #17 -

You can still make more money even after you have completed your site since each will generate passive income as long as it generates leads. 

It is simple, and you can compare it with affiliate marketing. However, it will be better over the long term since finding programs and expecting compensation isn’t necessary. 

It is easy if you are able to follow all the steps, but for it, you will also require training and knowledge. 

This guide will take you from A to Z with all the details, basic information, and advanced techniques that will guarantee you make money even before you complete it.

Do you want to learn more? Here’s the info you need!

Here’s Our #1 Recommended Online Business Model:

1 - local lead gen vs other online business models - blog

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Written by Dame Cash

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